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trying to fix what's damaged
Title: Shatter Pairing: Kangin/Kangin Word Count: 200 Theme: 055.… 
28th-Jan-2013 09:41 pm
Title: Shatter
Pairing: Kangin/Kangin
Word Count: 200
Theme: 055. Shatter Kangin/Kangin
Summary: It had shattered, practically right before his eyes.

Kangin stared around the room. Everything had been broken. Vases were smashed, pillows were torn. The mirror was shattered. Destruction was everywhere. He gave a small smirk.
The room reflected exactly what Kangin felt.
Everything was bad, it had all gone wrong. There was nothing good in the world, all was gone.
He couldn’t believe how quickly it had all gone. One moment it was there, the next it was gone.
His life had shattered, the pieces scattered everywhere. And there was no way for him to put them back together.
Kangin stared at the broken room, tears silently falling down his face.
“Why? How?”
He fell on his knees, ignoring the cuts he was getting from the broken glass. He pounded the floor, adding more cuts to his arms and hands.
Kangin screamed out loud, the sound broken and raw. He continued pounding the floor as he screamed himself hoarse. Tears streamed down his face as he curled in on himself, tired from everything.
Tears and blood ran together on the floor.
Kangin watched it touching whatever it could, staining bits and pieces. He closed his eyes, hoping to find some calm in this shattered, chaotic world of his.
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