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Title: Disciplining the Rebellious Student
Pairing: Tao/Kris
Word Count: 1383
Summary: As the rebellious student of the school, someone needed to teach Tao how to behave. That someone…was Mr. Wu.

Tao was known as a rebel. Maybe it was the way he dressed, the way he looked (he did look like a serial killer with those dark circles), or just his attitude but he was the school bad boy. Everyone knew to stay clear of him. Or at least most people did.
There was one person that always seemed to keep an eye on him. And that was Mr. Wu, the new, hot English teacher.
“Mr. Huang, please stay after class. I need to speak with you about your latest…grades.”
Everyone turned to look at Tao sitting in the back of the class. He had on his signature frown, which deepened when Mr. Wu singled him out. His arms were crossed as he glared at Mr. Wu.
Mr. Wu didn’t even flinch. “Class, you’re dismissed.”
Everyone quickly gathered their things and left before the bell rang, signaling the end of class and the end of the day.
Tao stayed in his seat but he gave Mr. Wu a little smirk as he placed his feet on the desk.
“Mr. Huang…please come here.”
Tao just smirked as he shook his head.
“Mr. Huang.”
Tao ignored Mr. Wu and put on his headphones. They were roughly yanked off his head.
“Mr. Huang. My office now.” Mr. Wu grabbed Tao’s wrist and forcefully dragged him into his office. He locked the door and turned around to see Tao leaning against his desk.
“Was there something you wanted, Mr. Wu?” Tao smiled.
“You know damn well what I want, Mr. Huang.” Mr. Wu frowned. “Take a seat.”
Tao grinned. “No.”
“Mr. Huang…”
Tao ignored Mr. Wu and walked around the desk to sit in his chair.
Mr. Wu gritted his teeth. “Mr. Huang.”
Tao grinned as he leaned back and propped his feet on the desk. “Yes, Mr. Wu~? Or can I call you Kris?”
“Mr. Huang!”
Tao smiled as he put his feet down and got off the chair. He made his way over to Mr. Wu and lightly ran his hands up his chest. He leaned up and nipped Mr. Wu’s jaw. “Yes…Kris~?”
Kris groaned and gripped Tao’s hips, pulling him closer to him. He leaned his head down and captured Tao’s lips in a heated kiss. Tao moaned and wrapped his arms around Kris’ neck, deepening the kiss.
Kris pulled away and nuzzled his nose into Tao’s neck. Tao leaned his head back to give Kris more room.
Kris grinned as he nipped Tao’s neck. He reached around and quickly undid Tao’s pants, yanking them and his briefs off.
A slap resonated in the room, followed by a low moan.
“Kris…what are you doing?”
Kris said nothing, just turned Tao around and bent him over so his ass stuck in the air. There was already a slightly red spot from where he had hit it earlier.
He gently ran a hand along the curve, gave it a little squeeze.
“You’ve been a bad boy, Tao, very disrespectful. To me and to your other teachers. I think you need to be punished.”
Tao looked at Kris over his shoulder. “Oh yeah…and how are you going to punish me?”
Kris smacked Tao’s ass, leaving another red spot on his ass. “Hmm…now let’s see, you were disrespectful to me and your other teachers. That was the first two slaps. Next, you ignored me, put your feet on your desk, put your feet on my desk, sat at my desk, and ignored me again as well. So that’s another five smacks. Anything else I missed?”
“I can’t think of anything but if you want to spank me more, I won’t object.” Tao winked before turning his head forwards and wiggling his ass.
Kris growled and smacked Tao’s ass at least seven more times. By this time, Tao’s ass was a bright red.
Tao looked over his shoulder at Kris. “Punished me enough yet?”
“Not yet…” Kris gently caressed Tao’s ass, trying to soothe the ache from his spanking.
“Are you just going to keep touching me or actually fuck me here? ‘Cause I’m hard and horny and if you don’t fuck me within the next minute or so, I will attack you.”
Kris made a sound of acknowledgement but kept moving his hand gently around Tao’s ass.
Tao frowned and quickly stood up. He grabbed the front of Kris’ shirt and roughly pushed Kris back into the door. His mouth attached to Kris’ neck as he quickly undid Kris’ pants and reached inside to grab his dick.
Kris let out a strangled moan as Tao roughly gave him a handjob, his rush to fuck overpowering any hint of care.
As soon as Kris was hard enough, Tao grabbed Kris’ head for a passionate kiss as his own fingers moved down his body to finger his own hole.
Kris pulled his head away. “Tao…Tao…you have to stop.”
Tao ignored him, attaching his mouth to Kris’ neck and sucking.
“T-T-Tao…” Kris tried to reach an arm out to stop Tao fingering himself.
Tao wouldn’t have any of that and just moved out of Kris’ reach. He moved over to Kris’ desk, leaning on it and spreading his legs as his fingers moved in and out of himself.
Kris could only watch as Tao pleasured himself, one hand fingering his hole while his other hand lazily stroking his cock. He quickly took his pants off and walked over to Tao. He leaned down and mouthed Tao’s neck as his hand reached across his desk to search his drawer. He grinned when he found what he was looking for.
Kris leaned up and pecked Tao’s lips before ridding the boy of his pants and briefs. He took out the condom and slipped it on. He grabbed Tao’s legs and spread them wide.
Tao grinned. “Always.”
They both moaned as Kris thrust into Tao. He waited a moment for them to adjust before he was roughly fucking Tao on his desk.
Tao gripped Kris’ arm as he was thoroughly fucked.
Kris covered Tao’s mouth, absorbing his moans, as he thrust into Tao. He pulled out and changed the angle. It took a few tries but when he heard a low moan and felt Tao clenching his arms, he knew he found it.
Kris grinned, pecked Tao’s lips, and proceeded to thoroughly abuse his prostrate.
Tao couldn’t keep still. He writhed and moaned on the desk, his nails dug into Kris’ arm as he felt his orgasm building.
“Come on, Tao…you can do it…Come for me.”
Tao opened his eyes to see Kris looking at him. He was looking at him with such heat, passion, and something else. That something else was the thing that pushed Tao over the edge. He came hard, staining his and Kris’ shirt.
Kris came a few moments later, feeling Tao clenching around him. He collapsed on top of Tao.
Their breathing was the only noise that could be heard.
Kris leaned back and rested on his elbows, looking at Tao. He could see the satisfaction written all over his face. He leaned down and pecked his lips. He looked down and noticed the stains on their shirts and sighed.
“You’re going to get me fired, Tao.”
Tao shrugged his shoulder. “Eh, you’ll find work elsewhere. People are always looking for a good English teacher.”
Kris shook his head and pecked Tao’s lips. “I knew better than to listen to Luhan when he said he had a job for me.”
Tao grinned. “Oh come on, don’t even play that. You know you wanted to be my teacher, just for the added bonus of punishing me during school. Four years without me, you’d jump at any chance to spend as much time with me as you can, no matter the risks.”
Kris sighed and shook his head, a small smile tugging at his lips.
“I knew I should’ve stayed away from the moment I saw those innocent eyes. Who knew there was so much deviousness hiding behind?”
“Oh come on, Luhan hyung isn’t that bad.”
“I wasn’t talking about Luhan.”
Kris grinned as Tao playfully punched his arm. He pulled him close and placed a smacking kiss on his lips that deepened to something more.
Let’s say it took another hour before they left school.

A/N: because this post gave me such feels I had to do something about it XD
Tags: one shot, r/nc-17, tao/kris

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