trying to fix what's damaged (read0write) wrote,
trying to fix what's damaged

Title: That…
Pairing: Yewook
Word Count: 383
Summary: Ryeowook couldn’t believe Yesung would go on stage looking like that. (based on this)

Ryeowook stared at Yesung, amazed he could stand on stage with that present. He couldn’t take his eyes away. It was such an impressive bulge and the spotlight was even shining on it. Did Yesung really not know or was he actually proud and showing it off?


Yesung smiled to himself. He wasn’t ashamed and felt he should give a little fanservice today. Plus it got him some extra special attention from a certain maknae.
He couldn’t wait for said maknae’s reaction later.


“What did you think you were doing on stage today, Jongwoon hyung?”
The smile quickly crossed Yesung’s face before he wiped it away to a more neutral expression and turned to look at Ryeowook standing behind him.
“What do you mean, Ryeowook-ah?”
Ryeowook’s eyes narrowed as he stalked up to Yesung. “You know very well what I mean. How could you go on stage with that present?” He pointed a finger at Yesung’s crotch. “You know no one else is allowed to see it but me.”
“Now baby, it was just a little bulge.”
“A LITTLE BULGE!!?!?!?! You and I know it’s not little and now the fans do as well. What are you trying to do? Did you forget that only I could see it?”
“No.” Yesung grinned as his arms wrapped around Ryeowook’s waist. “But I was hoping to get a rise out of you as well. You know I can resist you when you look like that.”
“Look like what?” Ryeowook glared up at Yesung.
“An adorable, delectable treat.” Yesung leaned down and nipped Ryeowook’s bottom lip.
“But I always look like one, according to you. How was this any different?”
Yesung smiled as he kissed Ryeowook. “It’s been a while since we’ve had any alone time.”
Ryeowook looked around and smiled. “We’re alone now.”
“That we are.” Yesung grinned and leaned down to capture Ryeowook’s lips in a heated kiss. “Let’s make up for all the lost time.”
Ryeowook smiled and winked before getting out of Yesung’s arms to race to his room. Yesung quickly followed behind, making sure to close and lock the door. He didn’t want any disturbances but he wouldn’t apologize for traumatizing any members if they happen to overhear. It had been a while and Ryeowook did like to scream.

A/N: would’ve made this NC-17 but felt like skipping the sex scene this time XD sorry…
Tags: one shot, yewook

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