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Fic for yoursexyeyes

Title: Nerd by Day, Slut by Night
Pairing: Sibum
Word Count: 9710
Summary: Everyone’s been talking about the new club downtown with a new dancer known as the Mystery Girl. She loves to put on provocative performances and flirts with all the boys there. Finally deciding to go there, Siwon is in for the surprise of his life.

For yoursexyeyes ☺ hope you enjoy…

Siwon was sitting in class, waiting for the bell to ring. He couldn’t wait to head to that new club his friends had been raving about. He would’ve gone to the opening with them but he had a project to finish due the following Monday.
For the past week, his friends had been talking nonstop about this new club. The music was great, the dance floor was huge. The place had several mini stages and poles for those daring enough to use it and it seemed that each Saturday night, a special performance would be put on by a different person each time.
His friends couldn’t stop talking about this one dancer though. When she got up on one of the mini stages, everyone stopped to watch her. Even Eunhyuk, the best dancer in their group, was amazed by her moves.
Siwon was excited and curious about this dancer. No one knew her identity; somehow she was able to keep it a complete mystery from everyone. In the halls, he would hear people talk about the club and her.
Siwon couldn’t wait until tonight.


Kibum was putting her books away when she happened to overhear some girls talking about the new club that had opened downtown.
“So are you guys going tonight?”
“Duh. I love that place. Besides, I wanna catch another glimpse of that mystery girl.”
“I know. I can’t believe her. Every night, she’s on one of those poles. And do you see the guys staring at her?”
“Have you seen what she does when she gets off the stage? She’s dancing with some guy then switches to another guy.”
“She sounds like such a slut and I bet she is with the way she moves on that pole. I can’t believe she would do that every night. She has no decency.”
“Sluts never do. So what are you guys going to wear tonight?”
“I was going to go shopping. I need new clothes to wear since I’ve worn them all already. Besides, I think I might try going up on one of the poles this time.”
“You? Like you can ever dance?”
“Oh yeah, what about you?”
“Whatever. Come on, let’s just go. I hear there’s a sale going on at – “ The girls had moved away so Kibum couldn’t hear their conversation anymore.
“Ready to go, Kibum?” She looked up to see Donghae smiling at her.
“Just about.” She zipped up her bag and tossed it over her shoulder. “Ready.”
The two walked out of the classroom and down the hall towards their other friend’s locker. “So have you heard the news?”
“The mystery girl that has everyone buzzing. Yeah, I just heard some skanks talking about her just now.”
“Oh, I take it they were calling her a slut.”
“Yep. Hi Heechul.”
“Hello my lovely dongsaengs. Shall we get going?” Heechul turned around and began walking, Donghae and Kibum walking alongside her.
“So how was your day? Have you heard all the buzz about the mystery girl?”
“Yep, we were just talking about it.”
“So?” Heechul looked at both of them, wiggling her eyebrows.
“Can we discuss this later? I need to get home. I have work I need to – oof.” Kibum bumped into someone, causing her to fall onto the floor.
“Are you alright, miss?”
“Yeah I’m fine.” Kibum took the offered hand and stood up, brushing dirt off her skirt. She looked up and smiled. “Thank you.” She grabbed her bag from his hands.
“You’re welcome.” Siwon smiled at her before catching up with his friends.
“Earth to Kibum. Let’s go. We have things to do. You can moon over Siwon later.”
Kibum turned back to her friends with a pout. “I am not mooning over Siwon.”
“Uh yeah you were. You and the other half of the school population. But it’s fine we still love you even if you like Mr. Popular Gentleman. Now let’s go. I need to go pick out an outfit for tonight.”
“Why don’t we just raid Zhoumi’s store for an outfit?”
“You mean her closet?”
“Same thing. Now come on.” Donghae linked arms with Heechul and Kibum and dragged them off to Zhoumi’s house.


Siwon was going through his closet when he heard a knock on the door. “Come in.”
“You ready yet, dude?”
“Almost. Trying to figure out what you wear. What are you guys wearing?”
Siwon turned to see the guys dressed differently, thanks to their different styles. Eunhyuk had on his usual wifebeater with an unbuttoned button shirt on top and slacks. Kyuhyun was dressed in all black: black v-neck shirt and slacks. He wore sunglasses giving him a mysterious vibe. Yesung was dressed similarly to Kyuhyun but silver earrings glittered at his ears and he had no sunglasses.
“Okay…thanks for the help.” Siwon turned back to his closet and chose a simple white shirt, a jacket, and slacks. He quickly changed, styled his hair, and slipped into his shoes.
“Alright, we ready to go?”
“Yep.” Kyuhyun smiled, jiggling the keys to Siwon’s Porsche.

The guys pulled up to the club to see lights flashing and a long line already going around the block and the club had just opened 5 minutes ago. Kyuhyun and Yesung just walked to the front of the line, quietly talked to the bouncer, before being let in.
Siwon looked around in amazement. The place looked really nice for a club. He saw the infamous poles set up in strategic locations around the dance floor.
He and his friends quickly made their way to a table on the side marked reserved.
“Well here’s our usual spot.”
“So what do we do now?”
“Now we wait until more people arrive and the party really gets hopping.”
Kyuhyun smiled as he signaled a waiter to begin ordering their first round of drinks.

The club was blasting music now and most of the guys were slightly tipsy now though it didn’t show since they all had pretty high tolerances.
“So where’s that mystery girl you guys were talking about?”
“She won’t be on for a while. It’s only 10. She performs at 11. And trust me, you’ll be blown away when you see what she can do.”
“Come on guys, let’s stop drinking and dance.”
“You go on ahead, Eunhyuk. We’re just going to chill here for a bit longer.”
Eunhyuk made his way onto the dance floor, smoothly brushing through the crowd and heading straight for the center. As soon as he got out there, the music changed and a circle widened around him to give him space.
He let the music flow through him before beginning to dance. He popped and locked, making sure his moves flowed from one to the other. He noticed a tiny ripple in the crowd and turned around to see a girl standing across from him, arms crossed and smirk painted on her face. He put one to match and slowly beckoned her to him in a challenge.
She gladly accepted, slowly walking towards him. Just when she was about to get into his space, she stepped back, executing a spin before going into a showy routine.
He smirked and waited until her attention was on him before beginning his rebuttal.
The two went back and forth, never giving an inch but always moving closer to one another until they were dancing together, moves melding and blending together it was like they had practiced and choreographed the dance together.
When the song ended, both were breathing hard, Eunhyuk’s hands around her waist, her leg wrapped around him, hands against his chest.
He didn’t know who moved first but soon the two were making out fiercely on the dance floor, forgetting the crowd around them.

“Wow…Hyukkie moves fast.”
“Did you see that girl? She kept up with him step for step. Amazing…”
Kyuhyun glanced up from his watch. “Come on guys. It’s almost time for her.”
“Really?!?!? Come on, let’s try to get closer.”
“But don’t we have good enough seats already? We shouldn’t go into the crowd or we might not be able to see her.”
“Fine, we’ll stay here but I was hoping the closer we got the more we could try and figure out who she is.”
“Well I would like to stay right here. This is my first time seeing her and I’d like to see the whole package.”
“I agree. It’s better to see everything than just a bit. Come on, Yesung, just sit here. Now be quiet. It’s about to begin.”
The lights grew dim until a single spotlight was shown on a lone figure standing on one of the platforms. A gloved hand came out and ran along the pole. Another hand came to join the other and the person began a fairly simple routine.
Siwon took in the figure. Nice long legs, trim little butt, elegant back. All were beautifully shown and emphasized in her slim black one-piece suit. Then she turned around.
Siwon’s breath left him as he saw the small white mask covering half that face. The suit emphasized her chest and waist. As she moved around the pole, he could see the strength in those slim limbs of hers.
When her hat came off and all her hair flowed out, Siwon could only stare mesmerized. He was only vaguely aware of his surroundings.
Then he caught her eyes beneath the mask. He swore she was staring straight at him, right through him. A small smirk painted her lips and her dance got even more seductive and sexy. He could feel the temperature rising and a small little tent growing in his pants as seemed to dance only for him.
All too soon, the song was over and she slipped off the stage.
“Wow…that must have been one of her hottest stages ever. Never seen that before.”
“If I’m not mistaken, I think she was looking right at you, Siwon. What a lucky guy.”
“At least for tonight. She never sticks with more than one man a night.”
“Whatever. Hey, another round of drinks please.”


“Great performance tonight.”
“Thank you. What happened to Hae?”
“Didn’t you see what happened earlier?”
“Oh okay.” She smiled in the mirror as she fixed her makeup and adjusted her outfit. “Shall we go out there now?”
“Yep, have a new prey in mind?”
“Of course, didn’t you see her tonight? I saw who she was looking at.”
“Come on, girls. Enough chitchat. Let’s go break some hearts.”


Siwon noticed the crowd suddenly part and four girls came strolling in, masks covering half their face. He recognized the one in the middle as the mystery girl.
Each girl was dressed differently but somehow they seemed to fit together.
The one on the left wore a short black mini dress and 3 inch heels. The one on the right had on skinny jeans and a sparkly halter top. The one second to the right had on shorts and an off the shoulder top. Mystery girl, second to the left, had on a short skirt and see through top.
Siwon could feel his imagination running wild as he watched her walk across the floor with her friends. He held his breath when he noticed Mystery Girl was walking straight towards him.
“Hi, wanna dance?”
Siwon saw her smile at him and forgot how to breathe. “S-s *cough* Sure.”
“Great.” Mystery Girl grabbed his wrist and pulled him into the crowded dance floor. When they got close to the center, she wrapped both her arms around his neck and began to slowly sway to the music.
Siwon could only stand there and let her do as she wished. He wasn’t even aware he was moving or doing anything. His focus was on her and her alone. The air around him smelled like her; the only thing he could see or feel was her.
Then suddenly the music changed and he saw the change come over her as well in the smile or smirk she sent him.
She ran her hands down his chest to the top of his pants. She took a good grip and pulled, bringing him right up against her. He felt one of her legs wrap around his waist which he grabbed without thinking.
She smiled and began moving her hips, small little thrusts that left little to the imagination.
Siwon could easily picture them somewhere else, in a private room on a bed, naked, and him thrusting into her and feeling her hips move like they were now.
He wasn’t even aware as his hand moved up her thigh and under her skirt.
“Oohh…someone’s frisky tonight.” Mystery Girl tightened her grip around Siwon’s neck and fully placed herself against Siwon’s bulge. He had to hold back a moan or groan as she ground her hips into his erection, making him harder than he’d ever been.
He kept the hand on her thigh but moved his other hand around her waist to keep her close to him as she thrust and rubbed against him. He leaned down to place his lips by her ears.
“I want you. Now.”
Mystery Girl smiled up at him. Without saying a word, she just drew Siwon’s head down to hers and captured his lips.

Siwon woke up the next morning with a vague sense of dissatisfaction. Then he remembered the night before.
He and Mystery Girl had kissed on the dance floor before moving off it to a more private hallway to make out. He had gotten to feel her satin soft skin under that see through shirt but when he tried to feel under her skirt, she’d stopped him with a finger to his lips.
“Nuh uh uh. Not so fast.”
“You let me on the dance floor.”
“Not really. That was more for support. This is actually fooling around and I think I’ve had enough for now.”
“What!?!? You’re just going to leave me like this?”
Mystery Girl looked down at the obvious tent in his pants and chuckled. “Yep. I’ll see you later.” She blew him a kiss and got lost in the crowd before he could stop her.
So he was left to go home, dissatisfied and unfulfilled.
But no matter or problem, he’ll just go to the club again tonight and wait for her to show up.


“So how was the club last night, Hae? Noticed you got a headstart before all of us.”
Donghae blushed as the other girls looked at her during their breakfast together at the local café. “Well you know…I-I just couldn’t resist. Did you not see him? He had the whole floor to himself. Someone had to challenged him.”
“Which you did very well and ended up with a very sweet prize.” Donghae blushed even more while Sungmin grinned at her.
“So are we going again tonight?”
Everyone looked at Zhoumi like she was crazy.
“Do you even have to ask?”
“Sorry. Just checking. I lost track of what everyone was – I mean who everyone was doing.”
“And that’s fine. You just pay attention to the guy you’re with. We have these little breakfasts together to discuss the night before. Duh…” Heechul rolled her eyes and took a sip of her latte.
“So are we going to raid Zhoumi’s closet again or did we want to go shopping this time?” Kibum smiled as she took a bite of her pastry.
“Well is today a special day?”
“Well…I did leave a guy unsatisfied, so…”
“Well then, I guess we need to do a little shopping. Gotta find something devastating for you to wear.”
“Slightly devastating. This was only the first time.” Kibum smiled as she slipped her arm through Heechul’s and led the way to the shopping mall.


Siwon got to the club the same time as last time. Some of his friends were already at the usual table and he quickly made his way over to them.
“Siwon! I didn’t know you’d be coming again.”
“Mystery Girl brought him back.” Kyuhyun smirked as he took a sip of his drink. “And looking good, but you always do.”
“So what’s happened so far?”
“Well the club just opened so nothing really. Come join us for a drink and wait for your mystery girl.”
Siwon sighed. “Sure I guess. What are you drinking?”
“Here, have a taste.” Kyuhyun held his glass out to Siwon who took a little sip.
“Whoa, that’s strong. Seriously, what are you drinking?”
“A man’s drink, unlike those other two.”
“Hey, I just don’t want to get as drunk as last night, alright?” Eunhyuk crossed his arms and frowned at Kyuhyun.
“Uh huh…you and I both know that the only reason you’re not drinking is so you won’t forget the girl that beat your ass on the dance floor yesterday and left you hanging for more as well. I saw you guys making out on the floor then disappearing somewhere for a few hours. Glad you finally lost it.”
Eunhyuk coughed and blushed. “Uh yeah…I-I'm still-“
“What?!?!?! You’re still a VIRGIN!?!?!?”
“SHHHH!!! You don’t need to shout it out. Besides, you guys are still virgins too so nothing to be so shocked over.”
“Yeah but we weren’t making out with someone for hours last night. I can’t believe you didn’t do anything other than that. It was the perfect opportunity.” Kyuhyun sighed and took another sip of his drink.
“Oh just leave him alone, Kyuhyun. I saw what happened to you last night so don’t get started on Hyuk if you don’t want me to start on you.” Yesung smiled as he took a sip of his drink, glad he was able to get everyone to shut up.


“Hey Wookie, how are you tonight?”
The petite girl in the short frilly dress turned around and smiled, holding out her arms for a hug. “Hi, I’m just fine. Wow, you look awesome but I bet you’re not wearing that to perform in, are you?”
“Nope, how long do I have?”
“Well we have two girls performing then you’ll be on so about 10 minutes?”
“Alright thanks. I’ll see you later, right?”
“Of course. Now go break a leg and some hearts out there.”


Siwon saw the lights dim. That could only mean one thing.
He turned his attention towards the four stages and saw two girls come out. None of them were his mystery girl. He tried not to let his disappointment show and enjoy the show.
Then the lights and music changed and Siwon felt his blood pumping in anticipation.
Mystery Girl appeared in the spotlight dressed in white. She wore a short excuse of a dress that might as well not have been there with how see through the material was. He could see her breasts encased in a white bra and panties that caressed her beautiful ass. Her hair was set in curls, tumbling down her back. She wore that same white mask that made Siwon itch to remove it and see the face she kept hidden.
Mystery Girl smiled at the crowd as she kept a hand on the pole and swung herself around. Siwon could swear as she turned she was on the search for someone. Then her eyes locked on his and that smirk appeared.
Siwon’s breath left him as he watched Mystery Girl turn this up a notch. Her dance became more provocative, bringing to his mind images of last night, how she felt against him, the way her lips tasted and felt against his. He couldn’t wait until her performance was over for a chance to get his hands on her again.


“Great performance as always but was it just me or did things get a little too hot in there?”
“It wasn’t you. I think everyone felt like that once Mystery Girl here found her target. Going to leave him devastated again?”
“Of course. I want to see what his breaking point is. Now come on, let’s go have fun.”


Siwon sat at his table staring at the entrance where Mystery Girl and her posse would appear. He sipped his drink as his eyes never left that spot, not wanting to miss the moment she appeared.
“Dude, relax. Don’t worry, she always comes out to dance after her performance.” Yesung smiled as he took a sip of his drink.
“Look, here they are now.”
Siwon watched as six girls came walking out this time. His eyes honed in on Mystery Girl, not even sparing a single moment or glance at any of the girls around her.
Before he could stop himself, he was up and walking, slowly making his way towards her. He reached her the moment the crowd had parted.
“Hi, may I have this dance?” He smiled and held his hand out to Mystery Girl. Everyone around him gasped and stared. No one had even had the nerve to walk up to Mystery Girl and ask her to dance. She would always walk into the crowd and choose her dance partner for the night.
Mystery Girl looked him up and down with a small smile tugging at the corner of her lips. “Sorry but I have other plans. Maybe another time.” She brushed him aside and continued walking to a secluded table close to the center.
Her friends glanced at him a moment before brushing past him to join Mystery Girl.
Siwon made sure to keep his face blank as he made his way back to his table.
“Wow…that was kinda harsh.”
“Can’t believe you did that. Mystery Girl must have really got to you. None of her other admirers have got the nerve to do that.” Kyuhyun took a sip of his drink. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to find someone to dance with.”
“I wouldn’t ask her right now if I were you. She’s busy.” Yesung smirked as he watched Kyuhyun falter for a moment before walking away, probably to the bar since his girl was busy talking with Mystery Girl. He was a little disappointed to see that his girl was also busy with Mystery Girl but he could wait. He had all the time in the world when it came to getting what he wanted especially when it was this important.


“So are you going to dance with him tonight?”
“Nope.” She smiled as she took a sip of her drink. “What about you guys? Going to dance with someone tonight?”
“Maybe…but I love to keep them on a hook especially this one. Over by the bar in black. He’s especially fun to mess with.”
“Well mine is taking his sweet, sweet time which I don’t know if it’s more frustrating or flattering that he seems to care that much.”
“Well I don’t have anyone. I like my reputation as a slut. It’s so much fun messing around with boys.”
“And I’m not ready for anything right now. I just want to have fun. I think I’ll go join Hae on the floor though she’s got her partner already. Quick, isn’t she?”
“More like it was him. Did you see how he just zoomed in on her just as she was stepping onto the floor? That guy is seriously smitten.”
“Come on, let’s watch the fun. You can go if you want, Mi, but I think I’ll take tonight off and enjoy the show.” She smiled and took another sip of her drink before turning to look at the crowd on the dance floor.


Siwon went home feeling greatly dissatisfied. This was the second night in a row that he had gone to the club and she had ignored him but still aroused him beyond belief. And tomorrow was a school day and he had only done half of his homework due that week. He was screwed if he didn’t do it now but how could he when he was eaten up with jealousy and unfulfilled desires?
During her performances she would look at him, dance for him, but once off the stage, she ignored him. The previous night she chose not to dance with him after that one time but just last night she was dancing with someone else. He didn’t get a good look at him because all he could see was her but just knowing that she danced with someone other than him got him boiling mad.
Siwon turned on his desk lamp and took out his books, preparing to finish the rest of his homework.

The beeping of his alarm woke him up from his dream involving himself and Mystery Girl. He looked down to see a small pool of drool on his assignment that he hadn’t even finished. He glanced at his clock.
“Oh my -” He got out of his seat and raced around, trying to get ready and get to school on time.

Siwon got to school just as the bell rang, signaling the start of class. He quickly walked to his classroom and opened the door. He stepped in and did a bow, immediately saying “I’m sorry.”
“Thank you for showing up, Choi Siwon. Now go take your seat. You’re just in time for our quiz.”
SIwon gave a small smile before quickly taking his seat. He felt a tap on his shoulder and saw a note toss onto his desk. He quickly hid it from sight as the teacher came by with the quiz. Once the teacher was out of sight, he quickly unfolded the note.
Dude, what happened to you? You’re never late. Did you finish the homework by the way?
No, I fell asleep. I just barely woke up in time. When did teacher tell us about this quiz?
He didn’t. Pop quiz. So I take it you’ll join us at the club tonight?
It’s open on weeknights too?
How do you have time for schoolwork then?
You get it done beforehand DUH! Or you just don’t do it at all now stop. Teacher’s coming around.
Siwon turned back to his paper and quickly scribbled down the answers before turning back to the note.
If I finish my work, I’ll go. Forgot about a few assignments due soon.
Suit yourself but just so you know, Mystery Girl is always there. In case you wanted to see her again.
We’ll see.


“Kibum! Kibum!”
Kibum turned around in time to catch Donghae, who’d launched herself at her. “What’s up, Hae?”
“I saw him today. That guy from the club.”
Kibum smirked. “The one you made out with every night this weekend?”
“Yeah him. I didn’t know he went to this school.”
“Hae, didn’t you see him at Siwon’s table that night? Or any other night? Of course he’d go to our school.”
“Don’t worry Hae. It’s not like he’ll recognize you. It was dark, you had a mask on. You’re safe.”
“I don’t know but I guess I can trust you for now. If I need help keeping my identity a secret, I should just go to you. Have you heard the people talking? They still haven’t stopped talking about Mystery Girl.”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I wonder when the talks will stop.”
“When Mystery Girl finally reveals her face.”
“Heechul unni!” Donghae and Kibum turned around to smile at Heechul making her way towards them.
“Hello my lovely dongsaengs. Ready for lunch?”
“Sure. So how has your day been?”
“Alright but did you hear? One of your teachers is assigning a group project. Gonna pair you up with one of the people in your class. Wanna bet Kibum gets Siwon?”
“Oooo I’ll take that bet. This will make things more interesting. But how is that going to happen?”
“Oh puh-lease, how could it not happen? Kibum and Siwon are the best students in their class.”
“So wouldn’t the teacher want to pair them with some of the other students?”
“Uh no, don’t you get it? The bad students work together ‘cause it’ll actually get them to do some work while the good students go with good students. It’s school rules.”
“Says who?”
“Says me. Now shut up so we can start talking about tonight?”
“Not in school. I thought we made that a rule.”
“You did. I didn’t. If you’ve forgotten, it’s okay for the Kim Heechul to be discussing clothes whenever she feels like. There’s nothing wrong with discussing fashion anywhere anytime. Want me to call Zhoumi to tell you?”
“Unni, she’s in school.”
“So are we, now quiet. I’m calling her.”
Kibum just shook her head and started to eat her food in peace (or as much peace as Heechul and Donghae would give her).

Sure enough in Kibum’s next class, the teacher assigned them partners for an assignment. Kibum found the seat next to her being filled by the one and only Choi Siwon.
“Hi, I’m Siwon.”
“Hi, I’m Kibum.”
“Shall we get started?”
“Sure. Any ideas on what to do?”
“Not really, do you?”
“Maybe. Here are some possible ideas.” Kibum showed him the list she had quickly made. He quickly read it over and smiled.
“How about this one?”
“Sure, why don’t we both start the research and maybe meet some time to discuss and work on the project?”
“Sure, let me give you my number. Call me whenever you want to get together. I’m usually free.”
“Sure. Here’s my number just in case.”
The bell rang signaling the end of class. “Well, I’ll see you later. Bye.”
Kibum quickly gathered her books and left the classroom. She found Donghae right outside the door smiling at her. “What?”
“Siwon’s your partner?”
“Okay, come on. Let’s get going. We have work to do before tonight.”
Kibum rolled her eyes. “Alright.” She let Donghae drag her away.


Siwon sat at his desk, staring at his homework. He glanced at the clock and groaned. He went over to his closet and quickly got dressed before leaving.

He entered the club to find it already hopping with music and dancing. He looked around and saw Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, and Yesung at their usual table.
“Siwon! I didn’t know you were coming tonight. How are you?”
“Okay I guess. Couldn’t concentrate on homework.”
“So you decided to go out and party a little before going back to work?”
Siwon shrugged and sat down, taking the offered drink from Yesung. “So anything happen yet?”
“Nope, same old, same old. And no, Mystery Girl hasn’t appeared yet so you’re just going to have to sit there and wait a little longer.”
“I think the performance will be starting soon so you might not have to wait as long.”
“Look I think it’s starting.” The lights dimmed until a single spotlight was shown on the DJ table.
“Sorry to disappoint, everyone, but there will be no performance tonight. Enjoy the rest of your night.” The DJ cracked a smile before turning the music back on.
Siwon sat in his seat, feeling sad and disappointed. No Mystery Girl tonight?
He stood up from the table.
“Leaving already?”
“Yeah, no Mystery Girl tonight so why should he stay?” Kyuhyun grinned at him as he took a sip of his drink.
“I’ll see you guys later.” He waved and walked away only to bump into someone.
“I’m so sorry.”
“Leaving so soon?” Siwon looked down to see Mystery Girl smiling up at him. “And here I was, coming over to ask you to dance.” She shrugged her shoulders. “Too bad.”
She started to walk away when she found her wrist caught in his hand. She looked up to see him smiling at her.
“Would you like to dance?”

Siwon woke up just as his alarm buzzed. He looked at his desk and groaned, seeing the incomplete homework again. He quickly put them all in his bag, got ready and left the house to make it just in time for class.
He collapsed into his chair and rested his head on his arms.
“Yo Siwon, what’s wrong?”
“This has got to stop.”
“What does?”
“Going to the club. Waiting for Mystery Girl. Wondering who she is. I can’t keep going on like this. It’s starting to affect my schoolwork. This is the third time this week I haven’t finished my homework.”
“Dude, you need to make a move on Mystery Girl if you want to stop all this.”
“Or I can just stop going to the club and hope I forget all about her.”
Eunhyuk snorted. “Yeah right, like that’s going to happen. Mystery Girl has you wrapped around her finger. There’s no way you could forget or ignore her. Just make a move towards her. Oh wait, no you can’t since whenever she’s around, you just forget and lose control of yourself.”
“And what’s that supposed to mean?”
“Duh! You’re completely bewitched by her.”
“And you’re not completely bewitched by that girl you danced with the last few nights at the club? The one you always seem to be making out with.”
Eunhyuk flushed a slight red. “We’re talking about you, not me. Just go make a move on her. Or at least talk to her. Learn more about her maybe then this obsession will stop.”
“Whatever.” Siwon put his head back down, signaling the end of the conversation.

Instead of going to lunch with his friends, Siwon decided to go to the library to finish the homework he hadn’t completed. He looked around for an empty spot but all the tables were filled except for one. He smiled as he made his way over.
“Hi, mind if I join you?”
Kibum looked up from her book and gave a smile. “No, not at all. Have a seat.”
“Thanks. So uh…have you started working on the project yet?”
“A bit, have you?”
Siwon scratched the back of his head. “Uh, not really. I’ve been busy with a lot of other things.”
“That and –“ Siwon looked away, embarrassed.
Kibum looked surprised and slightly shocked. “Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to pry or anything. It’s none of my business anyway. I’ll just let you get to your work.”
“No, no, it’s fine. You weren’t bothering me. It’s just that I find myself losing focus now and all because of someone.”
Kibum looked around slightly panicked. “Siwon-sshi, you know you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. It’s fine. Forget I asked or said anything.” She buried her nose back into her book.
“No, it’s fine, Kibum. I actually kinda need to talk to someone about this, not my friends but just like a normal person.”
“Oh okay…well I’m all ears then.” Kibum marked her place and put down her book to look at Siwon.
“So you know that club everyone’s been talking about.”
“Yes and Mystery Girl…wait, don’t tell me…”
“You always were smart.” Siwon put his face in his hands, missing the expression that flickered over Kibum’s face. “She’s got me tied up in knots that I can’t seem to work anymore. She’s all I think about and I don’t even know her name or what her face looks like. I feel like I’d be satisfied or even happy if I just got her name, even her number. I’d probably be ecstatic if I saw her face. I just need to know something more about her to drive this craziness away. Just one thing and I can focus on my schoolwork again. I’m only interested in her because she’s a mystery I can’t solve. Sure she’s beautiful and sexy but that’s all she is. If I can just learn one thing about her, I can be satisfied with that and end my obsession.”
“So you just want one bit of information from her and that will end this madness you have?” Kibum looked at Siwon with an arched brow.
“Yes, I don’t think I can go on like this anymore.”
“Hmm…well I don’t know what to say. You seem to have just figured things out yourself that I don’t have any advice to give.” Siwon gave a sheepish smile. “Seems like you need to talk to her about this and try to learn something more. That’s your only solution.”
“Yeah…I know. I just have trouble with that since she ties me into so many knots I can barely function, let alone speak. Anyway, sorry about letting this all off on you but I just had to talk to someone about it.”
“Oh, no, I completely understand. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go to class. Call or text me later when you wanted to meet to work on our project or if you just want to talk.” Kibum smiled as she gathered up her things and left.
Siwon looked down at his incomplete homework and sighed. Class started in 5 minutes and no way could he finish this assignment now since he spent his lunch break talking. He quietly picked up his things and left the library, feeling slightly disappointed but less worried.


“Kibummie!!! Where were you at lunch? Did you forget we had important things to discuss?” Donghae smiled as she wrapped her arm around Kibum.
“No but I was in the library working on homework. Did I miss anything important?”
“Not really unless you call Heechul gushing about that new exchange student from China. She’s already got his number and a promise to take him around Seoul. She’s already got him going to the club tonight when she learned he could dance. She was just upset she couldn’t show him around school. Some other kid is doing it which she complained about before gushing some more about the guy.”
“Oh okay, so you two are definitely going tonight?”
“Yes, aren’t you?”
“Me? At the club? Kinda doubt it since I have so much more homework to do and you know the club isn’t really my scene. Anyway, class is about to start so bye.” Kibum smiled at Donghae before walking into her classroom.


Siwon straightened his collar and looked in the mirror. Perfect…
He went to grab his watch, keys, and wallet and spied his incomplete homework on the desk. He sighed but couldn’t help it. He just couldn’t work until after he sees Mystery Girl.

The club was already hopping when Siwon finally arrived. He saw a few of his friends already on the dance floor.
A hand gripped his arm. “Hey handsome, wanna dance?”
Siwon turned around to see Mystery Girl smiling at him, mask tightly in place. He looked down to see her dressed in a short skirt and even smaller top. “Sure.”
Mystery Girl smiled as she grabbed Siwon and pulled him out onto the dance floor.
“So are you going to perform tonight?”
“I’m not sure…depends on my mood. Might need to take a break and let some other girl try to steal my spotlight. So what’s your name? You’ve been coming here for a while but I haven’t caught your name and I know most of the people here by now.”
Siwon leaned in close to her ear. “I’m Siwon. And will you tell me your name, Mystery Girl?”
Mystery Girl smiled up at him. “No but I can tell you something else if you’re willing to bargain for it.”
“Why would I bargain for something I don’t even know? How do I know you’re not going to play me?”
Mystery Girl smiled as she leaned up close to his ear. “You don’t. But all you have to do is trust me. Doesn’t seem so hard now does it?”
“There’s a reason you’re known as Mystery Girl.”
Mystery Girl grinned as she trailed her fingers along Siwon’s chest. “Well the decision is all yours. If you need me, I think you’ll know where I’ll be.”
She gave him a wink before walking away, leaving him alone on the dance floor.

Siwon woke up the next morning with his homework stuck on his face. He glanced at the clock and saw he was going to be late. He caught sight of his reflection in the mirror. Yep…I’m just not going to go to school today. But at least it’ll give me a chance to finish my homework.

Siwon got up to use the bathroom when a little slip of paper fell on the floor. “Oh right, I need to text Kibum about our project.”
Siwon went over to his notes to find where Kibum had written her number. He noticed the slip of paper on the floor with numbers scribbled on it. He grabbed it and quickly punched in the numbers and a quick text.
Hi, this is Siwon.
Hi Siwon. Did you want to talk about the project? We can meet tomorrow afternoon if you’re free.
Sure, that’s fine. Where?
Here [insert address] I’ll see you at 2 then, alright?
Sure. Cya then.
Siwon smiled, glad to get that done. “Now for the rest of my work…after I use the bathroom.”


“You gave him your number?!?!?! Are you crazy, Bummie?!?!!?”
Kibum tried to hide behind her coffee as her friends stared at her. “What? Is that wrong?”
Sungmin stared at her. “What happened to wanting to keep your identity a secret?”
“Well…I –“
Zhoumi’s eyes widened. “OMG! You actually like him.”
“No, she loves him. This was all part of your plan, wasn’t it, Bummie?” Heechul grinned, looking at the flustered girl.
“Well…kinda…but I didn’t think it would be this quick…” Kibum went back to looking at her drink, unable to hold eye contact with any of her friends. “Look a few days ago, while I was in the library, Siwon came in –“
“And you told him them?!?!?!”
“What?!!?! No, Mi, but we got to talking or more like he got to talk. He was all riled up thanks to Mystery Girl and I just couldn’t help but take some pity on him…so I gave him my number.”
Some of the girls tsked while others just took sips of their drinks or did other things.
“You do realize what you’re doing, right, Bummie?”
“Yes, I do.”
“Alright, you know what this means?”
“Good, then I guess it’s time for us to go. Come on, girls. We have lots of things to buy for tonight’s preparation.” Heechul winked at Kibum as she and the other girls left.
Kibum sighed and glanced at her watch. “Guess I gotta go work on my project with Siwon now.”

Kibum walked over to the library and saw Siwon already seated at one of the tables. He looked up and smiled, waving her over.
“Hello, how are you?”
“I’m fine. So ready to get started?”
“Sure, just let me finish this up really quickly.”
“Sure, I gotta get my things out.”
For the next couple hours, the two worked diligently on their project. They were able to get most of the work done by the time they both had to leave.
Kibum quickly gathered up her books and smiled. “Well, I have to go. It was nice working with you, Siwon-sshi. I think this project will turn out great. Well, see you at school on Monday.”


Siwon smiled watching Kibum leave. He gathered his things and prepared to leave. As he looked through his notes, he saw Kibum’s phone number written at the top of one of his notebook’s pages.
He paused for a moment before taking out his phone and checking the number he had punch in. He frowned for a bit before glancing at his watch.
When he saw the time, he cursed and quickly gathered all his things. He left to get ready to go to the club.

Siwon got to the club just in time to see Mystery Girl take the stage. He stood near the doorway and watched her performance. He couldn’t wait til she came out to join the rest of the crowd after her performance. He was going to get her tonight, no matter what it took.


As Mystery Girl came out from backstage, surrounded by her friends, Siwon walked over to her and grabbed her wrist, pulling her away from everyone.
“Well well well, look who’s decided to be a man. Want to tell me why you’re dragging me around like a Neanderthal? Or why you haven’t called or texted when I gave you my number since you were so eager to have it? Did you change your mind or something?”
Siwon didn’t respond, just turned around and pressed their lips together in a quick, heated kiss. That shut Mystery Girl up, making Siwon smile as he pulled her to a private room he had reserved earlier.
As soon as the door was shut and locked, Siwon turned to look at Mystery Girl, seated on the couch.
“So why are we here, Siwon?”
“Wouldn’t you be more comfortable if you took off that mask?”
“No, I’m fine just the way I am, thank you very much.”
“Are you sure Kibum? ‘Cause I think our talk would be more enjoyable if you just took it off.” Siwon smiled as he came over and removed the mask while Kibum sat there, in silent shock.
“How did you know it was me? Actually, when did you know?”
“Just this afternoon. I’d forgotten your number and found a slip of paper lying in my room with numbers on it so I typed it and hoped it was yours. Later I saw where you had scribbled your number in my notes and when I got home, I checked the two numbers and then after realizing the slip of paper was from Mystery Girl, I put two and two together and voila, Mystery Girl is you, Kim Kibum. So now why don’t you tell me how this all started or why?”
Kibum gave a small frown. “You think you’re smart or so, don’t you? Well you should know you only got Mystery Girl’s number because I took pity on you being so miserable over her. I knew it was risk but it had to happen sooner or later though I was hoping for later. Didn’t think I had to give all this up so soon, was actually enjoying it.”
“Why did you do it, Kim Kibum? A good girl like you being such a wildcat in the club? I never would’ve thought it.”
“Yeah, same with everyone else which is why it was working out so well.” Kibum pouted and crossed her arms, looking away from Siwon.
“Yeah but you still haven’t answered my question. Why did you do it, Kibum?” Siwon grabbed her chin to tilt her face towards him so he could look into her eyes.

Kibum felt herself drowning the longer she looked into Siwon’s beautiful brown eyes. “Because I was hoping I could get you to notice me and tie you all up in knots like you’ve done to me.”
She jerked out of his hold and looked away, slightly afraid of his response.
“Well then, looks like your plan worked since you tied me up in so many knots I couldn’t function normally any more. Seriously, Kibum, you have more of an effect on me than any other girl I know and that’s just normal everyday school time. Do you know how crazy I’ve been when I first saw Mystery Girl and got to have a taste of her beauty and wits? She was such a tease she drove me insane. But you, Kibum, you make my heart skip a beat with your lovely, innocent charm. I’m crazy in love with both sides of you, Kibum, and would love for you to be my girlfriend.”
Kibum sat on the couch, trying to absorb everything Siwon had just said. “Wait, what?!!?! You’re crazy in love with me?!?!? But I thought you didn’t like me or just thought of me as another schoolmate or something. You’re always so cool.”
“That’s just an act but it’s nothing compared to yours. I can’t believe it, Kibum. Who knew you could be like that? It turns me on so much and yet I’m jealous of all the guys that ogle you when you’re on stage like that. I don’t like that other people get to see you like that. It should only be for me.”
Siwon got down on his knees, hands clasped together. “Please Kibum, be mine. I promise I will do whatever it takes to make you happy. As long as you’re happy, I’m happy. Please, be my Mystery Girl forever.”
Kibum looked at Siwon before smiling brightly. “Of course I will, Siwon.” A smirk crossed Kibum’s face as she stood up, towering over Siwon. “And now, for being such a good boy and finally being mine, I’m gonna give you the nice little reward, something you deserve. Now go sit on the bed over there while I just get a few things.”
She left the room through the little door in the back. Siwon got on the bed and sat down, waiting and anticipating.
Kibum came back into the room, dressed in nothing but see-through black and white lingerie. Siwon could feel the drool pooling in his mouth as he looked her up and down, lingering over her breasts encased in a lacy black and white striped bra and the top of her thighs covered with a matching lacy black and white striped thong.
Kibum smiled as she turned around, letting Siwon look over every inch of her. Then she walked over to him and straddled his lap, gently pushing him to lie down on the bed.
“So what shall I do to you first?” She smiled as she ran her hands down his chest to the top of his shirt and slowly began unbuttoning it. She purred as she pushed the shirt aside and stroked his chest lovingly. She leaned down and nipped his neck before lightly brushing a tongue over each nipple.
Siwon gasped and squirmed, his arms coming to rest on Kibum’s waist. Of their own volition, they moved up her body and cupped her breasts. Kibum gave a quiet moan as Siwon began to squeeze them. He plucked her harden nipples, pulling a louder moan from her. He reached behind and unclasped her bra.
Siwon could only stare as her breasts hung right in front of his eyes, all nice and perky. He brushed a thumb over each nipple, making Kibum arch her back.
Kibum looked down at Siwon with a smile, leaning down and giving him a languid kiss. She reached between their bodies and undid his pants. She tugged them and his briefs down, just enough for his cock to pop out.
Kibum smiled as she gripped it and began to slowly stroke. Siwon did his best to keep quiet but Kibum’s hands felt like heaven. His hips thrust up in her hand, trying to increase the pace.
“Nuh uh uh. You’re going to lie there and take everything I give you. So no moving and while you’re at it, no noise. So stay as quiet as a mouse. Got it, baby?” Kibum grinned as she slowly moved her hand up and down Siwon’s cock.
Siwon frowned but did as she said. He knew she did whatever she said. It was just going to be hard with Kibum sitting on him like that and doing that to him.
Kibum leaned down and gave Siwon a chaste kiss before getting off him completely. She pulled his pants and briefs off and took her panties off. She went over to the nightstand and pulled out a condom.
She came over to Siwon placed it on and climbed on top him again, placing herself right over his cock.
“As soon as your cock is inside me, I want you to take me however you want, hard, fast, soft, slow, whatever. You’re in control, okay?”
Siwon nodded his head to show his agreement. Kibum grinned and took all of Siwon’s cock in her with a moan.
As soon as he was inside, he flipped them over so Kibum was beneath him. He took his cock out and rammed back inside her. Kibum gasped as she wrapped her legs and arms around Siwon for a better grip. Siwon pulled out and thrust back in, increasing his pace, making Kibum moan loudly.
“Oh gawd…Siwon…faster, harder…” Kibum gripped his head, trying to bring his lips towards hers but he resisted, just thrusting harder and faster, making her gasp for breath.
“Oh yeah, that’s it. Oh Oh Oh, SIWON!” Kibum came with a gasp, clinging to Siwon before going limp. Siwon thrust in a few more times, getting very close, before one particularly hard thrust put him over the edge.
He collapsed on top of Kibum and rolled over so as not to crush her.
“That was amazing. Now let me rest a bit then you can take me home and do it all over again.”
“As you wish, my dear.” Siwon grinned as he pulled Kibum closer into his embrace.


On Monday, everyone in the hallway stared as they saw Siwon holding hands with Kibum as the two walked to class. Kibum had a blush on her cheeks as Siwon leaned in close to whisper in her ears.
Who would’ve thought those two would get together?
Girls were envious but what could they do to Kibum now that she was Siwon’s girlfriend?

At lunch, everyone kept staring at the table that now contained Siwon, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Kibum, Donghae, Heechul, and Hankyung.
They couldn’t help feeling a little envious seeing the three happy couples though some people were confused when Eunhyuk and Donghae got together.
“So who’s going to the club tonight?”
“Well obviously Eunhae over there is since they seem to love to dance with each other before doing other things.” Heechul wiggled her eyebrows at the two of them who blushed. “And I’m going because I want Hannie to teach me some more moves. He didn’t get to finish last time.”
“Siwon, are you going to take Kibum tonight? Have you even been to the club, Kibum?”
“Oh well…I don’t know if I want to go to the club…”
“Hey, what happened to Mystery Girl? I thought you had a mad crush on her but now you’re with Kibum. What happened?”
Siwon looked uncomfortable for a moment. He sneaked a peek at Kibum to see if she had a reaction but she kept her face blank. “Oh well uh…”
“’Cause you had disappeared with her two nights ago and we thought things had gone well but now you’re with Kibum. Seriously, dude, what’s going on?”
“Yeah about that…uh…”
“I figured out who Mystery Girl is.” Everyone turned to stare at Kibum.
“What?!?!? How?!??! No one’s been able to. How did you do it when you don’t even know her or been to the club?”
“Oh contraire, I do know Mystery Girl. She just happens to be a friend of mine. A few days ago, when I ran into Siwon in the library looking miserable, I decided to talk to him and reveal who Mystery Girl was. So he decided to talk to her two nights ago about it so that’s why he was missing for so long.”
“Okay but then how does that explain you two getting together?”
“Well after his talk, he called me to confide in me and as we got to talking, we found out our feelings for each other and yeah…” Kibum smiled and snuggled closer into Siwon’s embrace.
Everyone just stared at Kibum then looked towards Siwon. He could only nod as he stared at Kibum.

“So care to explain what happened at lunch?”
Kibum smiled at Siwon as the two took a walk in the park together. “Nope.”
“Fine but how did you come up with all of that so quickly?”
“That’s my little secret.” Kibum gave him a chaste kiss and started walking again, swinging their arms together. “And now I have something to tell you.”
“Oh, and what is that?”
“Tonight, at the club. I’m going to reveal myself to everyone.”
Siwon stopped and made Kibum face him. “Why?”
“Because I want everyone to know I belong to you. I’m going to stop performing so you’ll only have me and my body all to yourself. Though if there’s a special reason to, I might be persuaded to perform again.” Kibum winked and laughed at Siwon’s expression. She leaned up and gave him a kiss before pulling him along with her.
“Now let’s go back to your place. I wanna have sex with you again before we need to get ready to go to the club.”
Siwon laughed as he let Kibum drag him back to his place.


The club was packed when Siwon arrived. He knew his friends and Kibum were already there, thanks to their texts. He moved through the crowd towards his usual table.
He was a little surprised to see it more crowded than usual, thanks to his friends, their new girlfriends, and Kibum’s friends all joined as one.
“You guys ready for the show tonight? I heard it’s gonna be extra special.”
“Really? I can’t wait. Curious what Mystery Girl has planned. She always puts on spectacular performances. But she’s not as beautiful as you are, Hae.”
Everyone laughed, seeing Donghae ready to hit Eunhyuk before he had finished his sentence.
“Oh be quiet. There’s no reason to be jealous, Hae, you know that.”
“I know but I like the compliments.”
“Shh, the show’s about to start.”
Siwon watched as Kibum approached the stage, mask in place. The music started and Kibum began her routine. As she spun around, the music paused and everyone watched as Kibum tore off her outfit to a more revealing suit and took her mask off. She turned around and smiled to everyone.
An audible gasp could be heard as people recognized Kibum as Siwon’s new girlfriend. Kibum smiled and winked at Siwon from the stage before turning things up a notch as this would be her last performance.
Siwon watched her with a smile on his face. That’s my Kibum. He couldn’t wait to claim her once she was off the stage and away from everyone else. No way was he going to share Kibum with anyone else now that he finally had her.

A/N: sorry this took so long. things have been crazy kinda so lost my writing muse for a bit but i have it back somewhat so hopefully the other requests get done soon...
but yeah this story took a while to do, really liked the plot you gave me so went overboard a little though i had to cut myself off 'cause it was 30 pages when i finished XD
so hope you like this and so sorry it took so long :(
Tags: r/nc-17, sibum

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