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Title: Coffee
Pairing: Eunhae
Word Count: 1204
Theme: 009. Coffee Eunhyuk/Donghae
Summary: Someone keeps leaving a cup of coffee on Eunhyuk's desk every morning...(bad summary)

“Congratulations. You got the job.”
I bowed. “Thank you so very much.”
I quickly left and almost bumped into someone else. “Oh I’m so sorry.”
“Oh no, it was my fault. I was in a rush. You’re new here right?”
I nodded. He smiled.
“I’m Lee Hyukjae but you may call me Eunhyuk. I have to go. Gotta get my coffee or I can’t function.” He laughs. “I’ll see you around. Bye.” He gave me a gummy smile and left.


I walked into work the next day, feeling so tired. I couldn’t get all my work done yesterday ‘cause we ran out of coffee and I was distracted by that new employee I ran into yesterday. I never got his name. I sighed.
As I stepped into my office, I was assaulted by the scent of freshly brewed coffee. I looked around and noticed a cup of coffee on my desk. I walked over and inhaled the sweet scent of coffee. I looked around before taking a sip of the coffee. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven, it was so good, tasted so much better than any other cup of coffee I’d had. I took another sip and smiled. I felt reenergized. I sat down at my desk and got to work.

The next day, I came into work and found another cup of coffee on my desk. For the whole week, every morning when I go into my office, there’s a cup of coffee waiting for me. On the 8th day, the coffee was there but in a mug with a picture of a monkey on it. There was also a note attached this time.

I’m glad you like my coffee. You don’t seem as tired anymore.
Happy birthday! I hope you like your gift. You just remind me of a monkey: cute and can’t stand still. J

I just stood there after reading the note. I didn’t even notice someone else came into the room.
“EUNHYUKKIE!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” Sungmin gave me a hug. “Hey, what’s that?” pointing to the mug.
“Huh? Oh that, it’s just a gift.”
“Oooo. Hmm…is that coffee I smell?” He went over to my cup and took a sniff and a sip.
“HEY! That’s mine.” I snatched the mug out of his hands, letting the note drop to the floor.
His eyes lit up at the sight of the note. “Ooo, what’s that?” Before I could stop him, he’d picked up the note and read it. He smiled and looked over at me. “Well, I gotta get going now. I’m just going to borrow this for a second okay?” He left before I could say a thing. I just stared after him.


“Donghae, can you come into my office for a moment?”
“Oh and bring me a cup of coffee.”
“Yes sir.” I waited a few minutes and Donghae walked into my office holding a cup of coffee.
“Thank you Donghae-sshi. Have a seat.” Donghae sat down. I took a sip. “Mmm…that’s such good coffee.”
“Thank you, sir.”
I smiled. “You don’t have to call me that. We’re friends. You can call me Sungmin.”
“Okay, Sungmin-sshi.”
“You can drop the honorifics, Donghae. There’s something I’d like to ask you about.”
“Are you currently dating someone right now?”
“Do you like someone?” I saw a slight blush on his cheek.
“I’m not really sure.”
“Okay.” I pulled the note out of my back pocket. “Then can you explain this to me?”
“Sure.” He took the note and read it. I watched for his reaction. I saw the shock and surprise on his face when he first read it and I think there was a slight blush on his face as well. “Uhh…what did you need explained?”
“Well, I found this in my friend’s office. He was reading it with a cup of coffee on his desk.” I saw him fidget a little. “The mug was very cute, a picture of a monkey. I always thought he resembled a monkey too. But what was even more interesting was that the coffee smelled similar to my usual cup of coffee, tasted the same too.” I looked at him. He was fidgeting even more.
“Is there something you want to tell me, Donghae?” He seemed to fidget even more and was slightly sweating a bit too. “Are you okay?”
“Uhh…yeah I’m fine.”
“You sure? Why don’t you get a drink of water?”
“No it’s fine. I’m fine. It’s just that…that…”
“You’re the one who left this note and cup of coffee for Eunhyuk. How’d you even know it was his birthday?”
“I saw it marked on the calendar on his desk each morning I go in to leave a cup of coffee on his desk.” Donghae looked horrified at having let that slip. “Uhh…I mean…” I smiled.
“It’s ok.” I patted his back as he rested his head in his hands in humiliation. “You like him, don’t you?”
“Yes.” Aww, he looked so cute when he’s distressed. I should help him out. Besides Eunhyuk’s been lonely lately. It’ll be a good present for him.
“So what are you going to do about it?”
“What do you mean?” Aww, he was so clueless. I should help them out.
“Never mind. Just come with me.” I grabbed his wrist and pulled him down the hall.


“EUNHYUK!!!!!! I HAVE A PRESENT FOR YOU!!!!!!!” I looked up from my desk and saw Sungmin pulling someone behind him. “Have fun!!!!” He left the person and closed my door, making sure to lock it. The guy he brought in was just looking at the ground.
“Uh…have a seat.”
“Uhh…ok.” He was about to sit when he seemed to remember something. “Oh, Sungmin wanted me to return this to you.”
“Thank…you’re that guy. The one I ran into that time. What’s your name?”
“Uhh…Lee Donghae.” I smiled and glanced down at the note he gave me. It was the note from earlier but there was a sticky attached to it.

Donghae (my assistant) is the one who left you the coffee every morning. I think he likes you. Do whatever you want with him. He’s free until 8 tomorrow morning. ;)

I glanced at Donghae, back at the note, and back to Donghae. I felt a smile come across my face.
“Why are you smiling?” Donghae was looking at me. I got up from my seat and walked over to him.


He kept coming closer and closer. For every step back, he came a step closer. Soon he had me pinned up against the wall. He leaned in really close. He smelled like coffee and strawberries.
“You’re the one who left the coffee on my desk every morning, weren’t you?”
I gulped. His voice in my ear, him standing close to me…it was wreaking havoc on my senses. “Y-y-yes.”
“B-b-b-be-because you can’t function without a cup of coffee.”
“How did you know it was my birthday?”
I blushed. “It said so on your calendar.”
He smiled and placed a kiss on my cheek. “Thank you for the mug but when do I get my other present?”
“Your-your other present? What would that be?”
“A kiss from you.”

A/N: i wasn't sure how to end this...i had written more but it would've dragged and would've been more confused on how to end it...
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, eunhae, one shot

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