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Title: Dinnertime
Pairing: Suho/D.O.
Word Count: 221
Summary: Suho and Kyungsoo are home alone. Guess what time it is~?
A/N: inspired by this post

Suho slowly opened his door and dropped his backpack just inside the entrance. He took of his shoes and stepped into his apartment. He froze when he noticed a head on his couch.
Said head turned around to reveal a cute, kind of squishy face.
Suho looked at him puzzled. “Hi…Kyungsoo. Uh what are you doing here?”
Kyungsoo just looked at him and beamed.
Suho slowly crossed the room and dropped onto the couch next to Kyungsoo. “So uh…”
Kyungsoo smiled and scooted closer to Suho. “You know…we have the whole apartment to ourselves.”
Suho looked at Kyungsoo wide-eyed. “What happened to –“
“He was leaving just as I was about to knock. He let me in and said he was going to spend the night at his boyfriend’s.”
“Oh…” Suho looked down at his hands. “So uh…”
Kyungsoo blushed a little. “Well we’re alone…so…uh…you know…”
Suho smiled as he looked over at Kyungsoo. “Yeah I know.”
Kyungsoo grinned as he looked at Suho. “Great~ Then let’s go make some kimchi spaghetti.”
“And ddukbokki. Don’t forget the ddukbokki.”
Kyungsoo laughed. “Of course not. I made sure to bring all the ingredients over. They’re in the fridge now.”
“Well, what are we waiting for?”
Suho followed Kyungsoo into the kitchen where the two spent the next hour cooking dinner side by side.

A/N: was going to make it another kaisoo then decided against it since already wrote two of them XD
Tags: one shot, suho/d.o.

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