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Title: Because Bets Make the World Go Round
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan, Baekhyun/Chanyeol, Suho/D.O./Kai, Tao/Kris, Chen/Lay
Word Count: 4339
Summary: Baekhyun and Luhan make lots and lots of bets with each other. At first, it was just between the two of them but soon it grew and spread to the others. Craziness ensues…kinda XD

At first, it had started off small with things like ‘I bet you $5 you can’t hold your breath for 1 minute’ and ‘I bet you $5 that my video will have more hits than you’. Then it grew to more daring things like ‘I bet you $20 you can’t get a date with so-and-so’ and ‘I bet you $20 you won’t kiss so-and-so’. Now it had escalated to other members and slightly more risqué dares.
“I bet you $50 that you can’t get Chanyeol to give you a handjob during dinner.” Luhan smiled as he reclined in his chair.
“You’re on and I bet you $50 that you can’t get Sehun to give you a lapdance when we go out later.” Baekhyun smiled.
“Deal.” The two shook hands and Baekhyun left to begin his conquest. Luhan smiled as he thought of different ways to win the bet.
According to their rules, both of them had to be present at the moment the bet was completed so they could agree on the outcome. Because they were both accomplished gamblers at betting, they could tell when someone had faked a result. They were completely honest with each other but sometimes, other people had tried to weasel their way out of the bet. That’s when they agreed to only keep bets to themselves and were slowly getting other members involved.
Luhan whipped out his phone as an idea came to him. He sent a quick text to Baekhyun who replied almost instantly with a smiley face.
Luhan grinned.
Let the games begin…


Baekhyun wandered into the kitchen where D.O. was busy preparing dinner.
“Hey Kyungsoo, what are you doing?”
“Making dinner, why? What did you want?”
Baekhyun smiled as he leaned against the counter where D.O. was working. “I have a little proposition for you.”
“Oh really? Is this going to be a bet?”
Baekhyun’s smile widened. “I knew I couldn’t put anything past you. So you want in or not?”
“Depends on the terms.” D.O. smiled as he turned to look at Baekhyun.
“$20 to make-out with Suho right after dinner.”
“Hmm…” A glint entered D.O.’s eyes that Baekhyun wasn’t exactly comfortable with.
“Sure, I’ll take that offer. Have your money ready.” D.O. smiled and turned back to his food.
“Go call the others, dinner is almost ready.”


Luhan walked to Kai’s room and knocked before entering.
Sehun was sitting in Kai’s chair as Kai showed off a new routine.
Luhan quietly walked over to Sehun resting a hand on his shoulder. He turned to watch and wait for Kai.
As soon as Kai was finished, Luhan clapped and walked over to Kai putting a hand on his shoulder. “Great job, Jongin-ah, wonderful.”
“What are you doing here, hyung? Did you want something?”
Luhan widened his eyes to look surprised and shocked. “Are you accusing your hyung about something?”
Kai and Sehun turned to look at Luhan with matching expressions of disbelief.
Luhan pouted and sat on Sehun’s lap. “Oh fine. I had a proposition for you, Jongin-ah.”
“Which is?”
“$50 to walk around the dorm naked –“
“Hyung, that’s too much.”
“That’s easy.”
“- sit on Kyungsoo’s lap and make out with Suho after dinner.”
“What?!?!?! Are you crazy, Luhan?” Sehun grabbed a hold of Luhan’s waist to stare at him in shock. “How could Jongin hyung do that?”
Luhan and Sehun turned to stare at Kai who was lounging on his bed.
“This could be interesting. Hope you have your money ready.”
Luhan grinned. He leaned down and placed a kiss on Sehun’s lips. “Don’t be so sure, Jongin-ah. But have fun.”
Luhan opened the door to find Baekhyun about to knock on the door.
“Oh hi. Just wanted to let you know dinner is ready.”
“Alright, we’re coming. Right, you two?” Luhan looked behind him at Kai and Sehun who nodded and got up to follow them.


Luhan kept a careful eye on Baekhyun and Chanyeol during dinner. He noticed one of Chanyeol’s hands missing from the table throughout the meal. He kept his small grin to himself as he noticed Baekhyun’s breathing get a bit shallower.
Luhan quietly ate his dinner as Baekhyun and Chanyeol did their best to clean themselves and make sure no one had seen them. He caught Baekhyun’s eye and gave a small nod.
As he went to take his dirty plate inside, he brushed past Baekhyun slipping his money into his pocket.
Baekhyun stood up, carrying his dirty plate into the kitchen as well.
“Is everything all set?”
“Yep. Everything is in place.”
“Wanna go peek in on them?”
“No, too obvious. Did you connect the feed?”
Luhan grinned. “Of course. Now let’s head to my room and watch. I got snacks for us.”
“Alright, I’ll be there once I change.”
Luhan’s grin widened. “Of course. And don’t forget your own blanket and pillow. We’re in for a show tonight.”


After making sure Chen and Lay were busy washing the dishes, D.O. wandered into the living room where he knew Suho liked to be after dinner, watching whatever was on TV.
D.O. plopped down on the couch next to Suho who just barely acknowledged his presence. He grinned and leaned onto Suho’s shoulder.
Suho glanced at D.O. who smiled innocently up at him. He thought nothing of it and returned his attention to the TV. He jolted, however, when he felt a hand resting on his thigh. He turned and saw D.O. watching TV as well.
His eyes widened as the hand on his thigh moved up, closer to his crotch.
“Kyungsoo-ah?” Suho turned his head and found his lips covered by D.O.’s. He stiffened, unsure of what was going on but as D.O.’s lips coaxed him to open up and D.O.’s hand moved up his leg, Suho felt himself responding, leaning into D.O.
D.O. smiled into the kiss. This was an easy $20. He looked at Suho and chuckled to himself. Suho looked so adorable with his eyes closed and innocent response.
D.O. closed his eyes and enjoyed the kiss, pulling Suho closer.

Kai smiled as he wandered into the living naked. His eyes widened as he noticed D.O. and Suho making out on the couch. How was he going to complete the bet if those two were too busy making out? And he now had a boner to deal with.
Good thing they weren’t paying attention to anything but each other.
Kai grinned. This could be interesting…

D.O. growled a bit as Suho’s lips left his. He opened his eyes to find a naked back in front of him. He glanced around and saw Kai making out with Suho.
His eyes widened when he realized Kai was completely naked and sitting in his lap. His eyes bugged out when he noticed Kai was grounding his lower half into his and there was a noticeable boner down there.
“K-K-Kai! Get off my lap.”
Kai didn’t hear D.O. or if he did, he chose to ignore it and continue making out with Suho.
“Jongin!” D.O. smacked Kai’s ass.
Kai pulled away and turned to look at D.O. “Yes? Was there something you wanted?”
Suho blinked his eyes, trying to clear his head from the onslaught of emotions. One moment he had been kissing D.O. then suddenly he had been kissing Kai. It was bit too much for him to process at once.
He looked at the scene in front of him and his eyes widened. “OMG, KAI!!!!”
Kai turned back to Suho with a grin. “Yes, Joonmyun hyung?”
Suho opened his mouth to say something but found words had deserted him. The only thing he could do was beat a hasty retreat.

Luhan and Baekhyun were laughing in Luhan’s room, watching the scene taking place on screen.
“Omg, that was better than I had imagined.”
“I know. Aww poor Joonmyun, but we all knew he wanted them both.”
“$20 that Kai fucks D.O. after that.”
“More like $20 that D.O. fucks Kai after that.”
“You’re on.”
The two turned back to watch how the scene would progress.

Kai smiled at D.O. as he sat innocently on D.O.’s lap with a hard-on pointed at D.O.
D.O. stared at Kai. “Get off my lap…now…”
Kai grinned and shook his head, grinding his hips into D.O.’s.
D.O. made to put his hands on Kai’s waist but remembered he was naked and so awkwardly moved his hands around. “Kai…”
“D.O. hyung…” Kai placed his arms around D.O.’s neck and moved in closer, nuzzling his face into the crook of D.O.’s neck.
D.O. let out a soft moan and placed his hands gently on Kai’s naked waist. “Jongin-ah…we-we can’t do this…not now…”
“No, you can’t.”
D.O. and Kai turned to see Suho standing in the hallway. He was standing with his legs apart and his arms crossed.
“Suho hyung?”
One side of Suho’s mouth lifted in a small smirk. “You’re not allowed to do anything without me.”
“W-w-w-what?” D.O. stared at Suho with wide eyes as Kai’s mouth lifted into a wider grin and a certain glean came into his eyes.
“My bedroom. Now.” Suho smiled brightly at Kai and D.O. He turned around and walked to his room, standing in the doorway of his room looking at Kai and D.O. with a come-hither look.
Both were shocked that Suho could even make an expression like that but quickly scrambled after him.

Luhan and Baekhyun stared at the screen still trying to process what had just happened.
“Did you –“
“Have you –“
“Who knew Joonmyun had it in him?”
“Well he always did change once you put him on camera for a photoshoot. So he had the potential. Guess he never had the opportunity?”
Baekhyun and Luhan were silent for a moment trying to let things sink in.
“So what happens to our bet?”
“Just keep the money for now? Since neither was right but neither was wrong? We bet the same amount so there’s no point in exchanging money when we can just keep what we have and save it for another bet.”
“True. So what bet do you want to make this time?”
“One with Tao and Kris?”
Luhan grinned. “Sure. I know a good bet.”


Tao smiled as Baekhyun came into his room. “Hi hyung, what did you want?”
Baekhyun smiled as he took a spot on Tao’s bed. “Just wanted to see how my dongsaeng was doing. Also I had something to ask you…well more like a proposal type thing.”
“A bet?”
Baekhyun looked at Tao with a grin. “You’re so smart. Why yes, a bet. Would you like to hear it?”
“Sure. Does this have something to do with duizhang – uh Kris hyung?”
“Oh, you’re so smart, Tao-ah.” Baekhyun reached over and patted Tao’s head. “Yes, it is. I bet you one shopping trip that you can’t aegyo Kris into giving you a lap dance.”
Tao’s eyes widened. “What kind of bet is that, hyung?”
Baekhyun just smiled at Tao. “A perfectly legit bet. Now are you in or not?”
Tao smiled. “Sure. I’ve been wanting to go on a shopping trip. Just make sure your wallet is nice and full. It’s gonna take a good hit that day.”
Baekhyun nodded and smiled, patted Tao’s head again, and left the room.


Tao smiled as he walked into the living room and found Kris reading one of his books on the couch. He quietly slipped into the seat next to him. Kris gives him a brief glance before turning back to his book. Tao snuggles closer so that he’s pressed against Kris’s side.
Kris looked at Tao with a raised eyebrow. “Was there something you wanted, Zitao?”
Tao looked at Kris with a smile. “Nope but you don’t mind me sitting next to you, do you, gege?”
Kris shook his head and returned to his book. He stiffened a bit when he felt a hand run up his side. He glanced over to see Tao watching TV and resting on his shoulder. He turned back to his book but when he felt a poke in his side, he placed down his book (remembering his page) and looked at Tao.
Tao glanced at him with an innocent smile. “Yes, gege?”
“Was there something you wanted?”
“Maybe…” Tao let a little pout grace his face. “Could you do this one little thing for me?”
“What, Zitao?”
Tao leaned in close to whisper into Kris’s ear. “Give me a lap dance.”
Kris leaned back and stared at Tao in shock. Tao smiled brightly up at him. “T-T-Tao, what are you saying?”
“I asked if you could give me a lap dance, gege. You look like you could give a good lap dance with your body, long legs, and face.”
“Tao…you just can’t…I can’t…that’s not…”
Tao climbed onto Kris’s lap. He gave Kris a smile before lifting up his hand and buing buinged the leader.
Kris felt his resistance starting to melt. Tao wiggled in Kris’s lap and buing buinged him again. Kris’s resistance melted even more.
“Gege…” Tao pouted and looked pleadingly up at Kris. He gave one last buing buing which completely melted any remaining resistance Kris had.
Kris sighed. “Alright…I’ll give you a lap dance.”
Tao smiled brightly and kissed Kris on the cheek. He hugged him tightly. “Oh thank you thank you thank you. And don’t worry…I’ll make it up to you later.” Tao winked and got off Kris’s lap to take a seat on the chair that had been convenient placed in the living room just a few moments before. Tao patted his lap, indicating to Kris to start.
Kris sighed quietly to himself and moved off the couch. He went over to the stereo and turned on the music, making sure it was loud enough for Tao to hear but not enough for any members left at home to come out and investigate what was happening in the living room. He took a deep breath before giving Tao the best lap dance he could.

Luhan and Baekhyun avidly kept their eyes glued to the screen.
“Kris hyung sure is hot. Who knew he could move like that? Tao sure is lucky.”
“Hey, you have your own hot rapper guy.”
“Yes but he doesn’t look like that. Come on, don’t deny that you’re turned on as well.”
“Well yes I am but I live with that so I guess I’m a bit immune to it.”
“Like you could ever be immune to hotness like that.”
Luhan grinned. “Sure but I’m faithful to my Sehunnie.”
“As am I to my Yeollie.”
“Alright, as long as we agree.”
“Uh huh.”
Baekhyun and Luhan smiled and turned back to the screen to watch the two in the living room.
“You do realize you’re going on a shopping trip with Tao. Your wallet is gonna suffer.”
“Eh it’s fine. Haven’t been shopping in a while either so got the money saved. My wallet is used to these things. Now shhh, it’s getting more interesting.”

Tao smiled as Kris sat on his lap. He couldn’t take it anymore and gripped the back of Kris’s neck to crash his lips to his. Kris was way too hot and sexy to resist for long.
Kris smiled and kissed back with as much force. Their tongues dueled as they fought for dominance.
Tao pulled away with a grin. “So my room?”
“No, mine. And you better be there naked in less than 10 seconds.”
“As soon as you get off of me.”
Kris smirked and slowly moved off Tao’s lap, making sure he caressed Tao’s hard-on. As soon as he was off Tao’s lap, Tao rushed to Kris’s room, removing his clothes. Kris chuckled and slowly followed after Tao, picking up his clothes so they wouldn’t leave a trace.

Luhan and Baekhyun grinned as they looked at each other.
“$20 that is lasts for an hour.”
“Alright, if it’s less than an hour, you pay me $10 but if it’s more than an hour, you pay me $30.”
“Deal.” Luhan and Baekhyun shook hands and then started the clock.


“Luhan hyung!” Sehun walked into the dorm, looking around for his boyfriend.
Luhan smiled as he walked out of his room. “Sehunnie!” He ran over to him and gave him a kiss. “How’s my baby today?”
“Tired. Take a nap with me.” Sehun grabbed Luhan’s wrist and dragged them to Sehun’s room.
Baekhyun smiled at the various other members walking through the door. “Hello. When’s dinner? I’m starving.”
“Manager hyung said we could order in tonight.” Kris held his phone as he walked out of his room. Tao followed, rubbing his eyes like he’d just woken up. “What does everyone want to eat?”
Several voices talked at once.
“Alright, quiet.” There was no point in trying to distinguish who said what. “We’ll just order jajjangmyun and jjampong, okay?” Everyone nodded his head. Kris handed the phone to Suho to place the order.
Baekhyun smiled as Chen joined him on the couch. “Hey Jongdae.”
“Hey Baekhyun, how was your day?”
“Alright, got some rest. How was yours?”
“Alright, I got Lay to help me practice my Chinese for a bit.”
“That’s nice.” Baekhyun smiled as thoughts whirled around in his head. He’d found a new target for a bet. He just needed Luhan’s approval and it would be all set.


The bell rang and Suho answered the door with D.O. to get their food.
“Could someone go get Luhan and Sehun?”
“I will.” Baekhyun got up and walked to Sehun’s room. He gently knocked on the door before opening it. He smiled seeing Sehun and Luhan sleeping peacefully together. “Aww, you two are so cute but it’s time to wake up and eat.”
Baekhyun walked over and shook Sehun. Sehun sleepily tried to swat Baekhyun’s hand away.
“Sehun-ah, time to wake up. It’s time for dinner.”
Sehun made a noise before snuggling closer to Luhan.
Baekhyun sighed and walked around to Luhan. “Luhan hyung, dinnertime. Get up.” He pushed as Luhan who just mumbled a reply and sleepily tried to swat him.
Baekhyun huffed and pulled Luhan off the bed.
Luhan woke up with a thump and glare towards Baekhyun who just grinned. “Sorry hyung but it’s dinnertime. We got jajjangmyun and jjampong.”
Luhan shot up with a bright smile. “Oooo…come on, Sehunnie. Let’s go eat.” Luhan grabbed Sehun’s arm and pulled him from the bed out of the room.
Baekhyun followed along smiling.
The members sat around the floor and table, happily munching on their dinner.
Baekhyun caught Luhan’s eye and silently communicated with him. Luhan grinned and gave a small nod before turning towards Sehun to feed him.


Baekhyun followed Luhan to his room.
“So what’s this new bet you have in mind?”
Baekhyun smiled as he took a seat in Luhan’s chair. “So have you noticed our Jongdae and Yixing hyung spending time together?”
“Well yes, Jongdae-ah usually gets Yixing-ah to help him with his Chinese and you know Yixing-ah likes to take care of people.”
“Like you…when Sehun-ah isn’t around.”
Luhan smiled from his perch on the bed. “Yes but why are you…ohhh. So what did you have in mind exactly?”
“Just a little bet between us about them.”
“And what would this bet entail exactly?”
Baekhyun smiled and leaned to whisper into Luhan’s ear. Luhan’s smile widened as he listened to Baekhyun’s plan.
“Alright, so $20 if Lay caves at 4 lines for you and $20 if Lay caves at 5 lines for me.”
The two shook hands and left in search of Jongdae.


Chen was working on his Chinese in the kitchen, his workbooks spread out around him.
“Hey Jongdae-ah.”
Chen smiled as Luhan took a seat across from him. “Hello hyung, was there something you wanted?”
Luhan smiled brightly. “Nothing but here are some phrases I thought you might like to learn. Maybe you can get Yixing-ah to help you.” He patted Chen’s head and left. Chen looked at the list but could only understand a few characters here and there. He shrugged and left in search of Yixing.

Lay looked up from his guitar to see Chen standing in front of him. He smiled at him. “Yes, Chen Chen?”
“Could you help me with some phrases?”
“Sure.” He placed his guitar down and patted the seat next to him. Chen smiled as he sat down and leaned his head on Lay’s shoulder. He held the sheet out in front of them so they could both read it.
“The first one: Ní hěn xìng gǎn” Chen pointed to the first two characters. “I understand the first two characters – you and very – but not the ones after.”
Lay looked at the sentence at Chen then back at that paper. “Uh…well uh this sentence means you’re very sexy.“
“Oh…” Chen had the decency to blush a bit. “Uh how about this one? Ní de shēn cái hén měi
“Uh…it means you have a beautiful body.”
“Oh…then how about this one? Ní de yǎn jing hén měi
Lay looked at Chen, feeling his face flush a little. “It means you have beautiful eyes.”
“Oh…then what about this phrase? Wǒ yào ní Oh wait,” Chen blushed. “I know what this means. Uh…how about this one? Wén wǒ, Wǒ shì ní de
Lay blushed. “Well…uh…it says Kiss me, I’m yours.”
“Oh…” Chen blushed an even brighter red and looked away.
Lay glanced at Chen, at the paper, then at Chen. He cleared his throat to get Chen’s attention. “W-w-were you trying to tell me something, Chen Chen?”
“Uh…well…not exactly. O-o-or maybe I was…I-I like you, Xing Xing gege. S-so w-w-would you kiss me?”
Lay gave Chen a gentle smile. “I like you too, Chen Chen. Was wondering when you’d get around to telling me. And I’d be happy to kiss you.”
Lay leaned in and gently kissed Chen. Chen smiled and cuddled closer to Lay’s side.
“So who gave you these phrases?”
“Luhan hyung.”
“Oh really?” Lay looked down at Chen.
“Yeah…I wonder why. It seems so random.”
“Yes, it sure is. Why don’t you get your workbook and we’ll practice your Chinese some more?”
“Okay.” Chen gave Lay a peck on the cheek before going to the kitchen. He grabbed his books and came back. He sat next to Lay and turned to the last page he had been working on and Lay helped him when he got stuck.

Luhan and Baekhyun were squealing to themselves at how adorable Chen and Lay were together.
“Who knew they’d be this adorable together?”
“I know. By the way, you owe me $20.”
Baekhyun sighed. “Alright, alright.” He reached into his wallet and handed Luhan a 20. Luhan smiled and slipped it into his wallet.
“Good job doing business with you. Any other bets you have in mind?”
“Not right now but I’ll let you know later.”
“Alright. Have fun on your shopping trip with Tao later.”
“It would be even more fun if I hadn’t lost that $30 to you earlier. How did you know they’d go over an hour?”
Luhan grinned as he waved his wallet around. “It’s been a while since they had any alone time so they were due for it at some point.”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah…you only knew that since you live with them.”
Luhan’s grin widened. “Well of course, how else can I make a good judgment call on our bets?”
Baekhyun’s eyes narrowed. “That’s not fair.”
“Oh come on, to be a good better, you need to know all the facts first. And if I’m not mistaken, a certain Park Chanyeol is waiting for you in your bed. You should probably go to him.” Luhan winked.
“Don’t think this is over.”
“Oh it’s not, Baekhyun-ah. I enjoy betting with you but it’s been a long day and we both need our rest. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“Okay. Good night, Luhan hyung.”
“Good night, Baekhyun-ah.”
Baekhyun smiled and waved as he left. Luhan smiled as he turned back to his laptop to save his new material for future use. He turned around when he heard the door open and found Lay leaning in the doorway.
“Hello Yixing, can I help you with something?”
Lay crossed the room to stand in front of Luhan. “I know what you did to Chen Chen.”
Luhan smiled brightly. “Oh and what about it?”
“I just wanted to say thanks. But next time, let me actually teach him those phrases.”
Luhan laughed. “Sure, I left the more important phrases for you to teach him. I’m sure he’ll be a quick learner.”
Lay smiled and laughed. “Oh he is. And on that note, I should go back and teach him some new phrases. You’re free to have the room to yourself and Sehun if you want.”
“Thanks. And aren’t you forgetting something?”
Lay sighed and reached into his pocket for his wallet. He pulled out $10 and handed it to Luhan who smiled brightly and stuck it in his wallet.
“Should’ve known better than to bet with you.”
“But you just can’t resist me ‘cause I’m so cute and manly.” Luhan smiled innocently up at Lay who just laughed.
“Good night, Luhan. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“Night, Yixing. Have fun teaching Jongdae Chinese.” Luhan winked as Lay laughed and closed the door. He waited a moment then smiled as Sehun stepped through the door.
“Luhan hyung, isn’t it time we went to bed?”
Luhan grinned with a twinkle in his eye. “Why yes, yes it is.” He climbed into his bed and held out his arms to Sehun who took the hint and quickly climbed into bed with him.
“Did you have fun today, Luhan hyung?”
“Yes but not as much fun as I’m gonna have.” Luhan smiled before capturing Sehun’s lips in a heated kiss full of promises.

A/N: so enjoyed vaxylia’s Pythagorean it inspired me to have fun with Baekhyun, Luhan, and bets ^^ probably doesn’t do justice to her fic with the way she wrote it versus how I wrote mine but at least had some fun with Baekhyun, Luhan, and bets ^^ (please oh please don’t think I was plagiarizing…just really liked the idea and wanted to have my own spin to it. I hope no one thinks this but who knows? *sorry had an incident arise where someone thought I was plagiarizing someone else so yeah…that’s kinda had an effect on my writing just a bit…so now I’m extra careful not to offend someone in case they think I’m plagiarizing :T*)
Had a bit too much fun adding in as many pairings as I could? Though I left out Xiumin (which I’m sorry for but I kinda had all the others paired off so yeah…) hope you enjoyed ^^
Btw the Chinese phrases I got from the book “Making Out in Chinese (Mandarin)” XD so it should be pretty accurate in terms of meaning lol
Tags: baekhyun/chanyeol, chen/lay, one shot, sehun/luhan, suho/d.o./kai, tao/kris

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