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Title: Chen’s Muscles (specifically biceps)
Pairing: Chen/Lay
Word Count: 1116
Summary: Lay’s a bit surprised when he realizes little Chen Chen has some muscles. (inspired by this and this)

Chen showed off his muscles to show how strong he was, that he could endure the slide.
Lay looked at Chen’s muscles then Chen.
Chen looked at Lay a bit confused before moving towards the slide to begin his challenge.
Lay put a block on his thoughts and watched Chen, shouting out words of encouragement.

Unfortunately, Chen wasn’t able to stay up long. Lay did his best to comfort him but there wasn’t much he could do and he had to keep his mind on the games.
Besides, he could just talk to Chen later and there were a few things he wanted to discuss anyway.


Exo-M wandered into their dorm, feeling exhausted from the day full of games. But at least everyone had fun.
Lay wandered into the kitchen to whip up some quick dinner for them to eat. He knew most of the members wanted to go to sleep.
As he placed the plates of food on the table, he leaned over to whisper into Luhan’s ear.
“Hey, do you think you could sleep in Kris’s room tonight? I wanted to talk to Chen Chen.”
Luhan looked at Lay and smiled brightly. “Sure.” He gave Lay a wink as Lay moved away.
Lay stared at Luhan for a moment before shaking his head and passing out the remaining plates of food.

Once everyone had finished eating, Lay gathered the dirty dishes and left them in the sink. He could wash them later. He smiled at Chen who had brought the remainder of the dishes to the sink.
Lay reached out and grabbed Chen’s hand before he could leave.
Chen looked at Lay puzzled.
“I need to speak to you.”
“Okay, where should we go talk?”
“My room.” Lay washed his hands and led Chen into his and Luhan’s room.
The two sat on Lay’s bed together.
“So answer me this: when did you get those muscles? I don’t think I’ve seen you go to the gym that often.”
Chen smiled as he leaned back on his arms. “I tend to go around the same time you go off and dance by yourself. I don’t work out for long, just enough so I stay fit.”
“How come you didn’t tell me before?”
Chen shrugged his shoulders. “Why are you asking? Is it because of today?”
Chen smirked. “Liked what you saw?”
“Well…uh yes…I uh I never realized you had muscles like that.”
“They’re similar to yours. Why? Does me having muscles change anything, gege?” Chen smiled as he rubbed a hand up and down Lay’s arm.
“Chen Chen…”
“Xing Xing gege.” Chen smiled brightly at Lay as his hand began to wander to other places.
“What are you doing? Aren’t you tired?”
“Aren’t you? Isn’t this why you wanted to talk with me?” Chen toyed with the top button of Lay’s pants.
“Chen Chen…”
“Aww come on, Xing Xing gege.” Chen brought his other hand into play, running it up Lay’s chest, under his shirt.
“Chen Chen…we should go to sleep. Today was a long day.”
“Aww, gege…come on. Please.” Chen pouted.
Lay smiled and rested a hand on Chen’s cheek as he leaned down to give him a small kiss. “You’re cute but no. We need to sleep. Now come on.”
Lay laid down on his bed and patted the space next to him.
Chen looked at Lay at the spot then back at Lay. A sly smile crossed his face.
Lay watched as Chen leaned down. His eyes widened when Chen grabbed his arms and pinned them next to his head.
“Chen Chen…?”
Chen smiled as he straddled Lay’s waist. “Don’t worry, Xing Xing gege. Let Chen Chen take care of everything.”
Lay saw the muscles on Chen’s arm flex and felt his resistance slipping.
Chen noticed and decided to press his luck even more. He leaned down and let his breath fan over Lay’s neck.
Lay squirmed. “Chen Chen…”
Chen grinned and pressed a light kiss on Lay’s neck.
“Gege, relax.” Chen reached down and pulled Lay’s shirt off. “I’ll take good care of you.”
Chen grabbed the top of Lay’s pants and quickly removed them along with his boxers. He grinned, seeing Lay’s hard cock spring up. “Someone’s excited.”
“Chen Chen…” Lay whined and squirmed under Chen.
“Oh, I know what you want.” Chen released Lay’s hands briefly to shed his clothes. He straddled Lay, pinning his arms to the mattress again. “Better?”
“Only slightly. Chen Chen, stop teasing your Xing Xing gege.”
Chen smiled as he rubbed his erection against Lay’s. “But it’s fun doing this.”
“Yes but this doesn’t satisfy you, Chen Chen, does it?”
“No, but this does.” Lay choked on his breath as Chen took Lay’s cock raw.
“Chen Chen!”
Chen groaned and grinned down at Lay. He moved up and down, moaning at the sensation. “Gege…you feel so good.”
“Chen Chen…” Lay groaned. “You know we’ve never done it like this before.”
“I-I know…but I was just so impatient. And-and I had to show you…prove to you…” Chen groaned as he rode Lay’s cock a bit harder.
“Show me what? Prove what?”
“I saw you checking out my muscles. I wanted to show them off…to you. And I wanted to prove that we weren’t too tired for this. You could never be tired for this.” Chen smiled as he moved his hips and caused Lay’s cock to hit a certain spot inside him. He groaned and did it again, placing his hands on Lay’s chest for more leverage.
“Chen Chen…”
“Say my real name, gege.”
“Only if you do.” Lay gripped Chen’s waist and helped him move up and down on his cock.
“I’m getting close, Yixing gege.”
“So am I, Jongdae-ah.” Lay grinned as he watched Chen stiffen before coming all over their stomachs.
Lay came a few seconds later, feeling Chen tighten around his cock. He reached over to his nightstand to grab some tissues to clean them up. Then he pulled Chen to lie down next to him, wrapping his arms around him.
“Good night, Chen Chen.”
“Gege, don’t you have to tell me something first?”
“Hmm…” Lay cracked open an eye to see Chen looking at him expectantly. He leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on his lips. “I love you. There, happy now? Now go to sleep.”
Chen pouted and snuggled further into Lay’s arms. “No, but I love you too.”
Lay smiled as he watched Chen quickly fall asleep, the day and night’s activity catching up to him. He pulled Chen closer and snuggled into him, no doubt sure that Chen would try to make his point again at a later date and time.
And he couldn’t wait.

A/N: I have no clue what just sprouted out of me. really wanted to write something based off Chen’s muscles which was kind of a surprise to me ^^ but didn’t dislike it, actually liked it ;) but yeah…I have no idea what this is O_O and I turned it into smut…that seems to be a slight problem with me XD most of my exo fics have smut in them XD
Tags: chen/lay, one shot, r/nc-17

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