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Aideshou Challenge 6: Love Me, Bully Me

Title: Love Me, Bully Me
Pairing: Kai/D.O.
Word Count: 2129
Summary: Jongin and Kyungsoo promised to love and talk to one another every day but 12 years have passed and things have changed. For the better or for the worst…
A/N: Based on this prompt from aideshou with maybe a touch of this prompt

Jongin smiled as he slipped beneath the covers where Kyungsoo sat waiting with a flashlight.
“Alright, so we’re clear on what we’re going to do right?”
Jongin nodded his head.
Kyungsoo smiled. He placed the flashlight between the two and held out his hand. Jongin placed his on top.
“Repeat after me. I-“
“Do Kyungsoo-“
“Kim Jongin-“
“To always love-“
“To always love-“
“And talk with-“
“And talk with-“
“Kim Jongin-“
“Do Kyungsoo-“
“Every day-“
“Every day-“
“Until we meet again.“
“Until we meet again.”
Kyungsoo and Jongin smiled at each other before Kyungsoo turned the flashlight off. The two slipped out from under the covers and laid down on the bed, side by side.
“Remember your promise, okay Jongin-ah?”
“I will, Kyungsoo hyung. I will.”
Kyungsoo smiled to himself before leaning over and kissing Jongin’s cheek.
Jongin laid there frozen, hand on his cheek, as Kyungsoo blushed a bright red before turning on his side, facing away from Jongin.
“Good night, Jongin-ah.”
“Good night, Kyungsoo hyung.” Jongin smiled before cuddling closer to Kyungsoo.

12 years later…

Kyungsoo walked down the halls toward the school kitchen with his friend Baekhyun chatting a mile a minute into his ear.
“And so I was like ‘How dare you try and pull that stunt with me. You did not just try that with me.’ And then he was all ‘Oh no I’m sorry, I didn’t realize. Let me make it up to you.’ But I wouldn’t hear it. I mean hello, does he think I was born yesterday?” Baekhyun sighed. “Seriously, are all guys the same? They keep telling me I look hot and sexy but that’s old news. I need and want something different. I mean is that too much to ask?”
Kyungsoo shook his head and smiled. “If you’re going to get so worked up over this, why not stay away from these kinds of guys?”
Baekhyun grinned at Kyungsoo. “But if I stay away from these kinds of guys, then who will praise and compliment all day?”
Kyungsoo grinned as he shook his head. “Oh Baekhyun…”
“You know you love me though.” Baekhyun grinned widely as he gave Kyungsoo a side hug. “So what are you going to bake today?”
“Hmm…I’m not sure. I guess I’ll see what ingredients I have and decide from there. Oof.” Kyungsoo fell to the floor as someone crashed into him. He rubbed his butt before looking around for his belongings.
“Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t see where I was going and – Kyungsoo hyung?”
Kyungsoo looked up and found his gaze locked with warm chocolate brown eyes, eyes he hadn’t seen for over 12 years.
“Jongin? Who’s Jongin?” Oh Sehun slapped Jongin on the back. “Are you okay, Kai? That was a pretty hard fall. You didn’t break anything did you?”
“Oh no, I’m fine. Are you okay, Kyungsoo hyung?”
Kyungsoo flushed a light pink as Jongin helped him up. “Uh yeah I’m fine. Uh, Kai is it? Well I’m sorry for any trouble I caused but I have to get going now. If you’ll excuse me.” He bowed a bit before leaving with Baekhyun trailing behind him.
Jongin watched as Kyungsoo disappeared around the corner.
“Ayo, Kai man, you okay? Why are you staring at Do Kyungsoo? He’s typically not someone you associate with.”
Jongin turned to Sehun confused. “What do you mean?”
“He’s a bit too feminine sometimes. He’s very small and petite looking and loves to cook. He’s also a bit creepy when he looks at you with those big owl eyes. Most people tend to stay away from him.”
“But what about that guy he was walking with?”
“Oh Byun Baekhyun? Those two are old friends. If it wasn’t for Baekhyun, most people wouldn’t even associate with Do Kyungsoo. He’s a bit too strange for our taste you know.”
“Too strange?” Jongin looked at Sehun puzzled. “I’m not sure I get what you mean.”
“Eh doesn’t matter. Just remember, try to keep your association with Do Kyungsoo at a minimum and you’ll be fine. You’re already getting pretty popular but if people knew you were associated in any way with Do Kyungsoo, whoop there goes your popularity rating.”
“But I just bumped into him.”
“Yeah and then you helped him. Typically, most people don’t do that after they run into someone especially Do Kyungsoo.”
“Does everyone pick on Kyungsoo?”
“It’s not picking on him per se, it’s just that we avoid him. We try to keep all contact to a minimum.”
“So you ignore him?” Jongin’s eyes widened.
“Not really. I mean he’s very smart and most of us like to get some help from him but he’s just too weird for most of us to hang out with.”
“Oh…uh…okay. I-I guess I get it.”
“Great.” Sehun smiled as he wrapped an arm around Jongin’s shoulder. “Now let’s head to class before we’re considered late again.”


Kyungsoo smiled to himself as he moved around the kitchen, baking some cupcakes to take to the children at the day care center later. He knew he shouldn’t be giving them sugar but he had promised them some after they did a good job cleaning up the play area the day before.
Kyungsoo hummed to himself as he decorated the cupcakes, nothing too fancy but something that would appeal to the kids. He tried to keep the sugar intake to a minimum. He didn’t want to accidentally sugar-load the kids.
“Mmm…those smell delicious. Mind if I have one?”
Kyungsoo turned around and found Jongin standing in the doorway. “Jongin uh I mean Kai, what are you doing here?”
“I followed my nose.” He smiled as he walked over to a tray of cupcakes. “So can I have one?”
“No, I’m sorry. I’m saving them for later.”
Jongin frowned. “Well fine then.”
He walked over and ‘accidentally’ knocked a tray of cupcakes to the ground. “Oops, my bad.”
Kyungsoo frowned as he bent down to clean up the mess. “Oh, that’s alright. But if you don’t mind, please leave the kitchen so I can work and clean up this mess. Thank you.”
Jongin frowned but complied with Kyungsoo’s wishes.


Kyungsoo smiled as he waved to Baekhyun across the hall.
Suddenly, someone bumped into him, causing him to fall forward. He looked up to see the back of someone.
Kyungsoo narrowed his eyes as he took in the familiar backside. He got up, dusted himself off, grabbed his books, and continued towards Baekhyun.
“Hey, are you okay? That was a pretty hard shove. It was almost like it was intentional.”
“Oh no, I’m fine. So how are you today? Any more incidents with random guys?”
Baekhyun rolled his eyes. “You wouldn’t believe it.”
Kyungsoo grinned. “Try me.”


Kyungsoo was grabbing some things out of his locker when someone came rushing by and almost slammed his locker door closed, almost crushing his fingers. Thankfully, Kyungsoo had fast reflexes and was able to move in time.
He turned to see a familiar backside. He frowned before continuing his earlier action of gathering his things to go home.


Kyungsoo was walking with Baekhyun when something hit the back of his head.
“Oww…what was that?”
Baekhyun looked at the floor and picked up an eraser. “Strange…why is this here? Did someone throw this at you?” His eyes widened as he looked at Kyungsoo.
“Maybe. I’m not sure.”
Baekhyun looked at Kyungsoo shocked. “Why are they bullying you again? I thought they stopped a few years ago.”
“Oh I don’t think it’s anything we need to worry about.”
“Kyungsoo…” Baekhyun sighed and held up the eraser. “Someone just threw this eraser at you. Earlier someone shoved you and tried to crush your fingers you're your locker door. Who knows what’ll be next?”
“It’s fine. I have everything under control.”
“Oh yeah? How?”
Kyungsoo gave a small smile. “I know who’s been doing all this.”


“Why are you doing this to me, huh?” Kyungsoo cornered Jongin in an empty classroom. “You didn’t use to be like this.”
Jongin frowned and crossed his arms. “Why shouldn’t I? Everyone else is.”
“So?” Kyungsoo crossed his arms and frowned at Jongin. “That doesn’t mean you have to either. What happened to the Kim Jongin I used to know? The one that did whatever he pleased no matter the consequences.”
“That Jongin is gone.”
“I figured, since you couldn’t keep a promise, why stay true to yourself?” Kyungsoo frowned at Jongin before turning on his heel and walking away.
Before he could reach the door, he was roughly turned around and pressed up against it.
“I’m not the one who couldn’t keep a promise. It was you who couldn’t keep it.”
“Oh please. You’re the one that stopped talking to me.”
“Because you stopped accepting my calls. If you didn’t want to talk to me anymore, then why should I talk to you?”
Kyungsoo looked at Jongin in disbelief. “What are you talking about? I never stopped wanting to talk to you. I kept hoping after that last call, you’d call back but you never did.”
“Well, you were supposed to call me back.”
“Why was I supposed to? Why not you huh? It was your fault.”
“No, it wasn’t. It was yours. You did this.” Jongin glared at Kyungsoo who returned the glare.
“No, I didn’t. It was all you remember. You were the one that moved away, not me. It was your fault we drifted apart, not me. I waited for you but you wouldn’t wait for me. You don’t even like me anymore.”
“That’s not true.”
“Oh isn’t it? You’ve been bullying me practically since you first bumped into me that day in the hallway. And why? Because everyone else is doing it. I may have to put up with it from everyone else but not from my former best friend.” Kyungsoo pulled his arm out of Jongin’s grasp, gave Jongin a giant shove, and quickly went out the door.
Jongin stood there, shocked for a moment, before he raced after Kyungsoo.

Kyungsoo ran from the school, not caring where he ended up as long as he got away. He ignored the shouting behind him until something came barreling into him, causing him to fall on the ground. He opened his eyes to find Jongin on top of him.
“Let me go.”
“No, not until I’ve finished.”
“Fine, then go ahead.” Kyungsoo stared at Jongin with anger burning in his eyes.
“First, let me apologize for bullying you. I didn’t mean to but it just ended up happening because you treated me differently. Second, I will apologize for that incident on the phone so long ago. I barely remember the conversation or what happened. All I remember is waiting by the phone for you to call back but you never did. Third, I’m sorry I broke my promise. If there’s some way I can make it up to you-“
“Kiss me.”
“What?” Jongin looked down at Kyungsoo in shock.
“Kiss me.”
“H-h-here…? Now…?”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”
“Why not?”
“Because if I kiss you now, I’m not going to stop.”
Kyungsoo frowned. “I don’t believe you.”
“Fine, let me prove to you that I’m right.” Jongin smirked as he leaned down and captured Kyungsoo’s lips in a kiss.
Kyungsoo felt his heart explode and he closed his eyes to absorb the feel of Jongin kissing him after all these years.
Their mouths moved together as Jongin slipped his tongue into Kyungsoo’s mouth. Jongin’s hand gently cradled the side of Kyungsoo’s face before slipping up to grip his hair.
The kiss suddenly changed as Jongin gave a sharp little hip thrust into Kyungsoo’s hip, pulling a gasp from the man.
Jongin tore his lips away from Kyungsoo to place them by Kyungsoo’s ear. “I told you I wouldn’t stop.” He licked the shell, causing Kyungsoo to shiver.
“But you have to. I’m not having my first time out in public in front of school.”
Jongin looked up to see that a small crowd had formed around them. He let out a little growl before getting up and pulling Kyungsoo up into his embrace. He grabbed their things before grabbing Kyungsoo’s wrist to drag him back to his place for some much needed alone time.
Kyungsoo laughed as he followed after Jongin. “I love you, you know that right?”
Jongin looked back at Kyungsoo with a little smile. “I love you too. Now let’s hurry back so I can make things up to you.”
The two smiled as they hurried back to Jongin’s placed. They had 12 years to make up for and Jongin was not going to waste a single second of precious time, now that they were together.

A/N: written early this morning at around 2-3am when I should've been sleeping O_O but the fic demanded to be written XD
Tags: aideshou, kai/d.o., one shot

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