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Title: Snow White and her Prince Charming
Pairing: Sibum
Word Count: 3355
Theme: 099. Apples *WC
Summary: Ever since she was little, Kibum has disliked being called Snow White. Now in college, the theater department has decided to perform Snow White with her as the lead but who will be her Prince Charming?

Ever since she was a little girl, Kibum had always been called Snow White. Her friends and classmates loved to tease her about it, her family included. They would give her apples and ask her when she’ll die so her prince charming could come and save her. They teased her so much she grew to hate apples when before she had actually liked/loved them at one point.
When she got to college, Kibum hoped her nickname would leave her but the friends she made couldn’t help calling her that which earned them a one-way ticket to enemyland (sorry about the name, couldn’t think of a good comeback). The few friends that actually stayed knew to avoid that name at all costs and apples.
Then came the incident.
Since Kibum was a part of the theater department, she was always involved in the plays being performed. She normally had major roles in each production. This year, the director decided to perform a rendition of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.
Kibum couldn’t believe it. No doubt she would be made to play Snow White.
Kibum went to look at the bulletin board outside the drama office. Yep, sure enough, she was playing Snow White but there was no name for the Prince. Who was going to be her prince?!?!?
“Hey, you got the role of Snow White. No brainer of course.” Donghae laughed as she hugged Kibum from behind. “But where’s your prince?”
“I don’t know. This is so weird. I’ve never not known who my partner will be. This is going to drive me crazy.”
“Yeah but the prince doesn’t show up until the end so that’s alright, isn’t it?” Sungmin came over to Kibum with a smile.
“I guess but I would like who I’ll be acting with.”
“The same people you always act. Just don’t worry about the prince for now. You’ll have time for that later. Now come on, let’s get started on this. I bet this’ll be the best production ever.” Donghae smiled and looped both arms through her two friends and dragged them away.


“Hello class. We would like to introduce a new person into our theater department. Everyone, say hi to Siwon.” A tall handsome guy walked into the room, waving and smiling to everyone.
“Wow, he is hot! Hey Hae, what do you think?”
“Right now a 7, almost an 8 in looks but what about personality?”
“I don’t know yet but just look at him. I bet he has a great personality. Hey Kibum, what do you think of the new guy?”
Kibum looked up from her script to the front of the room. She took in the new guy with a cursory glance before going back to her script.
“I should’ve known. You can’t distract her when she’s preparing for a new role.”
Donghae laughed. “That’s Kibum. Always serious about acting. She really wants to be the best actress out there. No one can distract her.”
“Oh we’ll see about that.” Sungmin smiled mischievously at Donghae who looked at her suspiciously.
“What do you know, Min?”
“Oh just this rumor going around about a certain someone.”
Donghae’s eyes widened. “No way…”
“Way, just wait a few days or weeks and you’ll see.”
“Fine. I’ll hold you to that.”
“Alright, five dollars.”
Donghae reached into her bag and drew out her wallet where she gave Sungmin five dollars. “Alright, it’s a deal.”


Kibum was working in the library when a shadow fell over her book. She looked up to see the new guy standing over her.
“Hello? What can I do for you?”
“Hi, my name is Siwon. I couldn’t help noticing that you were in several of my classes. I was wondering if maybe you can help me study and catch up with school work.”
“Oh well…” Kibum caught the look in Siwon’s eyes and suddenly felt helpless to protest. “Alright, I guess I can help you. Where are your books?”
Siwon smiled as he pulled out a pile of textbooks from his bag. “Here they are. Shall we start with something easy like literature?”
“Sure, here’s what’s going on so far.”
For the next two hours, Kibum helped Siwon catch up on his work. She found he was quick learner and could hold a decent conversation.
“So you’re part of the theater department as well? Does that mean you’ll be performing in the play?”
Kibum sighed and smiled. “Unfortunately yes.”
Siwon looked at Kibum puzzled. “Why unfortunately? Don’t you like performing?”
“Yes I do but I don’t like the play we have to perform.”
“What’s wrong with Snow White?”
“Nothing, just that…oh sorry, you probably don’t want to hear my reasons why.”
“No I do. I’m fascinated why someone would dislike a children’s story.”
“No, never mind. It’s stupid.”
Siwon grabbed her hand and looked into her eyes. “Tell me.”
“My friends, classmates, and family gave me the nickname Snow White and used to tease me constantly about it. Their favorite was the apple which is why I hate apples to this day.”
“Oh wow…I didn’t know that. Sorry.”
“No it’s fine. It’s no big deal really. I really do like the story but yeah…” Kibum looked away, down at her books. She caught site of her watch and gasped.
“Uh sorry but I have to get going. I guess I’ll see you in class tomorrow.” She quickly tossed her things inside her bag and left the library.
Siwon stared after her then back at the table. He noticed something glinting and picked it up. He smiled as he pocketed it, planning to give it to her when he saw her next.


“Alright everyone, get into your places. Let’s try and get through the first few scenes with little problems, alright?”
“Yes Mr. Kim.”
Everyone rushed around the stage, trying to get things put in place. This was only the third rehearsal but the drama teacher was tough and loved things to be perfect.
Kibum got into position, ready to act. Her script was lying on top of her bag in the seats. She had the whole play memorized (she actually had it memorized before she was cast for the role, thanks to her friends, classmates, and family).
Kibum smiled as she looked at her castmates. She’d worked with them for the last couple years and had gotten to know them and their personalities really well. She knew how to get them to do what she wanted which was great for performances or improv.
Kibum sighed as the director yelled action. She pasted a smile on her face and got into her role.

A few rows away from the stage, Siwon watched as the cast practiced. He couldn’t stop his eyes from watching Kibum. The way she stood, the way she spoke, she had such power and presence on the stage; no one would be able to watch anyone other than her.
Just then the director called a break. Siwon smiled and walked over to Kibum just as she was about to get down from the stage.
“Here, let me help you princess.”
Kibum looked at Siwon surprised. She gave him a gentle, somewhat cold smile. “No, that’s okay. I can get down myself.”
But before she could take a step, Siwon had already placed his hands around her waist and lifted her down.
Kibum stood there, blushing with everyone staring at them. “Th-thanks but that really wasn’t necessary.”
She brushed Siwon’s hands off her and walked away.
“Hey wait up.”
Kibum continued to ignore him as she walked away.
“Hey, I said wait.” Siwon put his hands on Kibum’s shoulder and turned her around. “You left this in the library the other day.”
Kibum snatched the bracelet dangling from Siwon’s hands. “Thank you for returning it. Now can you leave me alone?”
“Sure. Whatever you want princess.” Siwon smiled as he took Kibum’s hands and kissed it.
Kibum could distinctly hear Donghae and Sungmin squealing just a few feet away. She frowned and turned to walk over to them.
“Can we go now?”
“What about practice?”
“It’s fine. Mr. Kim is going to be working with the dwarves for a while.”
“What about your things?”
“Here they are.” Kibum turned around to see Siwon smiling brightly at her while holding her bag.
“Thank you.” Kibum snatched her bag from Siwon and started to walk away, leaving Donghae and Sungmin to hurry after her.
“What was that about?”
“Nothing. Come on, I’m hungry. Let’s stop for some food.”
Siwon stared after the trio and smiled.


The next couple weeks progressed quickly. Kibum found herself being plagued by Siwon, getting more and more annoyed with every passing moment she saw or spent any kind of time with him. The boy just would not leave her alone.
And he kept up with the whole Snow White theme, calling her princess, giving her apple shaped or apple flavored things that Kibum kept rejecting or ignoring. Why couldn’t the boy get the hint?
“He’s really persistent isn’t he?”
“Who knew the new boy would be like this? Head over heels in love with our Kibummie?” Sungmin and Donghae laughed as Kibum just scoffed and dug her head deeper into her book.
“Oh look, here he comes again.”
“What!?!?!?” Kibum’s head shot up from her book and she looked around but couldn’t spot that guy anywhere.
Sungmin and Donghae laughed. “Oh come on, Kibum. It’s so obvious that as much as you dislike him, you love the attention from a tall, handsome man. How long has it been since someone’s showered you with affection?”
“Oh come on, that has to be a lie. There must have been someone.”
“Nope. No one I can remember or care to remember. They were all idiots.”
Sungmin sighed. “You’re no fun, Kibummie.”
Kibum flashed them a quick smile. “Well sorry but I’m a little too busy right now. The play is going to open this weekend and I need to make sure everything is ready. And they still haven’t announced who the freakin’ prince is. I would like to know who I’m going to end up kissing. They’ve been using a substitute that I refuse to let kiss me even though it’s practice.”
“Okay…so what did you want to do?”
“Concentrate and memorize my role.” Kibum buried her head back into her book to the disappointment of Sungmin and Donghae.


Kibum was walking to play practice when she accidentally tripped. She was about to fall when a hand wrapped around her waist and pulled her against a strong chest.
“Are you alright princess? You should be more careful. Wouldn’t want you to get hurt, especially with the play coming up this weekend.”
Kibum turned her head and accidentally brushed lips with Siwon. She felt an electric shock go through her body.
She quickly pushed his arms away and ran to the nearest restroom.
Siwon smiled at her cute action and looked down to see her stuff on the ground. He picked them up and decided to wait outside the bathroom door for her.

Kibum stared at herself in the mirror. Her face looked so red. What was wrong with her? Even if it was an accident, how could that even happen? And to think that was her first kiss (she didn’t count the kisses that happened on stage, that was all acting though some of her co-stars liked to get a little frisky then which she took in stride then later rebuked them). Why did a simple brush of the lips with Siwon get her all hot and bothered?
“Cause you like him.”
Kibum turned to see Sungmin and Donghae grinning at her. “What are you two doing here?”
“Duh, we saw what happened and rushed after you.”
“And just to let you know, lover boy is waiting outside with your things so you should be quick. Don’t want people getting the wrong impression now, do you?”
Donghae and Sungmin grinned as Kibum quickly left the bathroom. They quietly opened the door to see the quick exchange and running away of Kibum. Siwon followed closely behind though.
“Aww aren’t they so cute together?”
“Yeah, I can’t wait to see his confession. It’ll probably be so romantic and everything. He’s so in love with her.”
“I know. Who would’ve thought?”
“I did. Thank gawd he’s your cousin or else how would’ve we gotten them together?”
“Oh they would’ve found one another before long. I wonder if Kibum realizes it yet.”
“What do you mean?”
Donghae smiled at Sungmin. “Oh nothing I can’t tell you over a cup of coffee.”
“Alright, it’s a deal.”
The two linked arms and went off in search of the nearest café.


“You ready for tonight, Kibum?”
Kibum stood fidgeting in front of the mirror while Sungmin fixed her hair. “I guess so. Gawd, why do I keep feeling nervous every opening night? I’ve been performing for years now but always, always, always, I get super nervous opening night. Why is that?”
“Because it’s opening night. It’s fine. Don’t worry so much. You’ll do great as always. Now go. The play is about to start.”
Sungmin and Donghae each gave her a kiss on the cheek before leaving.
Kibum sat staring at herself a little longer in the mirror. A knock sounded on her dressing room door.
“Come in.”
Kibum let out a silent gasp as she met Siwon’s bright smiling eyes in the mirror. She caught sight of the bouquet of roses in his hands.
“Good luck tonight, princess. Hope you have a great show.” Siwon smiled as he walked over to Kibum placing the flowers on the vanity and putting his hands behind her chair.
“You know about theater superstition right?”
“Yes. But I’ll tell you that when it’s time. Right now I just want to shower you with compliments. You need it, princess.”
Kibum scoffed. “Yeah right. Thank you for the roses by the way. They’re lovely.”
“As are you. Now I should get going. Break a leg, sweetheart.” Siwon leaned down to brush a kiss over her cheek. He quietly left, closing the door behind him.
Kibum stood there a moment longer in silence with a hand pressed against her cheek, the one Siwon had kissed.

The first act went smoothly, no mistakes whatsoever. Kibum sat in her room during intermission, trying to calm herself down and remember the second act. She still didn’t know who the prince was and that kind of frightened her. But she couldn’t let that affect her now. She still had to get through the second act, mistake-free.
“Five minutes to curtain, Ms. Kim.”
“Alright, I’ll be there in a few.” Kibum took one last glance at herself in the mirror, fixing her hair and outfit before leaving.

Kibum stood on the sidelines waiting for her part to come in. The set was being quickly changed as the queen said her lines in front of the curtain.
“As I’ll ever be.” Kibum smiled at the stage crew before going to her spot just as the curtain was opening again.

Kibum took a bite of the apple and pretended to faint. She kept her eyes closed as the queen and dwarves went through their monologue.
When the curtains closed, Kibum quickly got into her glass coffin (lid off). She shut her eyes and listened to the dwarves fake cry. Then she heard footsteps, signaling the entrance of the prince.
Thanks to all her years of play-acting, she was able to keep her face calm and emotionless as the voice of the prince came out strong and clear.
Kibum kept still as she felt the prince come over to her and lean over to give her a kiss. She felt the same electric shock she felt the first time and opened her eyes to see Siwon’s smiling eyes looking down at her.
Kibum sat up and found her hand caught in his. She kept staring at him as she quietly waited for the lines to come to her.
But before she could say a word, Siwon knelt down in front of her.
“Princess, let me have this honor of marrying you. I have loved you ever since I first saw you, so many months ago.” Siwon smiled as he pulled out a ring for Kibum.
She wasn’t sure if this was play-acting but quietly, shyly accepted his ring before being scooped into Siwon’s embrace and carried away since his horse wasn’t strong enough to carry the two of them.
Before Kibum could say anything, the two of them were brought out on stage again for the curtain calls.
After it ended, Kibum had been brought to her dressing room to change quickly for the cast party afterwards.
She finally had the chance to speak to Siwon privately when the formalities and festivities had finished. She grabbed Siwon’s hands and pulled him outside to the balcony.
“Alright, what was that all about? How did you become the prince?”
Siwon smiled and stepped closer to Kibum. “I became the prince because I’m the only one for the princess. Besides, I thought that would be the best place and time to confess.”
“Confess what?”
“That I love you and I have ever since I first saw you several years ago. You were as lovely then as you are now.”
“What do you mean several years ago? I never met you then. I – “ Kibum found the words deserting her as she looked carefully at Siwon. “Oh my gawd, you’re-you’re...”
Siwon smiled and pulled Kibum into his embrace, placing a light kiss to her forehead. “Yep, I’m your Prince Charming from several years ago. Remember when I confessed to you on Valentine’s Day?”
“But-but didn’t you – “
“Yes I moved away but I never forgot you my princess. I was hoping for the chance to come back and see you and maybe make you mine again. Thank gawd my cousin became friends with you so it would be easy for me to come back to you.”
Kibum’s eyes narrowed at the mention of his cousin. “And who is your cousin?”
Siwon grinned as he looked down at Kibum’s frown and suspicious expression. “Lee Donghae.”
“Oh my gawd, that girl. She and Sungmin are so going to be – mmph.” Kibum felt herself melting as Siwon covered her mouth with his.
“Don’t do anything rash, my love. Now as I was saying before, I love you and would you do me the honor of being my girlfriend, my princess Snow White?”
Kibum looked down at Siwon surprised and a little shocked as he knelt before her (again) and held out a ring in the shape of a red apple.
She looked towards the door to see Donghae and Sungmin smiling at her.
“Go on, take it.”
“You know you love him too. Take pity on him and say yes.”
Kibum looked at Siwon and smiled. “Yes, yes I will.”
Siwon smiled as he placed the ring on Kibum’s finger. He got up and gently kissed her on the lips. He laughed and picked her up to twirl her around.
“But seriously, why the Snow White theme? Don’t you know I dislike that?”
Kibum’s eyes twinkled as she looked at Siwon. “I was hoping I could change your mind if I kept it up. I was hoping you wouldn’t dislike it as much if your love kept using it every day.”
“As much as you annoyed me, I couldn’t help liking you though I only disliked you because you kept up with the Snow White thing.”
“But you liked it, didn’t you, love? So it wasn’t a bad thing.”
“I guess but I’ll only tolerate it from you and no one else.”
“That’s fine. I’m not going to share you with anyone, Snow White. You’ll always be my Snow White.”
“And you’ll always be my one and only Prince Charming. Now kiss me again and then take me inside. I’m starting to feel chilly.”
“Yes, my princess.” Siwon smiled as he leaned down and kissed Kibum again before doing as she wished.

A/N: sorry about the ending but yeah…didn’t know what to do or say XD and I kinda felt like I didn’t write this as well as I could’ve but eh…it’s alright I guess though could’ve changed some scenes but don’t feel like doing it now or ever XD hope you guys like…for those that read it XD
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, one shot, sibum

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