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Title: A Long Day
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 1156
Summary: It’s been a long week for Luhan and he just wants to rest.
A/N: inspired from this post

Luhan opened the door to his dark apartment and stepped inside. He was exhausted from an endless amount of work and school. He barely had time to visit his boyfriend, who must be upset with him. He toed off his shoes and stepped into the apartment turning the lights on.
Luhan looked up and stared. “Sehun-ah, what are you doing here?!”
“I miss my baby.” Sehun smiled shyly at Luhan. He stood up and walked over to stand in front of him, a slight blush to his cheeks.
“Aww, I missed you too!” Luhan flushed a light pink as he wrapped his arms around Sehun’s waist. He rested his head against his chest and breathed in the familiar scent that he’d missed this week.
“I’m sorry I’ve been so busy this week. Work and school are just piling up for some reason.”
“It’s fine, Luhan.” Sehun smiled gently down at him. He rubbed a hand over his cheek. “You look so tired. Stressed out?”
Luhan leaned into Sehun’s touch. “A bit.” He pouted a little.
“Aww, what should I do to make my baby feel better?”
“Just having you here is enough for me.” Luhan smiled up at Sehun. He stared into his eyes and saw the love reflected in them. His cheeks turned redder as he couldn’t look away.
Luhan nuzzled his head into Sehun’s chest as his cheeks heated up.
Sehun smiled as he tipped Luhan’s head up to his and placed a gentle kiss on his lips.
Luhan wrapped his arms around Sehun and melted against him as the kiss deepened.
Sehun pulled away and looked down at Luhan’s flushed face. “Shall we go to bed?”
“Okay.” Luhan allowed Sehun to lead him towards the bedroom.
Sehun gently pushed Luhan onto the bed before climbing on top and kissing him. He ran his hands along Luhan’s body, slipping his hand under his shirt to skim his sides. He gently pulled the shirt off, leaving Luhan’s chest naked to his gaze.
Luhan stared up at him from his lashes. He slowly brought his hands up and under Sehun’s shirt. He pulled it off and tossed it to the side. He ran his hands down his chest and stopped at the top of Sehun’s pants.
Luhan looked into Sehun’s eyes as he slowly undid Sehun’s pants and pulled them and his briefs off. He watched Sehun as he carefully grabbed hold of his cock and slowly stroked it.
Sehun groaned. He placed a hand over Luhan’s hand and stopped his motion. “Not tonight, baby. Tonight, it’s all about you. Just lay there and relax.”
Sehun leaned down and gently brushed a kiss over Luhan’s lips. He moved his lips over Luhan’s cheeks and eyes, brushing light kisses everywhere. He moved down his body, lips just skimming.
Luhan shifted on the bed. He wanted to feel Sehun, not these light, teasing touches. He reached up to grab ahold of Sehun but he moved out of reach.
“Nuh uh uh…” Sehun grinned as he moved further down Luhan’s body. He stopped right above Luhan’s crotch. He skimmed his hand over Luhan’s erection before touching the waistband of his pants.
Sehun made quick work of Luhan’s pants and briefs. He hovered over Luhan’s cock, breath not even an inch away.
Luhan sucked in his breath, waiting for Sehun to do something.
Sehun smirked as he looked at Luhan. He placed a teasing kiss on the tip before moving away and off the bed. He walked over to the nightstand and opened the top drawer. He pulled out a bottle of lube.
Sehun climbed back onto the bed. Luhan spread his legs wide, giving Sehun a lot of room.
Sehun coated his fingers before slipping a finger inside. He slowly worked another finger in before gently moving his fingers in and out. He stretched Luhan enough to slip in a third finger.
Luhan wiggled and writhed on the bed. He felt so hot and empty. “Sehun~”
Sehun smiled as he placed a kiss on Luhan’s belly button. He wiggled his fingers around and smiled when he felt Luhan tense a bit. He brushed his fingers over that spot again.
Luhan let out a choked gasp and gripped the bedsheets. “Sehun-ah~”
Sehun grinned as he pulled his fingers out. He leaned up and pecked Luhan’s lips. He grabbed the lube and coated his length before positioning himself in front of Luhan’s entrance.
“Ready, baby?”
Luhan looped his arms around Sehun’s neck. “Yes…please~ I need you, Sehun-ah.”
Sehun smiled as he braced his weight on his arms as he slowly pushed inside.
The two groaned at the feeling of being whole again.
Sehun kissed Luhan’s cheek as he waited for Luhan to adjust.
“Sehun-ah~ move.” Luhan wiggled his hips.
“Yes, Luhan.” Sehun slowly pulled out and pushed back in. He kept a slow and steady pace.
Luhan clung to Sehun’s back. “Sehun-ah~ faster…harder.”
“No. You’re tired. If I go any faster, you’ll be exhausted.”
“Sehun-ah~” Luhan raked his hands down Sehun’s back leaving marks.
“Yes, Luhan?”
“Fuck me harder…please~”
“No, baby. Tonight is gonna be nice and slow.”
“Sehun-ah~” Luhan clawed at Sehun’s back, trying to find his release. The pressure was too much. He could feel how close he was but he needed more.
“Sehun-ah~ please~”
“No, baby.” Sehun smiled as he slowly fucked Luhan.
“Sehun-ah~” Luhan wiggled and moved on the bed. He wrapped his legs around Sehun’s waist, his arms clung to his biceps. “Sehun-ah~”
Sehun just smiled and pecked Luhan’s lips. He pulled out and shifted before slowly thrusting back in.
Luhan let out a choked gasp.
A slow smirk crossed Sehun’s face. “Hold on tight, baby.”
Luhan grinned and wrapped himself around Sehun.
Sehun pulled out and thrust in hard. He fucked Luhan straight into the mattress.
Luhan clung to Sehun as he moaned and groaned. “Yes, yes, yes~”
Luhan came with a cry. His arms and legs fell away from Sehun’s body as he felt his muscles give out.
Sehun thrust in a few more times before coming in Luhan. He pulled out and rolled to his side, so he wouldn’t crush Luhan with his weight.
Luhan instinctively curled into Sehun’s side. “Mmm…that was good. I need that.”
Sehun grinned as he kissed the top of Luhan’s head. “I’m glad I could help. Now shouldn’t we clean up?”
“Mmhmm.” Luhan nuzzled further into Sehun’s chest.
Luhan gave a sleepy nod before falling asleep.
Sehun looked down at Luhan with a soft smile. He shook his head before reaching over towards the nightstand as slowly as possible (so he wouldn’t move or wake Luhan). He grabbed the box of tissues and gently cleaned them up as best as he could. He tossed the dirty tissues onto the nightstand to be tossed out later. He pulled Luhan into his embrace and promptly fell asleep to the sound of Luhan’s gentle breathing, a smile on his face.
Tags: one shot, r/nc-17, sehun/luhan

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