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Fic for anonymous #2

Title: Let’s Get Married
Characters: Leeteuk, Heechul, Hankyung, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Nari, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kibum, Kyuhyun
Word Count: 5237
Summary: It’s Shindong’s wedding and all the members had a hand in helping. Craziness ensues, not to mention their crazy antics at the actual wedding.

For Anonymous #2 ☺ Hope you enjoy (sorry I can’t save a spot for you)

“Aww, wae geurae hyung?” Pouting, Donghae looked at Leeteuk who refused to look at him.
“Yeah hyung, wae geurae?” Sungmin stood on Leeteuk’s other side, giving his best pouty face.
“Because I said so. Now go.” Leeteuk moved past them to his room, shutting and locking the door to prevent anyone from getting in.
Leeteuk jumped a meter off the ground before turning around to find Kyuhyun seated on his bed.
“Yes, Kyuhyun?” He came over and sat in his chair, facing the maknae.
“Exactly why are you so opposed to the idea? I don’t see what’s wrong with it at all.”
Leeteuk sighed, placing his hands over his face. “Fine, you guys can do it. Just get Shindong and Nari’s opinion first?”
Kyuhyun smiled and got off the bed. “Sure hyung. Thanks for letting us do this.” He opened the door to find all the other members waiting around.
“He said yes.”
There were lots of noise as the members celebrated their victory, some going off to get food, others already planning, others putting music on and dancing. Leeteuk sat in his room, head in his hands, and just sighed.


Shindong sat in front of his members with Nari sitting right next to him. “Can you repeat that?”
Sungmin smiled at Shindong and Nari. “We want to plan your wedding.” He started to tick off the complete list of duties they wanted to do on his fingers. “Find the location – based on your wants, book the hall, do the invitations, order the food, choose the music, help Shindong get his tux…uh what am I missing? Since Nari will have to find her own dress.”
“Uh we get it, we get it. You guys want to plan the wedding for us.”
“Yes but only if it’s okay with you, Nari, since you probably have your own ideas.”
“Oh no it’s fine. You guys can do it. Will save me a headache later.” Nari smiled and snuggled into Shindong’s side. “Now I have more time to spend with my fiancé.”
Leeteuk gave them a slight smile. “Alright, I’ll let you know how things go.”
The rest of the members got up, gave them a smile and a few congratulatory words before leaving.
Heechul smiled and clapped his hands. “Alright, let’s get started.”


The dorms were a mess with papers, leftover food, and sleeping members scattered around the dorm.
Leeteuk walked into the room, surveying the mess. He pulled out a bullhorn and pressed the button. The loud noise jolted some of the members awake, causing them to look around in confusion.
“Hello…so how are things going?”
Sungmin got out from under a pile of papers and Kyuhyun’s arm. “Things are going smoothly. We’ve got almost everything planned. There are lists of everything we have so far. Sorry but everything’s a mess so I can’t find it now.”
“I have the set menu for the wedding reception over here and the song list as well.” Ryeowook popped out from under another mound of paper.
“We already sent out the invitations with approval from the bride and groom. The hall has been booked and a few of us will be going out with Shindong later to get his tux.”
“We’ll get started cleaning up the place.” Ryeowook and Sungmin, with the help of Leeteuk, went around picking up papers, trash, and waking up the sleeping members.
“Alright, now that everyone’s up and things are cleaned, time to get to work, okay? Who’s going with Shindong today?”
“We are.” Heechul and Sungmin got up and headed towards the door. “We were about to leave. Shindong’s waiting for us there already. See you guys later.”
“So what’s left?”
Ryeowook came out of the kitchen carrying a tray full of food. “Decorations, seating chart. Flowers.”
“I thought Nari was going to take care of that?”
“Well since we were already taking care of everything else, she gave us these to add to our list. She made us a list of what colors and flowers she’d like.”
“A list of do’s and don’t’s.” Donghae smiled, holding up the list.
“Alright let’s get started then.”
“Not until after you eat.” Ryeowook smiled as he placed the tray on the table. Everyone made a grab for a bowl of rice and dug in.


“Everyone ready?” Leeteuk spoke into his earpiece.
“The wedding reception is all set for after the wedding. The food looks and smells delicious.” Ryeowook smiled from his spot in the kitchen.
“The centerpieces have been placed and namecards set for everyone.” Heechul looked at the beautifully arranged tables in the ballroom.
“The band has arrived and are setting up now.” Donghae watched from offstage as the band began to set up.
“How’s the groom?”
“Nervous but happy. He looks great in his tux.” Sungmin smiled as Siwon fixed Shindong’s bowtie.
“Great, now that everything seems to be in place. Members get into your place. The wedding will be starting in 30.” Leeteuk smiled as he turned off his mic and looked at Nari.
“You look beautiful, Nari. Shindong is a lucky man.”
Nari smiled. “Thank you, Leeteuk. I can’t believe this is happening.”
“Well believe it. Now I’ll leave you to your bridesmaids and check on everyone else.” Leeteuk left the dressing room and wandering to the main hall of the church. Most of the other members were already waiting there.
“Glad to see almost everyone here. Shindong, go on out and take your place with your fellow groomsmen. Anyone that isn’t helping with the final preparations, go take your seats. The ceremony will be starting soon. Now go.”
The members all scattered to their respective places. Leeteuk smiled as the bridesmaids and bride left the dressing room to line up. Sungmin and Heechul did a onceover on all of them before nodding at Leeteuk.
“Everyone’s ready. Begin the music.”


“That was such a lovely ceremony. Shindong is so lucky he found the girl for him.”
“I wish I was getting married.”
“Oh why would you want to bother with that?”
Sungmin stared at Kyuhyun. “You don’t want to get married?”
“No, not at all.”
“I see. If you’ll excuse me.” Sungmin got up from their table and made his way to the bar to join Heechul and Kangin already enjoying the free drinks.

Heechul and Kangin were taking shots together and laughing loudly. “So what did you think?”
“It was great. Shindong looked happy but man oh man, I so don’t want to be tied down right now.”
“Why not? What about Teukie?”
Kangin let out a low growl. “You can’t call him Teukie. Only I can.”
Heechul scoffed. “Oh please, your nickname for him is ‘my angel’ or –“
“Don’t call him that.” Kangin reached out and gripped the neck of Heechul’s shirt.
“Hey, hey, hey! This is a nice, expensive shirt. You’re wrinkling it. Get your hands off it.” Heechul tried to pry Kangin’s hands off his shirt.
When that didn’t work, only one thought entered his mind that would definitely work.
Heechul gave a sly grin before leaning in and kissing Kangin right on the lips.
Kangin released Heechul with a horrified screech. He could only stare as Heechul smiled and winked at him before turning to grab Sungmin by the neck of his shirt and kissing him full on the lips.
Not even a second later, he was locking lips with Ryeowook.
Heechul stepped away and smiled at all the shocked faces staring back at him. He grinned and blew them a kiss before moving off to find his next conquest.
“I think I’m gonna need that drink.” Sungmin took a seat on a vacant bar stool.
“Me too.” Ryeowook took the seat next to him and ordered a double shot.

At the noise, Leeteuk looked over to see Heechul kissing Kangin. His eyes popped out of his head and he was across the room just as Heechul had finished kissing Ryeowook. Heechul was now several feet away, where Kibum and Yesung were sitting.
Leeteuk watched Sungmin and Ryeowook each take a drink and looked at Kangin who hadn’t moved since Heechul had kissed him.
“Kangin-ah?” Leeteuk gently placed a hand on his arm.
That one touch seemed to snap Kangin out of his daze and soon his vision was filled with red. “Where is he? He’s not going to get away. How dare he do that to me?”
Kangin’s hands were curled up into fists. Leeteuk saw this and immediately placed his hands on top. “Kangin-ah, look at me.”
Kangin tried to pull his hands away but Leeteuk had a strong grip when he wanted.
“Look at me.”
Kangin closed his eyes and shook his head. Leeteuk smiled and tugged on Kangin’s hands.
“Yes, look at me, Kangin.”
Kangin shook his head again.
Kangin opened his eyes and stared straight into Leeteuk’s. He could see joy and happiness in those eyes. And he saw love shining out at him. “Jungsu…”
“Why don’t we go home? You’ve had enough celebration for one night. Shindong will understand.” Leeteuk wrapped an arm around Kangin’s waist as he led them to their table to pick up their coats. He caught Shindong’s eye from across the room and signaled to him that he and Kangin were leaving.
Shindong smiled and gave a little acknowledging nod.

“So how are you Yesung hyung? I haven’t had a chance to sit down and talk with you in a long while.” Kibum took a sip of his drink and smiled at Yesung.
“I’m doing good. How’s your acting going?”
“Good, good. I’m glad to have a break though. How do you feel about all this wedding business? Thinking of going through it yourself?”
“Well I’m not sure. Maybe if I find the right person that wants to with me,” Yesung snuck a glance over to where Ryeowook was, sitting at the bar drinking with Sungmin, “but I might have to do it some place else.”
“Ahh okay. Well good luck to you when you find that person. Though I think you already have.”
“Yeah…” Yesung had a goofy smile on his face before he remembered his surroundings. “Well, what about you?”
“I’m not sure yet. If I can find the right person…”
“You haven’t found that person yet?”
“I’m not sure yet.” Yesung gave a small smile as he noticed Kibum’s gaze slowly shift towards a certain person on the dance floor.

Donghae and Eunhyuk were enjoying themselves out on the dance floor. They were happiest dancing, even happier still when together. They loved to spend time with each other. They were the best of friends which helped later on, when they became lovers. They’d always loved one another and knew they would get married someday with a wedding almost as beautiful as Shindong and Nari’s but for now the timing wasn’t right.
Donghae felt an arm wrap around his waist and ignored it, just listening to the music.
“Hey, mind if I join you guys?”
Donghae opened his eyes to see Siwon dancing between him and Eunhyuk. His tie was loosened and a few of his shirt buttons were undone. He had a drink in his hand.
Siwon smiled when he caught Donghae eyeing the drink. “Thirsty? Have some.”
Donghae smiled as he grabbed Siwon’s bottle and took a drink. Eunhyuk held out his hand for the bottle. Donghae smiled as he passed it over to Eunhyuk. Siwon smiled and grabbed another bottle from a passing waiter.
The three shared drinks as they danced to the music. The more they drank, the more frisky their movements became.
Donghae and Eunhyuk were busy making out with each other as Siwon placed kisses on their neck and loosened their ties. He smoothly unbuttoned the tops of their shirts and slipped a hand inside.
As soon as his hand slipped inside, it was pulled out. He tried to put his hand back in but found it caught instead. He turned his head and his eyes widened in shock seeing Kibum standing next to him grinning, holding his arms behind his back.
Kibum didn’t say a word as he moved closer to Siwon, almost plastering his body against his. He leaned up and licked a line down the column of Siwon’s neck.
“Uh-uh, you have the right to remain silent.” Kibum grinned as he led Siwon off the dance floor, still holding his hands behind his back.
Siwon heard a quiet click and felt cool metal against his wrists. His eyes widened even more as he caught the gleam in Kibum’s eyes.
“Wh-What are you doing?”
“Uh-uh, no talking. Now I have to punish you.” Kibum smiled as he led Siwon over to the bathroom.

Heechul smiled as he left Kibum and Yesung stunned silent at the table. He licked his lips, satisfied at having gotten another two conquests. He scanned the room, searching for another target. He saw Shindong and Nari talking to some other people at another table. He saw Hankyung and Kyuhyun seated at another table, talking. His eyes lit up when he saw Eunhyuk, Donghae, and Siwon dancing very closely on the dance floor.
He started walking towards them when he found his arm caught in someone’s hand. He glanced up and saw Hankyung holding him still.
“Hello Hannie, something you want?”
Hankyung didn’t say anything but picked Heechul up and carried him out of the room to the curious looks of the guests. The watching members all sighed with relief before returning to their previous activities.
“What are you doing, Hannie? Put me down.”
Hankyung said nothing as he went upstairs to one of the hotel rooms. He opened the door with the key and went inside. He turned and locked the door before placing Heechul on the bed.
“Hannie? Hannie! Talk to me.”
Hankyung said nothing, just walked over to Heechul, climbing on top of him on the bed. He leaned down and placed his mouth by Heechul’s ear.
“What were you doing kissing the other members? You know you belong only to me. I only allowed those previous kisses with the members for fanservice, but any other time, those lips,” Hankyung placed a small kiss on the corner of Heechul’s lip, “this body,” he ran a hand down Heechul’s body, “belongs to me.”
“You were very naughty tonight, Chullie. I think I’m going to have to show you who you really belong to, in addition to punishing you for kissing the other members.” Hankyung smirked at Heechul who couldn’t stop the shiver running down his spine. He grabbed both of Heechul’s arms and placed them above his head, holding them with one hand. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out some handcuffs. He slipped them over one wrist, through the headboard, and over the other wrist.
“Shh…no talking from you this time, Chullie.” Hankyung smiled as he pulled out some cloth to tie around Heechul’s mouth and to cover Heechul’s eyes. “And no seeing for you either, Chullie. You only get to feel.”
Heechul tried to speak but with the gag, it was difficult.
Hankyung smiled as he stared down at Heechul. He ran his hands down and up his body, stopping at his tie. He gently untied it and tossed it away. He slowly unbuttoned Heechul’s shirt.
Heechul felt shivers of delight move throughout his body at Hankyung’s light touch. Everything felt intensified when two of his senses were lost.
Hankyung smiled as he undressed Heechul slowly, taking care to undo his shirt and push it aside. He let his fingers lightly drift over Heechul’s chest to rest on the top of his pants. He slowly unhooked his pants and unzipped his pants. He gently pulled them off and tossed them aside. He stood to the side of the bed, staring down at Heechul, as he undressed himself.
Heechul moved on the bed, feeling slightly uncomfortable with Hankyung not doing anything. The brush of his shirt against his skin made him feel tingly.
Hankyung leaned over and gently blew a breath over Heechul’s chest, making him shiver visibly. He smiled and gently ran his hands all over Heechul’s body. He lightly brushed over Heechul’s half-hard cock.
He leaned down and grabbed the top of Heechul’s boxers with his teeth. He slowly slid it down Heehcul’s legs. Once it was completely off, he tossed it aside and licked the tip of Heechul’s cock.
Heechul choked and struggled against his bonds.
Hankyung easily subdued him, straddling his waist and placing his hands on his chest. He untied the gag and placed a quick, deep kiss on his mouth before moving down and slamming into Heechul without a word.
Hankyung grinned as he moved in and out of Heechul, causing all sorts of noises to fall from this mouth.
“Hankyung! How could you do that? How dare you do that? I-I-I can’t…Hankyung! Hankyung…”
“Yes, Heechul? Enjoying yourself? You know this is your punishment. I take you as I wish.” He smiled as he placed a kiss on his lips. “Slow and gentle, then rough and hard. I bet you’re enjoying this no matter how much you protest. But it must be a bit frustrating, not being able to watch this. I know how much you enjoy watching me fuck you.”
Hankyung leaned down and lick Heechul’s jawline to his ear, nibbling it. “But I’m not going to let you see yet.”
He pulled out and slammed back in, thrusting in and out, harder and faster. He could feel his orgasm coming.
“Gawd, Heechul, you’re so fucking tight. You’re gonna make me come.”
“Hankyung…what about me? Don’t I get to come?”
“Don’t lie to me, Chullie. You know you’re getting off on this too. You’re enjoying this rough fucking. I don’t have to even touch you to make you come. You’ll come right before me, just like you always do.”
“Oh yeah, well maybe I won’t this time just to spite you.”
Hankyung grinned. “Oh I doubt you will. You say that every time but I know what to do so you’ll come before me.”
He pulled out and changed angles. He slammed into Heechul, hitting that one spot, causing Heechul to come on the spot with Hankyung following soon after.
He took off Heechul’s blindfold and smiled as Heechul glared at him. He pecked him on the lips. “I love you, Chullie.”
“It’s not fair.” Heechul pouted for a second before glaring. “I love you too, Hannie. Now uncuff me so I can show you how it’s really done.”

Kibum smiled as he found an empty bathroom stall for him and Siwon. He pushed Siwon inside, up against the wall.
“Now, how should I punish you? You talked when you weren’t suppose to and were fooling around with Donghae and Eunhyuk. You know how I feel about that. True you’re drunk but I would have thought you cared enough about me to not do that. But guess it shows what I know.” Kibum smirked as he pressed himself up against Siwon and nipped his lips.
“Oh well…I guess all I can do is make sure you only think of me and no one else. I want to be your only, Siwon.” Kibum smiled as he moved down Siwon’s body so he was kneeling in front of him.
“Now be a good boy like you normally are and don’t move. And remember, no talking either or else your punishment will be worse, much worse.” Kibum grinned as he undid Siwon’s pants and pulled both it and his boxers down, revealing his half-hard cock. He placed a teasing kiss on the tip.
Kibum frowned as he glanced up at Siwon. “I told you to be quiet. Now I’ll have to punish you even more.” Kibum sighed. “That ruins my plans but you deserve punishment more than pleasure now.”
He stood up and grabbed Siwon’s cock. He stroked it, moving up and down in a teasing motion.
Siwon felt his cock harden as he anticipated what Kibum would do next.
Kibum kept moving his hand in an easy rhythm on Siwon’s cock. All too soon, he changed rhythms, bringing Siwon to the edge then stopping before he could come.
Siwon choked on his words, remembering what Kibum had said.
Kibum grinned and began the same actions again. He stopped before Siwon could come again. He smiled, seeing a light sheen of sweat cover Siwon’s skin.
“I wonder how long I can do this before you break. That’s not a challenge, Siwon, so don’t even think about it. Hmm…”
Kibum teasingly ran his hand up and down Siwon’s cock. He grinned as he increased his speed.
Before Siwon could react, Kibum had stopped, again preventing Siwon from coming a third time.
Then, before Siwon could catch his breath, Kibum was quickly working Siwon with his hand. Before he could react, Kibum made him come, spilling straight into the toilet.
Kibum chuckled as he watched Siwon lean back against the door. With his eye on Siwon, he brought his hand up and licked at some of the cum that had spilled onto his hands.
Siwon felt his cock stir again at the sight of Kibum. “So was that my punishment?”
Kibum looked at Siwon. “Only part. Now be a good boy and stay here. I’m gonna take you to jail once I get our stuff. If I find you gone, you can bet your punishment will be even worse.” He smiled and winked, giving a teasing lick over his lips, before leaving the stall.
Siwon sighed as he leaned back against the wall. Who knew Kibum would be like this? There seemed to be more to the guy he loved than he originally thought. He couldn’t wait until Kibum took him to jail. He thinks he’s gonna enjoy his punishment. His plan worked better than he had hoped.

Donghae and Eunhyuk hadn’t moved from the dance floor or fixed their clothes where Siwon had tried to remove them. Donghae smiled at Eunhyuk as he held them close, having their erections bump and grind against each other. He slipped his hand inside Eunhyuk’s shirt, teasingly running it over his chest. His other hand slipped down Eunhyuk’s body and gripped his butt.
Eunhyuk leaned his head against Donghae’s shoulder and nibbled on his ear. “I want you, Donghae. Take me.”
Donghae grinned. “Thought you’d never ask.” He kept Eunhyuk pressed close against his side as he wandered back to their table. He was bending over to grab their things when he felt a hand slid down his back to squeeze his butt. He looked up to see Eunhyuk giving him an appreciative once-over. He bent over even more, knowing Eunhyuk couldn’t resist the sight of his ass. What he wasn’t prepared for was being shoved under the table and attacked by Eunhyuk.
Donghae had no clue what was going on but soon his pants and boxers were off and Eunhyuk was fucking him like there was no tomorrow. He could only moan and groan as Eunhyuk drove himself into him. He clung onto Eunhyuk as he was fucked hotly and roughly. He grabbed Eunhyuk’s head and forced their lips together in a brutal kiss. It only added to their pleasure and soon, Donghae and Eunhyuk were coming together with a muffled cry.
Donghae and Eunhyuk stared at each other, breathing heavily. Donghae smirked. “Ready for another round?”
Eunhyuk grinned. “Yeah, but this time, you’re on top.” He rolled over and pulled Donghae on top of him.

Sungmin and Ryeowook were busy making out at the bar. Both were seriously drunk by now after having several shots. They were good friends and thought nothing about this kiss except to get rid of excess emotions. Sungmin was all upset because of Kyuhyun and other than drinking and talking, there was no way to get out his emotions and he had already tried those two options.
Sungmin pulled Ryeowook closer as their tongues fought. They pulled away with a smile.
Sungmin cupped Ryeowook’s face lovingly and placed kisses on either side of his mouth.
“Thank you, Ryeowook-ah. Will you kiss me again?”
Ryeowook smiled. He leaned in close only to feel himself being pulled back into an embrace. He glanced up to see Yesung glaring at Sungmin. He looked back to see Sungmin held in Kyuhyun’s embrace and glaring at him.
“What do you think you were doing, Ryeowook-ah, kissing Sungmin like that?”
“What? But-oh…I was helping out a friend.”
“So you help out a friend by making out with their boyfriend?” Kyuhyun sneered at Ryeowook. “I never knew you to be one to backstab someone.”
“You’re misunderstanding the whole situation, Kyuhyun. If you have an issue with something, why don’t you discuss it with Sungmin? If he’ll even talk to you after what you did.” Ryeowook smirked at Kyuhyun before turning to cling onto Yesung.
Yesung and Kyuhyun looked at each other confused before shrugging. Kyuhyun pulled Sungmin to a private alcove on the side of the room and pushed Sungmin up against the wall.
“So what was that all about? Why were you making out with Ryeowook?” Sungmin stared defiantly at Kyuhyun not saying a word. “Answer me, Sungmin. Tell me why.”
“You don’t want to marry me. So why are we prolonging this relationship?”
“What?!!” Kyuhyun stared down at Sungmin in shock. “What ever gave you that idea?”
“Earlier, you said you didn’t want to get married. So obviously, that means you don’t want to marry me. So why don’t we just break up?”
“No, Sungmin, it’s not like that. Let me explain.” Kyuhyun cupped Sungmin’s cheek, making him look him in the eye. “The only reason I said I didn’t want to get married because I can’t marry you legally and if I can’t marry you, then why marry at all?”
Sungmin’s expression softened. “Oh Kyu…you idiot. You realize there are other places we can marry legally. We can just go there when we want to marry. I think that’s what Yesung and Ryeowook plan.”
“Oh Kyu, you’re so silly. I love you.” Sungmin wrapped his arms around Kyuhyun’s neck and pulled him down for a loving kiss.
Kyuhyun pulled away and smiled down at him. “I love you too, Sungmin. I’m sorry I made you cry but that still doesn’t explain why you were making out with Ryeowook.”
“Oh that, well drinking and talking didn’t help so I thought making out with a friend would. You do realize how upset I got if I had to resort to those measures.”
Kyuhyun had the decency to look guilty. “I’m sorry and I’ll make it up to you.”
“Oh yeah, how?”
“Like this.” Kyuhyun leaned down and captured Sungmin’s lips in a heated kiss. He ran his hands up and down Sungmin’s body, feeling everything. He reached around and gripped Sungmin’s ass and pulled him closer to him, letting their erections brush each other.
“Oh Kyuhyun…make love to me. Now.”
“How do you want it?”
Sungmin smirked as he reached down and undid his pants. He pushed down his pants and boxers, letting his cock spring free. He made quick work of Kyuhyun’s pants and boxers and turned around, glancing over his shoulder at Kyuhyun with a come-hither look.
Kyuhyun groaned. “You know what you’re asking right?”
Sungmin smiled. “Of course. Now come here.” He wiggled his ass, making Kyuhyun groan again and slap his ass this time.
Sungmin felt a shiver roll up his spine and did it again. Kyuhyun smacked his ass before gently caressing and squeezing it.
“Hold on tight, Min. It’s gonna be rough.”
Sungmin’s eyes twinkled as he looked at Kyuhyun. “I’m counting on it.”

“So you were making out with Sungmin because he was upset?”
Ryeowook nodded. “Yep. A fierce kiss can help get rid of excess emotions if used properly.”
“Okay…not sure I completely get it but I understand you weren’t cheating on me so that’s fine.”
“Good.” Ryeowook hugged Yesung and sat on his lap.
The two looked out at the remaining guests, dancing on the floor, chatting with each other. Shindong and Nari were out of the dance floor, lost in their own world.
Yesung felt a slight movement on his lap and looked at Ryeowook who was watching the dancers. He dismissed the thought and went to take a sip of his drink.
He almost choked when he felt another stronger movement on his lap. He looked at Ryeowook who was calmly taking a sip of his drink while watching the dancers.
Yesung placed his drink on the table with an uneasy feeling. This time he felt a definite grind on his cock and stared at Ryeowook. He could see the hint of a smile on his face.
“Ryeowook-ah, what are you doing?”
“Nothing, Yesung-hyung. Just trying to find a comfortable position.”
“Then why don’t you get off and get your own chair?”
“Because you’re more comfortable than those chairs with a few adjustments.” At this point, Ryeowook began to move even more on top of Yesung’s lap. Yesung did his best to hold in his groans as he felt Ryeowook’s delicious ass bump and grind against his half-hard cock.
“Almost comfortable.” Ryeowook smiled insolently at Yesung as he increased his movements.
Things were beginning to get uncomfortable for Yesung as his cock strained against his pants.
Ryeowook smiled and shifted around, making sure to bump and grind against Yesung’s cock. He could tell Yesung was getting into it, as much as he tried to hide it. When he felt Yesung get close to the edge, he stopped and turned around to smile innocently at Yesung. “There, all comfortable.”
Yesung gave Ryeowook an uneasy smile. “Good, you little minx.”
Ryeowook smiled brightly and placed a kiss on Yesung’s cheek. “Why don’t we go home and you can punish me for my insolence?” He winked and got up, making sure to slowly grind over Yesung’s cock. He bent down in front of Yesung, making sure he got a clear shot of his ass.
Ryeowook grinned when he felt an appreciative squeeze. He stood up, holding their things. “Let’s go, Jongwoon.”
“Sure, Wookie.” Yesung slid an arm around Ryeowook’s waist and steered him towards the exit.


“So how was the wedding, Shindong?”
“It was good. Everyone complimented on the wonderful setting, music, display, etc. But since you left early, you missed out on the things our members did.”
“What did they do?”
Shindong saw Sungmin waving his arms around, trying to tell him to stop talking. He just ignored him and kept talking.
“Oh Heechul and Hankyung disappeared together after Heechul was making out with most of the members. Kibum handcuffed Siwon and took him to the bathroom. Eunhyuk and Donghae were dancing together on the dance floor before disappearing under one of the tables. Kyuhyun and Sungmin disappeared behind an alcove together after Kyuhyun and Yesung ruined Sungmin and Ryeowook’s make-out session. Yesung and Ryeowook didn’t really do anything too bad compared to the other members.”
Leeteuk stared behind to see some of the members peeking out into the kitchen where he and Shindong were seated. Some had sheepish smiles on their faces while others were smirking or grinning. “I-I…what…how…you…uh…”
“Leeteuk!” The members all watched as Leeteuk’s eyes rolled back into his head and he collapsed, slipping out of the chair and onto the floor.

A/N: sorry if the pairings weren’t random enough or the members crazy drunk or jealous enough O_O my biases ‘kinda’ started showing XD and I’m sorry for the smut since some pairs seemed to get more frisky than others…it’s been a while since wrote smut and to write so much smut for a one shot is a bit much (actually it’s more like I got lazy XD)
Lol sorry about the ending XD
Tags: r/nc-17, super junior

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