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Title: Groceries (yeah bad title but whatever)
Pairing: Kai/D.O.
Word Count: 343
Summary: Kyungsoo comes home from grocery shopping to find Kai lounging on his couch. (yeah, bad summary too :P)

Kyungsoo shifted the bag of groceries in his hand and struggled to get the key into the lock. He opened the door with a triumphant smile and walked in. He spied Kai lounging on the couch and rolled his eyes.
“Hello~ could you come help me here?”
Kai looked up over the back of the couch and grinned. He tossed the remote onto the table and walked over to Kyungsoo. “Why hello, babe. Have a good day?”
Kyungsoo glared at Kai before moving past him into the kitchen. He placed the bag of groceries on the counter before moving over to the refrigerator. He took out ingredients and various pots and pans. He turned around and clutched a pan to his chest.
“Don’t do that.”
Kai grinned as he stared down at Kyungsoo. He leaned down and kissed his lips, trapping him against the counter.
Kyungsoo gave a small moan and clutched the pan tightly so he wouldn’t drop it.
Kai pulled away and swiped his bottom lip with his tongue.
Kyungsoo rolled his eyes and pushed against Kai’s chest.
Kai stepped back and moved over to the table. “I missed you today.”
“I was only gone for two hours. That’s not enough time to miss me.” Kyungsoo frowned before turning to the counter to begin cooking.
“It doesn’t matter how long, whenever you’re away from me, I’ll always miss you.” Kai walked over and wrapped his arms around Kyungsoo’s waist. He pressed a kiss to the back of his neck. “I love you.”
Kyungsoo sighed and put the knife down. He leaned back into Kai’s embrace, resting his head on his shoulder. “I love you too.”
Kyungsoo leaned up and pressed a kiss to the corner of Kai’s lip. “Now go watch TV or something while I make lunch for us.”
Kai grinned. “Sure, babe.” He pressed a quick kiss to his lips and skipped off to the living room.
Kyungsoo grinned as he shook his head.
Lunch was a quiet affair, few words exchanged but a lot of love all around.

A/N: inspired by this post - part 1 and part 2
Tags: kai/d.o., one shot

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