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Just a High School Love Story – both real and fiction ^^ ~ 5/?

Title: Just a High School Love Story – both real and fiction ^^ ~ 5/?
Pairing: Yewook, Eunhae, Kyumin, Hanchul, Kangteuk, Sibum
Summary: Ryeowook moves to a new school where things are definitely different. In less than an hour, he has four new friends. In less than a few hours, he has a crush/admirer. And after 24 hours, he's the most popular guy in school. How's a shy guy suppose to deal with all this?

Previous Chapters: 1 2 3 4

Chapter 5

Eunhyuk watched Donghae carry his stuff for him. His ankle was feeling better now that he didn’t need the crutches anymore but his sister and Donghae insisted he keep using it til the end of the week.
He sighed but complied. Besides, he secretly liked all the pampering, especially from Donghae.
He smiled as he thought back on their times together. They had been friends for so long, almost as long as Eunhyuk had been in love with him. He still couldn’t believe it.
Donghae has just moved to Seoul and joined his class. The minute he had walked in, Eunhyuk’s heart was lost.
Imagine his surprise when Donghae declared in front of the whole class that Eunhyuk was his best friend and since thy were best friends, they had to stay together. So that’s how Eunhyuk ended up spending so much time with Donghae.
Like a little puppy, Donghae followed Eunhyuk everywhere from class to class to lunch to the bathroom, even to his house which is how they found out they lived near each other.
After that, Donghae was always around. They became inseparable. It was amazing how long they’d been friends and how long it took for them to get together.
Eunhyuk smiled as he watched Donghae skip around. He really was like a little puppy or child. He didn’t know if he was his caretaker or friend. He forgot when it happened, when he began to take care of Donghae.
He remembered when Sungmin pointed out how similar they were to a married couple. Eunhyuk had blushed but Donghae took to calling him wifey for a while.
He chuckled to himself. Look at how things are now…
“Donghae, be careful!”
“Don't worry. I’ll be alright. You should be careful, Hyukkie. Don’t want you to hurt yourself even more.”
“Don’t worry. I’ll be fine, Hae.”
“Alright, I love you, Hyukkie.”
“I love you too, Hae.” Eunhyuk smiled as he hopped along after Donghae.
Donghae smiled as he walked ahead. He couldn’t wait for the weekend.
Once the crutches were gone… Donghae grinned and skipped off ahead.


Ryeowook was just opening the door when the doorbell rang. He smiled as he saw Leeteuk and Sungmin standing there. “Hi. Feeling better, Minnie?”
“Yeah. Ready for school?”
Kangin stepped into the hallway, keys jingling. Ryeowook smiled. “Now I’m ready.”
He stepped outside and waited for Kangin to close the door before heading to the elevator.
“Uh, Ryeowook, why is Kangin-ssi coming with us?”
“He’s giving us a ride to school. I hope you don’t mind.”
“No, it’s fine. It’ll be nice not having to ride the metro to school once.” Sungmin smiled as nerves bounced around in Leeteuk’s stomach. They stepped out of the elevator and followed Kangin to his nice red sports car. Leeteuk paled as his nerves increased.
“Are you okay?”
Leeteuk looked up to see Kangin looking at him with care and worry in his eyes. “I’m fine. Let’s just go to school.” LEeteuk shakily walked to the car, ready to get in when Kangin stopped him.
Kangin grabbed his wrist and pulled him into his embrace. Leeteuk stiffened. “Relax. Everything will be alright. Trust me.” Kangin gently stroked his back. “I know why you’re scared but don’t worry. I’ll keep you safe. I’ll protect you with my life.”
Leeteuk looked up to see Kangin’s smiling face. He didn’t know why but he felt he could trust Kangin. He kind of reminded him of someone he knew. The longer he looked at Kangin, the more he relazed. He didn’t realize Kangin had put him in the car until the door closed and Kangin was rounding the hood to get in the driver’s seat.
Sungmin placed a comforting hand on Leeteuk’s shoulder. “Don’t worry. Everything will be alright. We’re here for you, Teukie hyung.”
“Don’t worry, Teukie hyung. Kangin hyung is a very good driver.”
“Yeah…okay…” Leeteuk gve a small smile and stared at his lap.
Kangin reached over and gripped Leeteuk’s hand in his. “It’ll be alright. Trust me.” He gave him a reassuring smile and squeeze before he started the engine.
Leeteuk closed his eyes and prayed for his life.

“We’re here.”
Leeteuk opened his eyes to see them parked at school. Sungmin and Ryeowook were already out of the car waiting for him. He looked to his right and saw Kangin waiting for him with the door open.
Leeteuk blushed and slowly got out of the car. “Thank you for the ride, Kangin-ssi.”
“It was my pleasure.” He took Leeteuk’s hand and gently kissed it.
Leeteuk blushed an even brighter red. He grabbed his books and ran inside, completely ignoring Sungmin and Ryeowook. The two stared after Leeteuk then at Kangin who winked and waved.
“I’ll see you after school, alright?”
“Sure. Bye, Kangin hyung.” Ryeowook waved and followed Sungmin to where Eunhyuk and Donghae were waiting.
“Hey, how are you doing?”
“Alright. Where’s Teukie?”
Sungmin giggled. “Interesting story…”
“Ooo…do tell.” Donghae and Eunhyuk scooted closer to Sungmin.
“You guys remember Kangin-ssi from before?”
“Ryeowook’s cousin?”
“Yep. Well, last night he came over to take care of me and let Wookie rest. Then he gave us a ride to school.”
“You mean you and Wookie?”
“And Teukie hyung since he came over to check on me.”
“Oh…so then what happened?”
“Well Teukie hyung freaked out but Kangin-ssi miraculously calmed him down. We got to school and Kangin helped him out and placed a kiss on his hand.”
“Let me guess. Teukie hyung blushed and ran away?”
“Yep. And remembered when he blushed before?” Sungmin smiled and wiggled his eyebrows. “Looks like our Teukie hyung has a crush. You know what that means?”
Donghae grinned. “Yay! We finally get to do this. It’s been so long since Teukie hyung was interested in someone.”
“I thought he would never move on.”
“Wait, what?” Ryeowook looked at the three confused.
At that moment, the bell rang.
“Oh shoot, we gotta go. Can’t be late again.” Donghae came running back with a grin.
“What are you doing here?”
“I forgot something.” He grabbed Hyukkie’s things and crutches, then lifted him bridal style before walking into the school.
Sungmin and Ryeowook ran behind to watch them.
Donghae wasn’t affected by all the stares, he was happy to have Eunhyuk in his arms. Eunhyuk was blushing a bright red, hiding his face between his arms and Donghae’s neck.
Donghae went into their class and deposited Eunhyuk in his seat before taking his. Eunhyuk buried his head in his arms while Donghae sat there, grinning like an idiot.
Sungmin and Ryeowook looked at them from the doorway and shook their heads.
“Hae is such an idiot sometimes. Come on, let’s get to class before we’re considered late.”
The two scurried off to make it just in time for role call.


“Hey partner.”
“Hey, Hae.” Ryeowook turned to Sungmin with an apologetic smile. “Sorry but I gotta go.”
Sungmin frowned. “Yeah…well see you after class.”
The two moved off to their seats. Ryeowook happily plopped down next to Donghae who began chatting animatedly. Sungmin braced himself and looked towards the back where his partner was waiting. Kyuhyun was relaxed in his seat, looking at Sungmin with a smirk on his face. Sungmin frowned as he took his seat next to him.
“You get my message?”
“Yeah…so you wanted to meet this weekend to work on the project?”
“Yeah, the sooner, the better.”
“Okay…but why are we meeting at the mall?”
“I have my reason.”
“Okay…so should we talk about what our project will be about?”
“Oh, I already have it all figured out.”
“Without me? Wow…great teamwork…” Sungmin hugged and crossed his arms in annoyance.
“Wait, what?” Kyuhyun looked at Sungmin confused. “Oh, oh…no I-I haven’t thought about the project yet. I-I was thinking about something else. Sorry.” Kyuhyun gave Sungmin a sheepish smile that almost melted him until Kyuhyun ruined it by flashing a quick smile at him.
Sungmin frowned and looked away, down at his books and ignoring Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun frowned and spent the rest of the class trying to get Sungmin’s attention.
Ryeowook smiled, watching Kyuhyun’s failed attempts. He chuckled quietly to himself before turning back to Donghae. “So we decided?”
“Yep. We’ll meet at your house tomorrow to begin.”
At that moment, the bell rang. Donghae zoomed out of class, leaving his things behind. Ryeowook sighed and began packing up all his things. He grabbed Donghae’s things and turned to get his but found them missing. He looked up and found a girl standing next to his desk, holding his things. She smiled.
“Come on, Ryeowook oppa. You don't want to be late for class.”
Ryeowook looked a little confused for a moment before walking to his next class, followed by the girl. He went to his seat, put Donghae’s things down, and waited for the girl to give him his things. Instead, she placed his things on his desk, arranging things the way he would have it. Ryeowook was surprised but that didn’t faze him. When she was going to leave, he dropped into a bow.
“Thank you.”
She returned his bow. “You’re welcome but think of it as a duty of your fanclub. We’re here to help you.” She smiled and left for her class.
“So what was that about?”
Ryeowook turned to see Donghae standing behind him. “I don’t know…still trying to comprehend what happened.”
“Okay…well let’s sit down. Class is going to start and I think we get to blow something up today.”
“Correction: you get to blow something up. But you know that’s never a lab.”
“I know.” Donghae smiled and looked at the board.
Ryeowook smiled and shook his head. “I can’t believe you have such a talent. Even with things you wouldn’t think could blow up, you do it. No wonder you’re considered a hazard.”
Donghae laughed. “Wait and see what happens when we go out into the real world looking for jobs.”


As soon as class ended, the same girl was there. She grabbed Ryeowook’s things and followed him to lunch. After putting Ryeowook’s things down, she snapped her fingers and some other girls came over, carrying a boxed lunch. “Hope you enjoy.” She smiled and moved away to where most of the other members of Ryeowook’s fanclub were.
Everyone at the table stared at Ryeowook.
“Well, come on. Open it.”
Ryeowook opened the lid and stared at the prettily arranged lunchbox. There was rice, egg, sausages, little pieces of veggie arranged to make a heart and music notes.
A few tables away, Yesung was sneaking glances at Ryeowook. Ever since he saw that girl with Ryeowook’s stuff, he’s been on edge.
Kyuhyun has been slightly depressed ever since Sungmin started ignoring him in English.
Kibum was secretly enjoying his two friends’ moos, as it was so rare to see them like this.
“So how are you?”
“Fine, you?”
Kyuhyun just made a small noise as acknowledgement.
Kibum smiled. “I’m fine. So would the two of you like to tell me what’s put you in such a mood? You were perfectly fine this morning.”
“Nothing, just leave it, Kibum.” Yesung had caught the look in Kibum’s eyes.
“I’m going to go.” Kyuhyun left, leaving his uneaten lunch behind.
Yesung looked over to see Ryeowook happily chatting with his friends. He wished he could have Ryeowook’s smile directed at him and him alone. His eyes narrowed when he caught sight of that same girl coming over to Ryeowook.
Before he could even think, he was walking to Ryeowook’s table and standing right behind hi, just as the girl got there. “Hey Ryeowook, it’s time for us to get to class.” He grabbed Ryeowook’s bag and waited for him to get up.
“Yesung-ssi! What are you doing here?” Ryeowook looked at him confused. “And why are you holding my bag?”
“Oh sorry.” Yesung felt embarrassed and handed him his bag.
Ryeowook placed it over his shoulder and turned to his friends. “I’ll see you later.” He gave a smile to the girl before following Yesung to the practice room.
Yesung frowned but said nothing.
“Yesung-ssi, why did you come get me at lunch?”
“Because we need to practice. We have a performance coming up.”
“But I thought that wasn’t until –“
“Anyway, we need to get as much practice in as we can. You’re still a little rough with your singing.”
Ryeowook gasped. “It there were problems with my singing, why didn’t you tell me before?” He frowned and walked away, leaving a shocked Yesung staring after him.
Kyuhyun opened the door and found Yesung just standing there. “You coming in?”
“He-he just walked away.”
“Who?” Kyuhyun smiled, knowing who he was talking about.
“Ryeowook. He was walking with me –“
“And then after something I said, he just…walked away.”
Kyuhyun’s eyes narrowed. “What did you say to him?”
“Well, I told him we needed to practice and that he was still…uh…a little rough…with his singing?”
“You told him he was still a little rough with his singing?” Yesung sheepishly nodded.
“Are you crazy?!?! Do you have any idea what you just did to him? How would you feel if someone told you that? IDIOT!!!” Kyuhyun walked into the practice room and slammed the door. Yesung reached out to open it but Kyuhyun’s voice stopped him. “Don’t you dare open that door. You’re not allowed back in without Ryeowook. Now go.”
Yesung frowned but knew the younger was serious. He sighed and walked away, wondering where Ryeowook could’ve gone.


After leaving Yesung, Ryeowook wondered where he could go. He had to get rid of the feelings rolling around inside him. He could go play and sing on a piano but he was bound to be disturbed. He wandered past an empty kitchen and stopped. A small smile crossed his face.

Hankyung was on his way back from the supply closet when he spied a little figure bustling around the kitchen. He smiled as he quietly opened the door and stepped in.
“Hi Hankyung hyung.”
“Hi Wookie. What are you making?”
“Cookeis and a cake.”
“Need help?”
“Sure, you can stir that bowl of batter.”
Hankyung moved behind the counter to grab the bowl and spoon. He watched Ryeowook move around as he stirred. He was a well-oiled machine. He rolled balls of dough, arranged them neatly on the tray. When the timer went off, he pulled out the tray and put in the new one. After letting the cookies cool, he’d put them on a plate. He’d quickly rinse the tray before starting the process over.
“Hey Wookie, why don’t you call me by my nickname?”
“You mean Han-“
“The other one. The one I taught you.”
“You mean gege?”
Hankyung laughed at Ryeowook’s expression. “Yes.” Hankyung smiled. “You haven’t changed.”
“Not really, gege. Now are you done?”
Hankyung looked down. “Yeah.” He handed the bowl to Ryeowook who began pouring it into different pans. Once that was done, they waited for the last of the cookies to finish before putting the cakes in.
Hankyung swiped a cookie from the plate and took a bite. “So care to tell me what’s wrong?”
“What do you mean?”
“You’re baking cookies and a cake. It’s not a special occasion so someone hurt your feelings. You’re sad,” pointing to the cookies, “and angry,” pointing to the cake. “Let me take a wild guess. Your crush, who shall remain nameless,” Hankyung glanced at Ryeowook who blushed, “said something to you that hurt you so I’m guessing it was about your singing. You normally don’t make cakes especially little individual ones unless someone said something against your singing and even then, it has to be someone you have feelings for for you to get this upset.”
Hankyung took another cookie. “No music room free?”
Ryeowook shrugged. “I didn’t want any disturbances while I vented.”
Hankyung nodded. “Alright…so do you want to talk about it now?”
“No, maybe after school. Now excuse me while I start making the icing.”
“No decorations?”
“Don’t have the time or patience. Now are you going to help me or not?”
Hankyung took another cookie and popped it into his mouth. “I’ll help you.”


Yesung was still wandering the halls, wondering where Ryeowook could have gone. He had checked the music rooms but found them empty or occupied by other students. He was racking his brains for where Ryeowook could possibly be when he smelled something delicious. Feeling his stomach growl a little, he followed his nose to find a crowd of students jostling to look through the tiny window inside.
“What’s going on?”
“The new kid and Hankyung are baking together.”
The guy turned around and paled a little. He quickly dropped into a bow. “Oh sorry, Yseung-ssi. I didn’t realize you were behind me or asking questions. Well it’s known that Hankyung is the best cook in school. Normally he doesn’t cook with or for anyone so for him to be doing that with the new kid is a surprise. And on top of that, who knew the new kid could cook like that? He’s amazing. I wonder if I can get a bite of his food. His cookies and cakes smell delicious.” The guy smiled and turned back to try and peek into the room.
At that moment, the door opened and Ryeowook stepped into the doorway with a smile. “Hello. I was wondering if you could help me out. I have some leftover food and don't’ know who to give it to.”
Lots of jostling and shouting commenced. Everyone was trying to get a bit of food.
“Now, now, calm down.” Everyone quieted. “Now, I’m going to leave. You guys are free to come in and eat my food and if you should make a mess, you’ll have to deal with Hankyung hyung.”
Ryeowook smiled brightly. “Enjoy.” He closed the door and came back out, carrying a basket. He waved to everyone before walking away, followed by Hankyung.
Everyone quickly rushed inside.
Yesung was torn between wanting a taste of Ryeowook’s cooking and going after Ryeowook. He sighed to himself. “I guess I got to do what I came here to do.” He quickly raced off to catch up with Ryeowook and Hankyung.
Hopefully he might still be able to taste some of Ryeowook’s cooking if he was forgiven.

A/N: another update ^^ hope you enjoyed heeheehee yesung is a lovable idiot, isn't he?
Tags: eunhae, hanchul, just a high school love story, kangteuk, kyumin, multi-chaptered, sibum, yewook

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