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trying to fix what's damaged
Title: Thunderstorm Pairing: Kangin/Sungmin Word Count: 385 Theme:… 
26th-Nov-2012 04:55 pm
Title: Thunderstorm
Pairing: Kangin/Sungmin
Word Count: 385
Theme: 070. Thunderstorm Kangin/Sungmin
Summary: Sungmin is wandering in the forest when it starts to rain. Kangin offers him some shelter.

Sungmin was wandering through the forest when he noticed dark clouds up in the sky.
“Sungmin-ah, come back home. There’s a thunderstorm coming.” Kangin waved his arms and signaled for Sungmin to return home.
As Sungmin made his way home, the clouds opened up and the rain began to pour heavily.
“You’re not gonna make it home. Come rest at my place until this blows over. We don’t want you catching a cold.” Kangin stepped out of his doorway and Sungmin raced inside. He stood in the entrance, dripping wet.
Kangin went to grab a towel and some change of clothes. “Here, you can go use the bathroom to freshen up. We’ll hang your clothes up and get them to dry as best as they can.”

The thunderstorm raged outside as Sungmin sat near the window watching the rain fall down the windowpane.
Kangin came over with a cup to tea, which Sungmin gladly accepted. He was still feeling a chill from the rain earlier.
“So what were you doing in the forest?”
“Just wandering around.”
“Ah okay.” Kangin stared at his mug of coffee before taking a sip. “Did you have any plans or were you just walking around?”
“Just walking around, thinking about things. I tend to do that occasionally. Did you have any plans?”
“Not really but I was thinking about going to visit Ryeowook and see how he was doing.”
“And hoping for some homecooked food as well?” Sungmin smiled at the sheepish smile on Kangin’s face.
“Maybe. He cooks really well.”
“Yeah, I know. If I had wandered near his place around dinnertime, he would invite me in. Maybe if the storm lets up before then, we can head over together.”
“Sure, I’d like that.”
The two took a sip of their drinks before turning back to stare out the window.

It was another hour or two before the rain finally stopped. Kangin looked down at his lap to see Sungmin sleeping peacefully. He was hesitant to wake him up but his stomach was growling for some food.
Kangin gently shook Sungmin who slowly opened his eyes.
“The rain’s stopped. Want to go to Ryeowook’s for dinner?”
Sungmin gave Kangin a sleepy smile. “Okay.”
He got up and stretched then followed Kangin out the door to Ryeowook’s for dinner.

A/N: yeah just a cute simple little fic XD don’t know why I wrote it but just a little thing that happened on SJ Animal World lol
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