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Title: Pocky Fun Time
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan, Baekhyun/Chanyeol, Suho/D.O.
Word Count: 1104
Summary: Luhan drops into EXO-K’s dorm with a little present: a bag full of boxes of Pocky.

“Look what I bought.” Luhan smiled as he bounded into K’s dorm. He emptied the grocery bag he had with him.
Out spilled several boxes of different flavored Pocky.
Luhan grabbed a box of chocolate Pocky.
“Alright, kiddies. You can enjoy the rest.” He smiled brightly and bounded down the hall to Sehun and Joonmyun’s room. He knocked once before barging in.
A second later, a very confused looking Joonmyun was shoved out of the room.
The audible clicking of the lock could be heard.
“Well, I can tell when we’re not wanted…ooo…I call dibs on the Giant Pocky.” Jongin grabbed the box, clutching it tightly to his chest.
“I call the other chocolate Pocky.” Baekhyun grabbed the box.
“Don’t forget the strawberry.” Chanyeol grabbed a box. He winked at Baekhyun. “For variety.”
The two disappeared into their shared bedroom, locking the door.
“Uh…what’s going on?” Joonmyun walked into the kitchen, looking very confused.
Jongin grinned. “Luhan brought us Pocky. Want some?”
Joonmyun looked at the table. There were still several boxes of Pocky left. “Uh sure…I guess.”
He poked around for one he wanted.
“Hey Joonmyun hyung, can I ask you to do something for me?”
“Sure, Jongin-ah.” Joonmyun turned to look at Jongin with a smile.
“Can you show me how to play the pepero game? I don’t know how.” Jongin smiled sweetly at Joonmyun who looked at him in shock.
“Uh what?”
“If you need a partner, I’m sure Kyungsoo hyung wouldn’t mind helping out.” Jongin pushed Kyungsoo over. He ‘accidentally’ pushed him too hard, causing Kyungsoo to bump into Joonmyun.
Joonmyun reached out to catch Kyungsoo. The unexpected weight caused Joonmyun to fall back into a chair with Kyungsoo in his lap.
The two involuntarily turned red when they caught each other’s eyes and quickly looked away.
Jongin grinned down at them. “So will you show me how to play, Joonmyun hyung?”
“Uh um…sure, Jongin-ah. Uh, would you mind being my partner, Kyungsoo-yah?”
Kyungsoo shyly nodded his head. He got up from Joonmyun’s lap. He grabbed a box of Pocky and opened it, pulling out a stick. He handed it to Joonmyun.
“Thank you, Kyungsoo-yah.” He flashed him a grateful smile. “So uh the point of the game is to eat as much of the stick without touching the other person’s lips.”
“Wait a moment, I thought you could touch their lips but most people don’t because they don’t want to kiss the other person.”
“Oh, well, most people typically don’t because you still need piece of Pocky to measure to see made the shortest piece.”
“Ah okay. Can you show me how the game would go? Demonstrate for me, please.” Jongin smiled brightly at Joonmyun.
“Oh uh…are you okay with that, Kyungsoo-yah?”
Kyungsoo gave a shy smile and nodded his head.
Joonmyun felt flustered and smiled to try and cover it up. “Oh okay. Well typically one person will stand there while the other eats the stick. Sometimes both partners will eat it but it’s tricky and requires partner communications. It’s easier when it’s longer but trickier when it’s shorter. And uh –“
“Why don’t we demonstrate?” Kyungsoo smiled brightly. “He’s a bright boy. He’ll catch on after watching us.”
“Uh right.” Joonmyun looked at Kyungsoo standing in front of him. He held the stick out for Kyungsoo to bite onto
Kyungsoo opened his mouth and grabbed onto the stick. Joonmyun swallowed the lump in his throat.
Kyungsoo looked so adorable holding the Pocky stick in his mouth. Joonmyun wanted to take a bit out him instead.
“Uh so…will I be the one biting?”
Kyungsoo nodded his head.
Joonmyun swallowed and looked at Kyungsoo and the Pocky stick. He leaned forward and bit the Pocky stick. He kept his eyes on Kyungsoo’s as he slowly ate the Pocky stick. He slowly stepped closer to Kyungsoo as the stick started disappearing.
Soon there was only a few centimeters left. Joonmyun stood there looking at Kyungsoo, the Pocky stick between them.
Suddenly he was pushed forward, his face banging into Kyungsoo’s.
“Oww, what was that?” Joonmyun turned to glare at Jongin smiling innocently at the two of them.
“Well, thanks for the demonstration. I think I’ll take the rest of these up to M’s dorm. Bye you two. Have fun.” Jongin winked, grabbed the rest of the boxes except for one, and left.
“Uh…” Joonmyun looked everywhere but at Kyungsoo. He felt incredibly awkward.
“So did you want to try again?”
“What?” Shocked, Joonmyun looked at Kyungsoo who was holding another Pocky stick in his hands.
“Did you want to try it again?”
“But this time I get to bite.” Kyungsoo grinned as he stuck the Pocky in Joonmyun’s mouth.


“Hello!” Luhan smiled brightly as he walked into the room, followed by Sehun. “Did you enjoy the Pocky?”
Kyungsoo looked up at Luhan with a smile. “Yep.”
“Well, well, well…looks like someone really enjoyed the Pocky.” Baekhyun wiggled his eyebrows.
Luhan walked around the couch to see Kyungsoo in his boxers, wearing Joonmyun’s t-shirt and sitting in Joonmyun’s lap looking at Joonmyun’s ipad. Joonmyun’s hair was a mess; he was shirtless, dressed only in his jeans.
Joonmyun had a slight flush to his cheeks as he shyly smiled up at Baekhyun, Luhan, and Sehun. “Uh hi…everyone.”
Luhan and Baekhyun laughed. “Seems like your plan worked well, Kyungsoo-yah.”
“Yep. Thanks for buying the Pocky for us.” Kyungsoo smiled as he high-fived Luhan.
“What? What plan?” Joonmyun looked at the two incredulously.
Kyungsoo smiled and kissed Joonmyun’s cheek. “Oh nothing, Joonmyun-ah, nothing at all.”
The front door opened.
“Hello, hello, hello, I’m back and I bear gifts.” Jongin walked into the room with a smile, carrying grocery bags and accompanied by the rest of the M members.
Everyone stopped and stared at Kyungsoo and Joonmyun.
Joonmyun blushed a bright red and mumbled an excuse before gently pushing Kyungsoo off and running away to his room.
Kyungsoo calmly got up from the floor, grabbing his jeans and shirt. He walked over to Jongin and fished around in the bag before pulling out a box of Pocky.
“Thanks, Jongin-ah.” He winked as he started heading towards the bedrooms.
“I’ll see you guys for dinner…or maybe dessert.” He smiled and waved before going into Joonmyun’s room and locking the door.
“Okay…anyone want any more Pocky? I bought some more.” Jongin smiled as he dumped one of his grocery bags on the table. Boxes upon boxes of Pocky spilled out.
“Oooo…me, me, me.” Everyone attacked the table, grabbing whatever box they could get their hands on before rushing off to their rooms to enjoy them.

A/N: inspired by eating a stick of Pocky ^^ which lead to thoughts of playing the Pepero game which lead to EXO playing the Pepero game :DDD
Tags: baekhyun/chanyeol, one shot, sehun/luhan, suho/d.o.

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