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Fic for Anonymous #1

Title: Actor Rivalry
Pairing: Sibum, ninja couplings
Word Count: 7014
Summary: Rival actors – one a veteran, the other a newbie. Working on the same drama.

For Anonymous request #1 (sorry I don't know who you are which is why can't save a spot either)

Kibum was getting his make up retouched when his manager Mr. Lee came over to him all, excited about something.
“I have a new project for you. It’s – “
He held out his hand. “Script.”
Mr. Lee handed him a thick bundle. He glanced down at the title before looking back at Mr. Lee.
“I’ll read it when I have time. I guess they want me to be the lead?”
“Yes, you’ll be working with – “ Kibum held up a hand to quiet Mr. Lee.
“Don’t tell me. I’ll see at the first meeting.”
Someone poked his head into his dressing room. “Mr. Kim, we’re ready for you.”
“Be right there.” Kibum looked at Mr. Lee. “We’ll talk later. Dinner at 7 yes?” He left before Mr. Lee could reply. Mr. Lee sighed before following Kibum to watch over him.


Siwon was eating lunch with his manager Mr. Park before his next schedule.
“So what’s new?”
“Well I was able to get you a new project.”
“Really? Without an audition?”
Mr. Park nodded. “They’ve seen some of your work and thought you’d be perfect for the part.”
“Do you have the script?”
“Right here. I think you’ll like it.”
Mr. Park handed him a thick bundle. He glanced down at the title and his eyes widened.
“Oh my – is this for real?”
Mr. Park smiled. “Yes, they’re very excited – “
Siwon gave out a shout of happiness and stood up from the table. He grabbed Mr. Park for a big hug. “Oh thank you thank you thank you. I can’t believe this. Ever since I heard about this, I’ve been dying to see if I could be a part of it. You’re amazing, Jungsu.”
“No-no problem. Siwon, could you put me down? People are starting to stare.”
“Oh right, sorry.” He set Jungsu down and they both sat in their seats again. “But I’m just so excited. This is what I’ve been waiting for. Thank you so much, Jungsu.”
“Even a thanks. Wow, you must’ve really wanted this role.” Siwon looked at Jungsu who just laughed lightheartedly at him. “Now finish your food or we’ll be late for your next schedule.”


“Alright, it’s the first script reading. Are you ready?” Mr. Park fixed Siwon’s collar.
“I guess…who will I be working with?”
“Didn’t I tell you?” Siwon shook his head. Jungsu sighed. “Your castmates include Tiffany, Jo Kwon, Kwanghee, Seungyeon, Gyuri, some other people I can’t remember – oh and the big star on this project is Kim Kibum.”
Siwon paused for a moment. “Kim Kibum? He’s going to be in this drama?”
“Yep, I believe he’s the role opposite you. Why? Is that a problem?”
“Oh no, not at all.” Siwon smiled brightly. “This project is turning out to be more fun than I thought.”
The two got into the elevator and waited until it took them to the fourth floor. They got out and Siwon followed Mr. Park down the hall to the script reading room. He saw several people already seated. He waved and pulled up a chair where his name was. The director passed him a script and he quickly skimmed it.
“Are we ready to start?”
“We’re missing one person.”
“Alright, well it’s past time to start so let’s just begin anyway.”
“It’s Kim Kibum.”
“Oh.” The director paused and looked at his watch. “I guess we can wait a few more minutes then.”
Siwon glanced around and saw some of the other cast members playing with their phones or glancing at the script. He heard a noise next to him and turned to look. It was Tiffany, looking bored, as she read through the script.
“Hi, I’m Siwon.”
Tiffany looked up and smiled. “I’m Tiffany. Have I met you before?”
“Probably not. Still a rookie actor but I’ve seen some of your work. You’re a terrific actress.”
“Oh not really. I just tend to act how I normally do. They just choose roles for me that fit. Not really into acting that much. I prefer singing or dancing but my agency wanted me to act first. Thought there were too many singers nowadays. What roles have you done?”
“Well I mainly do CFs. But I’ve gotten a few roles in some dramas if you know of any.”
“He has a role in Athena, the sequel or spin-off of Iris, whatever you want to call it.”
“Oh really? That’s great. Haven’t seen the show myself since don’t have the time but heard it’s really good.”
“It’s terrific. I’ll lend you my collection of episodes when I’m done.”
“But you’ve watched it 5 times already.”
“I know.” Kwanghee grinned. “It’s that great.”
“Whatever.” Gyuri rolled her eyes and went back to looking at her phone.
“So when is Kibum going to get here? I have places to be you know.”
“We know, we know. You have another drama shooting to go to and a show to host. Don’t worry, he should get here soon. He’s known to be late but never that late.”
“Fine. But if he’s not here in 5 minutes, I’m leaving. I don’t care if he’s such a big star. All of us are stars and deserve equal treatment. I can’t be late for a schedule. I’ve never been late. Or if I have, I call beforehand and let them know.” Jo Kwon scoffed and went back to his game.
Someone came through the doors that moment, slightly panting. “Kim Kibum is here.”
Kibum strolled into the room and plopped down in his chair near the head of the table. Mr. Lee came a few seconds after. “Sorry we’re late but our last schedule ran over by half an hour.”
“That’s alright. Now that everyone’s here, let’s get started. Let’s go around and introduce ourselves.”
“Jo Kwon.”
“Siwon.” Kibum’s eyebrow lifted at the name but he kept silent.
The script reading commenced with little problems and everyone was still able to leave on time to reach their next schedules. They would meet again, next Wednesday to begin filming on location.
Kibum waited until all the others had left before turning to the director. “You didn’t tell me Choi Siwon would be working on this project.”
“It didn’t cross my mind. Besides, you never asked who your co-workers would be.”
“Yes, but you should at least tell me if Choi Siwon would be in the project. If I had known, I wouldn’t have agreed to this.”
“Well you did and you signed the contract so it’s too late to back out now.”
“Actually I could and you guys would be in trouble.”
“Not really. We already have an alternative lined up to take your place if you wish to leave.” The director gave Kibum a hard stare. “You're not irreplaceable, Kim Kibum.”
“Oh really?” Kibum looked at the director.
“I know how you are, Kim Kibum. And you’ll find I’m not easy to beat. Get in line or drop out, got it? I don’t have time to deal with a bratty star like you.”
“Bratty star?”
The director grinned. “Yeah, bratty star. Now leave. I have work to do and you have another schedule to go to I believe.”
Kibum looked behind him to see his manager fidgeting. “Fine but we’ll talk later.”
“Make an appointment and we’ll see. Good day, Kibum.”
The director smiled as Kibum stormed out. Once the door closed, he let out a loud laugh and quickly grabbed the phone to call his friend.
“All is going according to plan. Kibum should be tamed in a few weeks.”
“Good. Hopefully this works.”
“Trust me it will. You have nothing to worry about. I am the best at this. Isn’t that why you contacted me?”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ll see you at dinner tonight, my place at 7?”
“Make it 8. I have some extra work to do on this new drama.”
“Alright. Bye love.”
“Bye boo.”


The moment Kibum returned to his home, he began throwing things and punching anything he could. Mr. Lee could only stare as Kibum threw his little temper tantrum.
“Now remember you have an early schedule tomorrow morning. I’ll see you later. Have a good night.”
Kibum’s response was pillow to the door since Mr. Lee was quick to leave.
“ARGH!!!! Who does that director think he is?!?!? And why the hell do I have to work with that Choi Siwon?!?!? I hate him!!! Everyone keeps saying how great he is. So kind and gorgeous but he’s just a rookie actor. He’s nothing. I’m somebody. Why don’t people talk about me like that?”
“Because you’re a brat.”
“Who said that?!?!” Kibum turned around and saw Heechul, his friend of ten years, looking at him with a smirk. “What are you doing here?”
“Did you forget you let me move in when I got evicted?”
“I didn’t let you. You just made yourself at home.”
“Same thing. Now are you done with your tantrum and ready to have a civilized conversation over drinks?”
Kibum grabbed the drink Heechul offered him and quickly downed it.
“So what happened? It’s been a while since you last had a tantrum, especially about Siwon.”
“You know that new drama I’m in? He’s in it too.”
“Oooh really? That’s great.”
“What?” Heechul rolled his eyes at the look Kibum gave him. “Siwon is a great guy. Easy to work with and always cheerful. Technically he’s not a rookie anymore. He’s been working for two years now. I love working with him, dressing him in clothes.”
“Wait, he models your clothes? I thought only I was allowed to do that?”
“Oh puh-lease, like it’s exclusive to you only. He’s built differently than you and I need his build for the new clothes I’ve designed or that Zhoumi designed, not sure who does more of the designing now.”
“Zhoumi designs, you mingle and socialize and bitch when not happy.”
“Hey, keep that down. Hankyung is in the other room.”
“What? Your new boy toy? How long has it been now?”
“Two months, thank you very much.”
“Wow, a new record. Guess you really like him?”
Heechul rolled his eyes. “Duh. You won’t believe what he can do in bed. He – “
“Spare me the details. I’m going to bed. I have an early morning tomorrow. Don’t you dare make any noise. I don’t care what you do but if you disturb me, I will come in and stab you both.”
“Ooh…violent. I think you get it from me.”
“Who else? Night Heechul.”
“Night Kibum.”
As soon as Kibum left the room, Heechul picked up his phone and called his friend. “Good job. So how long will this take?”
“If he cooperates, about 5 weeks.”
“If not?”
“10 weeks.”
“Alright. You better hope he cooperates. Though it looks like the plan is working.”
“Good. See? I’ve never failed so far.”
“Yeah well just keep it like that. I’ll see you for lunch tomorrow.”
“Alright, 1 at the usual place.”
“You got it. Ciao darling.”
“Bye babe.” Heechul grinned. “So he’s trying new endearments now? That’s cute. But there’s only one name people can call me. I guess he forgot. What a cute boy.” Heechul turned off the light and went back into his room to snuggle with Hankyung.


Siwon was sitting in a café, waiting for his manager to come back with their drink orders, when someone slipped into the seat in front of him.
“Hi Siwon.”
“Oh hi Tiffany. What are you doing here?”
“Taking a break. I’m actually shooting over in that area right there.” Siwon looked behind him to see where Tiffany was pointing.
“Nice, what are you filming?”
“A CF or something. Look what they’re making me wear.” Siwon glanced down to see Tiffany dressed in a school uniform.
“You look cute like that. If it’s a CF, you’ll definitely be having tons of people buy that product.”
Tiffany just waved her hand in a sign of disinterest. “So what are your plans for today?”
“Uh I’m not sure. Jungsu, do I have any other schedules today?”
Mr. Park smiled as he set down the drinks and pulled out his planner. “Just a clothes fitting for the drama and the photoshoot. Photoshoot will happen later today at 5.”
Siwon smiled at Tiffany. “There you go. Why?”
“I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me later tonight. I was going to go to a friend’s party at this new club. You might know him, Eunhyuk?”
“Oh sure. That’s fine. Haven’t seen Eunhyuk since I last worked with him for that MV shooting.”
“Great so I’ll see you at 8.”
“Sure, give Jungsu your address and I’ll pick you up.”
“Here. See ya.” Tiffany waved and raced off to her filming site, leaving a trail of guys staring after her.
Siwon chuckled and shook his head. “Come on, let’s go, Jungsu.” He grabbed their drinks and headed to their car.

Siwon was just pulling in front of the building when another car drove up behind his. He was surprised to see Kibum get out of the car behind his and walk into the same building he was going to.
Siwon waited for Jungsu before going in the building and getting in the elevator. They got off at the fifth floor and walked down the hall to the dressing rooms. The door opened and Zhoumi came out to greet him with a hug and kisses.
“Hello, hello, hello. How are you two today? Wow, Siwon you look as handsome as ever.”
“Hi Zhoumi, how are you doing? What are you going to make me wear today?”
Zhoumi smiled. “Oh something extra special.”
“Should I be scared?”
Zhoumi laughed. “Of course. Heechul’s going to dress you and do your makeup.”
“Oh boy.”
Siwon laughed and walked through the doors to be greeted by Heechul.
“Siwonnie! My favorite model. Come here, come here.” Siwon went into Heechul’s waiting arms who pushed him into the chair instead of giving him the hug he thought he was going to get. “Sorry but we’re busy today. A brat of a boy is expected to come in soon and I would prefer it if you didn’t have to associate with him more than you need to.”
“So Kim Kibum’s coming in later? That’s fine with me if you want to rush but just make sure you do a good job.” Siwon grinned and relaxed, letting Heechul fawn all over him.
In a half hour, Siwon was dressed and ready. He went next door and waited for the photographer to speak with him. He looked around at the set and people.
“Alright we’re ready for you. Sorry for rushing.”
“Oh no, that’s fine. It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out.” Siwon took his place in front of the camera.
The photographer began snapping away. “Alright, next outfit.”
Siwon was quickly dressed and brought back out to a different set. The photographer gave him a prop and started shooting pictures.
“Alright, last outfit then you can go. And hopefully we’ll have enough time to prepare for Kim Kibum. Aish, that guy…”
Siwon quickly went into the dressing room and changed into the last outfit. He came out just as some commotion was heard at the other end of the hallway. He quickly slipped into the photo shooting area to avoid the noise and chaos.
He quickly smiled at the photographer. “I’m ready.”
“Alright, just give me a few minutes. I just need to – “
“Come on, let’s get this over with. I’m a very busy man.” Siwon and the photographer turned to look at Kim Kibum strolling in with an entourage of people fluttering around him.
The photographer put his camera down and walked over to Kibum with a smile. “Kibum! How are you doing?”
“Fine just busy. Can we get this over with quickly? I have another schedule to go to.”
“Of course, of course, of course. Just stand there and you know what to do. Camera!” Someone ran over and quickly handed him his camera. He began snapping pictures like crazy.
“Next outfit.” People came over and quickly switched outfits. The photographer began snapping pictures like crazy again.
“Last outfit.” Kibum was changed and the photographer was quickly snapping pictures left and right. As he took the last picture, his eye caught sight of Siwon and what he was wearing. He was struck with a wave of inspiration.
“Siwon, come over here and stand next to Kibum.” Siwon obediently complied while Kibum seethed inside. How dare he be in the same place as Siwon. It was bad enough they were in the same drama but now they had to take pictures together and for Heechul and Zhoumi’s new line. Siwon flashed Kibum a smile before striking a pose. Kibum kept his emotions to himself and showed total professionalism as he posed with Siwon for the camera.
“They look good together, don’t they?”
“Of course. Do you have the thing ready?”
“Great, shall we tell them?”
“Sure. You first.”
Heechul smiled and walked into the photoshoot area. “Well, well, well, don’t you two look handsome?”
“So handsome.” Zhoumi smiled from behind Heechul.
“It’s a shame you two have to leave though. We actually have one more outfit we need someone to model and was hoping you could do it.”
“Sure. Anything for a friend.” Siwon smiled brightly at Heechul and Zhoumi.
Kibum saw this and couldn’t stop the rise of a challenge. “I have some time to spare a friend.”
Heechul grinned. “Great, you’ll find the outfits in your dressing room. I expect you to be out here in five minutes dressed and ready.”
“You two are going to love the outfits.” Zhoumi beamed a smile at the two of them.
Both walked out with feelings of puzzlement and apprehension. When they reached their dressing rooms, both had similar reactions of disbelief.
“Are they serious?!?!?!”

Heechul and Zhoumi smiled to each other as they chatted in a corner. They heard a commotion and turned their heads to look. A huge grin and smile spread across their two faces as they walked toward the couple.
“Now don’t you two look lovely.”
“Heechul…why the hell am I dressed like a woman in a wedding dress?”
“It was a new design we wanted to try out.”
“So why not have a girl or women wear this? Why me and why does it seem to fit me so perfectly?” Kibum picked at the frothy skirt.
“Enough questions, let’s just start taking pictures. Don’t you have a schedule to go to after this? We can’t waste your precious time, Kim Kibum.” Heechul smiled and turned to speak with the photographer, directing people to set several stages for the lovely wedded couple to take pictures in.
Kibum chanced a peek at Siwon and felt his heart flutter slightly. Siwon looked so princely in his outfit while he had looked like a princess once the wig and makeup was done. He looked at a set and saw a fairytale setting on one side and a classic surreal setting on the other side. In the middle, they were still working so he couldn’t tell what they were doing.
“Alright, we’re ready for you now. Come over here and we’ll get started. We have so much to do and so little time.” Sungmin smiled from behind his camera as he watched Kibum and Siwon get into position. These were going to be the best pictures he’d ever taken. He and Heechul and Zhoumi were geniuses.


Kibum came home after such a busy day but his tiredness was forgotten as he remembered the humiliation and trouble he went through earlier at Heechul and Zhoumi’s place.
“HEECHUL!!!! WHERE ARE YOU???? I HAVE A BONE TO PICK WITH YOU!!!” He wandered around his apartment but found it empty. He looked in the kitchen and found a note posted on the refrigerator.
Sorry but I won’t be home until tomorrow. Went out with Hankyung. Have fun tonight at Donghae’s surprise birthday party. I bet you forgot and are now late. It started at 8 but birthday boy won’t be there til 9. See ya later. Love you too ☺
Kibum glanced at the clock and cursed. He quickly ran to his room and changed and left. How could he forget one of his friend’s birthday party? Donghae was going to kill him when he found out.

Kibum was able to get to the party just right before the birthday boy. He had just come through the back entrance when Donghae came through the front and everyone yelled “Surprise!”
A cake was brought out and everyone started singing. Donghae smiled brightly and blew out his candles.
Eunhyuk came over and gave Donghae a hug and kiss before standing by his side, arm wrapped around his waist. “Ready to party?”
“Sure. And thanks so much for planning this, love.” Donghae gave Eunhyuk another kiss. “Now where’s the music?”

Siwon glanced around at everyone enjoying themselves. Tiffany had gone off to get drinks. He sat at his table and let the music wash over him. He saw people chatting, drinking, and dancing. The birthday boy was surrounded by people, toasting him, making him drink shot after shot. Eunhyuk, his boyfriend, was carefully watching and monitoring him.
He saw Tiffany make her way over to them and whisper in their ear. Eunhyuk smiled and gently pulled Donghae away, talking to people and apologizing. They quickly maneuvered their way over to Siwon.
“Eunhyuk, Donghae, this is Siwon. We’re in that new drama together.”
“Hi Siwon.”
“Hey Siwon. We’re met before, haven’t we? A MV shooting, right?”
“Yep. Happy birthday Donghae. Hope you have fun.”
“Oh I am. I don’t think I’ve ever drank this much since my last birthday.”
“And hopefully he doesn’t overdo it like last time either.”
“Don’t worry, Hyukkie. I know my limit. Are you going to finish that?” Donghae eyed the drink in Siwon’s hand that Tiffany had just handed him.
“Hey Donghae, happy birthday.”
“KIBUM!!!” Donghae jumped into his arms to give him a big hug. “I’m so glad you came. How have you been?”
“I’m alright. Hi Eunhyuk. Hi Tiffany. Hi…Siwon.” Kibum’s smile faltered slightly before turning to look at Donghae. “Wow you’re hammered, Hae.” Kibum laughed.
“Come on, Hae. Let’s go dance.”
“Sure.” Donghae clung onto Eunhyuk’s hips as he led him to the dance floor.
Siwon watched as Donghae got up close and personal to Eunhyuk, grinding his hips against his. He turned back to his table to see four other people making their way over to them.

Kibum was just about to leave Siwon and Tiffany when a grip on his wrist stopped him.
“Kibummie, so glad you could make it.” Heechul wrapped Kibum into a hug. “You’ve been behaving right?” He pulled away and smiled at Kibum. “You remember Hankyung?”
Kibum acknowledged the man next to Heechul before he was wrapped in another hug.
“Hey Kibum, how are you doing? Remember Henry?” Kibum smiled at the short man standing next to Zhoumi.
“Hi, how are you guys doing?”
“Fine. Oh hello Siwon, Tiffany. What are you guys doing here?”
“Eunhyuk invited me and I invited Siwon. How are you two doing? I must check out your new designs before they hit the market. I keep forgetting to do that. Been too busy to schedule in a photoshoot for you guys.”
“Oh don’t worry. We already have you scheduled for next week, right before your drama filming begins. We at least need to get you fitted for that before filming starts. Well ta-ta for now dears. We have other people to talk to and mingle with. Bye Tiffany, Siwon, Kibum.” Heechul and Zhoumi walked away, followed by their boyfriends.
Tiffany turned to Siwon and smiled. “Did you want to go dance?”
“Sure.” Tiffany grabbed Siwon’s hands and pulled him to the dance floor.
Kibum watched them for a moment before turning away. He saw people engaged in sexual activities, mingling with one another, drinking, or dancing. He saw no one he could really talk to and decided to leave. He looked around for the birthday boy to say bye when his eyes caught Tiffany and Siwon dancing closely together. He couldn’t explain the feeling he got seeing them so close together.
Tiffany whispered something in Siwon’s ear and made him laugh. Kibum’s eyes narrowed and he quickly turned away. He caught Donghae and Eunhyuk on the edge of the dance floor. He quickly made his way towards them.
“Hey you guys. Sorry but I have to get going. Have a happy birthday Hae.” Kibum leaned down and gently kissed his cheek and hugged him before slipping away.
“Aww…poor Kibummie. I bet he saw what I saw.” Donghae’s eyes lit up with excitement. “Can’t wait to see how things pan out. Did you want to visit the drama set sometime in the next couple weeks?”
“Sure, Hae. Now let’s get you to a room.”
“Alright, as long as you come with me too.”
“Of course.” Eunhyuk smiled and shifted his arm around Donghae’s waist as he carried him upstairs to their own private room, complete with bed and all.


Siwon was sitting in his dressing room getting ready when Tiffany burst in. “Hey Siwon, you ready?”
“Hi, Tiffany. You look great.”
Tiffany smiled as she twirled around. “Thanks Siwon. Come on, people are slowly getting ready. Besides, I want someone to explore the set with me. It’s amazing.”
“Alright, I’ll be done in a bit.” Siwon watched as Tiffany left the room in a flurry of excitement.
His dressing room door burst open again with Jo Kwon and Gyuri coming in.
“Siwon, can you please tell this guy that – “
“Siwon, can you please tell this girl that – “
“Whoa whoa whoa. Hold on. I'm sure what you have to ask me is highly important and everything but have you seen the time? Shouldn’t you guys be getting ready?”
“Oh fine, we’ll finish this later, Jo Kwon.”
“Duh.” Jo Kwon rolled his eyes. “Like I’d let you win.”
Siwon just rolled his eyes and let them leave as they came.
“Alright, you’re all done, Siwon. Just put your clothes on and you can wander around until call time.”
“Thank you.”
Siwon quickly dressed and wandered out into the hall. He stopped by Tiffany’s dressing room and then the two quickly went to wander around the set. He was impressed with what he saw, happy and amazed how well things seemed to be planned. He saw crew members moving around, getting things ready for the first shoot. He saw the director speaking with some people and decided to make his greetings.
“Hello, Ryeowook. How are things going?”
“Good, good. Things will be ready soon. I see you and Ms. Tiffany are already ready. You guys can go wait over there with Seungyeon and Kwanghee. I believe Jo Kwon and Gyuri are on their way and Kibum will be arriving soon.”
“You mean he isn’t even here yet?”
“Nope, had a schedule run late but eh that’s alright. We can start without him. Gotta try and get this thing moving on schedule with so many other issues bound to arise, especially with Kim Kibum around.” Ryeowook smiled brightly at the two of them. “Now go relax while you still have the chance.”
A large commotion could be heard in the hallway. “Or not. Alright everyone please get in position and we’ll begin.”
Everyone scrambled around to get in position. Tiffany, Siwon, Seungyeon, Kwanghee, Jo Kwon, and Gyuri got into position on the set.
“Alright, start.”
Kibum came in to see everyone working already. “What?!!??! Why didn’t you guys wait for me?!?!!?”
“CUT!!!” Ryeowook turned towards the doorway and glared at Kibum. “Let’s begin again. Mr. Kim, you do realize you need to be quiet when other people are acting right?”
“But you guys started without me. I’m supposed to be there too.”
“Oh really? I’m sorry but we couldn’t wait for you. We have a schedule to stick to. We can’t make exceptions for people. Now if you’re ready, get in position.” Ryeowook turned back to the set and waited.
Kibum grumbled about how he was treated here, how he was a top star and should be shown respect, and all sorts of other complaints and mumblings.
His co-stars just smiled and smirked at one another before getting ready to act.
Kibum got into place next to Seungyeon and Tiffany. He saw the two exchange glances after they gave him the acknowledgment nod and smile.
“Alright, let’s begin.” Ryeowook smiled. “Lights, camera, action!”

Siwon relaxed in his chair as his makeup was removed. It had been a long day of filming. A few of the scenes had to be shot over and over again, coincidentally, any scene involving Kibum had to be redone which was strange since Kibum was known for never having to redo a scene.
“Hey Siwon, you ready to go grab dinner with us?”
Siwon looked in the mirror to see Tiffany, Seungyeon, Gyuri, Jo Kwon, and Kwanghee waiting for him. “Yeah, just give me a couple minutes. Kibum not joining us?”
“Nope, that guy has other schedules to do.”
“Poor boy, no wonder he doesn’t have many friends at least actor/actress-wise. He has a few friends that are fashion designers, choreographers, those behind the scenes people but rarely someone on camera. He just never gets the time to hang out with them, not that he makes an effort.”
“Oh come on, he’s not that terrible.”
“You’re too nice, Siwon. Come on, let’s go eat. I’m starving.”
Tiffany slipped her arms through Siwon’s and led the way.
Kibum just happened to leave his dressing room as the group walked past. He’d noticed Tiffany and Siwon’s linked arms and quietly scoffed.
“Come on, let’s go.” Kibum pushed past the group, none too gently shoving Tiffany and Siwon as he got to the elevators first.
The whole group had to wait for the next one. “Wow what a bitch. I won’t call him a bastard because that was just way too bitchy of an attitude.”
“Normally I wouldn’t like to curse someone but what Kibum did totally deserved it. No wonder not that many people like him even though he is at the top of the business. He really should work on his personality more.”
“Yeah, I wonder if anyone has tried to talk to him about it.”
“I bet his agency and manager probably have but he just doesn’t listen and they’ve probably given up by now since he’s still at their agency and a top star.”
“Come on, enough talk about Kibum. Can that wait until after we get our food?”
“Impatient, aren’t we, Tiffany?” Tiffany blushed as the others laughed at her.
“Come on, let’s order our food.” Siwon smiled as he opened his menu.


“So how are things progressing?”
“A little slowly but surely. He seems more irritated than normal especially with him around.”
“That’s good, that’s good but can we speed things up?”
“We’re doing the best we can.”
“Well your best isn’t good enough. Have everything done by next week.”
“You know that’s going to take a lot of work and a very good plan.”
“Well don’t you have a plan like that already? Go put it in action. I’ll reimburse you for anything if you need it.”
“Alright, we’ll get it done soon.”


Siwon was meeting his manager for dinner when who should walk through the door but Kibum and his manager.
Kibum’s eyes widened when he caught sight of Siwon and quickly looked away. But to his horror and surprise, his manager led them over to where Siwon was.
“Hello Siwon, where’s your manager?”
“Hi Mr. Lee. I’m not sure. He was supposed to get here soon though. Oh look there he is.”
“Hello, glad you guys could make it.”
Kibum turned to his manager. “What the hell is this?!?!?!? You didn’t tell me I’d be having dinner with-with him!?!?!? I refuse to eat with him.”
“Oh come now, Kibum, there’s nothing wrong with me. I would hope you’d be civil enough to enjoy one meal with me and our managers, but I guess you’re not.”
Siwon smirked as Kibum plopped down in the seat next to him.
“Well if you don’t mind, we’ll just be sitting at another table to let you guys talk amongst yourselves.”
“Yeah, you two need to work out your dislike for one another or it’ll show in your acting.”
“Don’t worry, we’ll just be a few tables away so we can still see you. No running away.”
“Enjoy your meal.” The two managers left the table, full of smiles and chatter.
Kibum stared down at his menu, refusing to look at Siwon.
“Seriously, why do you dislike me so much? I haven’t done anything to you.”
“You’re a rising top star and totally hot that you make my heart flutter.”
Kibum and Siwon stared at each other surprised and shocked. That was the first time Kibum had ever confessed something like that and totally lost his cool as well.
“I make your heart flutter?” Siwon smiled at Kibum who flushed red and looked away.
“You know what I think?”
Siwon grabbed Kibum’s chin and moved his face towards his. “I think you secretly like me but counteract those feelings with a strong sense of dislike for me. But you know love and hate are very closely related. They’re very strong emotions that can be easily switched or mistaken.”
He leaned closer and gently brushed his lips over Kibum’s.
A shock ran through both of them that caused Kibum to pull away. Siwon smiled brightly and relaxed in his chair.
“Yep, I think that’s what the problem is. Now that that’s figured out, why don’t we think of a solution?”
Kibum recovered his attitude and glared at Siwon. “What are you talking about? That is not the problem and how dare you just kiss me. What if someone saw or worse, took a picture? Don’t you think at all?”
“Yes which is more than you do. You’re a complete brat. Who would have known you’d grow up like this?”
“What do you mean? What are you talking about? We’ve never met each other.”
“Alright fine. Let’s just enjoy our meal.”
The next twenty minutes passed in silence as both guys ate their meals. Kibum kept sneaking little glances at Siwon though, trying to gauge what he was thinking or doing. Siwon pretended not to notice this and just concentrated on his meal.
When dessert came, Siwon decided to break the silence. “So what do you want to do now that you confessed to me?”
“I did not confess to you.”
“Yes you did. Now what did you want to do about it? Did you want to try dating or ignoring it?”
“Ignoring it.”
“Alright but just so you know, now that I know, I’m going to take advantage of this. And trust me, I’ll have friends to help me with this as well so you have nowhere to hide until you reveal all your true feelings for me.”
Siwon smiled as he leaned down and brushed a kiss over Kibum’s cheek. “Enjoy the rest of your night.”
Kibum watched as Siwon walked over to their managers, speak to them for a bit, before leaving with his. His manager smiled as he walked over to them. “Shall we go?”


The next time Kibum saw Siwon was at their drama shooting. He did his best to keep away from Siwon but found him everywhere. And the few times he didn’t see him, he was normally with their other castmates and normally standing really close to Tiffany.
Siwon noticed the jealous light in Kibum’s eyes and shifted closer to Tiffany. Tiffany looked up at him amused but still continued her conversation. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Kibum move away.
Siwon quietly excused himself and followed after Kibum. He went down a dark empty hallway where he quickly caught up to Kibum and pushed him up against a wall.
“Let me go.”
Siwon smirked, no intention of letting him go. “Jealous?”
“Oh really? ‘Cause it looked like you were. You got this gleam in your eye like you wanted to murder Tiffany.” Kibum struggled against Siwon’s hold, not liking where this conversation was headed. “But you know, you have nothing to worry about. I don’t like her in that way and she doesn’t like me in that way either. Besides, there’s someone else I already love.”
Kibum felt his heart break a little at that statement. “Well if you already have someone else you love, why are you bothering me?”
“Because the person I love is blind as a bat.”
Kibum couldn’t think of a proper response when Siwon covered his lips with his. He couldn’t help letting a tiny moan slip as he experienced the kiss he had been waiting for since he first laid eyes on Siwon.
As the kiss progress, he couldn’t help this feeling of familiarity. He pulled away and stared at Siwon wide-eyed.
“Wait, you’re-you’re…”
“Looks like you remember now.” Siwon smiled and gently ran a hand alongside Kibum’s face. “How have you been, love? Miss me?”
“Wait, but-but how? Why? What?”
Tears spilled unnoticed down Kibum’s face.
“Don’t cry, love. I’m sorry for doing this to you but it was necessary. I had to know if your love was true or not. You were so indifferent to me before. But now I know you truly love me and I’m never leaving your side now.”
“So-so all of this was just a plan to get me back?”
“No. I always wanted to be an actor and took this opportunity to become one. You were already a top star and I hoped to become one to be able to be near you. Who knew you’d hate me so much just as I was reaching the top? I’m sorry for leaving you all those years ago but you weren’t supposed to turn into a brat during that time. If I hadn’t had help from the others, who knew how long this would’ve taken?”
Kibum looked up at Siwon with narrowed eyes. “Help? From who?”
“Just some friends. You’ll see at our wedding.”
“Wait, what!?!?!? Wedding?!?!?!? Who said I was going to marry you?”
“You did, all those years ago. Did you forget?” Siwon smiled as he pulled out his phone. Kibum’s eyes widened as he recognized that phone from many years ago. Siwon pushed a button and Kibum’s voice from years before came out.
“I promise you, Siwon, when you come back, we’ll get married surrounded by only our friends and families. And once we’re married, I’m going to love you so much you’ll never want to part from me ever again. And we’re not leaving the house the first week since I’ll be fucking you so much.”
“You mean I’ll be fucking you so much.”
“Doesn’t matter. It’s the same thing.”
“No it isn’t. Let me show you.”
“Siwon, not here. Not now. Siwon. Siwon! SIWON!” Kibum’s laughter was heard through the hallway before Siwon turned the recording off.
Kibum stared up at Siwon tears shining in his eyes. “Siwon…”
“I love you so much! Don’t ever leave me again.”
“I promise I won’t. Now can we leave this place and go tell everyone?”
“Not yet. I want you all to myself for a bit before we get thrown into the chaos that is the media and whatever friends we have.”
“Alright, we’ll do it your way for now.” Siwon smiled as he leaned down and placed his lips against Kibum’s neck, earning a quiet moan from the man.


“Good job boys. I thought this day would never come.”
“Now you’re just lying, Yesung. We all knew this day would come. We just thought it wouldn’t be this much trouble.”
“Yeah but Kibum sure is one stubborn idiot.”
“And you’re not, Kyuhyun?” Heechul and Zhoumi laughed while Sungmin hugged Kyuhyun, placing kisses all over his face.
“I’m just so glad they’re finally getting married and Kibum lost that bitchy, bratty attitude.”
“All thanks to Siwon and our helpful meddling.”
“By the way, Heechul, Zhoumi, I really like your wedding gift to them. They look so lovely in those pictures.”
“Yep. I knew it would come in handy one day. They better appreciate these photos after all we had to deal with.”
“Come on Heechul, it’s not that bad. Look on the bright side, you, Zhoumi, Sungmin, and Ryeowook got to plan their fabulous wedding.”
“They really do look lovely together. Oh wait, here they come.”
Kibum and Siwon were smiling as they made their way to their little group of friends/party planners.
“Hello, you guys. So glad you could be here. I haven’t thanked you enough for all your help.”
“Oh no, you don’t have to trouble yourselves.”
“No, we really appreciate all you did so here’s a small token, for now, of our appreciation.” Siwon and Kibum handed out envelopes to Heechul, Zhoumi, Ryeowook, Yesung, Sungmin, and Tiffany. Inside were $100 gift certificates to their favorite stores.
“OMG!!! You didn’t have.”
“Oh but we did. Well we gotta go. Off on our honeymoon. We’ll see you when we get back.” They gave everyone a quick kiss before heading off to the limo waiting to escort them to the airport.
“They’re just great together. Glad we could be of help.”
“Yep and now our lives can be stress-free for once. You know besides our normal drama and stuff. We didn’t need extra drama like theirs shadowing our lives.”
“Yep. A toast to us. For being the best of friends. Cheers!”
“Cheers!” Everyone toasted their glass of champagne before drinking it all and slowly dispersing to do their own things.

In the limo, Siwon and Kibum were relaxing together, thinking of their future lives together. They couldn’t wait to fulfill their promise to each other.

A/N: the people I used as cast members were people I thought would be fun to write though had a little bit of trouble choosing other girl cast members XD and no the Tiffany in this story is not from SNSD, felt like putting myself in it XD with a few added changes to my own personality lol and sorry if I don’t keep in character with some/all the people XD I don’t know them that well for perfect portrayal but then again this is fanfic so I have freedom to depict them how I wish XD
And sorry this went for so long…kinda nice but was like when will this end and then I struggled with the ending too since it kept going and going and didn’t know when to stop or couldn’t think of a good place to stop XD hope you guys enjoy though ^^
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