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Just a High School Love Story – both real and fiction ^^ ~ 10/?

Title: Just a High School Love Story – both real and fiction ^^ ~ 10/?
Pairing: Yewook, Eunhae, Kyumin, Hanchul, Kangteuk, Sibum, Zhoury
Summary: Ryeowook moves to a new school where things are definitely different. In less than an hour, he has four new friends. In less than a few hours, he has a crush/admirer. And after 24 hours, he's the most popular guy in school. How's a shy guy suppose to deal with all this?

Previous Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Chapter 10

Ryeowook wandered into the music room, glad that it was empty for now. Actually he made sure it was empty. After he received his lunch from his fanclub, he had eaten a bit before leaving for the music room. Yesung and Kyuhyun were still busy eating so he knew he’d be the only one here. He had seen Yesung move to go after him but Kyuhyun (good friend that he is) held him back.
He moved towards the piano and sat down. He gently laid his hands on the keys and let his mood direct his hands.

After eventually getting Kyuhyun to let him go (since the bell was about to ring), Yesung hurried to the music room where he stopped outside the door when he heard music being played.
It was such a sad and touching melody it had a grip on his heart.
He slowly and quietly opened the door to slip inside but today of all days, the door decided to creak loudly.
Ryeowook stopped playing and looked up to see Yesung standing in the doorway like a deer caught in the headlights. He quietly got up and stepped away from the piano, moving towards the couch on the side.
Yesung awkwardly stood in the doorway, unsure of how to proceed. He felt a push on his back and he tripped forward into the room. He looked up to see Kyuhyun give him a glance before walking over him. Yesung sighed as he lay on the floor. It was like everything was against him today (true he was exaggerating but eh…he’s allowed some melodramatics once in a while).
Yesung picked himself up off the floor and made his way towards the piano. Ryeowook hadn’t move from the couch yet.
“Let’s warm up. You going to join us, Ryeowook-ah?”
Ryeowook smiled at Kyuhyun. “Sure.” He got up and made his way towards the piano.
Yesung couldn’t help but notice that Ryeowook was standing closer to Kyuhyun than he should be.
“Yesung, you gonna pay attention or keep staring? We don’t have much time you know? There’s an impromptu performance in a few weeks that we need to start practicing for.”
“Oh right, right.” Yesung felt his cheeks heat up a bit especially when he caught Ryeowook looking at him like he was an idiot (which he will admit he is).
The next couple hours were spent rehearsing and practicing until they almost sounded perfect. For once, Yesung was not on top of his game. He kept making tons of mistakes, earning glares and looks from Kyuhyun and Ryeowook.
“Sorry, sorry.” Yesung blushed a little at what had to be the 20th mistake in the last 5 minutes.
Kyuhyun sighed. “I think we should take a break. We’ll call it quits for today if that’s alright with you.”
“Sure. I need to be heading home anyway to do homework. I’ll see you tomorrow, Kyuhyun-ah.” Ryeowook smiled and waved at Kyuhyun. He turned and gave a curt nod to Yesung.
As soon as the door closed, Kyuhyun turned to look at Yesung. “So care to explain what happened just now? You, Mr. Talented Vocals, almost never make a mistake. What’s the deal?”
“When did you and Ryeowook get close?”
“What’s it to you?” Kyuhyun grinned as he gently leaned against the piano, crossing his arms.
“Nothing. Just curious is all.”
“Okay…so you didn’t answer my question.”
“Well you didn’t answer mine.” Yesung frowned and crossed his arms.
“Fine. Then our questions will remain unanswered. Just next time, get your shit together so you don’t make any more mistakes. We only have a few weeks until our first performance.”
“Yeah…I know. I’ll work on it.” Yesung sighed before grabbing his bag and leaving.
Kyuhyun just shook his head and smiled before grabbing his things and leaving as well.
As he stepped out into the hall, he saw Sungmin stepping out of his classroom. Their eyes met and Sungmin instantly looked away.
Kyuhyun tried not to let his emotions show as he shouldered his bag and left. He passed by Sungmin but didn’t acknowledge him.
Sungmin tried to reach out to Kyuhyun but was unsure of what to say. His hand had lifted to stop him but stopped before making contact. He silently put it down again and just let Kyuhyun walk past. He felt bad for how he reacted but something about Kyuhyun just got to him. He gave a small smile before walking to meet Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, and Donghae.


Yesung waited on the front steps. When he spotted that familiar head of hair, he got up and raced over.
“Hi, Ryeowook. Could I speak to you for a moment?”
Ryeowook looked at Sungmin who shrugged his shoulders. He sighed. “Fine. I’ll see you in class, Minnie.”
“Bye, Wookie.” Sungmin walked away, leaving the two of them alone.
“Uh…do you think we could talk somewhere more private?”
“Okay…what did you have in mind?”
“Follow me.” Yesung turned around and led Ryeowook to the side of the school near a large tree. He stopped at the base of the tree and looked at Ryeowook.
“I’m sorry, Ryeowook-ssi. I’m sorry for everything. I’m not very good at this and I know I’m probably making a bigger mess out of this by talking to you when clearly you don’t want to talk to me. But I just…I’m sorry. I don’t know what else to say that won’t offend you. I can’t believe I hurt you and I’m so sorry I did. You have a wonderful voice. It’s perfect the way it is.”
“Actually, it isn’t. I could use some more practice but I’ll accept your apology. Well, if that’s all, I have to get to class. I’ll see you later, Yesung-ssi.” Ryeowook started to move away but found his wrist caught in Yesung’s. He arched an eyebrow. “Yes? Was there something else?”
“Oh no, sorry. I-I-“ Yesung awkwardly scratched the back of his neck.
“Okay…well, see you later, Yesung-ssi.” Ryeowook turned around and headed to class. He found Sungmin seated at his desk playing with another rose.
“Well, I see someone got another rose from his secret admirer.”
Sungmin blushed a light pink. “Oh it’s nothing. No big deal but it is very sweet. I wonder who could be doing something like this.”
“Doesn’t the person leave you a note?”
“Not this time.” Sungmin sat at his desk and went back to playing with his rose.
Ryeowook turned his head and saw Kyuhyun staring at Sungmin with a slightly stupid smile on his face.
You should fix that before someone sees.
Fix what?
That thing on your face.
What thing?
That stupid grin you get seeing Sungmin playing with your rose. How long are you gonna keep this up?
Until he’s romanced enough to not shoot me down when I reveal the truth.
Hmm…okay then but you might have to wait a while. I think you did some real damage to Sungmin.
I’m sorry T_T
Don’t apologize to me. Apologize to him.
I did and he didn’t accept.
Did you really?
Yes, I did. You can ask Sungmin for the full story if he’s up to it.
I’m asking you.
And I’ll tell you later.
Fine. Don’t think I won’t forget.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. So did Yesung talk to you?
Yeah, he apologized and I accepted so everything’s back to normal now I guess.
You guess…well at least I can stil torture him.
Hey, I can to ;)
Oh gawd, please let me know anything worthwhile to tease him about. Oh please oh please.
Only if you happen to catch it yourself ^^ Now pay attention. Teacher’s gonna call on you. I can see it.

Ryeowook put his phone away just in time to hear the teacher ask Kyuhyun a question. He grinned and shook his head as Kyuhyun gave the correct answer.


Ryeowook smiled as he sat down to lunch. The president of his fanclub came over to give him his customary lunch which he shared amongst his friends. He only ate a few bites before excusing himself to go to the music room.
Yesung, seeing this, left as well, ignoring the looks Kyuhyun and Kibum threw at him. He followed Ryeowook to the music room, being careful to stay a few steps behind.
“You know I can see you? You’re not really good at being sneaky, Yesung-ssi. Just come here and walk with me.”
Yesung had the decency to blush before catching up to Ryeowook.
Ryeowook smiled before heading towards the music room. He opened the door and let Yesung pass before walking in. He headed towards the piano and sat down to do a few warmups.
Yesung wandered over to the couch and watched Ryeowook play. He enjoyed seeing the look of concentration and serenity as Ryeowook moved his hands over the keys. Yesung closed his eyes and listened to the gentle melody coming from the piano.
Kyuhyun smiled as he walked into the music room. Yesung was basically napping on the couch while Ryeowook was playing a song on the piano.
Ryeowook looked up and stopped when he spotted Kyuhyun. “Hello, you ready to practice?”
“Yes, but what about him?”
“Eh, just let him sleep. He can practice with us when he wakes up or just later in general.”

Yesung woke up to the sound of laughter. He opened his eyes to see Ryeowook and Kyuhyun sitting on the piano bench, heads bent close together, happily talking about something. He felt something grip his heart seeing how carefree and happy Ryeowook was with Kyuhyun.
“Hey look, Sleeping Beauty’s awake.” Kyuhyun grinned at Yesung.
“And here I was hoping I might get the chance to wake princess up with a kiss.” Ryeowook winked at Yesung before turning back to chat with Kyuhyun. He saw a blush creep up Yesung’s face from the corner of his eye.
“So you ready to practice?”
“Yeah.” Yesung got up from the couch and moved closer to the piano.
The three went through warmups before diving right into the song. The next hour passed quickly as they worked together to make it sound perfect.
Kyuhyun glanced at the clock. “I think it’s time for us to go. You said you had plans tonight, Ryeowook.”
“Oh right.” Ryeowook glanced at the clock. “And I’m gonna be late if I don’t leave now. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” He smiled and waved at Kyuhyun before giving Yesung a slight bow. He grabbed his things and left through the door.
“Well, seems like things are good between you and Ryeowook now.”
“Yeah…I guess. So what’s this thing he has to go to?”
Kyuhyun shrugged his shoulders. “I didn’t ask. Shall we get back to practicing? You slept for a while so missed out on some valuable practice time.”
Yesung sighed. “Sure.”


Ryeowook came home to find Leeteuk, Sungmin, Heechul, Donghae, Eunhyuk, and Zhoumi all on the floor.
“Hey, you’re late.”
“I’m sorry. I was running late. Practice for a concert in a few weeks.”
“Oh that…well that’s fine then. We kinda all just got here. Kangin and Henry went out with Hankyung to go grocery shopping.”
“Oh okay, so wedding plans?” Ryeowook smiled as he clapped his hands together.
“Well as I was telling Teukie-ah here, we should do it in the spring where the weather is nicer and the scenery will be perfect but he insists on doing it in the winter. He thinks the sooner the better.”
“But isn’t that what you did, Chullie umma?”
“Uh no…true I practically had to force Hankyung to marry me but I timed it just right. I had already made all the wedding plans and such for the spring. I just needed him to agree to it and then we were all set.”
Everyone stared at Heechul wide-eyed.
“That’s devious…”
“Yeah, what would’ve happened if he hadn’t agreed?”
“Oh no, there was no chance of that. I wasn’t going to let it happen and he was already halfway there too. He just had some bullshit lame excuses on why we shouldn’t marry so soon. Well I knocked all those down and now we’re happily married.” Heechul smiled brightly showing off his wedding ring. “But now back to the issue at hand.”
“Oh come on, Heechul, wouldn’t a winter wedding be nice? Besides, I didn’t want anything big and splashy, just something small and intimate with all of us, just friends and family.”
“Oh fine…it’s your wedding, we’ll do it your way. I think I might know a good place that has beautiful winter scenery for you two. I’m gonna have to call them soon and hope they’re not booked.”
“Already done.” Everyone turned to stare at Zhoumi holding his phone. “What? I got connections. It’s a wonderful thing. So what’s next?”


Ryeowook climbed into bed, feeling exhausted. Wedding planning had gone late into the night until Leeteuk had called a halt after seeing how many times Donghae and Ryeowook were yawning.
He snuggled under his blankets and closed his eyes.
Next time he opened them, it was morning. He glanced at the clock.
“OMG! I’m gonna be late.”
Ryeowook raced out of bed and in record time, had gotten showered, ready, eaten a little something, and was out the door. He met Sungmin in the elevator and they took the subway to school together.
The two walked to class together, Sungmin holding another rose he had gotten from his locker.
“So what do you do with all the roses you keep getting?”
“Oh I have a vase on my desk at home that’s slowly being filled with them. It makes my room at home so much brighter.”
Sungmin smiled as he sniffed the rose. He took a seat at his desk and continued playing with the rose.
Ryeowook looked back and saw Kyuhyun’s goofy grin.
You’re doing it again. If you’re not careful, he’s gonna realize the truth…
No, he won’t. He’s too absorbed in his roses to notice who’s really sending them.
Have you forgotten your fanclub? Won’t they tell him?
Oh please, like they would do that. They’re scared to do anything that would upset me and they know any interference would upset me.
*rolls eyes* You’re insufferable.
Whatever. I’ll see you later.
See ya.


Ryeowook smiled as he held out his boxed lunch from his fanclub.
“Wow…thanks, Ryeowook. These are so delicious.” Donghae smiled as he took a piece of food.
“Yeah, whoever makes this is a genius. They’re so tasty.” Eunhyuk took a bite as well.
“Hey, aren’t you going to eat some?” Sungmin looked at Ryeowook.
“Of course. It’s just there’s way too much in here for me to eat so I wanted to share it all with you.”
“Oh…okay.” Sungmin hesitantly ate his piece as Ryeowook smiled at him.


Ryeowook left lunch early again and headed towards the kitchens on the third floor. He smiled as he stepped into an empty one.
“Time to get to work.”


Yesung paced in front of the piano. “Where the hell is he?”
“What are you so worried about?” Kyuhyun sat at the piano looking through sheet music.
“He’s late for practice.”
“Yeah so? We’re not really strict with the time since it’s just the three of us. Come on and let’s just warmup. He’ll be here shortly. Our performance is only a few weeks away you know.”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah…” Yesung turned to join Kyuhyun next to the piano.
At that moment, Ryeowook came in with a bright smile, holding a tray. “Hi, sorry I’m late but I thought you all could use a little snack. I wanted to apologize for causing so much trouble and delaying practice.”
He set the tray on the little coffee table nearby. “Please enjoy.”
Kyuhyun smiled. “Thanks but how about we eat that after we practice?”
“Okay.” Ryeowook smiled and joined the two at the piano.


Yesung and Kyuhyun sat on the couch eating the treat Ryeowook had made for them.
“Oh gawd, this is delicious.” Yesung smiled as he munched on the little cake. “He’s such a great cook.”
“Yeah but I wonder why he baked this cake for us. He didn’t have to.”
“He said it was an apology.”
“Yeah…have you noticed how many times he apologizes and for things that aren’t entirely his fault? I mean this latest fiasco was your fault you know.”
“Hey!” Yesung looked at Kyuhyun indignant. “I apologized for that.”
“Which I’m grateful for but seriously, you should try and make more of an effort like him.”
“What do you mean? I do make an effort.”
Kyuhyun scoffed. “Oh please…you’re very awkward around him.”
“Well what about you and Sungmin? You two are still awkward. He’s openly avoiding you.”
“So? At least I tried to make amends.”
“Oh really? How? I haven’t seen you make a fool of yourself yet.”
“Because I do that when no one else is around.”
“Ah-ha!” Yesung pointed his fork at Kyuhyun. “So you do make a fool of yourself.”
Kyuhyun rolled his eyes. “Uh yeah…everyone does. You’ve been doing it a lot lately. You might want to fix that.”
Yesung narrowed his eyes at Kyuhyun and would’ve thrown something at him but there was nothing on hand and he was still eating his cake.

A/N: yay a new update ^^ thank gawd for the long weekend but now my hw is suffering because i've been ignoring it for the most part XD got a 10 page paper suppose to be working on O_O i should start it soon...but fanfics are just calling to me XD
hope you enjoy ^^
ryeowook is having a bit too much fun i think...or he will later? idk it's gonna take some time for yewook and kyumin to happen that's all i know XD
Tags: eunhae, hanchul, just a high school love story, kangteuk, kyumin, multi-chaptered, sibum, yewook, zhoury

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