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Title: To Be One or Three
Pairing: Kai/D.O., Suho/D.O./Kai, minor Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 3657
Summary: Jongin wants to get into Kyungsoo’s pants but he has a bit of a problem: Kyungsoo is already with Joonmyeon. However, Joonmyeon has graciously allowed Jongin to join their relationship, but can Jongin accept that? (inspired by this)

“Help me get Kyungsoo~” Jongin pouted and wiggled his body.
Sehun stared at Jongin indifferent to his plea. “Eww…please don’t do that. You can’t be cute.”
“Hey, I’m the maknae too. I was born in the same year as you.”
“So? You’re grouped with the ‘93ers.”
“Whatever. Just help me get Kyungsoo hyung. You got Luhan hyung, tell me how you did it.”
Sehun sighed and turned around in his chair. “Will you leave after I help you?”
Jongin grinned. “Yes but I’ll come back to bug you if your plans don’t work.”
Sehun rolled his eyes. “Alright…well you should try to hang out with him one-to-one you know? Like how me and Luhan hyung have our bubble tea time, you and Kyungsoo need to do something like that. ‘Cause right now Kyungsoo hyung just sees you as a baby since you whine so much.”
“What? It’s not true? You cling to Kyungsoo a lot. And I’ve heard you’ve been trying to push yourself into his bed when you sleep.” Sehun laughed at Jongin’s expression.
“Who’s been telling you this?”
“Uh dude, the walls aren’t soundproof and when Kyungsoo hyung gets upset, he gets loud. So I’ve heard him yell at you a lot.”
“Whatever…just help me get Kyungsoo~”
“I already suggested something to you, it’s up to you if you want to follow my advice or not.”
Jongin huffed and crossed his arms. “I’ll just go get advice from someone else.”


“Joonmyeon hyung~!”
Joonmyeon looked up from his book just in time to see Jongin collapse on top of him. “Oof, yes Jongin-ah?”
“I need help.”
“What is it?”
“I want Kyungsoo hyung to love me.” Jongin pouted up at Joonmyeon.
Joonmyeon smiled. “Kyungsoo-ah does love you, Jongin-ah, so how is that a problem?”
“Not like that, hyung, the other way.”
Joonmyeon looked adorably confused. “The other way? Uh…Jongin-ah, you do know Kyungsoo-ah is taken already?”
“What?!?!?!? By who?”
Joonmyeon grinned. “By me.”


Jongin collapsed on Yixing’s bed, tears threatening to spill over. “Yixing hyung~ Kyungsoo and Joonmyeon hyung are together…how come no one told me?”
Yixing looked up from his computer at Jongin. “Because it was obvious. But then again, you were blinded by love so guess you didn’t see it and no one seemed to want to hurt your feelings.”
“But why?!?!!”
“Because you’re still a baby and this is your first love so there are certain issues when breaking a naïve heart.”
“Yixing is right.”
Jongin glanced up to see Luhan smiling from the doorway. Luhan held open his arms and Jongin ran straight into them. “What do I do, Lulu hyung?”
“Well what happened exactly?”
“W-w-well after Joonmyeon dropped that bomb on me, he smirked at me and said I was welcome to join the two of them if I wanted and I just ran after he said that. Me? In a relationship with the two of them?”
“Why? What’s wrong with that? Both are attractive guys. You could do worst.”
“Oh come on, we all know Kyungsoo-ah is freakin’ adorable which makes anyone love him and have you seen Joonmyeon-ah? He changes from smoldering sexy to smiley adorable in a flash. How could you not want him?”
“Hey~ what did I tell you about talking about other guys?” Sehun appeared in the doorway and looked at Luhan who was still holding Jongin. “And you’re hugging another guy too. Xiao Lu~”
Luhan grinned and held out an arm to Sehun. “Sorry but this was an emergency. Jongin-ah here needed some comfort. But if you want, you can punish me later.” He gave Sehun a wink before looking back at Jongin in his arms. “So what are you going to do, Jongin-ah?”
“Can’t I just steal Kyungsoo hyung from Joonmyeon hyung?”
“Uh no. That is not allowed. If you do that, I’ll disown you as a friend…and most of the group might as well. You can’t break up your group like that, Jongin-ah. Why can’t you just take the two of them together? Do you have any idea how long Joonmyeon and Kyungsoo have been together? You can’t just try to break them up. It won’t work.”
“Well, what do I do then?”
“Again, can’t you just accept and be in a relationship with both of them? That’s gonna be some freakin’ hot sex time.” Luhan grinned.
“Lulu hyung~”
“Just think about it, Jongin-ah. If you’re unsure, talk to Kyungsoo-ah and see what he thinks of you. Spend time with both of them and see how you feel after.”
Jongin pouted. “Fine…”
“Good. Now can you and Yixing leave? Me and Sehun-ah need some alone time.”
Jongin made a disgusted face. “Eww…gross. I did not need to know that.”
“What? I didn’t say anything. I just implied stuff.”
“Still…are you actually okay with this, Yixing hyung?”
Yixing smiled. “Okay.” He gathered up his things and moved to the living room.
Jongin stared after Yixing.
“We have a good relationship.” Luhan smiled. “Now are you gonna leave? Or do you want to join us? You know, to prepare you for your own three-way relationship.”
Jongin’s eyes widened and he escaped as fast as he could.
Luhan laughed as Sehun shook his head. “Xiao Lu~ why would you tease him like that?”
“Because it’s fun. Now come here and give me a kiss.”
Sehun grinned and walked over, planting a kiss on Luhan’s waiting lips.


Jongin went to his room and found Kyungsoo and Joonmyeon making out on Kyungsoo’s bed. His eyes widened and he left the room before either one could notice him. He escaped to Sehun and Joonmyeon’s room since both were out. He laid down on Sehun’s bed and let his mind wander.
Soon enough he’d fallen asleep.

Jongin woke up to someone running fingers lightly over his chest. He looked up to see Kyungsoo hovering over him.
“Jongin-ah, time to wake up.”
Kyungsoo smiled and pressed a quick kiss to Jongin’s lips.
Jongin’s eyes flew open and he sat straight up.
Kyungsoo grinned. “So a kiss really does wake up the princess.”
“Hey! I’m no princess. Wait…did you just -”
“Yep. I enjoyed it. Did you?”
“W-w-well yes…I guess. It was really quick and – mmph”
Jongin’s eyes widened as Kyungsoo leaned in and gave him a longer kiss.
“Well this is an interesting sight.”
Jongin pulled away and saw Joonmyeon grinning from the doorway. His face reddened and he quickly bolted out of the room.
Kyungsoo pouted. “Aww…you scared him.”
“And you didn’t?”
“Hey, I was trying to soften him up. You know I always wanted to get in his pants. I just didn’t know you’d be into it.”
Joonmyeon shrugged his shoulder. “You never asked. So shall we go after him?”
“Nah, we’ll just scare him some more.”
“So…we’re alone?” Joonmyeon wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.
Kyungsoo laughed and grinned. “Get over here.”


Jongin walked along the street, letting his feet lead him. He ended up going to an empty practice room and dancing for hours.
He collapsed on the floor exhausted.
“Here, thought you could use this.”
Jongin looked up and saw Sehun standing by the door, holding two drinks. He held out his hand and took a drink. He gulped down half before turning to look at Sehun.
“How’d you know I be here?”
“You have a tendency to dance your troubles away.”
“Wow…that was cheesy. Luhan knows about this side of you?”
“Yeah, he does. And he likes it as much as he teases me for it. So you figured out a solution yet or not?”
Jongin sighed. “Not yet but I do know that Kyungsoo seems interested in me if our brief kiss earlier meant anything.”
“Okay that’s a good start. Now are you willing to join Kyungsoo and Joonmyeon or did you just want Kyungsoo?”
“I-I don’t know. I never really thought of Joonmyeon hyung that way.”
“Really?” Sehun looked at Jongin skeptically. “If I’m not mistaken, you have lingered over Joonmyeon hyung a few times. And I know you couldn’t stop staring during that one photoshoot, which I don’t blame you for. Who knew Joonmyeon hyung could look like that?”
“Yeah but that one photoshoot isn’t enough to make me consider a three-way relationship.”
“What is? You know you’ll have to actually spend some one-on-one time with each of them as well as some time with both of them just to see how you guys get along. If, after that, you feel like it doesn’t work out, then it doesn’t, but give it a try first. Stop running away from them. Or else it’s just going to be a one-sided love type thing, not unrequited mind you since Kyungsoo hyung does have those feelings for you but he has them for Joonmyeon hyung as well. It all depends on you.” Sehun smiled and moved towards the door. “I’ll leave you to your dancing. You have a lot to think over. Don’t overwork yourself. See you back at the dorm.”
Sehun waved before leaving the practice room. Jongin sat on the floor, letting everything float around in his head. He sighed before getting up and dancing again.


Jongin walked home to find Kyungsoo and Joonmyeon talking quietly in his and Kyungsoo’s shared room.
Kyungsoo and Joonmyeon looked up and smiled brightly as Jongin.
“Jongin-ah, come in. We missed you for dinner.”
“Are you hungry? Would you like me to cook something for you?”
“Oh no…I-I’m fine. I’m just gonna go shower and probably head to bed. Good night hyung.” Jongin nodded his head at them before disappearing into the bathroom.

Kyungsoo waited until he heard the shower turn on before giving a look to Joonmyeon. He winked before he got up and went to the bathroom. He quietly opened the door and slipped inside.
Kyungsoo could make out Jongin’s form behind the fogged shower door. He smiled as he stripped. He quietly made his way towards the shower door and slid it open.
Jongin turned around, his eyes widening as he watched Kyungsoo climb into the shower with him. “Kyungsoo hyung?”
Kyungsoo smiled brightly. “Hi Jongin-ah. I hope you don’t mind me joining you.”
“Uh…um…no, I-I guess.”
“Good. Here, turn around and I’ll scrub your back.”
Jongin hesitated a moment before doing as Kyungsoo asked.
“Pass me the soap and scrub.”
Jongin reached over and handed Kyungsoo the things and turned back to the water, letting the water run over him. He flinched a bit at the first touch but relaxed under Kyungsoo’s gentle touch. He froze when Kyungsoo’s hand moved lightly over his half-hard cock.
Kyungsoo grinned behind him and reached back around, taking a firmer grip of Jongin’s cock.
“K-K-Kyungsoo hyung?”
“Shhh…let me wash you, Jongin-ah. We need to make sure you’re all squeaky clean.” Kyungsoo slowly moved his hand up and down Jongin’s cock, making it harder.
“K-K-Kyungsoo hyung…”
Kyungsoo smiled as he sped up his hand. As he stroked Jongin, he reached for one of Jongin’s hands and placed it on his own hard cock. “Touch me, Jongin-ah. Touch me the way you’ve dreamed of.”
Jongin blushed but complied with Kyungsoo’s wishes. He turned around and looked into Kyungsoo’s eyes as he stroked him nice and slow.
Kyungsoo let out a soft moan as he increased his pace on Jongin’s cock.
Jongin choked on his breath but kept his slow and steady pace.
“Shhh hyung. Let me touch you like this.” Jongin smiled, beginning to relax and enjoy himself. He brought his other hand to Kyungsoo’s hip and lightly held him as he slowly increased his pace.
Jongin smiled as he went back to slowly stroking Kyungsoo’s cock. He moved his other hand off Kyungsoo’s hip towards his ass. He gave Kyungsoo’s butt a light squeeze before probing a searching finger towards his hole.
Kyungsoo gasped a bit, not expecting Jongin to be so forward.
“Is something wrong hyung?” Jongin let his finger rest at Kyungsoo’s entrance.
“Was there something you wanted? Like this?”
Kyungsoo choked on his breath as Jongin inserted a finger into his hole. Jongin wiggled his finger around and added a second one.
“What, hyung? Do you not like this?” Jongin made to remove his fingers but Kyungsoo’s hand on his wrist stopped him.
“N-N-No, I-I like it but-but-“
“But what? Did you want something else? Maybe” Jongin let go of Kyungsoo to lift one of Kyungsoo’s legs and pulled him towards him. Jongin’s cock poked at Kyungsoo’s entrance. “This?”
Kyungsoo gasped as Jongin thrust inside him. He felt unbelievably stretched and didn’t even mind the burn from the rough taking.
Jongin said nothing as he held onto Kyungsoo’s hips. He pulled out and thrust back in. Kyungsoo could do nothing other than gasp and moan as Jongin took him roughly against the shower wall.
Kyungsoo’s eyes widened and he let out a low moan as Jongin hit that one spot that made him see stars.
Jongin grinned and continued to abuse said spot until Kyungsoo was coming with a shout of Jongin’s name. Jongin followed soon, feeling Kyungsoo clenching tight around him.
Jongin collapsed against Kyungsoo, pinning him to the wall.
The water continued to pour over them as the two worked to get their breathing under control.
“Well…that was unexpected.” Kyungsoo grinned as he placed a kiss on Jongin’s neck.
Jongin shook his head and looked down at Kyungsoo. Thoughts of what happened flooded his mind and he instantly blushed red. He pulled away and backed away from Kyungsoo as best as he could.
“OMG, I’m so sorry, hyung. I-I-“ Jongin looked around, panicked and decided to just leave the shower.
Kyungsoo watched amused as Jongin hurried dried himself and dressed quickly before rushing out of the room. He heard a shocked gasp before the slamming of the door.
He smiled when Joonmyeon poked his head into the bathroom. “So I take it things didn’t go well?”
“Well they did for a bit until he began to think again. But I finally know how Jongin is in bed and he’s pretty good for a beginner I think. He could probably learn some tips from you but I like his style. It’s different from yours but just as pleasurable. Now want to come wash me off? I can help you take care of your problem as well.”
Joonmyeon grinned as he pulled off his shirt. “Sure.” He leaned down to place a kiss on Kyungsoo’s lip as he stepped into the shower.


Jongin barged into EXO-M’s dorm and collapsed on top of Jongdae and Yixing on the couch.
“Whoa there, what’s the matter, Jongin-ah?”
Jongin just burrowed himself further into the couch and whatever body he was lying on top of.
Yixing caught Minseok’s eye, who nodded and went to get Luhan from his room.
Luhan arrived a minute later with Sehun in tow. Without a word, the two lifted Jongin off Jongdae and Yixing and carried him to Luhan’s room.
“Care to tell us what happened?”
“I-I was taking a shower and then Kyungsoo hyung joined me and we-we ended up having sex.”
“Okay…so you finally got what you wanted, sorta. How was it?”
“Great. Better than I imagined, but Kyungsoo hyung is with Joonmyeon hyung. How could I have just had sex with Kyungsoo hyung in the shower with Joonmyeon hyung just outside the door.”
“What?” Luhan and Sehun looked at Jongin with wide eyes.
Jongin looked at the two of them with a sad look. “Joonmyeon hyung was outside the bathroom. He must have heard everything me and Kyungsoo hyung had done in the bathroom. It was mortifying.” He buried his head into his hands again and quietly sobbed.
Sehun and Luhan shared a look before turning to look at Jongin.
“Jongin-ah…I’m not sure if you should be getting so worked up about this. It uh it seems like Joonmyeon-ah didn’t mind you doing with that with Kyungsoo-ah. If anything, he probably got turned on by it. Remember, he did invite you to join their relationship? You’re just not sure if you want to.”
“But-but it was weird, hyung. I mean I never thought of people doing those things or whatever and I just…” Jongin buried his head into his hands again and sobbed, too emotional to be coherent.
“Jongin-ah…” Luhan sat next to Jongin and wrapped an arm around him, letting Jongin use his shoulder for comfort. He cast a glance at Sehun who nodded and quietly left.

Luhan smiled as he shifted away from the napping Jongin and placed his head on Kyungsoo’s lap. He placed a hand on Joonmyeon’s shoulder. “He’s all yours. Take good care of him. He’s a sensitive little boy. Be gentle okay? He’s still a bit emotionally unstable. You two weren’t very sensitive to him and I’ll lecture you about it later. Now I’m off. The rest of us will be leaving to give you three some alone time. Don’t mess up this chance.”
Luhan waved and quietly closed the door.
Joonmyeon and Kyungsoo looked down at the sleeping Jongin.
“Aww, he looks so adorable, asleep like this. Too bad we have to wake him up since our time is limited. Want to do the honors?”
“I did it last time so you can have the honors, Joonmyeon hyung.”
Joonmyeon smiled, placed a light kiss on Kyungsoo’s lips before leaning down and kissing Jongin awake.
Jongin slowly opened his eyes and found both Joonmyeon and Kyungsoo looking at him.
“Hyung!” Jongin jumped up and scooted away from the two of them. “Wh-what are you doing in Luhan hyung’s room?”
“We wanted to check up on you and talk to you. We’re very sorry for what happened earlier. We didn’t handle the situation very well.”
Kyungsoo moved a bit closer to Jongin who curled up into himself. He frowned a little but kept his distance. “I-I wanted you to know, Jongin-ah, that I really do love you like you love me but I also love Joonmyeon hyung as well. I couldn’t just leave him for you when I love you both. I never told Joonmyeon hyung ‘cause I didn’t think he’d approve but turns out he does. He even uh…likes the thought of us, you and I, together as much as he likes being with me. Uh…I’m not explaining this very well or whatever but both of us want you. We would like you to be with us because we love you. I know you love me, and you love Joonmyeon hyung in a way, but I hope you’ll give us a chance. Please, Jongin-ah.” Kyungsoo held out a hand towards Jongin.
“We’re so sorry for everything we put you through. Just please give us a chance. We’ll take you out to dinner and a movie to make it up to you. Just please, Jongin-ah.” Joonmyeon held out a hand to Jongin.
Jongin looked at their hands, at their earnest faces. He gave a little sigh and placed his hands in theirs.
Joonmyeon and Kyungsoo smiled and pulled Jongin up and into a hug.


“So I take it things are going well with you, Joonmyeon hyung, and Kyungsoo hyung?”
Jongin paused and turned to see Sehun leaning against the wall looking at him. “Uh yeah…things are fine.”
Sehun sighed. He motioned for Jongin to follow him to his room.
“Alright, so what’s wrong?”
“Nothing, everything’s fine. I enjoy spending time with them…”
“But it just feels weird. They’ve been nice, haven’t pushed me to do anything I’m not comfortable with but –“
“But now you want more?”
“Well yes…I guess. I mean…I-I don’t know what to do to tell them I uh actually accept this relationship now.”
“And you don’t want to tell them directly?”
Jongin shook his head. “It’s way too awkward to do that.”
“Okay then.” Sehun grinned. “I have an idea.”


At the music show, during the ending, Sehun grabbed one of the floating ribbons. He turned to Kai and started to tie them together.
“Look, now you’re all wrapped up for Kyungsoo and Joonmyeon. I think they’ll appreciate the gift.”
Jongin smiled before the cheesiness of it all came through. “OMG, that is just so cheesy.”
“Oh come on, why not? Just do this and everything will be fine. They’ll like having you gift-wrapped fro them.”
“No, no, no. I will not do this.”
Sehun sighed. “Fine. You won’t do it but you will end up gift-wrapped.” His eyes twinkled as he signaled to Baekhyun and Chanyeol standing behind Jongin.
Jongin’s eyes widened as he realized what was about to happen.
“No. No, no, no, no, NOOOOOOOOOOO!”


Joonmyeon and Kyungsoo walked into Kyungsoo’s room together and froze in the doorway.
Placed on Kyungsoo’s bed was a naked Jongin gagged and tied to the bed with a ribbon around his neck. A card was placed on his abs.
Kyungsoo looked at Joonmyeon before walking over and grabbing the card.
To Joonmyeon hyung and Kyungsoo hyung, I am willing to accept this relationship between the three of us. As a gift, I present my naked self to you to do as you wish. Love, Jongin.
Joonmyeon and Kyungsoo looked at each other with matching grins.
“Well Jongin-ah, that’s so sweet. I should thank Baekhyun later for this little gift.”
“You know you didn’t have to go through all this trouble. We knew you had already accept it but I’m glad you did. Now we can finally have some real fun.”
Jongin’s eyes widened as both Joonmyeon and Kyungsoo pounced on him. His screams (of pleasure) were muffled by the gag.

Sehun high-fived Chanyeol and Baekhyun outside Kyungsoo and Jongin’s room. “A job well done. Now let’s go grab M and head out to eat. We need to give them some alone time.”
“Don’t expect to see any of them awake before noon tomorrow.” The three laughed and left the dorm, making sure to lock the door behind them.

A/N: lol idk where this even went. How it progressed to this is mind-boggling XD but I will admit I had fun writing this XD it just felt a bit crazy and silly lol
Tags: kai/d.o., one shot, r/nc-17, sehun/luhan, suho/d.o./kai

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