trying to fix what's damaged (read0write) wrote,
trying to fix what's damaged

I would like to give a fair warning to all that I may not be able to update 'Just a High School Love Story' today.
Hadn't had a chance to write the next chapter due to double events this weekend (Big Bang concert ~ VIP Baby ^^ and a school event for one of the clubs I'm in)
I could've had some written today but I got distracted by something else I'm writing. Silly me has like a million fics started on her laptop/random pieces of paper that all need some tlc XD
I will try my best to update but I don't want to give you some half-fasted chapter. So either I update later this week or it'll be next monday.
I'm so sorry to all my readers (those that comment and those that are silent)
I really should try and get a schedule going but eh...silly me doesn't want to do that or follow one lol XD it's a bit bad...
On top of that, I'm doing NaNoWriMo this month O_O so craziness abounds...(and I don't even have a schedule for that to keep up my word count...50K in a month...I can do it
So so sorry... T_T

love ♥

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