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Fic for xgaho

Title: Hankyung’s Homecoming
Pairing: Hanchul with appearances by Kyumin, Sibum, Henry
Word Count: 1202
Summary: Hankyung is coming back to Super Junior after dropping his lawsuit. Heechul goes “crazy” trying to plan the perfect homecoming party for his boyfriend.

For xgaho ☺ hope you like…

“Hey, did you hear the news? Hankyung hyung is coming back!”
“Gege’s coming back?”
“Hankyung’s coming back?”
Shouts of joy could be heard around the dorm as the news spread amongst the members.
“Why is Hankyung hyung coming back?”
“I heard he dropped the lawsuit. He’ll be back in a couple days.”
“Yay! You know what this means?”

Heechul was quietly sitting in his room playing with Heebum when Henry burst in, shouting, “Hangeng gege is coming back in a couple days!”
“What?!?!?!” Heechul stood up and raced into the living room to join the other members. “Hankyung’s coming back?”
“Yep, your boyfriend is finally returning to us.”
“Returning to me, you mean. Great, now time to start planning his return home party.”
“We already got the list started.”
Heechul grabbed the list out of Sungmin’s hands and quickly scanned it. “Nope, not good enough.”
“What do you mean?”
“Here.” Heechul pulled out a list from his pocket. “This is what you need to get and do. Now chop chop. We only have a day or two to do all this.”
“What’s wrong with my list?” Sungmin started to pout, making Kyuhyun come over and give him a hug and glare at Heechul.
“Yeah hyung, what’s wrong with Sungmin’s list?”
“Nothing. It’s perfectly fine but not good enough for Hankyung. Now start working. My boyfriend is finally coming home!”
Heechul smiled and danced around the apartment before sitting on the couch to watch the other members get his party in order. He’s been waiting for this day since forever (more like when he last talked to Hankyung which was two days ago but stupid ass didn’t tell him he’d be coming home).

“Hey, hey, hey, be careful with that. That was expensive you know!” Heechul stood in the middle of the living room as the members moved around him, putting up decorations and making food.
The doorbell rang and someone went to open it. “Kibum!!! You’re here!!!” Soon all the members had stopped what they were doing to crowd around Kibum, who they haven’t seen in a while.
“Kibum, glad you could make it. We needed more hands. Now go help Donghae and Henry with the decorations. And no greeting Siwon until you’re done. No couples allowed to work together until this is all done.” Heechul glared at the members and went back over to his “throne” as the other members dubbed it where he could overlook everyone’s work.

For the next few hours, everyone was working diligently to Heechul’s instructions. Only a few times did Heechul catch a few couples together, not working.
First time was Kyuhyun and Sungmin in the kitchen. Sungmin couldn’t reach something in the pantry so Kyuhyun, who was not permitted to step foot in the kitchen, came in to get it for Sungmin. Somehow in the process of getting the item, it led to them making out, which Heechul violently tore apart much to Kyuhyun and Sungmin’s disappointment. After that, Heechul kept a close eye on Kyuhyun, making sure he was nowhere near the kitchen.

Second time was Kibum and Siwon. When Heechul was preoccupied with the Kyumin couple, Siwon had grabbed Kibum and pulled him down the hallway for a much needed reunion. They were in the process of removing each other’s pants (yes they were that fast and it had been a long time) when Heechul came down the hall and pulled Siwon off Kibum to both their surprise. Heechul didn’t care that Siwon’s pants were off and his cock sticking out of his boxers.
The other members could only stare at an embarrassed Siwon and a mad Heechul.
“What did I tell you guys? No couples together. Not until everything is ready. Now everyone get back to work. Hankyung’s gonna be here in a couple hours and I want the place perfect. Now go!!!”
“Geez, why are you so grumpy, Heechul hyung? What’s so important that you won’t let us have fun?”
“You guys can have fun when the party starts but for now, I want everything perfect for my Hannie. Ryeowook! How’s the food coming along?”
“It’s fine, Heechul hyung. Want a taste?”
Heechul stalked into the kitchen and took a taste from the spoon Ryeowook held. “Hmm…that’s fine. Where’s the rest of the food?”
“Sungmin is working on one of the dishes over there. There’s several being prepared on the stove and your cake is being baked in the oven as we speak.”
Heechul grinned. “Good, knew I could count on you two unlike some of the others out there. Though I haven’t forgotten that one little digression of yours, Sungmin, but I totally blame your boyfriend over there. Now hurry up. Zhoumi told me he and Henry have Hankyung and they’re on their way over now.”
Heechul went back to his chair and watched the members scurrying around like little mice. He grinned as he sat and waited. Soon Hankyung was going to be home, back in his arms.

“Alright, we’re all done, Heechul hyung.” Donghae turned to see Heechul asleep on his “throne”. “Heechul hyung?”
“Oh let him sleep. If he misses Hankyung’s arrival, it’s his fault. Besides he just sat around all day, ordering us to do stuff and not helping out one bit.”
“Yes but that’s how my princess is.”
“Hankyung hyung!!!” Everyone turned away to see Hankyung standing in the doorway with Zhoumi and Henry behind him. “Welcome home!!!”

Heechul heard noise around him and opened his eyes to find the source. Imagine his surprise when he saw Hankyung surrounded by all the other members, eating and chatting away without him.
Everyone turned to see Heechul staring at them.
Heechul stood up and stalked over to Hankyung, plopping down into his lap and kissing the living daylights out of him. People took that as their cue to leave except for Henry who just had to leave one little present behind before disappearing.
“Hannie, how dare you not wake me when you got here? How could the other members let me sleep? How dare they steal you from me? When did you get here? You weren’t having any fun, were you? I’m so glad you’re home, Hannie, but I’m still mad at you for leaving me. How dare you go without a word? And stay away for months. You know what you deserve right?”
Hankyung just smiled, glad to have Heechul back with him. He leaned down and captured the princess’s lips, effectively quieting him down. “I love you, Heechul-ah. Now why don’t we go to your room where you can really punish me for the bad boy I’ve been, leaving you here all by yourself?”
Heechul grinned and got up from Hankyung’s laugh. “Be prepared. You were gone a long time, Hannie.”
Hankyung grinned. “I know.” He reached down and picked up Henry’s gift and brought it into Heechul’s bedroom with them.
The rest of the night, the other members could hear moans, screams, grunts, and the snap of a whip coming from Heechul’s room. No one wanted to disturb them and no one could sleep so the next morning the dorm was quiet as a mouse with everyone passed out in their rooms.

A/N: finally finished writing it XD sorry if it’s not really what you expected? I’m not sure, tried my best and really liked the idea. Hopefully it’s ok but if you’re not satisfied just let me know…can try to rewrite or write something else. i tried to put in all the characters/pairings you wanted, albeit however small their role is :T
Tags: hanchul

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