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Title: Bachelor Party
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 987
Summary: Sehun’s getting married the next day so the night before, his friends throw him a bachelor party. It’s got everything, food, music, friends…and a stripper~!

Sehun stared around the room, feeling bored. He didn’t want to be here but Luhan had insisted he go. He frowned. Why did Luhan insist on having separate bachelor parties? It was like forcing their friends to choose between them. Which wasn’t fair at all.
Sehun leaned back in his chair. He couldn’t even run away. His friends had pushed him into this chair and wouldn’t let him out of it unless he needed to use the bathroom, but even then, one of his friends would follow him to make sure he didn’t try to sneak off.
The sound of a doorbell could be heard over the festivities.
“Ooo…I wonder who that could be.” Baekhyun had a grin on his face as he walked to the door.
“Don’t tell me it’s a stripper. You did not do something cliché like that for my bachelor party, right?”
“Oh…I think you’re going to like this stripper.”
“What? You legit got me – Luhan?!!??!” Sehun stared at Luhan leaning against the doorframe. Luhan had on a cop’s uniform with a smirk on his lips.
“So I heard someone was being a bad boy and needed to be punished.”
Baekhyun grinned. “Yep, right this way…officer~”
Luhan followed Baekhyun into the house. They stopped right in front of Sehun.
“Here’s your bad boy, officer. I suggest you take him away to be punished.”
“Good idea.” Luhan reached into his back pocket and pulled out some handcuffs. He grabbed Sehun’s right arm and slipped one cuff over his wrist. He pulled Sehun’s arms behind him and cuffed his left wrist.
“Alright, let’s get going. You guys enjoy the rest of the party. I’ll take good care of him.”
“As long as he isn’t late for his wedding tomorrow at noon, take all the time you want.” Baekhyun waved good-bye to the two as Luhan started leading Sehun up the stairs.
“Luhan~ what are you doing?”
“Punishing you. I can’t believe you’d let them hire a stripper for your bachelor party.”
“Hey~ I had no say in these plans whatsoever. Besides, you were the one that wanted separate bachelor parties, not I.”
Luhan pushed Sehun into their room and onto the bed. “You have the right to remain silent.”
Sehun arched a brow. Luhan just grinned as he pulled a piece of cloth out of his back pocket.
Sehun’s eyes widened as Luhan tied the cloth around his mouth.
“There, now you can’t make loud noises while I fuck you into the mattress.”
Sehun’s eyes widened even more.
Luhan’s grin turned a little evil as he quickly removed Sehun’s pants and briefs. He made quick work of his own bottoms.
Sehun could only stare at Luhan’s cock as Luhan reached over for the bottle of lube in the nightstand.
“Sorry for the rough treatment tonight babe, but I’ll make it up to you tomorrow on our wedding night, kay?” Luhan placed a quick kiss over Sehun’s gagged mouth. He opened the bottle of lube and generously coated his fingers before sticking two in at once.
Tears sprung to Sehun’s eyes at the rough treatment. Luhan leaned down and gently kissed them away.
“I’m so sorry babe…don’t worry. You’ll still be able to walk tomorrow.” He gave a cheeky grin before moving his fingers in and out of Sehun. He quickly stretched him and when he deemed Sehun ready, he pulled his fingers out, coated his cock with lube, and thrust into Sehun.
Sehun’s cry was muffled as Luhan groaned at the tightness. He waited for a moment before testing to see if it would be okay to move. He shifted a little and felt Sehun squirm underneath him. He paused for a moment longer before pulling out and thrusting back in.
Luhan set a fast and rough pace, fucking Sehun into the mattress. He placed his lips at the point between where Sehun’s neck and shoulder met. He licked and sucked gently so he wouldn’t leave a mark for their wedding day.
Sehun wrapped his legs around Luhan as Luhan just pounded into his ass. He squirmed trying to ease the ache on his cock.
Luhan just grinned down at him and gripped his hips as he just pounded harder into Sehun.
Sehun let out a muffled choked gasp when Luhan hit that spot inside him.
Luhan froze for a moment, changed his angle, and gently pushed in.
Sehun wiggled when Luhan’s dick hit his prostate again.
Luhan grinned widely and began to roughly thrust in, making sure to hit Sehun’s prostate as often as he could.
Without warning, Sehun came between them. Luhan thrust a few more times before coming inside Sehun. He pulled out (to the disappointment of Sehun) and search for his pants. He smiled as he pulled out a little key. Luhan flipped Sehun over and uncuffed him.
As soon as his arms were free, Sehun untied the gag and wrapped his arms around Luhan, dragging him onto the bed. He curled right up to him and nuzzled his head into Luhan’s neck.
“You are so going to make up for this tomorrow.”
Luhan smiled as he turned his head and placed a kiss on Sehun’s lips. “Oh, I’m counting on it. Now go to sleep. We need to be well rested for tomorrow. I don’t want to have bags under my eyes in my wedding pics.” He snuggled closer into Sehun’s embrace and promptly fell asleep.
Sehun smiled looking at Luhan’s face. He placed a kiss on his forehead and fell asleep.


The wedding the next day was a beautiful affair. It was small and sweet, just family and friends.
Sehun smiled as Luhan walked down the aisle in his beautiful white tux. He was finally marrying the love of his life, after 5 years together. He couldn’t wait to start their life together. And their wedding night…
Luhan was in for the best roughest night of his life~

A/N: yeah~ this post inspired by my own response or if you don't want to see that, you can look at the question that inspired this ^^
Tags: one shot, r/nc-17, sehun/luhan

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