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Just a High School Love Story – both real and fiction ^^ ~ 7/?

Title: Just a High School Love Story – both real and fiction ^^ ~ 7/?
Pairing: Yewook, Eunhae, Kyumin, Hanchul, Kangteuk, Sibum
Summary: Ryeowook moves to a new school where things are definitely different. In less than an hour, he has four new friends. In less than a few hours, he has a crush/admirer. And after 24 hours, he's the most popular guy in school. How's a shy guy suppose to deal with all this?

Previous Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Chapter 7

Ryeowook woke up to his silent alarm. He looked over and smiled, seeing Sungmin hugging a small pink bunny, Eunhyuk and Donghae snuggling together, and Leeteuk sleeping peacefully on his white bed. He quietly got his things together and changed before slipping out of the apartment.
He took the metro and just arrived on time to meet Heechul for their little shopping trip.
“Wookie!! Come give your umma a hug.” Ryeowook hugged both Heechul and Hankyung. “Now ready to go shopping? We have lots of shops to explore.” Heechul smiled and linked arms with Hankyung and Ryeowook, dragging them to the first shop.

Four hours later, Ryeowook and Heechul were sitting at a table while Hankyung bought lunch for them. “Today has been so much fun so far. I forgot how fun it is shopping for my baby. I like those new jeans we got you. Makes your ass look so delectable. So do you have a bf yet?”
“He has a crush.”
“Oh Hannie!” Heechul turned around and smiled seeing Hankyung carrying trays of food. “Who is this guy he likes?”
Ryeowook pouted. “I like how you assume I’m into guys.”
“Oh puh-lease dear, like it was hard to tell. You grew up under Hannie and my care so we’re bound to have influenced you. Besides you’re already like us so it’s safe to assume you’d like guys too. So now tell me about this guy.”
“He’s a jerk and asshole.”
“Ooo…I think I like him already.”
“What? Why?”
“Because he sounds like a total bad boy and I love taming bad boys. That’s half the fun.” Heechul smiled and took a sip of his drink. “So what else can you tell me? His name, age, year, hobbies or interests –“
“His name is Yesung. I think he’s the year above me, I don’t know age and all I know is he’s a good singer.”
“Wait, did you say Yesung?” Ryeowook nodded his head. “Hmm…what an interesting name.”
“Sure…just as interesting as the guy. And I don’t really have a crush on him. I find him arrogant and annoying. He insulted me.”
“And yet you made him a cake that said ‘I’m sorry’.” Ryeowook blushed. “What do you think that says? You like him and soon it’ll turn into love.”
“You don’t know that.” Ryeowook looked down at his food, untouched.
“Don’t worry, your umma will find a way.” Heechul grinned and smiled.
“No, Chullie umma! Please don’t get involved. Just leave it alone. What if something went wrong? I have a whole year with him. I can’t have any awkwardness.”
“But didn’t you two just fight and not make up? Seems like there’s already awkwardness. Why not add to it? With so much awkwardness, someone is bound to break it sooner or later. Oh, this will be so much fun. Now eat up so we can start shopping again. Gotta buy you some new things.”


Ryeowook came home, arms laden with shopping bags. He dropped everything on his bed and checked his phone.
“A text from Sungmin. Hey, did you want to hang out? Sent at,” Ryeowook’s eyes widened, “1 o’clock. Omo, it’s 6 now. Hope he’s not mad.”
Ryeowook was dialing Sungmin’s number when he heard a knock on the door. He opened it and was instantly glomped by Sungmin.
“Wookie! Are you okay? I didn’t hear from you and got so worried.”
“It was only a day, not even. Only a few hours.”
“Yeah but you left without a word. Do you know how worried Leeteuk hyung was?!?”
“I know, I know. I’m sorry but I had to meet someone. Is Teukie hyung okay?”
Sungmin smiled. “Yes since Kangin hyung came over looking for you…”
“What? But I thought – wait, what does that have to do with Teukie hyung?”
“Well when Kangin hyung came looking for you, that put Leeteuk in more of a panic since he had woken up to find you gone and no note. Leeteuk was pacing the room, unsure of what to do, when Kangin came in and pulled Leeteuk into a hug. I saw him lean his head down and whisper something in Leeteuk’s ear that seemed to calm him down. Then Teukie politely asked us to leave so he could go out. And I saw him leave with Kangin as I left to go home.”
“Wait, you went home? What about the meeting with Kyu-“
“I rescheduled when I woke up too late to meet him.”
“Oh alright.” Ryeowook decided not to mention seeing Kyuhyun waiting at the mall and looking dejected when he got a text, probably from Sungmin. “So what did you want to do?”
“Hang out, wait for Leeteuk to get back from his date, the usual.”
Ryeowook grinned. “Sure. Wanna watch a movie?”
“Alright. What do you have?”
“I don’t know but here’s our collection of movies or we could find one online. Did we want to invite Eunhae?”
“No, I think they have their own plans tonight. Hyuk is getting rid of his crutches today.”
“Really? Already? Wasn’t it only a few days ago that it happened?”
“Yeah, but it was a really light sprain. Hyuk only got the crutches for show, punishment for Hae.”
“Oh so I guess Hae has something planned for Hyuk now that his crutches are gone.”
“Probably, now come on. Let’s watch and munch.”


Eunhyuk smiled as Donghae helped him home after the visit to the doctor’s.
“I’m so glad you got rid of the crutches. Means you’re getting better. But since you haven’t used the foot in a while, you should let it rest and try to walk on it tomorrow. Here you go.” Dongahe helped Eunhyuk into the bed. He smiled, seeing Eunhyuk lying on the bed.
“Uh what are you doing, Hae?”
“Cuddling with you, why?”
“Uh don’t you want to do something else?” Donghae shook his head and snuggled closer.
Eunhyuk sighed and just let him be. He tried his best to relax and close his eyes. But he felt hands ghosting over his body, down his sides, along his thighs to his crotch. “Hae?”
“What are you doing?” He felt Donghae’s hands take a firmer grip on his half-hard cock.
Eunhyuk felt his breath shorten as Donghae began stroking him. “Th-that’s not nothing –“
“You know what? You’re right.” Donghae grinned as he took a firmer grip of Eunhyuk’s hard cock. “Seems like I have a nice hard cock to play with. But what to do…” Donghae grinned at Eunhyuk as he pulled off Eunhyuk’s pants.
“I-I don’t know but maybe you should – oh my gawd.” Eunhyuk could only stare as Donghae took part of Eunhyuk’s cock into his mouth. He let out an appreciative moan as Donghae slowly licked and sucked the tip. He gasped out loud when Donghae took his entire length into his mouth.
Donghae inwardly smiled as he stroked, licked, and sucked Eunhyuk’s cock, happy to hear all the noises that spilled from the other’s beautiful lips. He sat up and leaned over to kiss the other’s lips.
Eunhyuk wrapped his arms around Donghae’s neck and pulled him closer as the kiss got deeper and more intense.
Donghae braced himself on his elbows and kissed across Eunhyuk’s cheek to nibble at his ear before moving down his neck to his collarbone. He licked and sucked, being careful to leave a light mark that would fade in a few days. He wanted people to know who Hyukkie belonged to. His hands slipped under Eunhyuk’s shirt, ghosting over his chest before removing his shirt, leaving Eunhyuk bare to Donghae.
Donghae grinned as Eunhyuk panted.
“That’s not fair. You need to be naked too.”
“Help yourself.” Donghae held his arms open, waiting for Eunhyuk to sit up and take off his clothes.
Eunhyuk shyly reached up to pull Donghae’ shirt up. He couldn’t help flushing a slight red, looking at Donghae’s slightly defined chest. He ran a light teasing hand down Donghae’s chest to the top of his pants.
Donghae bit his lip in anticipation as he watched Eunhyuk slowly pull his pants off ever so lightly brushing his hands against his cock and thighs.
Eunhyuk blushed, seeing Donghae’s hard cock pointing straight at him. He licked his lips and widened his eyes when he saw Donghae’s cock twitch. He looked up to see Donghae biting his lip. He leaned forward and gave a little lick to the tip.
A small noise escaped Donghae’s lips.
Eunhyuk took another experiemental lick.
Another noise from Donghae.
He engulfed the tip in his mouth and earned a gasp from Donghae.
As Eunhyuk just sucked and licked the tip, small moans emitted from Donghae’s mouth. When Eunhyuk took more of Donghae into his mouth, the moans got louder.
Sunddenly Eunhyuk choked when Donghae gripped his hair and thrust into his mouth, making his cock hit the back of his throat. Tears came to his eyes as Donghae abused his mouth.
“Hyukkie, I’m gonna come.”
Eunhyuk’s eyes widened and he used whatever strength he had to pull away. He scrambled off the bed over to his chair and curled into a little ball.
Donghae sat up and pouted, seeing his boyfriend sitting in the corner by himself. “Hyukkie…come here.”
Eunhyuk frowned and shook his head.
“Hyukkie…” Donghae got off the bed and made his way towards Eunhyuk. “What’s the matter?”
“You-you hurt me, Hae.”
“I’m sorry, baby, but it felt so good. I couldn’t control myself. I’ll try not to do it again, Hyukkie. Please come back to bed.”
“In a bit. You go first. I just need to grab something.”
“Alright.” Donghae pouted and got back on the bed. He leaned back on the headboard and watched as Eunhyuk grabbed something out of the dresser drawer.
“Lie on your back, Hae. Eyes closed. Don’t open them until I say so.”
“Just do it or else no more playing tonight.”
Donghae pouted as he complied with Eunhyuk’s wishes. He could just barely make out Eunhyuk moving around the bed. He felt his arms being moved and something being placed around it but wasn’t sure what. Eunhyuk repeated the same action with his other arm and legs.
“Ok, you can open your eyes now.”
Donghae opened his eyes and they widened when he realized Eunhyuk had tied him to the bed. “Hyukkie…?”
“Now you can’t hurt me, Hae.” Eunhyuk smiled as he climbed up onto the bed.
“Yeah but I can’t touch you either.”
“That’s alright. Consider it your punishment.”
“Hyukkie!!!” Donghae struggled against his bonds, but they were too strong.
“Shhh…be quiet, Hae, or else I’ll have to gag you too which means no more kisses tonight.”
Donghae immediately shut his mouth and watched Eunhyuk, waiting for his next move.
Eunhyuk smiled as he pulled his chair over to the bed and sat on it. He pulled out a small bottle of lube and put a generous amount on his fingers.
Donghae’s eyes widened as he watched Eunhyuk spread his legs and stuck two fingers in his hole.
Eunhyuk moved his fingers around, stretching his hole and trying to find his sweet spot. He moaned when his fingers brushed that bundle of nerves.
Donghae strained against his bonds, wanting to be the one making Eunhyuk moan. His cock throbbed, seeing Eunhyuk fingering himself turned him on so much.
Eunhyuk looked at Donghae through half-lidded eyes as his other hand began to slowly pump his own cock. “H-H-Hae…mmm…”
“Shh…be quiet, Hae, while I enjoy myself.” Eunhyuk grinned as he increased his speed.
Donghae bit his lip, trying to keep quiet as he watched Eunhyuk pleasure himself even more. He couldn’t stop the small groan that left his lips when Eunhyuk stopped.
“Tsk, tsk tsk, Hae. I told you to be quiet.” Eunhyuk smiled as he came over to Donghae. He leaned over and tied a piece of fabric around Donghae’s mouth.
Donghae’s eyes widened as he watched Eunhyuk slip a cock ring over his cock.
Eunhyuk looked at Donghae with a grin. “Don’t want you coming too soon. Now be a good boy and just lay there.” Eunhyuk climbed on top of Donghae and straddled his waist.
Donghae choked when Eunhyuk took all of Donghae into him.
Eunhyuk groaned, feeling Donghae stretch him more than his fingers. Before he could adjust, he got up, letting jus the tip stay in before going back down. Eunhyuk groaned and repeated that same action. He rode Donghae, gasping and moaning at how good it felt.
Sweat rolled down his face as Donghae bit his lip. Eunhyuk felt so good and tight, his hole clenching and squeezing his cock. He silently cursed Eunhyuk for gagging and tying him up. How could he truly appreciate the beauty on him without being able to taste or touch it?
“Oh Hae, this feels so good.” Eunhyuk let out a gasp when he leaned over and changed the angle. “Oh gawd, Hae. You feel so good. But it’s not enough.” Eunhyuk reached around and undid the ties holding Donghae in place.
As soon as his hands were free, Donghae flipped them over and rammed into Eunhyuk, pulling a sharp gasp from his mouth. He removed his gag and grinned down at Eunhyuk. “You were such a bad boy, Eunhyuk, typing me up, gagging me, playing with yourself. I should punish you. But maybe another time.”
Donghae pulled out and thrust back in. “You turned me on so much, Hyukkie. Hold on to the headboard ‘case you’re in for a rough ride.”
Eunhyuk grinned despite his loss of breath and gripped the headboard tightly.
Donghae gripped his hips as he pulled out and slammed back in. He moved at a fast and rough pace, causing Eunhyuk to hit his head against the headboard a few times.
Donghae reached down and grabbed Eunhyuk’s neglected cock and started pumping him in time with his thrusts.
“Oh gawd, Hae…I’m-I’m…”
“Hold on, babe. Wait for me.” Donghae pulled out and removed the cock ring. He leaned down and captured Eunhyuk’s lips in a heated kiss. Their tongues joined together, dancing together, as Donghae worked Eunhyuk into a frenzy.
“Oh gawd, Hae.” Eunhyuk came with a burst of white with Donghae following soon after. He collapsed on top of Eunhyuk and rolled to the side so he wouldn’t crush him.
Eunhyuk gave a tiny whimper when he felt Donghae withdraw.
“We should clean you up, shouldn’t we?”
“Later, I’m too tired now.” Eunhyuk snuggled closer to Donghae, prepared to go to sleep. He let out a gasp when Donghae picked him up and carried him into the bathroom. “Hae!”
“Shh, quiet, Hyukkie. I’m just going to clean you up. Don’t want to get the bed dirty -“
“Already is.”
“- and besides, you’ll be more comfortable afterwards. I promise you I won’t ravish you again unless you beg for it.” Donghae grinned and wiggled his eyebrows at Eunhyuk, making Eunhyuk playfully hit him.


Leeteuk looked at the guy sitting across from him. Kangin had tricked him into going on a date with him this morning. They had gone to brunch, a movie, and now dinner. An with all that time, they didn’t get to talk about what Leeteuk really wanted to know.
“You ready to order?”
Kangin looked up from his menu and smiled. “Oh yes.”
Leeteuk smiled at the waiter and gave his order.
Once the waiter left, Kangin reached over and took Leeteuk’s hand in his. “Are you okay, Teukie? You’ve been quiet all day.”
“What did you mean this morning when you said ‘I know you’re waiting for someone but you can stop now. That person is me’?”
The smile slipped off Kangin’s face and he withdrew his hand from Leeteuk’s. Leeteuk frowned, waiting for his response.
“Can we talk about that later?”
“No, I want to know what you mean.”
“Now isn’t the time, Teukie.”
“Yes it is. Tell me what you meant or I’m walking out on your right here and now.”
“I don’t remember you being this stubborn.” Kangin sighed. “Alright, fine. But I warn you, it’s a lot to take in.”
“That’s fine. I don’t shock easily.”
“I’m sure that’s a lie but whatever. Take a good look at me, angel, and tell me if I look like anyone you know.”
Leeteuk looked at Kangin’s face studying every little detail. He gasped. “Y-Y-Youngwoon?”
Kangin smiled. “Yes, Jungsu? Or can I call you Teukie, my special little angel?”
“B-B-But how? I thought you left.” Tears filled his eyes. “You came back for me.”
“Yes, I did.” Kangin grinned and held Leeteuk’s hand in his as he wiped away Leeteuk’s tears. “I left and did my 2 year military service. I just got released and came back to find you. I didn’t think you would know my cousin or go to the same school. Or that you’d be using my nickname for you. Guess you really missed me, huh?”
“Of course I did. I loved you, Youngwoon.”
“Do you still love me?”
“Yes, yes I do.” Kangin smiled and reached over to give Leeteuk a peck on the lips. “I love you too, my angel. I’m so sorry I had to leave you like that but I needed to recover quickly. I’m sorry you had to wait so long. I told you you didn’t have to.”
“But my heart belongs to you. I can’t give it to anyone else.”
Kangin smiled and gave him a sweet, gentle kiss. “I love you so much, Jungsu. How about we enjoy our dinner – quickly – and I take you back to your place and show you how much I love and missed you?”
Leeteuk smiled. “Okay.”
“Good ‘cause our dinner just arrived.” Kangin grinned as their food was placed in front of them.
“Dig in. You’re gonna need all the strength you can get for tonight.”
“Youngwoon!” Leeteuk blushed as Kangin chuckled.

A/N: gave you two couples ^^ one filled with lots of dirty smut and one that was a bit more sweet heeheehee…hope you enjoy ^^ at the time of writing, I think Kangin was about to go to the military which is where that idea came from… so if you were wondering how it worked out like that, that’s why (at least that’s what I think) and yes I skipped Kangteuk smut since already gave you dirty Eunhae smut XD
Tags: eunhae, hanchul, just a high school love story, kangteuk, kyumin, multi-chaptered, r/nc-17, sibum, yewook

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