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Title: Annual Play
Pairing: Hankyung/Ryeowook
Word Count: 1213
Theme: 071. Plays (Theatre) Hankyung/Ryeowook
Summary: Time for the annual play and it's little Ryeowook's turn to be the director. Find out how it all goes for little Wookie on SJ Animal World as he attempts to direct a play.

It was time to begin planning the annual play and this year little Ryeowook was in charge. He was nervous. This was the first time he was ever put in charge of anything.
The first day of practice, everyone gathered in the clearing between Kibum’s house and the forest. Everyone was happily chatting together, glad to all be together as a group. They rarely hung out all together since everyone had their own thing to do.
Ryeowook was trying to get everyone’s attention so he could start the meeting but was having difficulty. He couldn’t make his voice loud enough.
Hankyung looked over at Ryeowook trying his best to get everyone’s attention. He smiled and decided to help their cute little bunny out.
“Hey everyone. Quiet down. Ryeowook has something to say.”
Ryeowook smiled gratefully at Hankyung, ignoring the jealous looks of Yesung and Heechul. “Thank you, Hankyung. Now that I have your attention, it’s time to start the meeting. The play we’ll be performing this year is || Cinderella. I already assigned roles for everyone. I hope they’re to your satisfaction.”
Ryeowook walked over to the post in the middle of the clearing, specifically designed for announcements, and stuck the list on the board. “Here are the scripts. Our first rehearsal will be next week, same time and place. I hope you all take this week to begin memorizing your lines and knowing your parts.” He smiled at everyone before hopping away to his home back in the forest.


A knock sounded on the door. Ryeowook walked over and saw Hankyung standing there.
“Hello, come in.”
Hankyung walked inside and took a seat on his couch. “So I’m your assistant director?”
Ryeowook flushed a little. “Uh yes. I figured you would be the best choice out of the others. I was sitting at my desk determining roles for the play and I needed someone that had a good commanding voice and experience so naturally I went to you.”
“And why not Leeteuk?” Hankyung smiled from his spot on the couch.
“Oh well…Leeteuk is fine but I already had a different role for him picked out already.”
“Ah okay…so would you like to tell me what you had in mind for this play? Are you going to stick to the general story or adapt and modify it?”
“Oh…you haven’t seen the script yet. I spent a great deal of time writing it up to fit the people I chose. I settled for keeping the general idea but changing parts here and there.”
“Ah okay…I actually haven’t had a chance to read my copy of the script yet. Heechul’s been taking up a lot of my time when he found out he was to play Cinderella.” Hankyung smiled at Ryeowook who flushed yet again.
“Well I thought he would be most suited for the part. You know he likes to be the center of attention.”
“That he does, that he does.” Hankyung stood up and paced around the room. “So how have preparations been going?”
“Uh…well they’re progressing slowly I guess. I wasn’t sure what to do beyond picking roles and writing the script. I have no experience with this and I’m worried I’m going to do a terrible job.”
“Oh no, Wookie. You’ll do fine. You’ll see. Everything will be just fine…except for mini little incidents here and there when you’re dealing with a drama queen.”


Ryeowook sat in his director’s chair watching everyone rehearse on stage. It was now week three and they only had two more weeks before they were going to perform.
Everything had been going smoothly for the most part. Whenever Heechul got into a temper tantrum, Hankyung was there to calm him down. This kept many fights and mischief to a minimum.
For the most part, everyone seemed to listen to him and he was finally settling into his role as director.
“So how does everything look?”
Ryeowook turned to smile at Hankyung. “It looks good. I’m glad I let Shindong handle set and design. And the costumes look great thanks to both Heechul and Donghae. Do you have any comments to make?”
“Nope, everything looks fine, director.” Hankyung smiled as he saw the flush of color on Ryeowook’s cheeks. “Still not used to it huh?”
“I’m slowly adjusting but I never realized what it would be like to have this type of authority.”
Hankyung chuckled and sat in the assistant director’s chair. “Well don’t get too use to it since it’ll only last for a couple more weeks.”
“Yeah, I know. I can’t believe it’s been that long. I’m so glad everyone is really good at what they do. It feels like we only started yesterday.”
“I think you can only say that after we actually performed the play, not during the middle of it all.”
Ryeowook cutely pouted. “I can say whatever I want whenever I want.”
Yesung noticed the pout and couldn’t stop his heart from melting while he seethed with jealousy, which in turned made him miss his cue.
“Yesung, what are you doing? Get your head out of the clouds and do it right.”
Ryeowook looked towards the stage and saw Heechul and Yesung glaring at each other. He gave a little sigh. For some reason, these two would almost always end up fighting once each practice. Ryeowook looked towards Hankyung pleadingly.
Hankyung gave a little chuckle. “I’ll go deal with it.”
Ryeowook smiled gratefully and watched as Hankyung went over to work his magic and stop another fight from breaking out.


Opening night and Ryeowook’s stomach was all in knots. He couldn’t believe after the few weeks of hard work, it was all going to pay off. He wandered through backstage checking to make sure everything was in place and in order.
“Oh Director, I think it’s time to take our seats.” Hankyung smiled as he gently took Ryeowook’s arm and led him to his place.


Ryeowook smiled brightly as he was pulled up on stage by Hankyung for the ending. “Thank you all for watching. I hope you enjoyed our play. Please be healthy. Good night.” He waved at the camera until Shindong signaled it was off.
He was instantly surrounded by everyone in a giant group hug.
Everyone broke apart to go hug and individually congratulate one another on a job well done. Shindong and Kibum were busy in the broadcasting booth, making sure their broadcast was airing properly.
“Congratulations, I think your play was a success.” Ryeowook turned around and saw Hankyung with a bouquet of flowers. “To a great director.”
Ryeowook blushed and accepted the flowers. “Thank you. I’m glad for this opportunity but glad it’s over. Now to finally relax for a bit.”
Hankyung chuckled. “Alright, you should make your getaway before the others try to convince you to go celebrate with them.”
“You’re right.” Ryeowook smiled gratefully before quickly hurrying away. Hankyung smiled as he watch Yesung slip away to follow slowly behind Ryeowook. A pair of arms slipped around Hankyung’s waist.
Hankyung turned around and smiled at Heechul. “You were brilliant as always. Ready to go home and relax?”
Heechul smiled. “You know it.”
Hankyung wrapped his arms around Heechul’s waist and flew them back to his home in the mountains.

A/N: and so i finally write another little one shot from my SJ Animal World series ^^
if you have questions, ask and i'll try to answer lol
hopefully i can write more lol
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, hankyung/ryeowook, sj animal world

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