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Just a High School Love Story – both real and fiction ^^ ~ 6/?

Title: Just a High School Love Story – both real and fiction ^^ ~ 6/?
Pairing: Yewook, Eunhae, Kyumin, Hanchul, Kangteuk, Sibum
Summary: Ryeowook moves to a new school where things are definitely different. In less than an hour, he has four new friends. In less than a few hours, he has a crush/admirer. And after 24 hours, he's the most popular guy in school. How's a shy guy suppose to deal with all this?

Previous Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

Chapter 6

Ryeowook happily skipped and smiled down the hall.
“Well you seem awfully chipper now.”
He flashed Hankyung a bright smile. “Of course. I’m off to deliver some sweets. Now come on. We’re going to see Donghae and Eunhyuk first.” He grabbed Hankyung’s hand and pulled him towards the dance studio.
Ryeowook opened the door and smiled. “I have sweets!!!”
The music abruptly stopped and the two people in the room looked at Ryeowook.
“Sweets?” Donghae smiled brightly. “SWEETS!!!” Donghae ran and launched himself on Ryeowook.
Eunhyuk hurried over and pulled Donghae off Ryeowook. Hankyung helped Ryeowook get up. He brushed the dirt off himself and looked over at Eunhyuk restraining a bouncing Donghae. He smiled and walked over to the chairs. He pulled out two small cakes and little forks. “Here you go. One for each of you. Hopefully you like them.”
Eunhyuk smiled and picked up a cake. He took a small bite and let out a quiet moan. “It’s delicious. Come on, Hae, have some.”
Donghae happily came over and took a bite of his cake. “OMG Wookie! This is amazing. Can I have another one?”
Ryeowook and Hankyung stared in surprise. The cake was gone in a flash.
“Uh sorry, Hae but I don’t have anymore. Maybe next time.” Donghae pouted as Ryeowook shifted uncomfortably. “Well we have to go. I have more sweets to deliver.”
Ryeowook smiled and waved before leaving with Hankyung. They stopped in the music room to give Sungmin his cake before going to the office to give Leeteuk his.
“How come you’re not taking any electives, Teukie hyung?”
“Oh, I am but today I have extra work to do in the office.”
“Oh okay.” Ryeowook looked at his hands unsure of what to do.
“Don’t you have more cakes to deliver? I see one more in the box there.”
“Oh right. I-I should go. Bye Teukie hyung.”
“Wait.” Ryeowook paused at the door. “Want to tell me why you were baking instead of in class?”
“Uh…maybe later. Bye Teukie hyung.” Ryeowook quickly bowed and left. He leaned against the wall and sighed.
“So shall we deliver the last cake?”
Ryeowook jumped a little, forgetting that Hankyung was with him. “Uh yeah…sure.”
Hankyung smiled and placed his arm around Ryeowook. “Come on. It won’t be that bad. I’ll wait for you outsie. You can give it to him, apologize, and leave. Then I’ll treat you, okay?”
Ryeowook nodded. Hankyung chuckled. “Come on, Wookie. It won’t be that bad. Just go in and do it. Then I’ll buy you your favorite sweets.”
“Really?” Ryeowook looked up at Hankyung with a bright smile.
“Uh huh. Now go.” Hankyung gave Ryeowook a hug and gentle shove into the music room.
Ryeowook looked around and found only Kyuhyun lounging in a chair.
“Where’s Yesung?”
“Where is Yesung? You feeling better? We need to practice you know.”
“Oh…uh I was going to ask where Yesung-ssi was. I wanted to apologize and give him something.”
Kyuhyun noticed the box in Ryeowook’s hands. “Oh…what is it?”
“Uh just a little something.” Ryeowook blushed. “So you don’t know when he’ll be back?”
“Oh okay. Well then, can you give this to him?” Ryeowook held the box out to Kyuhyun to take when it was snatched from his hands. The two looked to see Yesung frowning at them.
“What’s going on?”
Ryeowook frowned and snatched the box back. “I was just giving this to Kyuhyun.” He smiled as he handed the box to Kyuhyun, who was grinning at the glare Yesung gave him. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have somewhere I need to go.”
In typical girl fashion, Ryeowook flipped his hair and stormed out the door, letting it slam shut. Kyuhyun smiled and looked inside the box.
“Care to tell me what happened just now?”
“Nope but this is actually for you.” Kyuhyun held out the box to Yesung. “An apology.”
Yesung grabbed the box and opened it. He felt his heart melt as he looked at the tiny cake with a pouting face saying ‘I’m sorry.’
“Cute, isn’t he?”
“Yeah…” Yesung sighed. He walked over to a couch, pulled the cake out and stared at it a while before finally taking a bite. Yesung let out a low moan and quickly took another bite.
Yesung looked at Kyuhyun and sighed. “Fine, you can have a bite.”
Kyuhyun smiled and quickly took a piece. “OMG! This is amazing.” He tried to steal another piece but Yesung kept it away from him. “Fine. I’ll just ask Ryeowook to make me one later. Now hurry up. We need to practice.”


After leaving, Ryeowook threw himself at Hankyung and began to quietly sob again. Hankyung quietly picked him up and carried him away. Ryeowook continued to quietly sob while clinging onto Hankyung. He was oblivious to the people whispering about them. Hankyung noticed but ignored it, carrying Ryeowook out of school and back to his place.
Hankyung placed him on his couch and began making some tea. He came in with two cups of tea and a blanket. He handed a cup to him and wrapped the blanket around him. “Feeling better?”
Ryeowook sniffled. “No. Why is Yesung-ssi so mean? He’s a horrible, rude person. Just because he has good voice and money doesn’t mean he’s free to do as he wishes. He doesn’t own the school. What right does he have telling me that my voice isn’t that good? What an ass.” Ryeowook sat down again after having gotten up during his tirade to pace.
“I know you’re a sensitive person Wookie, even more so about your singing and maybe your cooking, but I know you never get so upset or worked up so easily especially by someone you barely know. You like Yesung, don’t you?”
Ryeowook blushed and stared at his tea. He took a sip before looking at Hankyung and slightly nodded.
Hankyung smiled. “Aww, little Wookie…you have your first crush and on a guy too.” Ryeowook blushed even more. “Our little baby is growing up.”
“Our baby? Have you been talking to Teukie hyung?”
Hankyung chuckled. “You’ve forgotten, haven’t you?”
“Forgotten what?”
“Hannie! I’m home. When can I finally see our –“ Heechul stopped dead in the doorway and stared at Hankyung and Ryeowook. He let out a giant shriek and glomped Hankyung in a tight hug. “OMG! I love you, I love you, I love you. You finally brought him home.”
He let go of Hankyung and clung onto Ryeowook. “My baby. I haven’t seen you in forever. You’ve gotten so big and handsome. You look just like me. I bet you’re still a good cook like your Hannie appa. Oh how are you, baby? I missed you so much. I couldn’t believe it when Hannie told me you two were going to the same school I was so jealous when he went to your house for dinner. He got to eat your warm home-cooked meal while I just had ramyun. As punishment, you need to cook me, only me, one of your fabulous home-cooked meals and desserts. You remember what I like?”
Hankyung smiled. “Wookie, you remember my boyfriend –“
“Now husband”
“- and your umma, Heechul hyung?”
Heechul stared at Ryeowook wide-eyed. “What?!?! You don’t remember me? Kim Heechul? Your umma? Hankyung!!!” Heechul cried and pretended to faint.
“Wake up, Chullie. I know you didn’t really faint.” Heechul got up and collapsed in Hankyung’s arms, quietly crying.
Ryeowook looked at them feeling helpless. “Uh…I’m sorry Heechul-ssi but –“
Heechul began sobbing even louder. “Did you hear what he called me, Hannie? Heechul-ssi, not umma, not Chullie umma, or –“
“Chullie umma? You’re Chullie umma?” Ryeowook stared at Heechul surprised and shocked.
“Chullie umma!!!” Ryeowook clung onto Heechul, giving him a big tight hug. “Chullie umma, I couldn’t recognize you at all without your long red hair. I can’t believe it. It’s been years and you’re still with Hankyung appa? Wow…you must really love him.”
“Of course, That’s why I forced him to marry me, Last year.” Heechul held out his left hand to show off the ring Hankyung had given him.
Hankyung noticed how fast Heechul recovered but said nothing.
“Wow, that’s so pretty. And congratulations!” Ryeowook hugged Heechul.
Hankyung caught the sheen of tears in his eyes and slightly smiled. He walked over and embraced the two of them, placing a light kiss on Heechul’s forehead.
Ryeowook pulled away and beamed at the two of them. “You know what this means? I need to cook dinner for you as a present. And you, I’ll cook just for you, Chullie umma, on day, maybe tomorrow. Now go, shoo while I work in your kitchen.” He left the two of them to wander into the kitchen area.
Heechul smiled when he heard Ryeowook squeal at their beautiful kitchen. “He really is like you, Hannie. I’m so glad you met him all those years ago in cooking class. I’m so glad I have my baby back.” Heechul smiled as he danced about the room.


Ryeowook smiled as he sat in his room doing his homework. He couldn’t believe how much time had passes. So many things had changed yet so many stayed the same. Chullie umma was the same as always but he was no legally bound to Hankyung. Already Heechul had roped Ryeowook into one of his many shopping sprees/trips.
Ryeowook felt his phone vibrate and looked to see a text message from Teukie hyung.
Hi, how are you feeling?
Better. How are you?
Fine, everyone is over @ my place. Want to come?
Sure, just let me check with my parents.
They say I can go. Kangin hyung is gonna drive me. What’s your address?

Ryeowook smiled as he received Teukie’s text. He quickly got his things together and went into the living room where Kangin was waiting. “Here’s the address. Let’s go.”
Ryeowook smiled and sang along to the radio as Kangin cruised through the city. As soon as Kangin stopped the car, Ryeowook bounced out, grabbing his bags. “Thanks hyung. I’ll see you later.”
“Bye, Wookie, have fun. Oh and one more thing: can you give this to Leeteuk for me? Just don’t mention it’s from me though.”
“Okay…sure.” Ryeowook took the small gift-wrapped box and stowed it in his bag.
“Well cya Wookie. Now get inside the building.”
Ryeowook stuck his tongue out and smiled, waving as he walked inside.


“Wookie!!!” Ryeowook felt the breath get squeezed out of him as Donghae hugged him.
“Hey, hey, hey. Let him go before you kill him.” Sungmin grabbed ahold of Ryeowook and with the help of Eunhyuk, pried Donghae off Ryeowook.
“So what happened today?” Sungmin led Ryeowook over to a chair. “Why were you baking cakes? Which were great by the way. I didn’t know you could bake.”
“I can cook too.”
“Oooo…you’re making us dinner some time. But no, you are not distracting us. What happened today that made you miss electives?”
Ryeowook looked down at his hands, afraid to talk.
“Come on, Wookie. It’s okay. You can tell us.”
“What did Yesung do?”
“It doesn’t even matter. He hurt our baby, he has to pay.”
“Now wait a minute, you guys. We need the full story before I let my own babies go off looking for trouble, which I’ll look the other way if it’s within reason. Now come here, baby.” Ryeowook got up and sat in Leeteuk’s lap, burying his face in Leeteuk’s neck. “Tell Teukie everything that happened.”
“Well first was that incident with that girl. She shows up out of nowhere and carries my things for me. Was really weird. I think she’s the president of my fanclub. Anyway, she does that all morning and you saw what happened at lunch, right?”
They nodded.
“So when lunch ended, she came over again but then Yesung showed up and took my bag. I followed him to class where I asked him about his behavior. He told me we had to practice and that I was still a little rough with my singing. So I walked off and stumbled into an empty kitchen and started baking. It’s a relaxation technique I use. Helps a lot and glad Hankyung hyung came to help.”
“Wait, so clear up your relationship with Hankyung-ssi.”
“Didn’t I tell you already when I first bumped into him a few days ago?”
Donghae smiled sheepishly. “I forgot. Besides Teukie hyung wasn’t there so he doesn’t know.”
“Uh we told him later during his daily check-up.”
“Whatever, just refresh my memory.” Donghae pouted and plopped himself down by Eunhyuk.
“Alright, fine. So I first met Hankyung hyung when I signed up for cooking lessons a few years ago. Out workstations were near one another. One day I was trying to get a certain ingredient when he came over and got it for me. Later he was having trouble with one of his dishes so I came over to help. Than after class, while I was waiting to get picked up, Hankyung came over and started talking to me. We became fast friends and found myself hanging out with him and his boyfriend all the time. Called him app and his boyfriend Chullie umma. Such good times. Then classes ended and I lost contact with him. Finally got to see him again when I bumped into him at school. So yeah, that’s our whole relationship history. Happy now?”
“Of course, just wanted to make sure my baby was hanging out with the right people. Now to what happened today…”
Ryeowook hid his face in his hands. “Yesung insulted my singing voice. I had to do something with my anger and frustration.”
“Yes but you know you shouldn’t skip class or use the kitchen without permission.”
“I’m sorry but I thought it would be okay since people are free to do what they wish during electives.”
“Well yes but they should really be in class. They’re in school to learn and should be taking the opportunity to.”
“Yeah like anyone will listen to that. So how are we going to punish Yesung for what he did?” Sungmin smiled as he got out pen and paper. “I vote we mess with his things, leaving hate messages and such.”
“No good. Handwriting will be recognizable. How about just some ‘accidental’ bumping and tripping?”
“Uh no. We’re not in elementary school.”
“How about –“
Ryeowook stood up. “You guys don’t need to do this.”
“Yes we do. He hurt you mentally. He needs to be punished just as harshly. And if we get Kyuhyun in the process, that’s an added bonus.”
“No, you guys. We’re not doing this. I already took care of things by…apologizing.”
“What?!?! You apologized to HIM?!?! When he hurt your feelings?!? What’s wrong with you?”
“Well I’d made an extra cake I didn’t want to go to waste and thought it would be easiest to give to…Yesung-ssi…”
“Aww Ryeowook, come here.” Ryeowook went to Leeteuk’s waiting arms. “It’s alright baby. I kinda know how you feel.”
“Wait, how would you know, Teukie umma?”
“I just know. No more questions. Now get your homework done.” Leeteuk gently pushed Ryeowook off his lap and grabbed a book to read, officially ending their talk.

A/N: finally got Heechul in here ^^ heeheehee now for more fun to come :D
Tags: eunhae, hanchul, just a high school love story, kangteuk, kyumin, multi-chaptered, sibum, yewook

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