trying to fix what's damaged (read0write) wrote,
trying to fix what's damaged

T_T I'm so sorry but I don't think I can update "Just a High School Love Story" today.
I procrastinated too much and didn't write anything...
And let me just tell you now...I will try to update next Monday or the one after depending on how much I get done.
I have two papers coming up (10 pages and 5 pages), a presentation based off the 10 page paper, a group presentation, a video project, some little reflection type things, some reading (for the 10 page paper and for another class), and then finals.
Freakin' school...all these major things happening at the end of the quarter. good thing is that it's almost over, i just have to get through these next few weeks and the workload associated with it :P
So yeah, me and fanfic updates may be a bit slow these next few weeks :T
I'll still be writing but I have multiple fics started and I go back and forth between them. I even have some written on paper that have to be typed up so yeah, got that going on O_O
So don't worry if you don't see anything from me in the next few weeks :T
But yeah, just a note for those that didn't realize it. "Just a High School Love Story" is updated on Mondays only. Any other fics I finish are posted when I finish them lol
So yeah...sorry about this. I had thought I'd be able to post a new chapter this week but alas, my priorities are all over the place O_O I blame school and too much free time XD
(and I'm still dealing with NaNoWriMo this month XD my word count is getting there kinda thanks to all the fanfics I've writing lol)

love ♥

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