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Title: Kyuhyun: Sea Captain
Pairing: Leeteuk/Kyuhyun
Word Count: 502
Theme: 088. Numbers Eeteuk/Kyuhyun
Summary: It’s almost all over…just Kyuhyun left.

“Well that was uneventful. And got us nowhere.” Kyuhyun looked at the DVD in disgust.
The latest DVD of Kibum’s change brought no new information except show everyone Kibum’s real feelings. The DVD caused a session of feelings talk and so everyone was busy bonding and spending time with each other since it had been a while since all the members had gathered together and actually spent time together. Well everyone except Heechul because he was still knocked out cold.
“Damn…how long is Heechul gonna be asleep? Whatever that dart was held some powerful stuff. Maybe we should get some to use later when we all need to sleep or something…”
“You know we shouldn’t be relying on drugs to help us sleep if we need to.”
Kyuhyun looked up to see Leeteuk looking at him. He sighed. “Yeah I know. It was just a thought. No harm there.”
Kyuhyun plopped down on the sofa. “So that means only I’m left huh? Will that finally be the end of it? My change?”
Leeteuk sighed and sat next to Kyuhyun. “I believe so. I hope so. This thing has been dragged out for so long. It’s put everyone on edge but at least it’s almost over.” He gave a small smile and turned to look at Kyuhyun.
His eyes widened as Kyuhyun was now standing in front of him, dressed like a sea captain.
“Oh no…”
“Come, we must find my ship.”


Leeteuk followed Kyuhyun to the dock where a huge yacht was waiting for them.
“Uh…never mind.” Leeteuk was not going to question anything that happened here. Nothing was normal when Super Junior was involved, especially whatever this was.
Kyuhyun walked right on board and to the navigation room where the wheel and maps were. He walked over to the wheel and started the boat.
They moved out of the harbor and out into the water.
“Uh, Kyuhyun, where are we going?”
Kyuhyun walked over to a table stacked with paper. He pulled out a map from the stack and stared at it.
Leeteuk walked over and stared over his shoulder.
“Uh, what are you looking at?”
“Trying to find our destination.” Kyuhyun stared at the map. He grabbed a piece of paper off the nearby table and placed it next to the map. He grabbed a pen and plotted all the points. Then he grabbed another sheet full of numbers and stopped.
“What is this?”
Leeteuk glanced at the sheet. “They’re numbers. What’s wrong with that?”
“Hold on…” Kyuhyun walked to the back wall where the computers were. He went to one and started inputting the numbers.
“The numbers don’t add up. What madness is this?”
Leeteuk glanced down at the screen. “Oh no, the numbers make perfect sense.”
Kyuhyun looked at Leeteuk puzzled. “What do you mean?”
Leeteuk grinned. “Just trust me. When this is all over, it will all be revealed. Just take us back home.”
Kyuhyun looked hesitantly at Leeteuk but stirred their ship back towards home.

A/N: and so it will finally be over soon…just one more part ^^
Gawd I have no idea what I was doing with this…such crack XD (which made it easy to write kinda lol)
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, halloween, leeteuk/kyuhyun

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