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Just a High School Love Story – both real and fiction ^^ ~ 9/?

Title: Just a High School Love Story – both real and fiction ^^ ~ 9/?
Pairing: Yewook, Eunhae, Kyumin, Hanchul, Kangteuk, Sibum, Zhoury
Summary: Ryeowook moves to a new school where things are definitely different. In less than an hour, he has four new friends. In less than a few hours, he has a crush/admirer. And after 24 hours, he's the most popular guy in school. How's a shy guy suppose to deal with all this?

Previous Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Chapter 9

Despite the change in his outward appearance, Ryeowook was exactly the same student. He still charmed all his teachers and classmates with his sweet demeanor; it just had a different edge to it now, something no one could resist. Who knew this kind of charm would be lethal? (Let me tell you: only Heechul knew XD)
Ryeowook smiled as he walked to lunch with Donghae. His fanclub president and fellow members of his fanclub were trailing behind him, taking his picture and chattering amongst themselves. He walked over to his table and found his place set up for him already.
Ryeowook turned around and smiled at his fangirls. “Thank you so much for preparing all this for me. I know it must be tiring for you but I appreciate it. I will enjoy eating your food.” He gave them a little bow before taking his seat.
The girls all squealed at his little speech and moved off to the neighboring table to watch him, either discretely or blatantly obvious but keeping a safe distance.
Ryeowook smiled apologetically to Donghae, Eunhyuk, and Sungmin. “Sorry about that. I didn’t realize they’d go through all this trouble.”
“No, it’s fine. Can’t believe I’m friends with someone with their own fanclub. They’re really considerate.”
“Yeah…here,” Ryeowook held out his lunch, “Would you guys like to try some?”
“Okay, sure.”
“You know, I still can’t get over this transformation.” Eunhyuk smiled as he shook his head.
“You’re not the only one.” Donghae motioned to where Yesung was trying not to blatantly stare at Ryeowook but was failing just a bit.
“So has he tried to talk to you yet today?”
“Nope.” Ryeowook smiled brightly. “And I hope to keep it that way for now. But how are you doing, Sungmin? I saw you during class and -”
“Oh, things are fine now. For the most part, I think. I keep all interactions to a minimum.” Sungmin gave a small smile. “But it’s gonna be tough since this is a year-long project.”
“Don’t worry. You’ll be fine.” Ryeowook smiled and offered some more food, which Sungmin gladly took.


Yesung watched Ryeowook, looking for the right opportunity. When Ryeowook stood up from the table, he got up from his and followed Ryeowook out of the cafeteria.
As soon as the cafeteria doors closed, Yesung gripped Ryeowook’s arm and dragged him to the music room.
“Hey!” Ryeowook looked up to see Yesung. “What do you think you’re doing?”
Yesung said nothing as he locked the door behind them as soon as they got in. He let go of Ryeowook, who moved over to sit on the couch.
Ryeowook looked at Yesung who was pacing the floor in front of him, not saying anything.
“Was there a reason for the manhandling or no?”
Yesung stopped his pacing to look at Ryeowook. “Uh…yeah I guess I should add that to my list of apologies. I’m sorry I manhandled you but that was the only thing that crossed my mind to get you alone before your fanclub pounced on you.”
“Oh really?” Ryeowook looked at Yesung with an amused expression.
“Yes and I’m sorry for that. I’m not very good at this. I seem to be making a mess of everything when it comes to you.”
“Okay…” Ryeowook crossed his arms and looked at Yesung who was staring imploringly at him.
“And well…I wanted to apologize for what I said to you last time. You have a beautiful voice. I didn’t mean to say that your voice was rough. I-I was feeling frustrated and said the first thing that came to mind. And –“
“That’s the first thing that came to mind? My voice being rough?” Ryeowook stood up and glared at Yesung.
“Yes, I mean no. I-I just –“
“Well I’m sorry my voice isn’t as amazing as yours, Yesung-ssi, but I think I do have a pretty good singing voice if I do say so myself. I mean I was able to join your exclusive singing class.”
“Well yes I just –“
“But I guess I don’t rank high enough in your books. Well, I’m sorry for that but unless you go complain to the principal, I don’t think I’ll be leaving this class. But so I don’t offend you anymore, I will just go practice on my own for a while. And I think I’ll keep any communications with this class to a minimum. If you’re interested, I think Kyuhyun could keep you updated with my progress as I’ll only be communicating with him from now on. I’m sorry I made you that apology cake. I don’t think you even deserved it.” Ryeowook lifted his nose and turned on his heel, leaving the room. He turned back to Yesung with a raised brow when he encountered the locked door.
“Was this really necessary?” He huffed, unlocked the door, and left.
Kyuhyun entered a moment later. “I take it you stuffed another foot up your ass again?”
Yesung said nothing and threw a couch pillow at Kyuhyun’s head.
Kyuhyun sidestepped the attack and moved towards the piano. “I guess we should just practice any way. I’m not going to make you go after him and apologize when you messed this one up.”
Yesung sighed. “It wasn’t my fault.”
“Yes it is. You’re an awkward person, even more so in front of your crush. Now come warm up and we’ll just practice. I can speak to Ryeowook later and catch him up. It might be wise for you to steer clear of Ryeowook for a while.”
Yesung opened his mouth to protest but Kyuhyun pinned him with a look. He instantly deflated and joined Kyuhyun in their vocal warm-ups.


Ryeowook entered his music composition teacher’s room and sat down at the piano to begin his scales. He was a bit early but he needed to vent. He thought he could let his emotions out through music this time instead of baking after what had happened last time.
After running through his scales, Ryeowook began to let his fingers wander on the keys. His fingers flew across the keys as he let his emotions pore into his music.
As the song came to an end, Ryeowook found himself panting. A clap caused him to turn his head to find his teacher standing in the doorway of his office.
“Very nice. What drove you to write that song?”
“Oh uh…well I was just feeling frustrated and exasperated.”
“Ah…those felt like really strong emotions. I could feel it in your song.”
“Oh uh thank you. Um…I have the composition you asked me to finish.” Ryeowook reached into his bag and pulled out the music sheets.
The teacher reached over and took them. “Thank you. Your next assignment is to write down the song you just performed. You’re allowed to tweak it as you see fit but it’s a very good start. You have until next week, same time. That is all.”
The teacher smiled before disappearing back into his office.


Ryeowook waited outside the music room. When there was a pause in the music, he quietly slipped into the room.
Kyuhyun and Yesung looked up from their music to stare at Ryeowook. Yesung gave him a friendly smile that Ryeowook just ignored.
Ryeowook walked over to Kyuhyun and smiled at him. “Hi Kyuhyun-ssi. I was wondering if we could meet later to practice.”
“If you want, we can practice now. Me and Yesung are just about done. You can go.” Kyuhyun motioned Yesung towards the door.
Yesung frowned but grabbed his things and left with a lingering look at Ryeowook.
Kyuhyun smiled as the door shut closed. “So shall we get started?” He passed Ryeowook the music.
“Thanks. So how did you become friends with him?”
“We’re neighbors so we’ve known each other forever or else I probably wouldn’t be friends with him.”
Ryeowook made a noise of acknowledgement.
“He’s a good guy but just a bit socially awkward. He also has a bad habit of putting his foot either in his mouth or ass.”
“Ahh, well that explains things a bit but not completely.”
“Of course not. So shall we get started?”
The two sang together for the next half hour, working together to make it sound just right.
“So how long have you liked Sungmin?”
“Since I first saw him.”
“Which was?”
“Back in middle school. And since I was a bit of an idiot then, I didn’t handle it well.”
“Or now.”
“Right I-“ Kyuhyun looked up at Ryeowook with wide eyes. Ryeowook had a giant grin on his face. “Oh no no no no, you will not tell Sungmin any of this.”
“I wouldn’t dream of it. I like this little drama you two have going on but if you do anything to hurt Sungmin, I will hurt you. It’s great to see the mighty Kyuhyun become so humble by all this.”
Kyuhyun narrowed his eyes at Ryeowook. “Hey, who said you can speak to me like this?”
“You did, back when we were little.”
“Are you saying you don’t remember me, GameKyu?” Ryeowook looked up at Kyuhyun with admiration shining in his eyes.
Kyuhyun looked at Ryeowook, blinked, wiped his eyes, and stared at him. “Ryeong?”
Ryeowook smiled brightly and clapped his hands in joy. “Yay, you do remember me.”
“OMG, what is this? How is this possible?”
“It’s a small world. Or I’m just lucky like this. So if we’re done here, would you like to go grab some coffee, GameKyu?”
“Sure, Ryeong. We have a lot to catch up on then.”
Ryeowook smiled as he waited for Kyuhyun to pack up before linking arms and leaving school.


Ryeowook and Kyuhyun settled into a corner table away from everyone else. “So you still play your games?”
“Every so often. Been working on my singing though.”
“Which is as good as ever if not better.”
“Hey, we were little kids then. Of course, my singing’s gotten better.”
“So care to explain to me about your situation with Sungmin? You seem to like teasing him a lot.”
Kyuhyun shrugged his shoulders. “It’s just a habit I picked up that I haven’t gotten rid of. And it’s only with him. But I don’t know how to stop. Well actually, I told him I would stop since I seem to be bothering him so much but how else am I going to interact with him? We’re partners for that school project but I want us to be able to hang out outside of school.”
“Well…are you still a normal human being? Oh wait, I think I can answer my own question. You’re also socially awkward as well or just awkward around your crush. You might need to work on that.”
“Oh and like you aren’t awkward around your crush.”
Ryeowook smiled. “Nope, not at all.”
“Nope. I play it cool while he makes a fool of himself.” Ryeowook grinned before taking a sip of his drink.
Kyuhyun sighed. “I guess you have a point, for now.”
“Of course. So want some help with Sungmin?”
Kyuhyun arched an eyebrow. “You’re willing to help me with Sungmin?”
“Subtly. Like I might help you with some inside scoop for a price. But you do need to do this on your own. It’s your mess, you clean it up.”
“Thanks for the encouragement.”
Ryeowook shrugged and took another sip of his drink.
“So did you want me to help you with Yesung?”
Ryeowook shook his head. “Nah, I like seeing him flail a lot. It’s cute in a way but if he gets too stupid, you have my permission to knock his head a bit.”
“Thanks, like I needed your permission to do that.”
Ryeowook shrugged. “Eh, it’s free. I know you like to do whatever you want which is how you ended up getting on Sungmin’s bad side.”
“Alright, alright. Don’t rub it in.”
Ryeowook laughed and took a look at his phone. “Oh shoot, I better get going. I’ll see you at school tomorrow, GameKyu. Are we keeping our relationship on the down-low?”
“Eh, to a minimum. We can use it to tease Yesung though.”
Ryeowook grinned. “I like that idea. Well, I’ll see you later. Get home safely.” He waved and left.


Ryeowook arrived home just in time for the celebratory dinner. He was greeted with sounds of ‘congratulations’. He wandered into the living room to see Leeteuk and Kangin seated on the couch surrounded by his friends. His parents were busy in the kitchen preparing dinner.
“Hi hyung, Teukie hyung. Congratulations.”
Kangin smiled brightly. “Thanks, Wookie.”
“So when’s the wedding? Some time soon or later?”
“We haven’t had a chance to figure that out yet.”
“Aww, well you are going to let me help you with wedding plans right?” Sungmin smiled brightly at Leeteuk.
“Of course. I think I’ll need all the help I can get.”
“Then you should call Chullie umma, uh I mean Heechul hyung. He’s great with this stuff.”
Leeteuk smiled. “I already did. We’re gonna meet tomorrow after school to begin wedding plans.”
“Yay!” Ryeowook smiled. “Kangin hyung is finally getting married. After hearing him talk about you non-stop, I was just waiting for the wedding announcement. You have no idea what it’s like to hear him practically gush about how amazing you are, Teukie hyung.”
Leeteuk smiled at Kangin who was slightly blushing. “You gushed about me, Youngwoon-ah?”
Kangin coughed, trying to clear his throat and hide his embarrassment. “Uh well…you could say I was just –“
“You were gushing. You had hearts in your eyes and were floating everywhere. I’m glad he finally has someone to control him. You have no idea how crazy he can get.”
Leeteuk chuckled. “Oh I have some idea.”
“You guys, dinner’s ready.” Ryeowook’s mom smiled as she poked her head out of the kitchen.
“Okay, we’ll be right there.”


Ryeowook smiled as the last of the guests left. He turned back to see Leeteuk and Kangin cuddling on the couch. “I’m gonna turn in for the night. Good night Kangin hyung, Leeteuk hyung.”
Ryeowook went to his room and headed to his desk. He pulled out his homework and prepared to get started when his phone buzzed.
He glanced at it and smiled.
Didn’t I tell you that you were on your own for this? I’d only help when I could.
:P I didn’t think you’d refuse to answer a simple question.
Simple question? For all your years of tormenting Sungmin, I would think you’d know his favorite color by now.
I was too distracted by him to take notice. He always looks so adorable and cute with his pink bag and hat and…oh…
I take it you figured out his favorite color?
So why did you want to know his favorite color?
It’s for me to know and you to find out.
[insert eye roll] How elementary can you get?
Is that a challenge?
Uh no. Just forget it. I have hw to do. See you at school tomorrow.
Can we make Yesung jealous? I want to be able to tease him some more.
Uh, not yet. I’ll let you know when I need your help with that.
Well I told him to steer clear of you for a while so idk if he’ll show up to class tomorrow.
Oh, he probably will. He won’t be able to resist the charm that is me ;)
OMG, who are you? Who made you like this?
That’s for me to know and you to find out XD
Don’t throw my own line back at me.
I can do whatever I please ^^ Now sorry but I seriously need to get my work done. Toodles~

Ryeowook smiled as he put his phone to the side and got back to his work.


Yesung paced nervously in front of his locker.
“Dude, what’s up with you? Why are you so antsy?” Kibum smiled as he watched Yesung.
“Nothing, there’s no particular reason.”
“He’s just antsy ‘cause he made an even bigger ass out of himself yesterday when he tried to apologize to Ryeowook.”
Kibum’s eyebrow rose. “He can make an even bigger ass out of himself? I’m sorry I missed this. So what happened exactly?”
“Eh nothing too unusual but I advised him to avoid Ryeowook for a while. He got him pretty upset. Oh look, there’s Ryeowook now.”
Yesung turned and watched Ryeowook make his way down the hallway with his group of friends. Ryeowook was dressed in a similar style as the day before, his hair gelled up, tight pants, and leather jacket over a loose t-shirt. He caught his eye but before Yesung could greet him, Ryeowook had turned away to smile at a group of girls watching them.
He couldn’t stop the wave of jealousy when he noticed that same girl from before come up to Ryeowook with a bag.
Ryeowook smiled at the girl before taking it. He watched Ryeowook walk away and he could’ve almost sworn Ryeowook was swaying his hips. He looked at the way his pants clung to his tight little ass.
Yesung quickly tried to think of other things lest something else popped up that would cause endless teasing from Kyuhyun and Kibum for days.


Ryeowook smiled as he walked to his locker to put his bag of gifts away. He grabbed his textbooks then walked to Sungmin’s locker. He saw Sungmin smile as he pulled out a little pink note with a small rose bud attached.
“Who’s that from?”
Sungmin jumped a little and turned to see Ryeowook smiling at him. “Just a gift from a secret admirer. It’s sweet, isn’t it?”
“Yes, it is. So you all set to go to class?”
“Yep.” Sungmin closed his locker door, keeping a hold of his rose, and followed Ryeowook to class.
Ryeowook spied Kyuhyun keeping an eye on the door and smiled when he noticed Kyuhyun’s reaction to Sungmin holding the rose.
Nice touch. Going for the romantic approach hoping it’ll make Sungmin forgive you or maybe like you?
Kyuhyun looked up from his phone to see a ghost of a smile on Ryeowook’s face.
Why are you texting me now? Isn’t it risky if someone sees?
Nope. I have you saved under a codename.
You mean GameKyu?
What else? Well actually just GameK but it works. So how long are you gonna keep leaving him roses?
That’s for me to know and you to find out :P
Oh not this again. :P Grow up a little please
Only if you grow taller ☺
[insert glare] Fine, then I’m not gonna tell you if your plan is working or not.
Oh I’ll know if it works or not.
Whatever, GameKyu

Ryeowook put away his phone right as the teacher called on him for the answer. He glanced at the board and with a smile, provided the correct answer.


Sungmin smelled his rosebud, which had a sweet and pleasant scent. He wandered into English class with a smile on his face.
“Hi Sungmin-ssi.”
The good mood the rose put him in slowly melted away. “Oh, hi Kyuhyun-ssi.”
Sungmin stiffly made his way over and sat down in the seat next to him.
“Shall we get started on our project?”
Sungmin kept silent throughout the whole class, only answering when needed. He ignored all personal type questions from Kyuhyun, wishing the class would end soon and he could escape this torture zone.
“So who gave you this flower? It smells nice, almost like you.”
Sungmin’s eyes widened as he saw Kyuhyun holding and smelling his rose. He reached over and snatched it from Kyuhyun’s grasp.
“A secret admirer and don't touch it. I don’t want a precious gift like this to be tainted by someone like you.”
Sungmin pretended not to notice or care when he saw some of the light dim from Kyuhyun’s eyes.
Kyuhyun gave a slight cough and turned back to his work. The rest of class was spent in silence.

Hey, are you okay? I’m sorry if Sungmin was a bit harsh on you.
I’m fine. It's fine. I deserve it after all the things I did to him. It’ll be fine. I hope you survive your next class.
Yeah, well I’m gonna keep a good eye on Donghae. He’s not allowed to touch anything.
I meant with Yesung but that too.
Oh, it’ll be fine. It’s fun to see Yesung squirm.
Gawd…seriously who are you and made you like this?
That’s for me to know and you to find out~ ^^
Stop using that against me!
Nope ^^ :P


Ryeowook walked into class and took his seat.
Yesung tried to get Ryeowook’s attention but failed.
“Didn’t Kyuhyun say you should leave him alone for a bit? Why are you trying to get his attention? I don’t think you even deserve it after what you did.”
“You don’t even know what I did.”
“But I know the jist of it and yeah, you don’t deserve his attention. He’s actually a nice guy. That makeover the person gave him didn’t change that. But you just had to be an idiot and ruin your chances.”
“Oh shut up, Kibum. Seriously, one day someone will come along and make you speechless. You talk way too much for your own good.”
“Uh huh…I’ll have you know I’m a good student and only talk when needed.”
“Yeah, well you talk way too much around me. I seriously think you and Kyuhyun spend way too much time together, you’re both really similar it’s a bit scary.”
Kibum scoffed and turned to his notes.
Yesung tried all class to get Ryeowook’s attention but Ryeowook kept his head pointed towards the front. He would only turn occasionally to speak with Donghae or some other student but would never look back.
Hyung, you seriously need to leave Ryeowook alone. Everyone can see he’s ignoring you. At least try to salvage your reputation a bit.
I don’t care. How am I supposed to apologize if he won’t acknowledge me?
Oh, use that head of yours. You can’t just try to apologize normally. Not now, not after what you did.
But I didn’t do anything bad.
Yeah right, every time you open your mouth, you do something bad.
Why am I friends with you again?
Because we’ve been neighbors since we were little and I’m one of the few people that can actually stand your company for a few hours.
That was a rhetorical question.
Whatever. Just take my advice and actually listen to it this time. Stop putting your foot up your ass or in your mouth.

Yesung glared at his phone before putting it away.
“Please tell me you’ll take Kyuhyun’s advice this time.”
“You know you don’t have to report to him on every little thing I do.”
“Oh please, if no one kept an eye on you, you’d be in even more trouble, beyond damage control.”
“Thanks for the vote of confidence.”
“Whatever, hyung. Just try to have some semblance of normal.”
“I really need different friends.”
“Good luck with that.”

A/N: and so I bring you a long update ^^ (I think) and this time I put in a bit more Ryeowook/Yesung action and a bit of some Ryeowook/Kyuhyun ^^ heeheehee what am I doing with this story? lol it’s such a small world…I think I might make it even smaller XD heeheehee so much trouble going on with our boys :D but happy occasion: Kangteuk wedding in the future :D and yes I brought back weird music composition teacher (bet you all forgot about him XD)
Hopefully I can update next week but…I have midterms to deal with this week and Big Bang concert Friday night ^^ (woohoo!) and another event Saturday night…so busy busy busy :P

side note: a friend got me to participate in NaNoWriMo O_O it's gonna be a crazy experience, 50K in a month...hopefully it'll keep me on track XD
Tags: eunhae, hanchul, just a high school love story, kangteuk, kyumin, multi-chaptered, sibum, yewook, zhoury

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