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Title: Kibum: Dracula
Pairing: Hankyung/Kibum
Word Count: 613
Theme: 034. Acceptance Hankyung/Kibum
Summary: After weeks of no activity, it’s finally Kibum’s turn to change…

“Who is this guy? There has got to be a reason for all of this.” Hankyung sighed as he brewed some tea.
It’s been almost 2 months now and Heechul still hadn’t woken up from that tranquilizer dart. Whatever had hit him was very powerful stuff.
At least nothing else major had happened. It was suppose to be Kibum’s turn to change but so far nothing. Which was good. The dorm was already wired and worried about what was going to happen next.
Most of the members spent their time locked away in their rooms or in the dorms with other people for company.
Hankyung had taken to keeping watch over Heechul as he lay asleep in his bed.
“Hi Hankyung hyung. How are you feeling?”
Hankyung looked up and gave a small smile. “I’m alright. How are you doing? Any closer to figuring this thing out?”
“Almost but still missing a few things. I’m very confused by the assortment of items. I just –“
“Kibum-ah?” Hankyung’s eyes widened when he turned and saw Kibum…dressed just like Dracula.
“Oh no not again.”
Kibum gave Hankyung a sly grin before streaking out the window.
“Damn it…”
Hankyung quickly scribbled a note before racing after Kibum.


Kibum ran from rooftop to rooftop and if it wasn’t for all those years of martial arts and dance training, Hankyung would’ve had trouble keeping up with him.
They finally arrived at the same cemetery where Heechul had almost been kidnapped.
Hankyung followed Kibum into the abandoned house.
They went to a room in back where a fire was burning in the fireplace, a meal was placed on the table, and a coffin was lying not a few feet away.
Kibum took a seat in the chair in front of the fireplace and gestured to Hankyung to sit in the opposite one.
“So uh…what are we doing here?”
“Just relaxing. I was actually out hunting for food but couldn’t find anyone I remotely wanted to suck blood from.”
“Uh…okay…” Hankyung looked at Kibum skeptically.
Kibum seemed way too relax sitting in his chair.
But as soon as Hankyung caught Kibum’s eyes, Kibum just seemed to break down.
Hankyung stared in alarm as Kibum started to cry.
“Kibum-ah! What’s the matter?”
Hankyung rushed over and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.
“It’s-it’s nothing. I’m just tired is all…”
“Tired of what?” Hankyung looked at Kibum puzzled.
Kibum stood up to stand in front of the fire. “Tired of it…Every day, I work hard with my dramas but do I get any praise or congratulations? And whenever someone talks about Super Junior, I’m the forgotten member. Sure, I gave up the musical aspect of things but I’m still part of the group right? Is it so hard to –“
Kibum sighed.
“I just wanted to be accepted by you all. Do you not know how hard I try everyday? Everyone just forgets me but I work so hard…so damn hard…” Kibum sat down, putting his face in his hands.
Hankyung sighed and walked over to Kibum, putting a comforting hand on his shoulder. “We do accept. We understand what you’re doing and where your interests lie. Even if you’re no longer active in the group, you’re still part of the group. No one can take that away from you. Do you remember that first day? Our promise as brothers?”
Kibum looked up at Hankyung with a wistful smile. “Yeah…”
“Good, don’t ever forget that.” Hankyung smiled as he embraced Kibum.

As the sun rose up, Kibum immediately went straight to sleep. Hankyung waited a moment before pulling out his cell phone and calling someone to come pick them up.

A/N: determined to finish this series after dragging it out for so long…
Once this is done, I gotta find those other sequels and stuff I thought about writing and actually write them :T
Ahhh the pains of distractions and having too many ideas in my head :P
Now off to write the other two cracky parts ^^
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, halloween, hankyung/kibum

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