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Title: EXO’s Couple Variety Show
Characters: EXO, Super Junior
Word Count: 2709
Summary: EXO is getting their own variety show~ Time for some fun…and possible craziness?
A/N: inspired by this post

“You guys are going to be filming a brand new variety show where you are the main stars.”
Shouts of joy were heard throughout the apartment.
EXO-K’s manager raised his eyebrow. “You haven’t even heard the concept or anything.”
“Who cares? We finally get to do a variety show. We actually have a schedule now.” Chanyeol jumped up and down, accompanied by Baekhyun and Luhan.
EXO-K’s manager sighed. “Guys, can you calm down enough so I can at least tell you about the show?”
EXO-M’s manager came in and surveyed the chaos. “Hey guys, sit down so we can tell you about your show. Filming starts in two days.”
Everyone quieted down before taking his seats.
“Alright. You’re going to be on a new variety show that’s still in the works. But it will star all of you together. It’ll be kind of an EXO-M vs. EXO-K type show.”
“Wait, so we’re going to have to compete against each other?”
“In a sense, yes. Each week, you’ll go through partner selections and compete with your partner to complete your mission.”
“Sounds simple enough.”
The manager ignored Chen. “You’ll be doing anything and everything so be prepared.”
Everyone sighed. “Yes, hyung.”
“Alright, I guess that’s all for now. You’ll find out more when you need to.”
“So it’s a need to know basis type of thing?” D.O. looked at the manager.
The manager nodded. “Yep. Now go get as much rest as you can. Filming is going to take a lot out of you.”


EXO arrived at the filming location full of excitement and apprehension.
“Hello, welcome, welcome.” EXO was quickly ushered towards the dressing room, M in one room and K in another.
After getting made up, everyone walked out of the dressing room to find Eunhyuk waiting at the set.
“Eunhyuk hyung~ What are you doing here?” Kai smiled as he walked over to hug Eunhyuk.
Eunhyuk smiled as he greeted everyone. “I’m the MC for this show.”
“Oh cool. Then you can help us out.”
Eunhyuk grinned. “That’s what your sunbae is here for. Shall we get started?”
Everyone shrugged and followed Eunhyuk to their places.

Eunhyuk smiled as the cameras began to roll. “Welcome everyone to our brand new variety show starring EXO. Aww, our babies are growing up and starring in their own show. Isn’t this exciting?”
Eunhyuk laughed. “Now let’s go around and introduce ourselves. I’m Eunhyuk, Super Junior’s Anchovy.”
Suho smiled at the camera. “Hello, I am EXO’s guardian Suho.”
“Hello, I’m EXO’s Baekhyun.” Baekhyun smiled.
“Hello, I’m EXO’s Chanyeol.” Chanyeol waved at the camera.
D.O. smiled and nodded his head. “Hello, I’m EXO’s D.O.”
Kai flashed a small smile. “Hello, I’m EXO’s Kai.”
Sehun nodded his head. “Hello, I’m EXO’s maknae Sehun.”
Kris nodded his head. “Hello, I’m EXO’s duizhang, Kris.”
Lay smiled and waved. “Hello, I’m EXO’s Lay.”
“Hello, I’m EXO’s Luhan.” Luhan smiled and nodded his head.
“Hello, I’m EXO’s baozi, Xiumin.” Xiumin smiled and waved.
“Hello, I’m EXO’s Chen.” Chen smiled.
“Hello, I’m EXO’s Tao.” Tao nodded his head.
“Wooo…” Eunhyuk clapped his hands. “So which members are in M and K?”
Suho opened his mouth to speak but Eunhyuk cut him off. “Eh, no need to explain. Just split into your sub groups.”
There was some shuffling around as people tried to move to their respective sides.
“Uh…where are we supposed to go?”
“Oh right, M to my right and K to my left.” Everyone moved to their respective spots.
“Alright, we all good?” Everyone nodded.
“Then time for couple selection. Woooo~” Eunhyuk clapped his hands. EXO followed, K feeling a bit more confused than M.
Some of the staff members came over and handed each member of M a rose.
Eunhyuk smiled brightly. “Alright, M here is going to have some special stages. At the end, they’ll propose to the member they want to team up with.”
K gasped and looked shock. M just stood there, some shuffled their feet while others *cough* Luhan *cough* smiled brightly.
“Alright, let’s get things started, shall we?” Eunhyuk looked at both sides. “Who wants to go first?”
M looked around, none of them wanted to be first.
“Alright then, let’s just choose a victim, I mean volunteer. How about Tao? I see you have something prepared. Some wushu, maybe?”
Tao gave a small smile and nod. He walked towards the center of the stage and waited for the music to start. He went into his routine, involving flips and spins. As he finished it off with a handsome pose, he walked back to where Xiumin was standing, holding his rose. He took the rose and walked over to K. He kept a neutral expression on his face as he knelt down in front of Baekhyun.
“Whoa…” Everyone had varying reactions to this.
Baekhyun gave a shy smile as he accepted the rose from Tao.
Tao smiled as he walked back over to M’s side.
Chanyeol had a slight frown on his face and tried to take the rose from Baekhyun who just hit him away.
“Wooo…wow, so handsome, Tao.” Eunhyuk smiled as he flashed a thumbs up at Tao. Tao shyly nodded his head and smiled.
“Alright, let’s continue with Lay.”
Lay smiled and bowed to everyone as he took center stage. As soon as the music turned on, Lay’s demeanor changed and he began dancing.
“Wooo…” Eunhyuk and Luhan were fanboying in the back.
Lay ended his dance with a flourish. He took his rose and held it out to Baekhyun.
“Oooooh…a love triangle, a love triangle.” Eunhyuk smiled as Baekhyun shyly accepted the rose. Tao had a slightly grim smile on his face as Lay smiled brightly.
“Wooo…okay, let’s move on with Xiumin.”
Everyone clapped as Xiumin stepped forward. The music started and Xiumin began to dance as well.
Xiumin pulled the rose out of his pocket and walked over to D.O. He held the rose out, making D.O. stare with his owl eyes as he accepted the rose.
Everyone clapped politely as Xiumin walked back over to his side.
“Let’s go, Luhan.” Eunhyuk clapped as Luhan stepped forward.
Luhan started to sing as the music started up. He looked forward at the camera before turning to serenade K. He even serenaded M and Eunhyuk, making Eunhyuk blush. Luhan smiled as he walked towards K, still singing. He stopped in front of Sehun and held out his rose.
Sehun had a giant smile and blush on his face as he accepted Luhan’s rose. He even gave him a hug as his song ended.
“Woooooo…is it hot in here or what?” Eunhyuk smiled as he fanned his face. “Let’s keep going with Kris.”
Kris smirked as he stepped forward. The music turned on and he began to dance. Almost everyone started to laugh at the goofiness that is duizhang. Kris seemed unaffected as he took his rose and walked over to Chanyeol.
Chanyeol had a huge grin on his face as he took the rose.
“Woohoohoo…and to finish things is Chen.”
Chen smiled as he stepped out. He sang a song that had everyone swaying along. He walked over and knelt in front of Suho as he finished his song, serenading him. Chen held the rose out to Suho who smiled brightly as he accepted it.
Chen had a goofy smile on his face as he walked back over to the other members of M.
“Woo…alright, those were some very good stages, yeah? And things wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t let K show off their skills. Welcome to the stage, Kai and Sehun.”
Everyone clapped as Kai and Sehun stepped forward. The two began their dance routine and ended with a bang.
“Woo…and let’s keep going with Chanyeol.”
Chanyeol rapped along to a song. Baekhyun, Suho, and D.O. finished off with a small rendition of “Into Your World Angel”.
Eunhyuk smiled as he clapped. “Woohoo…wow, EXO is so talented, aren’t they? Man, you guys…I feel like I should do something to.”
“Dance, Eunhyuk hyung, dance.” Kai grinned as he urged Eunhyuk to dance a bit. The other members joined in.
Eunhyuk showed off a few dance moves. “Ehh…okay, now who’s in a love triangle?”
“Tao, Lay, and Baekhyun.” Baekhyun, Tao, and Lay all stepped forward.
“Alright, we’ll give you five seconds to look at each other and confirm your feelings.” Eunhyuk smiled as he stood between Baekhyun and Tao, holding his cue cards in between their faces.
“One, two, three.” Eunhyuk took the card away.
Baekhyun and Tao stared into each other’s eyes for five seconds. Baekhyun was smiling as Tao nodded his head.
“Alright, Lay?” Eunhyuk brought the card back up between Baekhyun and this time, Lay.
“One, two, three.” Eunhyuk took the card away.
Baekhyun and Lay looked into each other’s eyes. The two nodded as they looked away.
“Alright, now that we know everyone’s feelings, it’s time to play the ladder of love.” Eunhyuk smiled as a large board was brought onto set.
“Alright, K, take your person and choose a number.” Eunhyuk smiled as he handed out cartoon versions of the K members to each of them.
Everyone walked over and chose a number. Sehun was one, Baekhyun was two, Chanyeol was three, Kai was four, Suho was five, and D.O. was six.
Eunhyuk peeled off the paper covering the ladder.
With a marker, Eunhyuk started from number one and followed the path down, ending at Luhan.
“Wooo…” Sehun and Luhan high-fived and stood off to the side. The camera zoomed in on them making a heart together.
“Next.” Eunhyuk started from Baekhyun and ended up with Chen. Eunhyuk continued with the next members.
“Alright, here are our couples: Sehun/Luhan, Baekhyun/Chen, Chanyeol/Kris, Kai/Lay, Suho/Tao, D.O./Xiumin. Round of applause. Now off to our next stage.” Eunhyuk smiled as he motioned to the side.
“Alright, we’re off.” Everyone moved out off the stage as staff members began to change the set.
Luhan clung to Sehun as they waited offstage. The other members stood nearby as they watched the set being changed. Chen was holding onto Suho. Chanyeol was playing with Baekhyun. Kai was hovering close to D.O.
“Alright, set’s done.”
Everyone went back on stage.

“Now time for our game.” Eunhyuk smiled and clapped. “Let’s bring out our helpers.”
Shindong and Yesung walked out on stage. Everyone clapped and smiled.
“Alright, now Shindong-ssi and Yesung-ssi will show us an example of how to play the game.”
Shindong and Yesung walked over, Shindong grabbed the bow and arrows. Yesung grabbed the basket. At Eunhyuk’s whistle, Shindong began shooting arrows at Yesung who tried to catch them in his basket. At the end of a minute, Yesung had only caught two arrows.
“Wooo…thank you, Shindong-ssi and Yesung-ssi. Now you all saw what you had to do. It’s a very simple game. One person will shoot hearts that the other person will have to catch in the basket. Now who wants to go first?”
“We will.” Suho and Tao stepped out. Tao took the basket while Suho took the bow and arrows. For one minute, Suho shot arrows at Tao who tried his best to catch as many as he could. At the end, they were only able to get three arrows.
“Alright, let’s keep going.”
Each pair took turns playing the game. At the end, Sehun/Luhan had gotten six, D.O/Xiumin had gotten two, Baekhyun/Chen had gotten only one, Chanyeol/Kris had gotten three, and Kai/Lay had gotten two.
“And our winners are Sehun and Luhan.” The two smiled brightly as they accepted people’s congratulations.
“Shall we move on to our final game for today?”
“What?!?! There’s another game?”
D.O. looked shocked, eyes wide open. Luhan looked at Eunhyuk with glee.
Eunhyuk grinned. “Of course. It will be EXO-M vs. EXO-K. You excited?”
“Good, now let’s go~”
“And cut.” Everyone got off stage as stage hands quickly worked to change the set.
Lay wandered over to rest his chin on Chen’s shoulder. Sehun was sitting on Luhan’s lap and feeding him some of the snacks. D.O. and Suho were chatting with Chanyeol and Baekhyun. Kai was hovering over D.O. trying to get his attention but failing. Tao was resting his head on Kris’s shoulder over in a corner. Xiumin had disappeared to use the bathroom.
“Alright, set’s done.”
Everyone wandered back onstage.

“Everybody ready to play this game?” There were noises of agreement made from both sides.
Eunhyuk smiled. “Do we want a demonstration beforehand?”
Everyone looked at each other a bit confused. Some shrugged their shoulders.
“Eh, we’ll have a demonstration. Helpers~!”
Shindong, Yesung, Ryeowook, and Kangin walked in. Shindong and Yesung each had a tray but one had pieces of paper on it.
D.O.’s eyes widened even more. Kai and Luhan grinned. Everyone else had varying reactions. Tao looked a bit confused.
“Everyone, take your positions~” Eunhyuk smiled as he stepped to the side. Shindong stood on one side, Kangin and Ryeowook in between, and Yesung at the end.
Eunhyuk held up his timer. “And go.”
Shindong grabbed a piece of paper off the tray and held it up to his lips. He turned towards Kangin who took it off with his lips and moved towards Ryeowook. There was a bit of a struggle and some laughter on Ryeowook’s part before the paper moved. Yesung quickly took it off Ryeowook’s mouth and placed it on the tray. The group kept going until Eunhyuk called time.
He grinned at the EXO members. “You guys ready to play?”
D.O.’s eyes were round as saucers. Kris had on an impassive face. Luhan had a huge grin on his.
“Do we really have to do this?”
“Yep. Now get in your lines. We’ll start with K first.” Eunhyuk took the trays from Shindong and Yesung, handing them over to the K members. The order was Suho, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, D.O., Kai, and Sehun.
“Alright, you guys ready?” Everyone nodded. “And go.”
Suho picked up the first piece of paper and stuck it on his mouth. Chanyeol leaned down and struggled for a bit before taking the paper off Suho’s mouth. The paper moved very quickly between Chanyeol and Baekhyun. It stopped when it came to D.O. and Baekhyun. D.O. just couldn’t get a good hold of the paper and it dropped between them.
Suho grabbed another piece of paper and it quickly moved down the line until it reached D.O. It took three more tries and a couple kisses between Baekhyun and D.O. before it finally moved past D.O. to Kai to Sehun and the tray.
By the end of the minute, EXO-K only got three pieces moved.
Eunhyuk clapped. “Woo…now for EXO-M.”
He took the trays and handed it over to the EXO-M members. The order was Tao, Kris, Luhan, Lay, Chen, and Xiumin.
“Alright, ready?” The members nodded. “And go.”
The paper quickly moved from member to member, down the line. There were a couple almost misses where Kris and Luhan almost kissed or Chen and Lay almost kissed but for the most part, there were few pieces of paper dropped.
“And time’s up. Let’s see how well you did.” Eunhyuk smiled as he took the tray from Xiumin. “And you got seven pieces. Woooo~ And that means our winners are EXO-M.”
Eunhyuk smiled and nodded at the staff who handed him the prize. “And here is your prize: two cases of prime Korean beef.”
The members of EXO-K stared as the members of EXO-M happily accepted their prize. “Thank you, thank you.”
Eunhyuk smiled. “And that ends our show for today~ Come join us next week for another fun episode with EXO. Bye~!”
Everyone smiled and waved towards the camera.
“And that’s a wrap. Thank you for today.”
EXO and Eunhyuk started bowing and thanking the staff members.
“So I will see you boys next time?”
“Yes, Eunhyuk hyung. Bye. Get home safe.” EXO smiled and waved. They followed their managers back to their dorm.
“So what did you think of filming today?”
“Uh…not what I expected.”
“I enjoyed it.” Luhan grinned brightly.
“Yeah, I can’t wait until next filming session.” Baekhyun smiled from his seat in the car.
“Okay. Good to know. Now go home and rest. You’ll be filming this for a while.”

A/N: finally finished this crack of a fic. this was such a good idea in my head but execution lacks a little something I think :P thank you for bearing with it and reading it ^^
Tags: exo, one shot, super junior

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