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Fic for kihae129

Title: A Bet to win Kibum as Proposed by Heechul
Characters: Siwon, Donghae, Kibum
Word Count: 1944
Summary: Kim Kibum, who had moved away 6 years ago, is back and Heechul just had to make his return memorable with a bet involving his old childhood friends Siwon and Donghae.

For kihae129 ☺ Hope you enjoy…

“Do you really have to go?”
“Yeah, I really do.”
“Oh alright. Have fun in America, Bummie.”
“You guys have fun without me.”
The three kids hugged each other before Kibum climbed into the car, heading off to the airport.
Siwon and Donghae watched the car leave. “I hope we get to see him again soon.”
“Me too.”

6 years later…

“Hey, did you guys hear? There’s a new guy at school. Just came from America.” Donghae and Siwon looked up from their work to stare at the door as the teacher and someone walked in. Their eyes widened as they took in the familiar face and smiled brightly.
“Class, please welcome our new student, Kim Kibum. Kibum, please introduce yourself.”
Kibum smiled at the classroom, eyes lighting up when he caught sight of two people. “Hi, my name is Kim Kibum. I just moved back to Seoul after living in America for 6 years. Please help me adjust to living here again. Thank you.”
“That was very good, Kibum. How about you take that seat between Lee Donghae and Choi Siwon? Choi Siwon and Lee Donghae, please raise your hands.”
Siwon and Donghae diligently raised their hands with matching grins on their face. “Kibum, it’s been a long time.”
“It sure has. Why don’t we catch up later? After school would probably be a good idea.”
“Sure, whatever you say. Now if you don't mind, I need to pay attention and catch up. Korean school is way different from American school.” Kibum grinned and looked at the front to listen to what the teacher was saying.
Siwon and Donghae had trouble concentrating, glad to have their friend back after so long. Heechul couldn’t help but notice something more in their stares. He smiled to himself as he thought of something fun to do. He couldn’t wait until later.

<3 ∆ <3

Siwon went over to his usual table where Donghae and Heechul were already sitting. Kibum had to wait in the lunch line since he had forgotten to bring some food with him.
“Hey Heechul. What’s up?”
“I have a bet for you two.”
“What!?!?!” Siwon and Donghae stared at Heechul who was grinning at him.
“I saw the way you two were looking at Kibum and figured a little bet was in order to see who would win him.”
“Heechul! How can we participate in something like that?”
“Knowing you two, you’d take forever to confess to him. And it’s bad enough two friends like the same guy that’s also their friend. I’m giving you the motivation. So the rules are there are no rules, anything goes and whoever wins gets Kibum and tickets to go to the beach.” Heechul pulled out two tickets from his wallet. “These are two train tickets, can be used for any date, that will take you to my beach house located several miles outside of the city. You’re free to use it for two weeks only. So how about it?”
Siwon and Donghae looked at each other then over at Kibum. They glanced at the tickets and Heechul’s grinning face. Both sighed and nodded their heads in agreement.
Heechul’s grin grew wider. “Great. Let the games begin.”

<3 ∆ <3

For the next few days, Siwon and Donghae did their best to help Kibum settle into life in Korea again. All thoughts of the bet went out their heads as they got reacquainted with their childhood friend.
Then one day, since Siwon was busy with duties at school, Donghae and Kibum were walking home.
“Oh look, a playground.” Donghae ran over to the swings with Kibum smiling and shaking his head at how childish Donghae was. “Come on and push me, Kibum.”
Kibum got behind Donghae and started to push him. Donghae went up and down, riding the swing. Kibum got in the swing next to him and gently swung back and forth.
“You haven’t changed a bit, Donghae. I was afraid you had.”
“Why is that?”
Kibum stopped swinging and stared at the ground. “I was away for 6 years. You could’ve grown up in all that time, especially with Siwon around.”
“With Siwon around, I made sure I didn’t grow up since he grew up fast enough for the both of us.”
Kibum chuckled and looked at Donghae. “So true. But there’s something I wanted to tell you that I didn’t have a chance to before.”
Donghae tilted his head questioningly at Kibum. “And that is?”
“I used to like you when we were little. And I’m afraid I might still like you now…I just don’t know what that’ll do to our friendship. I just felt like you should know. Well I gotta go and let you think about this for a while. I’ll see you at school tomorrow.” Kibum got off the swing and leaned over to give Donghae a peck on the cheek before leaving.
Donghae sat on the swings alone for a while, thinking of what just happened. He pulled out his phone and quickly sent a text to Siwon.
You know that bet Heechul has us agree to?
Well I think you’re going to lose. Kibummie likes me better than you.
How do you know that?
He just told me. So if you want to give up now, that would be great ^^

Siwon glared at his phone.
You think I can just give up that easily. It’s not over until Kibum actually accepts one of us as his boyfriend. And we both have to be there when he does.
You never could run away from a challenge could you?
No. Now get ready ‘cause you’re in for the battle of your life.

Donghae chuckled as he put his phone away. Siwon could fight all he wants but Kibum was already his. And he didn’t have to do a thing about it.

<3 ∆ <3

Kibum showed up to school the next day to find a rose sticking out of his locker. He looked at it puzzled before taking it and tossing it in the trash.
He got to class to find Siwon and Donghae already there and another rose on his desk. Without a word, he picked it up and tossed it in the trash.
“Why’d you do that, Kibummie?”
“Why would someone give me flowers? I’m a guy. Is this someone’s idea of romancing me? Puh-lease, that thing has been done before.”
Kibum sat in his seat and took out a book to read until class started.
Donghae grinned at Siwon and took his seat next to Kibum. Siwon frowned and got into his seat just as the teacher came in to begin class.

<3 ∆ <3

The next day, Kibum found a packed lunch in his locker. He looked at it and took it to class.
“Hey, do you guys know who left this in my locker?”
Donghae looked at the lunch then at Siwon with a grin. “I don’t know. Do you, Siwon?”
“It was me, Kibum.”
“Oh…thanks, Siwon.” Kibum smiled and put the lunch in his bag. “I’ll enjoy it at lunch then.”

Kibum happily ate his lunch, sharing it with Donghae and Siwon. “This is delicious. Thanks so much Siwon.”
“Yeah, it’s delicious, Siwon.” Donghae gave Siwon a cheeky grin as he took the bite Kibum offered him.
Siwon just nodded his head in thanks or agreement. He couldn’t believe his plan failed again.
He felt his phone vibrate.
I told you it’s not use. Kibum doesn’t see you like that so just forget it.
Siwon, you’re too stubborn for your own good sometimes. Just ask him straight out instead of going through all this trouble. It’ll save you time and money ^^

<3 ∆ <3

For once, Siwon walked Kibum home without Donghae since Donghae had dance practice. Siwon tried to help carry Kibum’s bag or hold his hand but Kibum held them out of the way.
“Siwon, are you okay? You don’t seem to be acting like you normally do. What’s up?”
Siwon stopped for a moment and looked at Kibum. “Well…there is something I wanted to talk to you about. Or actually tell you.” He grabbed Kibum’s hand and knelt down. “I like you. I have since we were little.”
Kibum couldn’t help blushing a little. “I-I know. I kinda figured when we were younger but I didn’t think you’d still like me now.”
“My feelings never went away.”
“Oh…well Siwon…that’s nice and all but I would like to tell you something. I liked Donghae when we were little and I think I still like him now. I’m sorry. I-I hope this doesn’t ruin our friendship.”
Siwon smiled. “Of course not, but I’m going to do whatever is in my power to get you to like me back.”
Kibum looked at Siwon skeptically. “Uh…okay but I must warn you I just told you I like Donghae.” Kibum smiled as he remembered something. “Actually I think you’re just too stubborn for your own good sometimes. See you later Siwon.”
Kibum waved goodbye, leaving Siwon standing there.

<3 ∆ <3

The next morning, Kibum found Siwon waiting for him at his front door.
“Hi, are you here to walk me to school?”
Siwon smiled. “Yep. Shall I hold your bag for you?”
“Uh no that’s fine. Come on, let’s get going. I want to go see Donghae.”
Siwon frowned but followed Kibum.

As soon as Kibum got to school, he raced to class to find Donghae. “Donghae! Help me! Siwon is being weird. Can you do something about it?”
“What do you mean by weird?”
“He’s trying to convince me to like him when I like you.”
“Did you tell him that?”
“I did but he won’t give up.”
Donghae grinned. “I know why.”
Kibum looked at Donghae wide-eyed. “Why? Tell me, quick before he gets here.”
At that moment, Siwon came through the door, effectively ending their conversation. He looked at the two of them before taking his seat.
Donghae smiled and excused himself to go to the bathroom. He whipped out his cell phone and sent a text to Kibum.
Kibum looked around before checking his phone. He quickly read the text and smiled.

<3 ∆ <3

Siwon and Donghae made their way to the playground and found Kibum on the swings. Kibum stood up as the two approached.
“Thanks for meeting me here, you two. I just wanted to get something straight.”
He took a deep breath and looked at the two. “I like Donghae, not Siwon. I’m sorry about this but I just had to say this to stop your crazy stubbornness. I couldn’t take the constant attention. It was too much, Siwon.”
Kibum looked down then back up at the both of the.
“You’re too similar to me, Siwon. And way too handsome. Donghae is more childish and fun. Both of you are my best friends but I always thought of Donghae as someone more. I’m sorry. But now that Donghae has won the bet, he’s gotta share the prize with me.” Kibum smiled as he put an arm around Donghae’s shoulders. “Besides, I’m sure you’ll find someone better suited for you…like a foreign exchange student.” Kibum winked at Siwon who was blushing slightly.
“Wait, how did you know about the contest?”
“Donghae told me.” Kibum grinned. “Seemed like the only way to stop this craziness from you.”
“Come on, let’s go. You promised me ice cream. And I still need to get that prize from Heechul.” Donghae pulled Kibum after him who grabbed Siwon to pull him after them. The three laughed as they made their way down the street, one after another.

A/N: I wasn’t sure who to have Kibum end up with O_O I would do Sibum but since your username is Kihae I went in that direction…hope that’s okay with you.
Sorry if this isn’t very good. I kinda rushed it ☹ I’m sorry
Tags: donghae/kibum, sibum

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