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Title: Midnight Messenger
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan, ninja Baekhyun/Chanyeol, minor Tao/Kris
Word Count: 8264
Summary: Every night, Luhan talks to his Midnight Messenger. He has no idea who this guy is but he’s half in love with him. On the other hand, a boy named Sehun, a new member of his dance crew, has caught his eye. Torn between two guys, Luhan must find the one he truly loves.

“Luhan? Luhan?”
Luhan lifted his head off the desk to look at Lay. “Hmm?”
“Class is over.”
“Huh?” Luhan looked around at the empty classroom. “Oh right.” He got up and gathered his books and bag and followed Lay to the cafeteria. Their other friends were already at the table, eating lunch.
“Did Luhan fall asleep in class again?” Chen grinned from his seat at the table.
“Yeah and the teacher completely ignored him again.”
“It’s ‘cause he looks so adorable when he sleeps. Have you heard the girls gushing about it?”
“Yeah and it’s completely annoying and unfair.”
“He still gets good grade even if he snoozes in class.”
“Again, unfair. I thought you were gonna go to sleep earlier last night.”
“I was but …” Luhan blushed. “I got distracted and ended up going to bed even later than normal.”
“Your Midnight Messenger?” Chen, Lay, and Xiumin grinned at the blushing Luhan.
“Seriously, when are you gonna meet him in person? You guys have been chatting online for months now.”
“Not months, just three.”
“You kept count?” Four pairs of eyes stared at Luhan. “You seriously need to meet this guy in person. You’re half in love with him already.”
“Am not.”
“Are too. You’re like a girl in love. You know all his favorites and stay up late talking with him. You daydream when you don’t sleep in class and blush whenever we mention him.”
“No, I don’t.”
“Yes, you do. We’ll prove it. Mirror.” Kris and Tao reached into their pockets and each eithdrew a handheld pocket mirror. Xiumin grabbed one and held it up so Luhan could see his face.
“Now your Midnight Messenger’s favorite hobby is?”
Luhan blushed. “Dancing.” He gasped when he saw his cheeks go pink. “Oh no no no. You’re right. But what do I do? What do I do? How can I like him when I never even met him?”
“Well a good personality can do wonders for decent looks.”
“What are you talking about, Tao? Is that supposed to be philosophical?”
Tao just shrugged and went back to his book on Chinese philosophy. Luhan sighed and buried his face in his arms, ignoring his lunch.

A group of guys passed by. Tao acknowledged the waves from two guys as they passed by to their own table.
“So explain to me how Sehun almost fell asleep in class again today.”
“He was staying up late again, chatting to his Midnight Messenger.”
“Again? Sehun-ah, I thought we discussed this. No staying up late. You need your rest. We can’t have your grades slipping.”
“I know, I know., D.O. umma. I promise it won’t happen again.”
“That’s what you said last time.”
“Alright, alright, I’ll prove it. Kai can watch me. He can hit me, drag me away from the computer, anything if I’m not asleep by curfew.”
A bright smile crossed Kai’s face. “Anything?”
“Anything.” Sehun smiled.


mm_bubblydoe: Hi ^^ how was your day?
mm_dancingwind: Hello ^^ I almost got caught sleeping again >.<
mm_bubblydoe: I was sleeping (^o^)
mm_dancingwind: How did you not get caught?
mm_bubblydoe: Blame it on my face. Women can’t resist me.
mm_dancingwind: I would like to see your face. Would you like to meet in person sometime?

Luhan stared at his computer. Did he want to meet his Midnight Messenger in person?

mm_dancingwind: You don’t have to answer now. I’ll give you time to think but I have to go. I promised my friends I’d go to sleep early tonight or else I face my roommate’s punishment. Bye.
mm_dancingwind has disconnected.

Luhan looked at the message again before typing his response.

mm_bubblydoe: Sure, I’d love to.


Sehun wandered from class to class in a daze. Some of his friends looked at him worriedly. Chanyeol poked Sehun’s cheek, getting no response.
“Has he been like this all day?” Baekhyun curled up closer to Chanyeol.
“Yeah. I don’t know what’s wrong. He actually went to bed early. He went on the computer for a moment before getting off and going to bed. I didn’t even get a chance to punish him.”
“No one in their right mind wants to get punished by you, Kai.” Baekhyun shivered. “It’s terrifying. Not to mention scarring.”
“Well I hope he snaps out of it soon. We have that big assignment coming up in our dance class.”
“Oh right. And if we don’t hurry up, we’re gonna miss group assignments.”
The six boys got up off the grass and rushed towards the dance building.

They arrived just as the teacher was coming in holding a piece of paper.
“Hello class. As you can see, I have brought all my dance students together in preparation of the year end dance show. Now I will be dividing all of you into groups, assigning you a song and you will have to come up with a dance together to perform at the year end show. Please pay attention when your name is called.”
As names were called, people got up and formed groups. Some groups were small, some groups were big.
“Suho, D.O., Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Kai, Sehun, Kris, Luhan, Lay, Chen, Xiumin, Tao.” All twelve boys stood up. Kai and Sehun waved at Tao. They all moved off into an unoccupied space.
“Here’s the song.” Kris held out the CD he picked up from the teacher on his way over. “Btw, I’m Kris.”
“Luhan.” Sehun felt his heart skip a beat when he looked at Luhan.
“Sehun.” Luhan could feel the heat rising in his cheeks when he glanced at Sehun. Chen noticed and poked Lay to get his attention. The two shared smiles.
“So how should we do this?”
“Let’s exchange contact.”
“No need. I have Tao’s number and Tao has mine. If we ever need to meet up, we’ll text each other and tell the rest since you six are already friends and hang out and the six of us hang out.” Sehun gave a slight glare at Kai, who looked at him puzzled. He just shook his head.
“Hey, why don’t we get together this weekend?”
“Wait, don’t you have a party this weekend, D.O.?”
“Oh right. I was planning this huge party for Saturday. You guys are invited of course.”
“Thanks. So how do we do this?”
“Anyone have speakers so we can listen to this?”
“Why don’t we go to a practice room? They have great sound systems.”
“Alright. Let’s hurry and nab the biggest one. Some of the other groups already left.” The twelve boys left the main dance room to search for an available practice space.
“Hey, look. They’ve already been reserved.” Xiumin pointed to pieces of paper stuck on each practice room.
“Maybe the teacher did this beforehand.”
“I think so. Here’s our names and it’s the biggest practice space.” Chen opened the door.
“Whoa…” The twelve boys walked inside and stared. Two walls were covered in mirrors. There were some couches along another wall near the sound system.
“Alright. Let’s get this party started. What?” Kai looked puzzled, seeing eleven pairs of eyes staring at him. “Someone go put in the music.”
Kris walked over to the sound system and put the cd in. He adjusted the volume before pressing play. Music began playing out of the speakers.
“Ooo…good choice professor. Just my style.” Kai placed his bag on the couch and went to the middle of the room. He let the music flow through him before letting his body follow.
“Wow, he’s good.”
“That’s nothing. Wait until Sehun joins him.” At that moment, Sehun got up from his spot to join Kai on the floor. Kai barely broke his rhythm and concentration as Sehun joined him. The two worked well together, each copying the other’s moves when if felt right or ceding the floor to the other. The two had a good connection to work in sync like that.
“Come on, Luhan. Let’s show them what we got.” Lay stood up, followed by Luhan. They moved over to where Sehun and Kai were dancing.
“Move aside.” Lay and Luhan slid into Sehun and Kai’s spot, pushing the two out of the way. Moving in sync, Luhan and Lay broke into routine.
Sehun watched Luhan, captivated by his moves. He caught Luhan’s eye and saw him wink at him. He felt his cheeks heat up and glanced at Kai. Kai gave a nod with a look of challenge. Sehun grinned back and followed Kai. They broke into Lay and Luhan’s dance to issue a challenge.
The other eight boys watchd in amusement as the four engaged in a mock dance battle.
Baekhyun poked Chanyeol to direct his attention to Luhan and Sehun. Sparkes seemed to be flying between the two. He whispered something in Chanyeol’s ears and the two shared matching grins.
The four were breathing heavily as the song ended. They looked over when they heard some clapping from the others.
“Well done, well done. But how are we going to choreograph something for all twelve of us?”
“We can use the same principle as their dance just now. We can form two teams. One team starts then transition to the other. We’ll have Kai and Sehun do a routine together then have Lay and Luhan push them out to do their routine. They’ll issue a dance battle so one by one, each of us will do a lot of freestyle and since there won’t be a winner, we’ll do a group routine together. How does that sound?”
“Sounds good to me.” Everyone gave a sound of agreement. “So shall we get started?”
“You guys can. We’re going to take a rest.” Lay plopped down next to Luhan who was taking a big drink from his bottled water. Sehun was already fast asleep on Kai’s shoulder.
“Oh Sehun.” Suho reached over and draped his sweatshirt over the sleeping boy. “He hasn’t been getting much sleep and that dance just now must have tired him out even more.”
“Why hasn’t he been sleeping?”
“He’s been staying up late, chatting with someone online.”
“Hey, that sounds like Luhan. He’s been sleeping in class lately from staying up late, chatting with someone online.”
“You don’t think…” The guys looked at Sehun and Luhan who had just fallen asleep.
“Only time will tell but I did notice something going between them earlier.”
“Did you see them while they were dancing? There were so many sparks I thought someone was going to catch on fire.”
“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Ten pairs of eyes looked at each other with mischief playing across their faces.


mm_dancingwind: Hello?
mm_bubblydoe: Hi ^^ How was your day? Fall asleep?
mm_dancingwind: Yes T_T Had to practice for year end dance show.
mm_bubblydoe: Wow…that’s cool. I did that too.
mm_dancingwind: You dance O_O?
mm_bubblydoe: Yes, I didn’t tell you?
mm_dancingwind: No. Btw, did you really want to meet up?
mm_bubblydoe: Yes, I want to meet my sleepless friend.
mm_dancingwind: Sleepless friend?
mm_bubblydoe: We stay up late talking to each other so you’re my sleepless friend. So when would you like to meet?
mm_dancingwind: My friend is having a party this weekend. I can see if you can come if you want.
mm_bubblydoe: I would like to but do you think it’ll be alright? Is it too much trouble?
mm_dancingwind: No trouble. I bet my friends want to meet the person responsible for keeping me awake at night.
mm_bubblydoe: ^^ Okay. Oh wait, I might have plans this weekend. I have another party to go to. But I would like to meet you.
mm_dancingwind: Maybe you can stop by for an hour or so and then go to your party.
mm_bubblydoe: Okay ^^ Let me know the place and time and what you’ll wear so I can find you
mm_dancingwind: Alright, will do. Now I have to go or my roommate will get me.
mm_bubblydoe: Okay, until tomorrow ^^

Luhan got off his computer and stared at the wall, lost in his thoughts. He was finally going to meet his Midnight Messenger, someone, he will admit only to himself, that he is half in love with.
But what about the guy he saw earlier, Sehun? Something about the boy excited him like no other. He was kinda hoping to maybe get to know him better and see if something happened.
But what about his Midnight Messenger? He can’t like two people.

Lay walked into his and Luhan’s room to see Luhan staring at the wall with a frown on his face. “Luhan? What’s the matter?”
“I’m going to meet my Midnight Messenger this weekend.”
“Really? That’s great. Wait, don’t we have –“
“Yeah. I was going to meet him first at his party then go to ours.”
“Hmm…alright. That means on Saturday, you have to let me dress you up.”
“Fine. Gawd, I feel nervous about meeting him. I mean what if I like him, then what happens to Sehun?”
Lay lifted an eyebrow at Luhan. Luhan scoffed.
“Oh please, I’m not stupid. I know you know about my little crush on Sehun. You knew the moment I knew so don’t give me that. What do I do?”
“Nothing. You’ll be shy and awkward-ish around Sehun and giddy and smiling over your Midnight Messenger. Why would something change?”
“Because I’m going to meet my Midnight Messenger this weekend. I’m half in love with him but I also like Sehun. I can’t like two guys at once. Ahhhh!” Luhan grabbed his pillow and covered his face with it.
“Hey, what’s going on?” Tao poked his head in.
“Luhan’s having a love crisis.”
“Now?” Tao looked puzzled. “Why?”
“He likes his Midnight Messenger and Sehun. He can’t like two people at once.”
“And he’s freaking out now, why?”
“’Cause he’s meeting his Midnight Messenger this weekend.”
Tao’s eyes lit up and he bounced in to sit on Luhan’s bed. “Gege, gege, this is so exciting. I wanna come with you. I want to meet your Midnight Messenger too.”
Luhan peeked out from under his pillow. “Oh hello Tao. Well I’m meeting him at his party before going to ours this weekend. I know you don’t want to miss the party. So I’ll be fine.”
“If you’re sure, gege.”
“I’m sure. Now go to bed. It’s past midnight.” Luhan got under his blankets and curled up into a ball, quickly falling asleep.
Tao looked at Lay who shrugged and signaled Tao to leave.
“Did you want me to do some digging?”
“Nah, we’ll just wait. Things will work out.”
“Alright. Good night gege.”
“Night, Tao.”


Lay poked Luhan’s cheek. “Luhan, time to get up. It’s lunchtime.”
Luhan got up groggily, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. “Hmm?”
“It’s time for lunch. Now let’s go.”

Chen waved at the two from across the cafeteria. Their table seemed to have more people than normal. It only took a moment to realize their dance partners were sitting with them.
“Hey you two. Luhan fall asleep again?”
“Yeah. He seems more tired than usual. Hey guys.” Lay smiled and greeted everyone at the table.
Luhan was still waking up a bit and gave them all a sleepy smile and hello. Sehun felt his insides melt at the cuteness that was Luhan.
“Is he gonna be ready for practice later?”
“Yeah. Don’t worry. He’s just worried over something so had a fitful sleep last night.”
“Oh okay.”
“Hey, before I forget, here’s my address.” D.O. gave them each a piece of paper with his address. “Party starts at 9. Come whenever you want. It’ll go all night long.”
“Okay thanks.”


The twelve boys collapsed on the floor of the practice room. Towels and bottles were passed around.
Luhan was about to take a drink when he noticed Sehun already drinking his. He could only stare as he looked at Sehun’s neck glistening with sweat. He noticed a water droplet sliding down Sehun’s neck. He wanted to lick it and have a taste of Sehun’s lips while he was at it.
“Hey Luhan. Tone down the eyes. You’re turning up the temperature.”
Luhan completely ignored Lay. Lay glanced over at Tao for help. Tao looked at Kris who stood up and dumped the rest of his water over Luhan’s head, snapping him out of his state.
“Hey…” Luhan glanced up to see Kris towering over him.
“Take a drink before you pass out from dehydration.” He walked away and grabbed another bottle.
Luhan couldn’t help pouting a little before grabbing a bottle to take a drink.
Now it was Sehun’s turn to stare. He couldn’t think of a better sight than Luhan dripping wet, well maybe naked Luhan dripping wet.
Sehun hit his cheek to get rid of that provocative image before any other evidence of his desires popped up. He looked at Luhan, wanting to lick and bit him all over.
Kai noticed Sehun staring at Luhan and grinned. He took another bottle, opened it, and pretended to trip, spilling it all over Sehun’s lap.
“Hey, what’s the big idea, Kai?”
“Sorry, I tripped. But it looked like you needed a cool down.”
“Oh yeah?” Sehun grabbed a nearby water bottle. “So do you.” He splashed the rest of the contents on Kai.
“Hey!” Kai grabbed another water bottle.
“Hey you two. What are you doing?” Suho stepped between the two, placing a hand on each of their chests. D.O. grabbed the bottle of water from Kai. “We’re not supposed to get the floor wet. Now go clean it up. I think we’ve all rested and cooled down now.”
Sehun glanced over to see Luhan looking at him curiously. He looked down and noticed his pants were thoroughly soaked. He felt the heat rising to his cheeks and glanced away. He grabbed the towel Tao held out to him and began to mop up the mess.
Luhan had already wiped up the mess Kris had made dumping the water over him.
“Alright guys. Let’s do it again.”


Luhan collapsed in his bed as soon as he got home. He was too tired to even turn on his computer for his nightly chat.
Lay came in a few moments later. He glanced over at Luhan’s bed and smiled seeing Luhan fast asleep. He gently tucked him in and went to bed himself.

The next day Luhan was bouncing around like his usual self, before he had lost sleep over his Midnight Messenger. At lunch, six boys were staring at Luhan, shocked and amazed at the change.
“In case you’re wondering, this is what a good night’s sleep does to Luhan. He’s normally like this but he’s been getting little sleep lately.” Tao kept reading and eating after his little explanation for Luhan.

At dance practice, even after going through the routine many times, Luhan still had energy to go.
“Gege, aren’t you even tired? I almost wish you were still sleepy.”
“Oh come on, you guys.” Luhan bounced in place.
“If you still have energy, put on a show for us.”
Luhan smiled. “Sure.” He went over to the sound system and plugged in his ipod.
As the music played on the speakers, Luhan moved to the middle of the floor. He let the music guide him as he danced.
Sehun watched Luhan with admiration and desire. How could someone so adorable dance with such charisma? Sehun caught Luhan’s eyes who gave him a wink.
At the end of the song, Luhan caught Sehun’s eye again and winked. He went over to Lay who handed him a bottle of water.
“That was great, gege. Can we end practie with that?”
“I guess so. See you guys tomorrow.”


mm_dancingwind: Hey what happened to you yesterday? (;_;) I missed you.

Luhan felt a smile move across his face.

mm_bubblydoe: I’m sorry. I fell asleep as soon as I got home. Dance practice wiped me out.
mm_dancingwind: I know. Happened to me too but I still had enough energy to get online in the hopes of being able to talk to my bubblydoe.
mm_bubblydoe: I’m sorry *dances Suju’s Sorry Sorry dance* It won’t happen again.
mm_dancingwind: It’s fine. It’s alright. Sleep is more important. I haven’t been getting much sleep lately so it was kinda nice to get some decent sleep for once.
mm_dancingwind: Oh before I forget, here’s my friend’s address for his party tomorrow.

Luhan copied down the address on a piece of paper. It felt vaguely familiar.

mm_bubblydoe: So how will I find you tomorrow?
mm_dancingwind: I’ll be dressed all in black and waiting in the middle of the dance floor.
mm_bubblydoe: The middle of the dance floor? O_O Won’t that be crowded?
mm_dancingwind: It’s fine. I’m pretty tall so you shouldn’t really miss me.
mm_bubblydoe: How can you be sure? I wish I had more information so I know for sure if I found you or not.
mm_dancingwind: I’ll style my hair up like my bangs will be spiked up kind of style. Sorry I don’t really know style and fashion.
mm_bubblydoe: That’s okay ^^ I would tell you what I’ll be wearing but I’m not sure. You can recognize me by my doe eyes and my bubbly personality.
mm_dancingwind: (>_<) That doesn’t help me at all.
mm_bubblydoe: I’m sorry. Argh…how is this going to work?
mm_dancingwind: I’ll leave it up to you. I gave you a better description of myself. You will have to find me.
mm_bubblydoe: Alright but please don’t blame me if I don’t find you. I might have a hard time finding you if it’s dark and crowded. Just a warning. So don’t be disappointed if we don’t meet okay?
mm_dancingwind: Alright *pout* but I really hope I meet you tomorrow.
mm_bubblydoe: I hope so too ^^ I have to go now but hopefully I see you tomorrow.

Luhan logged off his computer to see Lay watching him.
“Everything all set for tomorrow?”
“Kinda. I have a vague idea of how to find him. Btw, this is the address but it feels familiar.” Luhan handed Lay the piece of paper with the address.
“Hey, isn’t this –“ Lay reached into his bag and pulled ou the piece of paper D.O. had given them yesterday. The two compared the addresses side by side. “So your Midnight Messenger will be at D.O.’s tomorrow? This is great. Now you only have to go to one place and we can meet your Midnight Messenger as well.”
“Yeah, great.” Luhan’s mind was racing with this new information. “I’m gonna go to bed. Want to be well rested for the party tomorrow.”


A knock sounded on Lay and Luhan’s door. Tao poked his head inside. “You guys ready?”
“Almost. Just gotta finish Luhan’s hair.”
The door opened wider to reveal Chen, Xiumin, and Kris waiting outside. “Hey, come on. I wanna meet Luhan’s Midnight Messenger.”
“Wow…Luhan, you’re looking good. Nice job, Lay.”
“Can we get going? I wanna party.”
“Alright alright.” Lay fixed a stray strand of Luhan’s hair. “There. You’re ready.”
The six boys left their place and made their way towards D.O.’s.
“Alright. Everyone knows the plan?”
“Good. We have Luhan’s brief description of what he looks like.”
“Don’t worry. We’ll make sure you find your Midnight Messenger. Now let’s go.”

D.O. opened the door before they could even knock. “Hey, glad you guys could make it. Come in, come in. The party’s just started.”
Luhan went in and started wandering to where the music was. He paused in the doorway of the living room where the makeshift dance floor was. He couldn’t catch his breath as he took in the beauty of the pale skin contrasting nicely with the all black outfit. The bangs that normally covered part of his face were lifted away from his face so he could see every inch of that beautiful face. Luhan noticed where he was standing and lost all train of thought.
“Hey Luhan, you find him yet?”
“He-He-He’s…” Luhan grabbed Lay’s arm and pulled him away to a secluded spot. “It’s Sehun. Sehun’s my Midnight Messenger.”
“Really?” Lay’s eyes widened in surprise. “Well what are you waiting for then? Go out there and get him.”
“But what is he gonna think? I can’t tell him I’m his Midnight Messenger.”
“Why not?”
“Because I don’t know if he feels the same way.”
“Then you find out.”
Lay grinned. “You dance for him.”


Sehun stood in the middle of the dance floor, slightly moving to the music. He kept an eye on the entrance but so far nothing. It was barely after 9 so it may be early for him to get here. He caught a flash of white and turned to look but it had disappeared almost as soon as it had appeared. He decided to dance a bit to pass the time. He closed his eyes and let the music sweep him away. Hopefully he found him soon. He was anxious to meet him.
The music changed and Sehun matched his movements to the beat. He still had his eyes closed but he had felt a shift in the crowd. He opened his eyes and found himself standing alone in the middle of the dance floor. Everyone seemed to be staring at him until he looked behind him and felt his eyes pop out and his mouth drop.
Luhan, dressed all in white, was making his way through the crowd to the middle of the circle.The light bounced off his light brown hair; it looked so soft, Sehun wanted to run his fingers through it to find out how soft.
Luhan stopped right in front of him. He gave him a sultry smile before doing a wave. Aa the music picked up, so did Luhan’s solo dance.
Sehun could feel the temperature rising as he watched Luhan dance seemingly just for him.
Luhan came closer to Sehun, running his hands lightly over his body and causing Sehun to involuntarily shiver.
As the music came to an end, Luhan stayed close to Sehun, taunting him to touch him. But Sehun stood there unmoving, staring at Luhan.
Luhan inwardly chuckled and came straight up to Sehun, taking his arms to wrap around his body. He made sure to keep his face just inches away from Sehun’s.
As the music changed and people moved back onto the dance floor, Luhan tightened his grip on Sehun and pressed his body even closer.
Sehun was unsure of himself. After watching Luhan dance, he now had an armful of Luhan. Luhan was all over him. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could keep his desire from showing, especially if Luhan kept moving his hips like that.
Luhan looked up and saw Sehun lick his lips. He stared at those glistening lips and thought ‘what the hell’. He leaned up a bit and swiped his tongue over Sehun’s lips.
Sehun stared down in shock. Luhan gave him a smile and licked Sehun’s lips again.
When Luhan did it a third time, he grabbed the back of Luhan’s neck and kept his face there as he attacked his lips.
Luhan clung to Sehun as he literally took his breath away. Sehun gave a cute whine when Luhan pulled away to catch his breath. Before he could even say anything, Sehun grabbed his arm and pulled him from the dance floor and up the stairs. Luhan had no time to register anything when Sehun pulled him into a room and pressed him up against the door, attacking his mouth again.
Sehun trailed his lips from Luhan’s mouth, across his cheek, down to his neck. Luhan gave a tiny whimper as Sehun licked and sucked his neck. Sehun let his fingers run all over Luhan, feeling the lean muscled body beneath him.
Luhan shivered as Sehun’s hands snuck beneath his shirt to run over his chest and back. “Se-Sehun…le-let me touch you.”
“No.” Sehun gave a tiny growl and captured Luhan’s lips again. His hands worked quickly to undo Luhan’s pants. He pulled down Luhan’s pants and boxers and took his length into his mouth before Luhan could even utter a protest.
Luhan gave a low moan as Sehun worked his mouth. “Se-Sehun…we sh-shouldn’t be doing this.” Luhan gave another moan. “It’s…it’s too soon.”
Sehun took his mouth off Luhan, causing the older to let out a little whine. “I don’t care hyung. You have no idea how much you turned me on earlier.” He stood up and pulled Luhan’s shirt off. He stripped himself as well.
Before he could pull Luhan to the bed, his back was pressed up against the door and Luhan attached to his neck. He groaned as Luhan’s hands moved down his body to take his length into his hand. He gave a few slow, smooth strokes, pulling groans from Sehun. Luhan chuckled and moved his lips from Sehun’s neck, down his chest, until he was kneeling in front of Sehun’s length. He gave a teasing lick, causing Sehun to suck in his breath and hiss it out when Luhan took as much of it into his mouth at once.
Luhan looked up, mouth stretched around Sehun’s length. Sehun gave a heartfelt groan and gripped Luhan’s hair as Luhan resumed licking and sucking his length.
Luhan let go of Sehun’s length with a grin. “Yes, Sehun?” He licked his lips.
Sehun groaned and pulled Luhan to him for a heated kiss.
As their tongues fought for dominance, Sehun directed Luhan towards the bed. Luhan’s legs hits the frame, causing him to fall backwards with Sehun on top.
Sehun lifted himself off Luhan to just look at him. His pale skin flowed in the dark. His lips were swollen and glistening and there was a slight flush to his skin.
“You’re so beautiful.”
Luhan ran a hand down Sehun’s chest. “So are you.”
“Uh Luhan…”
“Yes?” Luhan looked at Sehun who was blushing slightly.
“Is it okay if we do this?”
“And what is this?” Luhan wrapped his arms around Sehun’s neck and stared into his eyes.
“Only if you want to.” Luhan gave a cheeky grin as he moved his hips, causing their two lengths to rub together, getting a gasp from Sehun and a moan from Luhan.
“I-I-I’ve never had sex before.” Sehun looked away in embarrassment.
Luhan pulled his face back to his. “That’s okay. Trust me. I’ll make sure you enjoy it…if you want to even do it.”
“I-I do. I do wanna have sex with you.”
Luhan grinned. “Then relax. I’ll take care of everything.” He got out from under Sehun and wandered to his pants. He pulled out a small bottle and package. He placed them on the table near the bed and stood in front of Sehun.
“Sit up and lean against the wall.”
Once Sehun had moved, Luhan moved onto the open space. He leaned against the wall and spread his legs. He reached behind for the lube and spread a generous amount over his fingers and slowly stuck a finger in.
Sehun watched Luhan with wide eyes as Luhan played with himself. He felt himself get harder as he watched Luhan finger himself and stroke his own length. Without realizing it, Sehun moved across the bed to hover over Luhan. He grabbed the lube and covered his fingers. He pulled out Luhan’s fingers and quickly shoved in three fingers before Luhan could make a sound of protest.
“Sehun!” Luhan gasped as Sehun pumped his fingers in and out and covered Luhan’s hand with his own on Luhan’s length.
“Se-Sehun…” Luhan could barely think clearly, having two different sensations wreaking havor on his nerves. “I-I-I think you can stop now.”
“Why?” Sehun looked at Luhan while still moving his hands.
“Because it feels so good I’m going to come but I don’t wanna come until I feel you inside me. Now choose: with or without the condom?”
Luhan smiled. “Alright.” Luhan grabbed the lube and squirted some into his hand. He covered Sehun’s length and positioned it at his hole.
“Push in slowly.” Sehun slowly pushed in. Luhan gasped as he felt the burn of being stretched and filled.
“S-stop.” Sehun paused, only partially inside Luhan. “Gi-give me a moment and when I tell you, push in all the way.”
Luhan took a few deep breaths. Sehun was clenching his teeth. He had never felt anything as good as this before.
“Kiss me.” Sehun stared at Luhan who was looking at him. “Kiss me.”
Sehun leaned down to fit his lips over Luhan’s. As soon as their lips touched, Luhan gripped Sehun’s hips and pulled him forward. There were twin groans as Luhan felt all of Sehun’s length inside him and Sehun felt how tightly Luhan was holding his length. He couldn’t believe how amazing this was. This was better than anything he’d imagined.
“Sehun…m-move. Please.” Luhan gave a breathy moan as Sehun pulled out until only the tip was left inside then slowly pushed back in. Sehun kept up this slow pace until he felt Luhan grip his hips tightly.
“Faster, Sehun, faster.” Sehun adjusted himself and pulled a gasp from Luhan. “OMG right there.”
Sehun gave an experimental thrust. “There?”
Luhan gasped. “Yes, right there.”
Sehun set a slow, easy pace until he felt Luhan tighten his grip. He braced himself on his arms and picked up the pace. The harder and faster Sehun thrust, the wilder Luhan got. Sehun knew he’d have marks in the morning but he didn’t care. Not when it was Luhan making the marks from pleasure he, Sehun, gave him.
“Oh gawd, Sehun. Harder, faster.” Luhan’s hand snuck between their bodies to grab his length. Sehun noticed and slapped Luhan’s hand away. He used his own hand to stroke Luhan in time with his thrusts.
“Oh gawd, Sehun. I-I’m going to…”
“H-h-hold on. I’m almost there too.”
“Sehun…hurry.” Luhan clung to Sehun as Sehun moved his hand faster and thrusted harder.
“Se-Sehun!” Luhan came, spilling all over Sehun’s hand.
“Luhan!” Sehun came inside Luhan after he felt Luhan tighten even more around him. He collapsed on top of Luhan, making a bigger mess.
Luhan has his eyes closed and was breathing deeply. He’d never experienced an orgasm like that. Luhan whimpered when he felt Sehun move away and slip out. He reached out and grabbed Sehun’s wrist. “Where are you going?”
“I need to clean you up.”
“Let’s shower together.”
“Hyung, I don’t think I can go another round.”
Luhan chuckled. “Who said anything about another round? Just one is enough if it’s always like that. But we can help each other wash up.”
“Oh…okay.” Sehun leaned down and picked Luhan up.
“What are you doing?”
“Carrying you to the bathroom. I think you’re too tired to walk there.”
“And sore…or I’ll be sore tomorrow.” Luhan chuckled and wrapped his arms around Sehun’s neck, nuzzling it.
Sehun smiled as he placed Luhan in their shower. He turned on the water and climbed in behind him.


Luhan quietly crept into his room in the early morning. He quietly closed the door, making sure he didn’t wake up his roommate.
“Enjoy the party?” Luhan jumped and turned around to see Lay sitting on his bed looking at Luhan.
“Yes.” Luhan wandered to his side of the room and changed into his pajamas.
“You disappeared for most of the night. So did Sehun, your Midnight Messenger. Did anything happen?” Luhan blushed. “OMG, something did. What did you two do?”
“We uh…we…had sex.” Luhan buried his face into his pillow to hide his embarrassment.
Lay’s eyes went really wide. “OMG. Wow…Xiumin was right to give you that stuff. So what do you do now that you both had sex and know you’re each other’s Midnight Messenger?”
“Uh…yeah…about that. I never got a chance to tell him.”
“What?!? Then what’s going to happen now?”
“I don’t know.”


mm_bubblydoe: Hello?
mm_dancingwind: Hi
mm_bubblydoe: How was the party last night?
mm_dancingwind: It was good but I didn’t see you.
mm_bubblydoe: Really? (;_;) I was able to get a glimpse of you.
mm_dancingwind: And you didn’t come up to me?
mm_bubblydoe: Well I saw you with some other guy. So I didn’t want to disturb you. Did you still want to meet?
mm_dancingwind: …yes
mm_bubblydoe: Yay. I’ll give you the details tomorrow ^^ See you soon.

Sehun put his head on the desk. “Argh!”
“Hey, what’s the matter?”
Sehun looked up to see Suho standing in the doorway. “My Midnight Messenger was at the party and saw me with Luhan.”
“That’s why he didn’t come up to meet me.”
“He still wants to meet me.”
“And this is a problem…?”
“Because I have Luhan now but I would still like to meet my Midnight Messenger. Suho-hyung, it’s all a mess. I really like Luhan but I was half in love with my Midnight Messenger before. I can’t have two guys.”
Sehun cuddled into Suho’s arms, sniffling quietly.
“Hey Suho.” D.O. poked his head into the room. “You have a call.”
“Okay.” Suho signaled to D.O. to take his place. D.O. gathered Sehun into his arms as the boy began a fresh wave of sniffling tears.

Suho went out of the room and towards the phone. “Hello? Okay. Uh huh. Uh huh. Okay. See you tomorrow.”
“Who was that?”
Suho smiled. “The solution to Sehun’s problem.”


At lunch, Luhan sat next to Sehun. “Hi Sehun. Hi everyone.” He reached for Sehun’s hand who reluctantly gave it to him. “Sehun-ah, is everything okay?”
Sehun looked at Luhan and gave him a smile. “Yes, everything’s fine.”
“Are you sure?”
Luhan looked at Sehun for a moment then shrugged. He turned towards Kai and began talking animatedly with him. Suho looked at Sehun who was staring at his food, just poking at it.
“Hey Tao, where’d you get the cake?” Xiumin stared at the mini cake on Tao’s plate.
“Gege gave it to me.” Tao pointed to Kris with his fork.
“What? Why? He never buys food for anyone.”
Tao shrugged and happily took another bite of his cake.


“It’s looking good now.” The twelve boys collapsed on the floor.
“Should we call it a day?”
“Yes. Look at everyone.”
Baekhyun was resting against Chanyeol, sharing water. Luhan was resting against Sehun but still had enough energy that he was slightly bouncing and talking nonstop. Tao was already sleeping, head resting on Kris’s shoulder. Kai had gotten back up and was practicing alone.
“Alright I guess. See you all tomorrow.” Everyone grabbed their things and left.
“Bye Sehun-ah.” Luhan kissed Sehun’s cheek and smiled as he waved goodbye.
The twelve boys split, going to their respective homes.
“So Tao, Kris, when did you get together?”
Kris stared at Chen.
Lay smiled and clapped his hands. “It was at D.O.’s party. You two disappeared for most of the night. I’m guessing something happened then.”
“So how’d you get our stoic Kris to open up?”
Tao smiled and nuzzled Kris’s neck. Kris slipped his arm around Tao. “That’s my secret.”
“Can we go home? I have a very important date.” Luhan smiled and skipped away.
Xiumin looked at Luhan puzzled. “What’s with him?”
Lay sighed. “He’s having some fun at Sehun’s expense.”
“What do you mean?”
“Sehun doesn’t know that Luhan is his Midnight Messenger.”
Three pairs of eyes widened. “So Luhan is playing with Sehun’s emotions?”
“In a way, yes. He’s planning this whole big confession.”
“OMG, we have to help him. Let’s go.” Chen raced back to their house, followed by Xiumin. Lay took his time.
Tao tugged on Kris’s arm. “Come on, gege. Let’s hurry up.”
“What’s the rush, baby?” Tao felt a shiver run down his spine. Something about the way Kris said that turned him on.
“I gotta help Luhan gege. Come on, please, Kris.” Tao gave Kris a pout. Kris felt his heart melt a little at Tao’s aegyo.
“Alright. Let’s go.”
Tao smiled brightly and kissed Kris’s cheek. Kris blushed a little, turning a brighter shade when he saw Lay smirking at him. Tao grabbed Kris’s hand and took the lead.
Lay smiled and shook his head. His friends were so silly or crazy sometimes.


mm_bubblydoe: Hi ^^ I’m so excited to meet you tomorrow
mm_dancingwind: Hi. I’m excited too.

Sehun felt his heart clench a little at the small lie he told. He was actually dreading meeting his Midnight Messenger. What would happen to him and Luhan if Luhan knew? He had to meet his Midnight Messenger so he would finally know who it is but what if he likes him better than Luhan? So many what ifs it hurt Sehun’s head.

mm_bubblydoe: Oh before I forget, we’ll be meeting at this bubble tea place okay? Just go there tomorrow and I’ll find you. Now I gotta go. If you have one, wear a v-neck shirt. Thanks ^^

Sehun stared at his computer. His Midnight Messenger wanted him to wear a v-neck shirt?

mm_bubblydoe: or a wifebeater ^^ Byebye

Sehun hit his head on his desk. “Ow.”
“Want to tell me why you did that?” Baekhyun stood up from where he was resting on the doorframe and walked over to Sehun. “Be glad it was me and not Suho appa or D.O. umma. They’d be all over you. And unless you have some good concealer, they’re gonna notice that big red mark.”
Sehun covered his forehead and ran into the bathroom. He looked in the mirror and noticed a big red mark. “Oh no, hyung. You gotta help me cover this up. I can’t let Luhan see this or umma and appa.”
“Don’t worry, Sehunnie. Hyung will take care of you.” Baekhyun whipped out his cell phone and quickly texted someone.
Not even a minute later, Chanyeol came bursting through the door, holding a little bottle in his hand. “What’s going on? What’s the matter?”
Baekhyun smiled, grabbing the bottle and placing a kiss on Chanyeol’s cheek. “Thank you, Channie. Just have a seat on Kai’s bed while I tend to our lovesick Sehunnie.”
“I am not lovesick.”
“But you do have love problems. Now tell hyung all about it while I cover up that mark.” Baekhyun pushed Sehun back into his chair and began to dab concealer on the mark.
“I’m meeting my Midnight Messenger tomorrow and I’m scared. What if I like him better than Luhan? What will I do? I really like Luhan but I’ve been half in love with my Midnight Messenger for a while.”
“Aww Sehunnie. It’ll be alright. Worry about it after you meet him. It doesn’t help worrying about it beforehand.”
“So where are you gonna meet him this time?”
“The bubble tea place on the corner. He wants me to wear a v-neck or wifebeater.”
Baekhyun looked at Chanyeol over Sehun’s head and gave him a wink. “I think you should go with the wifebeater. It’ll be good to wear for practice tomorrow as well.”
“But I’m gonna get all sweaty. I can’t be sweaty when I first meet him.”
“Wait, didn’t we agree no practice tomorrow?”
“Oh right so you won’t be sweaty. Do you know what time you’ll meet him?”
Sehun’s eyes widened. “No.” He turned around and got on his computer.

mm_dancingwind: Hey, what time will we meet tomorrow?
mm_bubblydoe: Oh I forgot (>.<) Thanks for remind me. How about at 3?
mm_dancingwind: Okay. See you then


Sehun was on edge most of the day. He was anticipating and dreading 3 o’clock.
“Sehun-ah, Sehun-ah, are you okay?” Sehun shool his head and saw Luhan looking worriedly at him.
He gave him a slight smile and pulled Luhan closer to his side. “I’m fine.” He placed a kiss on Luhan’s forehead. “Don’t worry.”
“Okay.” Luhan gave a slight pout before replacing it with a smile. “Say ahh.” He picked up a piece of his food and held it to Sehun’s mouth.
“Mmm…tasty.” He licked Luhan’s finger, cleaning up any crumbs.
“Hey hey hey. Keep it PG.” Kai tossed his spoon at them.
“Tell that to them.” Sehun nodded in Baekhyun and Chanyeol’s direction. Everyone looked to see Baekhyun and Chanyeol sharing noodles. They had gotten the same piece and were nibbling it until they were nibbling each other’s mouths.
“Hey hey hey.” D.O. leaned over and hit Chanyeol on the head.
“Ow…why’d you do that?”
“We’re at lunch. We don’t need to see your lovey-doveyness.”
Chanyeol pouted. “What about them?”
Everyone turned to look at Tao and Kris. Tao was happily eating his cake while Kris was absorbed in his latest book.
“What’s wrong with them?”
“They-They were –“
“They were what? They weren’t doing anything, not like you two or Sehun and Luhan.”
“We could feel the temperature rising.”
“No. Now eat your food like a normal person.”
Everyone went back to finishing their lunch. Chanyeol looked at Tao and Kris. He caught Kris’s eye who winked and smirked. Kris pulled Tao closer to his side and ran his hand up under Tao’s shirt, causing Tao to slightly moan and tilt his neck. Kris took advantage and took a little nip from Tao’s exposed neck, causing said boy to moan a little louder.*
Chanyeol looked around and saw all his friends preoccupied with something else. He could only gape at them.
“Here, Chanyeollie.” Baekhyun put some food into Chanyeol’s open mouth. Chanyeol ate his food but still glared at Kris. It wasn’t fair.


As soon as the bell rang signaling the end of school, Sehun stood in front of his locker, trying to stall time.
“Hey Sehun, ready to go?” Kai slungh his arm around Sehun’s shoulder.
“Any way we can stall some more?”
“What’s the matter? You scared?”
Kai scoffed. “You’re being ridiculous. Now let’s go. Or do you want me to drag you there?”
“Alright, alright. I’m going, I’m going.” Sehun closed his locker and followed Kai out the door.
They made their way to the bubble tea shop on the corner.
“Alright buddy. Good luck.” Kai patted Sehun on the back and pushed him into the store. He looked around but didn’t really see anyone.
Someone came out of the kitchen to the counter. “Hello? What would you like to drink?”
“I would just like some bubble tea.”
“Any particular flavor?”
“Uh no. I’ll just have original.”
“Okay. So what is your name, young man?”
“Ah nice name.” The guy finished making Sehun’s drink. “Here you go. Just go through those doors there.”
“Huh?” Sehun looked towards the back at a set of double doors. “I can just –“ Sehun turned back to find the guy missing. He took his drink and decided to go through the doors.
He stopped in the doorway when he saw a single, illuminated table with a vase of flowers and a letter addressed to him. He placed his drink down and picked up the letter. He stared at it a moment before opening it.

Sehun, I’m glad you decided to meet me.

How does he know my name?

First off, I want to apologize for causing you so much stress this week. Believe me, I went through the same thing last weekend before I decided to meet you at D.O.’s party.

D.O.’s party? Did we actually meet then?

I know you’re now wondering if we actually met at D.O.’s and we did. I just didn’t get a chance to tell you that I’m your Midnight Messenger.

But-but- Sehun decided to keep reading to see if his guess was right.
By now, you should know who I am since you’re such a smart boy ^^ Turn around if you love me like I love you

Sehun dropped the letter and turned around to see Luhan standing behind him, a bright smile and blush staining his face.
“I love you Sehun-ah, my Dancing Wind.”
“And I love you Luhan hyung, my Bubbly Doe.”
Sehun gathered Luhan in his arms and placed a loving kiss on his lips. "I can’t believe I didn’t realize it was you.”
“It’s okay. I was just too beautiful and sexy I drove thoughts of anyone else away.” Luhan grinned up at Sehun as his arms wrapped around his neck.
“Uh huh.” Sehun grinned down at Luhan. “Now answer me this, why did I have to wear a v-neck or wifebeater?”
Luhan blushed. “’Cause I think you look sexy like that. All that exposed skin makes me want to eat you up.”
Sehun smiled. “Well we can go back to my place…”
Luhan grinned. “I’m really hungry.”
Just as they were about to kiss, Kai burst into the room. “Hey hey hey, what do I do then if you kick me out?”
Sehun turned to see the rest of their friends glaring at Kai. Baekhyun hit Kai over the head. “Good job ruining the moment.”
“Oh please. It was embarrassing listening to them and thank you for the image, Luhan. I think I’ll be scarred for life.”
“Good, maybe then you’d stop snooping.”
Kai turned to D.O. “Hey, you all were eavesdropping as well. I was just joining the crowd.”
“Hey, where’d they go?”
Everyone looked around but Luhan and Sehun were nowhere to be found.
“Oh no!!!” Kai ran out the door. “Not my room! Sehun!!!”
Everyone went outside and laughed at the sight of Kai chasing a laughing Sehun and smiling Luhan, holding hands.

*yes this idea is from yoake_no_sora’s Taoris couldn’t help it, liked the idea
please don’t think I was plagiarizing, was not my intention _(._.)_

A/N: my first EXO fanfic and of course it would be about my fav, Luhan, and his baby Sehun ^^
Hopefully you enjoyed it
Tags: baekhyun/chanyeol, one shot, r/nc-17, sehun/luhan, tao/kris

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