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Fic for applesmoothie12

Title: Flirty One Moment, Shy The Next
Pairing: Eunhae
Word Count: 4845
Summary: Eunhyuk’s baffled by Donghae’s alternating personalities. It’s driving him crazy…to the point that he might do something…

For applesmoothie12 ☺ Hope you enjoy…

Every day, it was the same thing. Eunhyuk would sit in class, paying attention to the lesson, when he would just happen to glance casually over at Donghae, who would turn and smile at him before blowing him a kiss or giving him a wink and then turn back towards the board.
And each time he tried to approach him after class, he would just blush shyly and quickly leave. He didn’t get it. What was with the two different attitudes: the sly flirt and the bashful guy?
Was this another ruse to try and get Eunhyuk? So many people have tried to get Eunhyuk to date them but to no avail. He’s seen all different types of methods, some sweet, some insane. But nothing roused his interests.
He’s seen Donghae outside of classes, at lunch, or outside of school and he wasn’t any of the two types. He was a happy, chatty guy that most everyone loved. There was no hint of a bashful or flirty guy.
This whole thing was starting to get to Eunhyuk. And he didn’t get why no one else ever brought out this reaction in him. What was it about Donghae that made him like this? He barely knows the guy.
Eunhyuk flopped his head onto the table, making a loud thud, causing his friends and a few other people to stare at him.
“Hey Hyuk, what’s the matter?”
“Are you okay, man? That was a pretty loud thud. I bet you’re gonna have a mark now.”
“Argh…I don’t get that guy.”
“Donghae troubles again?” Sungmin smirked at Eunhyuk, who had lifted his head to glare at him. There was a bright red mark in the middle of his forehead. He grumbled something before dropping his head back down. “What happened this time?”
“Nothing, that’s just it. It’s the same old, same old. He flirts with me in class and whenever I try to approach him, he clams up. He’s nothing like the happy-go-lucky guy sitting over there.” Eunhyuk pointed a finger to where Donghae was sitting with his friends.
Donghae noticed Eunhyuk’s friends staring at him and he brightly smiled and waved before turning back to his friends. Eunhyuk’s friends stared at Eunhyuk.
“You know, no one has ever gotten to him like this.”
Sungmin watched Donghae out of the corner of his eye. He watched Donghae subtly sneak glances at Eunhyuk throughout lunch. He grinned. Things were just heating up.


Eunhyuk was at his locker, gathering his things for home. He felt a hand brush his ass and a quick squeeze. He quickly turned around to catch Donghae winking at him before turning to chat with his friends.
He paused for a moment before shooting him a glare. He slammed his locker shut and started for the entrance. He walked next to Donghae and his friends and smiled.
“Hi, could I borrow Donghae for just a moment?” Donghae’s friends nodded. Eunhyuk grabbed Donghae’s wrist and pulled him to the side.
“What was that just now?”
Donghae blushed and looked down at his feet. “What are you talking about, Eunhyuk-ssi?”
Eunhyuk leaned closer to Donghae’s face, causing him to get even redder. “You just brushed your hand over my ass and gave it a squeeze. Like what you touched?”
“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Oh, so you’re gonna play coy then when just a few moments ago, you were copping a feel of my ass.” Eunhyuk leaned back and frowned, crossing his arms. “Fine, be that way. I’m through with dealing with you.” He started to walk away when he felt a tug on his arm. He turned back to feel a light brush of lips over his. He stared as a blushing Donghae ran away from him.
He stood on the side for a few moments, processing what had just happened.
“Hey Eunhyuk? Eunhyuk? You okay?”
Eunhyuk shook his head and found Sungmin staring at him. “Huh? What? Yeah, I’m fine. Just…was thinking of something, that’s all. Come on, let’s get going.”
He and Sungmin left school, heading to their usual café. They greeted Leeteuk behind the counter before taking a seat at a table in a corner.
They were joined by Kyuhyun, Sungmin’s boyfriend, and Ryeowook a few minutes later.
Leeteuk came over holding a tray of their drinks. “Hello boys. Here are your drinks. I’ll be by later with snacks.”
“Thanks Leeteuk hyung. So how are you guys? Enjoy school?”
“It was fine except for Donghae. He actually copped a feel just as school let out.”
Ryeowook stared wide-eyed at Eunhyuk. Kyuhyun smirked as he leaned back in his chair, arm around Sungmin’s shoulder.
“Someone actually had the nerve to touch you? That takes guts.”
“Yeah but when I asked him about it, he blushed like a schoolgirl and denied it. What the hell is wrong with him? ARGH!” Eunhyuk dropped his head on the table. “From today on, I’m just not going to deal with him. Let him do as he wishes. I won’t care. I’ve put up with this long enough.”
Leeteuk came back with another tray full of snacks. “Rough day?”
“I guess you could say. Eunhyuk got molested and assaulted at school today.”
“WHAT?!?!?!” All heads in the café turned to look at Leeteuk. He quickly bowed. “I’m sorry for the disturbance.”
He turned back to the little group at the table. “Now what was this about being molested and assaulted?”
Eunhyuk sighed. “This guy, Donghae, copped a feel of my butt and sneaked a kiss.”
“The nerve of that guy. How dare he do that to my little Hyukkie.” Leeteuk smothered Eunhyuk in a hug.
“Hyung, let go. You’re smothering me.”
“But my poor Hyukkie…some guy is trying to take advantage of you.”
“Hardly. He acts like a flirt one moment then a shy guy the next. He’s playing a double act. How could he be taking advantage of me?”
“You let him steal a kiss and touch you inappropriately. How is that not taking advantage?”
“Whatever. Just forget it. I’m going home. I think I’ve had enough I can handle for today.” Eunhyuk stormed up, grabbing his bag and leaving, barely touching his drink and snack.
“Wow…that’s the first time he didn’t finish his drink and snack. This must really be bugging him no matter how much he says it isn’t.”
“Yep, isn’t it great?” Sungmin smiled as he leaned back taking a sip of his drink.
Leeteuk narrowed his eyes and looked at Sungmin. “What did you do?”
Sungmin just smiled and rested his head on Kyuhyun’s shoulder.


The next day in class, Eunhyuk did not glance over at Donghae, instead choosing to stare down at his notes or out the window.
Donghae snuck a glance at Eunhyuk but found him staring out the window or down at his notes. He gave a slight frown before turning to his notes.
At the end of class, Eunhyuk quickly packed up his things and left the classroom. Donghae tried to get in his way to stop him but Eunhyuk just bypassed him and rushed off to lunch.
Eunhyuk sat down at lunch and eagerly dug into it. His friends stared at him.
“Uh…gonna breathe any time soon?”
“Huh?” Eunhyuk swallowed the bite in his mouth.
“I take it your day has been good so far?”
“Yep. I paid no attention to Donghae whatsoever and he didn’t bother me at all. Things are good. Donghae is no longer a problem.” Eunhyuk resumed eating his lunch with gusto.


Someone bumped into Eunhyuk at the end of the day, squeezing his ass. He turned around and caught Donghae’s wink. He rolled his eyes and turned back to his locker to get his things. Donghae pouted as he walked away.
Eunhyuk closed his locker and happily left the school. He waited for Sungmin by the entrance before heading to their usual café. He smiled brightly at Leeteuk.
Leeteuk stopped by with a tray of their usual order. “I take it today was a good day.”
“Yep. Donghae didn’t bother me at all. Well he did grope me again but I just ignored him. He’s no longer a problem.” Eunhyuk sat down and dug into his food and drink with gusto.
“Well he’s back to normal.” Kyuhyun smiled as he sat down and placed a kiss on Sungmin’s cheek.
“Yeah, he spent the whole day ignoring Donghae and feels great.” Sungmin gave a little frown before smiling at Ryeowook and Kyuhyun. “So how was school today?”
“Fine. Actually, I wanted to invite you two to a party at my house this weekend.”
“He wants to show off his boyfriend to all his friends.”
Ryeowook blushed a bright red. “That’s not true. I just thought a party would be a great way for him to meet all my friends besides you.”
“Ohh…who is he? Have I met him before?” Sungmin bounced eagerly in his chair.
“No, not really. But you may have heard of him. He’s famous for having a wonderful singing voice.”
“Really? Oooo…I’m so excited. I can’t wait. Come on, Kyu. We’re gonna go shopping. I need to look my best when I meet Ryeowook’s beau.” Sungmin got up and dragged Kyuhyun out of the café.
“Sigh…I hope Yesung will be able to handle meeting my friends.”
“So Yesung’s your boyfriend? Nice catch.”
Ryeowook looked at Eunhyuk who was looking at him after having devoured his, Sungmin, and Kyuhyun’s food. “How could you finish all of that?”
“I was hungry and didn’t want it to go to waste. So how’d you get the infamous Yesung to go out with you?”
Ryeowook blushed. “I didn’t do anything. He asked me out.”
“Oooh…good job, Wookie. Now if you don’t mind, I have to go home and do homework. Sorry I couldn’t stay and chat longer. I know I haven’t been myself lately but I finally get a chance to get ahead in my homework instead of being behind. I’ll talk to you later, kay?” Eunhyuk smiled as he got up and grabbed his stuff. He waved goodbye to Ryeowook and Leeteuk before heading home.


Donghae tried his best to get some kind of reaction from Eunhyuk. He never looked at him in class anymore and when he squeezed his delectable ass at the end of the day, Eunhyuk didn’t do anything.
It was time to take this up a notch.


As Eunhyuk walked into class, he passed by Donghae, who reached out and gave his ass an appreciative squeeze. He stared at Donghae a moment before rolling his eyes and taking his seat. That was the first time Donghae tried that in class but no matter, it made no difference.
Eunhyuk took out his notes and smiled when the teacher walked into the room. He let his attention drift out the window. He felt someone tap his shoulder and took the note they passed him. He opened it up and stared for a moment before folding it away into his backpack.
What was Donghae thinking? Like that would turn him on or something? Donghae has been a pain in his ass so anything he does will not affect him.
Donghae pouted in his seat and looked down at his notes.


Eunhyuk shut his locker and made his way to the entrance. He felt someone grab his arm and pull him into a deserted hallway. Before he could react, he was pushed up against the wall and his lips were attacked in a heated kiss. As quick as it happened, it ended. Eunhyuk was left leaning against the wall unsure of what had happened. He glanced up to see a familiar face giving him a shy smile before rushing away.
Eunhyuk groaned and rushed home, barely breathing out an excuse to Sungmin about why he was rushing home.
As soon as he got back to his room, he took out the note and tore it up, tossing it into the recycle.


The next day in class, Donghae made sure to slide his hand up Eunhyuk’s leg before giving his ass a squeeze. He spent most of class sending him notes that didn’t get a response. He decided to grab Eunhyuk’s ass again when he left class but that still didn’t get a rise from him.
He followed Eunhyuk to his table in the cafeteria.
“Hi Donghae, what are you doing here?” Donghae gave a small smile and wave to Eunhyuk’s friends, not even answering the question. Instead, he grabbed Eunhyuk, pulled him towards him and kissed the living daylights out of him.
All the noise stopped in the cafeteria as everyone stared at Donghae kissing Eunhyuk. Donghae pulled away with a self-satisfied grin before donning a blushing schoolboy expression. Eunhyuk could only stare at him in shock, mouth hung open.
Donghae went over to his table with a slight spring in his step and sat down, eating his lunch happily. Eunhyuk slowly sank into his seat, caught in a daze over what had just happened.
“Uh Eunhyuk, you okay, man?”
Eunhyuk said nothing as he sat frozen like a statue.


Eunhyuk was closing his locker when someone slammed him into it. His mouth was covered and hands were running over his body and under his skin. Before he could do anything, Donghae pulled away and grinned before blushing bright red and rushing away.
Sungmin came by a few minutes later to drag Eunhyuk out of school to their café.
Leeteuk looked at the pair with a puzzled expression. Sungmin signaled he would explain later.
“Eunhyuk, Hyukkie, are you okay?”
Leeteuk came over with a tray filled with their usual order. Kyuhyun and Ryeowook came in a few minutes later.
“Hey, what’s wrong with Eunhyuk?”
“He’s gonna pay for that.” Everyone stared as Eunhyuk glared and clenched his fists. “How dare he do that to me. To me!”
Sungmin stared at Eunhyuk worriedly for a moment before turning to look at Ryeowook. “Hey Ryeowook, how are plans coming along for the party tomorrow?”
“Good, good. Things are all set.”
“Hey Ryeowook, would it be too much trouble for you to invite someone else?”
Ryeowook looked at Eunhyuk puzzled. “Who?”
Eunhyuk grinned. “Lee Donghae.”


The party was in full swing when Donghae arrived.
“Hey relax, it’ll be fine. And I have it from a good source, a certain someone wanted you here.” Sungmin smiled and nudged him in the side.
“Are you sure? Nothing I did got his attention after I lost it.”
“Oh you sure got his attention yesterday. I told you my plan would work.”
“Shh…be quiet or else we’ll be discovered. I wanna wait until after you two get together to be discovered or else I’m gonna be in even more trouble.”
“Thanks so much for bringing us together.”
“Oh please, I knew you two would be perfect for each other. Just remember you owe your cousin for this. Now let’s go. I know you wanna be moving to that music.”
Kyuhyun smiled as he knocked on the door. Ryeowook was smiling as he opened the door.
“Hey, glad you guys could come. Come in, come in. This is Yesung, my boyfriend.” Ryeowook pointed to the guy hovering behind him. “If you’re looking for Eunhyuk, he’s already out on the floor, tearing it up. I suggest you go find him.”
“Will do. Come on, Kyunnie, Hae.” Sungmin dragged the two towards the living room where the music was set up. Eunhyuk was already in the middle of the dance floor, popping and locking to the beat.
“Go on, Hae. I know you wanna join him.” Sungmin winked. “Go get your man.”

Eunhyuk moved to the beat, drowning himself in the music. Nothing made him feel better than dancing.
A hand slipped around his waist that he ignored. He moved forward and the person followed. He slid to the left and the person followed. He moved to the right and again, the person followed.
He frowned and turned around. Donghae was smiling at him as he pressed closer to him, pulling him flush against him.
“Hey sexy, I like the way you move.”
“Well, well, well, if it isn’t Donghae…so far you seem like you can keep up with me.” Eunhyuk looked him up and down. “Let’s see how long you can last.” He grinned and walked away, heading towards the DJ.
Eunhyuk walked back to the middle of the floor as the song changed. Everyone cleared the floor as Eunhyuk executed a small turn with a little wave at the end. He broke into a routine of popping and locking to the beat, every so often throwing a come hither look towards Donghae.
A smirk crossed his lips when he saw Donghae step forward to take his challenge.
Donghae got up close and personal, invading his personal space as he followed him beat for beat.
Eunhyuk was surprised at how well they could move together. Donghae was matching him beat for beat and even threw in a few moves of his own.
Eunhyuk smirked as he felt Donghae’s hand run down his body, giving his ass an appreciative squeeze.
The song ended as the two held each other close, breathing each other’s breath. Donghae had an arm wrapped around Eunhyuk’s waist and another on the back of his neck.
Donghae smiled as he placed a light kiss on Eunhyuk’s lips before moving away in embarrassment when he caught all the people watching them.
“Nuh uh, where do you think you’re going?” Eunhyuk grinned as he gripped Donghae’s wrist.
He dragged him off the dance floor towards the second floor. Eunhyuk opened up one of the bedroom doors and pulled Donghae inside.
Donghae glanced around the room nervously. “Uh…what are we doing here, Eunhyuk? Are we even allowed to be in here?”
“Yes, it’s fine. I stay here whenever I sleep over.” Eunhyuk smiled as he leaned against the door, making sure to lock it.
“So…you thought you could get away with everything you’ve done to me this week?”
“What?” Donghae cleared his throat, surprised at the squeak that came out.
“The things you’ve done to me this week. Did you honestly think you would get away with that? After molesting me time and again, you thought it was okay to keep doing it. To do it in front of other people.” Eunhyuk stalked over to Donghae, causing him to fall onto the bed.
“I-I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Oh cut the crap, Donghae. I’m not buying it. You’re not innocent but,” Eunhyuk leaned into Donghae’s face, breath ghosting over Donghae’s cheek, “you’re not as experienced as you want me to believe.”
A smirk graced Eunhyuk’s face as he gave a nip to Donghae’s ear. Donghae jolted before staring wide-eyed at Eunhyuk.
“Wh-wh-what are you doing?”
Eunhyuk grinned. “What do you think I’m doing?” He climbed on top of Donghae, grabbing his arms and pinning them above his head.
He leaned down close to Donghae’s ear. “I’m making you pay for what you did to me.”
Donghae could only stare at Eunhyuk as Eunhyuk ran his hands down his body, slipping it under his shirt.
Eunhyuk smiled. “Is that an innocent blush I see on your face? Have you never done anything like this before?”
“E-e-eunhyuk…let me go…please.”
“Now why would I? Isn’t this what you hoped I would do whenever you sent me those filthy notes in class? Whenever you grabbed my ass? When you kissed me in front of the entire school? You wanted to claim me as your own. Well now you have me right where you want me, and you want me to go? Hasn’t this been your plan all along with your cousin Sungmin?”
Donghae gaped at Eunhyuk. “H-h-how did you know?”
“I just happened to overhear you guys at the front door when I took a break from dancing.” A mischevious glint entered Eunhyuk’s eyes. “I had already planned to punish you for what you’d done but now I have double punishment to give you. Now be the good little boy you are and just lie there helpless while I have my way with you.”
Donghae gave a little pout. “Now, now, now. Don’t be like that. You know you want this. But if you want to deny it all you want, I’ll have you begging for me in a few minutes.”
Eunhyuk took Donghae’s shirt off and stared down at the chiseled chest. He grinned and licked his lips before leaning down to gently nip Donghae’s neck.
Eunhyuk’s tongue licked down Donghae’s chest, tracing the lines of his abs. Donghae shivered and tried to get out of Eunhyuk’s grasp.
Eunhyuk grinned and let his tongue run over the area above Donghae’s pants, causing Donghae to sharply breath in.
Donghae squirmed trying to get out of Eunhyuk’s hold and out of the room. He was feeling uncomfortable in his skin.
“Aww…uncomfortable? Let me help.” Eunhyuk reached down and unbuttoned Donghae’s pants. He pulled the zipper down and palmed his half-hard erection. “Better?”
Donghae moaned. “No, that’s not better. Eunhyuk, let me up. Let me go.”
“No, you’re gonna take your punishment from me. You’ve been a bad boy.” Eunhyuk jerked off Donghae’s pants and boxers and instantly took Donghae’s cock into his mouth, causing Donghae to choke on his spit.
“Eunhyuk…!” Donghae squirmed but that did nothing, only made him slide in and out of Eunhyuk’s mouth.
Eunhyuk grinned and pulled Donghae’s arms so that Donghae was sitting up, watching him as he sucked him. He had a rough pace, working quickly to bring Donghae to the edge.
When he felt Donghae was close, he pulled away, making Donghae whine.
Donghae’s eyes widened when he was roughly pushed back and his lips attacked. His arms came around Eunhyuk as their tongues fought for dominance. He tugged at Eunhyuk’s shirt, pulling it off, as Eunhyuk placed kisses all over his face.
Eunhyuk stopped Donghae from taking off his pants by grabbing his hands and holding them hostage as he took Donghae’s cock into his mouth again.
Donghae groaned and whined, wiggling around to be let free, but Eunhyuk wouldn’t have it. His mouth worked Donghae’s cock, bringin him closer and closer to the edge. When he was about to fall, Eunhyuk let go with a pop and grin.
He reached down and pulled off his pants and boxers. He stood up and leaned over Donghae, pushing him back down on the bed. His hand ran down Donghae’s body, lightly brushing over his chest, his cock, to his thighs.
Eunhyuk spread Donghae’s legs and took a look at him all spread out. He grinned. “Do you have any idea how beautiful you look right now, all spread out for me?” He ran a teasing finger over Donghae’s hole, causing Donghae to twitch and squirm.
“Now if you don’t want this to be that painful, suck my fingers.” Eunhyuk held three fingers in front of Donghae’s mouth. “If you want it rough, then keep that mouth shut.”
Donghae stared at Eunhyuk’s fingers then his face then back to his fingers. A small smile graced his lips as he kept his mouth shut.
Eunhyuk looked at Donghae surprised.
“Aren’t you supposed to punish me?”
Eunhyuk smirked. “So to you, punishment means being taken roughly? And here I thought I was being nice by giving you the choice seeing as how it’s your first time. But since you declined and I’m such a nice guy, I’ll take you roughly.” And with those words, Eunhyuk shoved his cock into Donghae’s hole.
Eunhyuk groaned as Donghae stiffened from the pain, too shocked to say anything. Before Donghae could adjust, Eunhyuk was already pulling out and roughly slamming back into him. Donghae could only keep silent as pain and pleasure mixed with the feel of Eunhyuk;s harsh thrusts.
As Eunhyuk set a fast, rough pace, Donghae felt the pain disappear and pleasure soon take over. He whined and moaned, writhing on the bed. He wanted to touch Eunhyuk, to claw at him, anything to relieve the tension building inside him.
Eunhyuk was ruthless as he kept Donghae pinned under him as he abused his tight hole.
“Gawd, Donghae, you’re so fuckin’ tight. You’re so good…”
“Oh gawd, Donghae…” Eunhyuk shifted his hips and changed the angle of his thrust.
Donghae let out a choked moan as Eunhyuk’s cock hit a certain spot he didn’t know he had.
Eunhyuk grinned down at him and placed a quick kiss on his lips. He pulled out and slammed back in, making sure to hit that spot.
Donghae moaned and groaned as Eunhyuk drove himself into Donghae, ramming himself into that spot.
“Oh, oh, oh…Eunhyuk!” Donghae came, spilling all over their stomachs.
Eunhyuk felt Donghae’s hole tighten and spilled himself inside of him. He collapsed on top of Donghae, trying to catch his breath. He released Donghae’s wrists and pulled the boy close to him as he rolled to his side.
“You do realize what this means, don’t you?”
Donghae looked up at Eunhyuk puzzled. “No, what?”
“I haven’t finished punishing you yet since you were suppose to get double the punishment for plotting and scheming with Sungmin.”
“What?!?!?!” Donghae’s eyes widened. “But I’m too tired and sore to go another round.”
Eunhyuk laughed and smiled. “I wasn’t gonna punish you again so soon after. You just gave me one of the best orgasms. I’m too tired to seriously punish you. I have to save that for later.” He nuzzled his head into Donghae’s neck.
“But, I could lessen your punishment if you explain to me what the plot was about. It won’t save Sungmin though.”
Donghae sighed and cuddled closer into Eunhyuk’s embrace. “Fine. The idea was for us to get together. Sungmin thought we’d be perfect together but he knew you’d never agree to go on a blind date with me. So I was transferred to your school to be near you and hopefully try to get to know you. Except when I saw you, I got so scared and nervous which got Sungmin angry. So he came up with the plan for me to get your attention by flirting with you then acting coy about it.”
“You call that flirting? Molesting me in the hallways?”
“It was Sungmin’s idea. He knew you wouldn’t go for people that just threw themselves at you or shyly confessed. He wanted me to play both sides, hoping that would get your attention, which I must say worked well for a while until you decided to ignore, which hurt by the way.” Donghae pouted. “So Sungmin had me kick it up a notch which is what led to the kiss in the cafeteria which led to now and yeah…” Donghae looked away in embarrassment, red staining his cheeks.
“Alright, now why did you go along with Sungmin’s plan in the first place?” Eunhyuk placed a hand under Donghae’s chin and tilted his face back to his.
“Because the first moment I saw you, I loved you and wanted you to be mine.” Donghae flushed an even brighter red at his confession. “So did my – I mean Sungmin’s – plan work?”
Eunhyuk smiled. “What do you think?”
“I don’t know.” Donghae pouted.
Eunhyuk gently pressed a kiss to Donghae’s lips. “Yes, it worked. As much as you annoyed me and everything, I couldn’t help falling for you. So yes, I love you too. Now be quiet. I want to sleep so when I wake up again, I can take advantage of this beautiful ass.” Eunhyuk reached a hand down to give an appreciative squeeze of his ass.
“But yours is so much better.” Donghae grinned as he reached down to squeeze Eunhyuk’s butt.
“We won’t argue that now. Just go to sleep. You need to regain your strength.”
“Okay.” Donghae smiled as he nuzzled Eunhyuk’s neck and closed his eyes. He was asleep in an instant.
Eunhyuk smiled and silently slipped off the bed. He went to the door and opened it a crack to see Sungmin standing there with a smile on his face.
“Oh hey, Hyukkie. What are you doing in there?”
“Like you don’t already know. I just wanted to let you know that you should be on your guard this week. Consider it a friendly warning since I’m in a good mood right now.”
“Hey Hyukkie –“ Sungmin pouted as Eunhyuk shut the door in his face. “Well that wasn’t very nice and after all the trouble I went through to get them together.”
“Sungmin, honey, leave them alone. You’ve done enough meddling for now. And you still have to pay for it later when Eunhyuk’s up and ready.” Kyuhyun smiled as he wrapped his arms around Sungmin’s waist.
“Yeah, you’re right. Come on, let’s go back to the party.” Sungmin grabbed Kyuhyun’s hands and led him back towards the stairs. He felt something wet on his back and turned around to see the door to Eunhyuk’s room closing.

A/N: sorry this took forever…and I’m sorry if you’re not satisfied. There doesn’t seem to be much romance or aggressive hyuk in this or helpless hae :T
and idk what happened with the ending O_O so sorry :(
I hope you enjoy it though
Tags: eunhae, r/nc-17

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