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Title: The Aftermath of Donghae's Secret (sequel to Scales - Donghae's Secret)
Pairing: Donghae/Kyuhyun, mentioned Yunho/Jaejoong, Yoochun/Junsu
Word Count: 2672
Summary: What happens to Kyuhyun after he learns Donghae's secret

“Kyuhyun, where is Donghae?”
Kyuhyun just shrugged.
Leeteuk sighed. “Great…we keep losing members. We don’t need to lose another one. How are we supposed to survive if our members leave one by one? I suppose now someone else will leave to. Stupid Donghae. Where could he have gone? He was just down at the beach.”
“I don’t know, Leeteuk hyung. Maybe he went swimming and I just didn’t see him.”
Leeteuk sighed. “Alright fine. We’ll just say he’s swimming but if he’s not back in an hour, I’m going to go out searching for him.”
“Alright.” Kyuhyun just watched as Leeteuk left to go do something else. He felt his phone vibrate and glanced at the caller ID.
“Yunho hyung?”

Kyuhyun went to his bedroom to answer the call. “Hello?”
“Hey Kyuhyun. How are you doing?”
“Okay…why are you calling hyung?”
“Oh just to check up on you, see how you’re doing, I heard Donghae ‘proposed’ to you so when are you leaving? Will you need any help? How’s the group? How are the missing members?”
“Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Back up a little. How did you know Donghae proposed to me?”
“We’re friends. Why wouldn’t he tell me something important like that?”
“Yeah but I thought his best friend was Eunhyuk now. You two barely have time to see each other and you’re only home…town friends. What do you know about Donghae?”
“That’s he’s the prince of the sea and asked you to marry him. You gotta leave here 2 weeks to go marry him and produce baby guppies.” Yunho laughed loudly, unappreciated by Kyuhyun.
“Hyung! What am I going to do?”
“Do the same thing the others did.”
“What do you mean?”
“File a lawsuit. That’s how my boyfriend and Donghae’s father left.”
“Wait…Jaejoong is from – “
“Yep, same with Junsu and Yoochun.”
“So all three are mermaids I mean mermen?”
“Yes and no. Junsu is actually a dolphin and Yoochun is his mate.”
“Wait so does that mean Eunhyuk is – “
“Yep, he’s an anchovy. How he and Junsu became friends I will never know but who cares? So what are you going to do? How are you going to leave?”
“Hold on a moment. Give me time to process everything. I found out what Donghae really is, got proposed by him, and made to leave my home and everything in 2 weeks, and now you drop this bomb on me. What the hell is going on? How can no one know about this or anything?”
“Because we’re good at keeping secrets.”
Kyuhyun turned around to see Eunhyuk grinning at him from the doorway. Eunhyuk straightened up and walked into the room, making sure to lock the door after him.
“So a little fishy told me you are going to marry Donghae. Need help in leaving?”
“Yes. And how did you know and how did you get in?”
“Duh genius, you didn’t lock the door. Next time you should when you’re having an important conversation like this. Now come on, we need to get all your things in order so you can marry our Fishy. People are not going to be happy when you stand him up. His father has been so anxious in getting little guppies to play and spoil. He approves of Fishy’s choice by the way. His father has always had a little affection for you, as a son of course. He was so happy to leave since things were getting a little out of control at home but a little sad to go ‘cause of one person but he didn’t want to make him leave his home and family. He knows how much they mean to him.”
“But he’s willing to make me leave everyone I love and know behind?”
“Everyone has different choices and decisions. Now come on, we have a lot of work to do.”


“Where’s Donghae?!?!?! It’s been over 5 hours and he isn’t here. I thought he was at the beach. OMG! What if he drowned or was dragged out to sea?” Leeteuk paced around the house to the annoyance of everyone.
“Don’t worry, Leeteuk hyung. He’s probably fine and just lost track of the time.”
“It’s dark out! Can’t he tell it’s late if he’s just wandering around somewhere? Why doesn’t he answer his phone?”
“Teukie hyung!” Eunhyuk came bounding in the room, waving his phone. “I just got a message from Donghae saying he’s fine. He just ran into someone he knew and decided to stay with him. He’s probably going to spend the rest of the week with him and will return home himself so we’re allowed to go back to Seoul without him.”
“Well where is he? Which friend?”
“I’m not sure. He didn’t say. I tried calling but his phone is off now so I guess we should just do what he says.”
Leeteuk sighed. “Alright fine, everyone get your stuff and get into the vans. We’re going back home. I can’t believe all the trouble I have to deal with. When will I ever get a break?” He walked on up to his room to grab his bags.
Eunhyuk caught Kyuhyun’s eye and winked. He bounded upstairs to get his things.
Kyuhyun went to his room and found most of his things gone already. He sighed, forgetting his more favorite items had already been transferred to the palace underwater. He only had his empty suitcase as a prop and to bring stuff from the dorms to his new home.
Kyuhyun collapsed on the bed with a sigh. Why did he only have two weeks to get everything settled? That wasn’t enough time. How were his parents going to feel? How would he tell his friends? What would the group do? He couldn’t just abandon them like that. He was one of the lead vocalists. What would happen when he left?
“Knock knock, ready to go, Kyu?”
Kyuhyun looked up to see Sungmin smiling at him. “Yeah sure hyung.”


As soon as Kyuhyun got back to the dorms, he collapsed on the bed, exhausted from all the trouble and problems he went and will go through.
Sungmin poked his head into the room. “Are you alright, Kyu?”
“I’m fine, hyung. Just tired. I have a lot of things to do.”
“Alright, I’ll see you later then Sleep well. You look like you need it.” Sungmin quietly shut the door after him.
Kyuhyun smiled and closed his eyes, ready to sleep, until he heard his door creak open. “Yes?”
Kyuhyun opened his eyes to see Eunhyuk looking at him with a smile. He sighed and got up to follow Eunhyuk.


“Everything’s pretty much all set. Have you finished writing the letters?”
“Just about. Now how am I supposed to do this again?”
“Don’t worry, we have everything figured out.”
“Yeah, I’ve been helping people do this for years.”
“Wait what?!?!?!?! You?!?!?!?” Kyuhyun stared at Changmin. “How old are you really?”
Changmin smiled. “You don’t want to know. Now are you ready?”
“Just give me a moment.” Kyuhyun looked down at the letters and quickly signed his name. “Alright done. Now what?”
“Now I take these.” Eunhyuk grabbed the letters and tucked them into his bag. “And you go with Changmin and Yunho back to the beach. You do have everything?”
“Yes, we went over his room and checked all his items. He’s ready.”
Eunhyuk nodded. “Alright, now go you guys. His deadline is almost up and you know what happens when people fail to meet the deadline.”
“Alright, alright, we’ll get going. We’ll see you later though, to see how things went.”
“Alright. Bye. See you, Kyuhyun. Hope we can meet in the future.”
Eunhyuk waved as Kyuhyun, Yunho, and Changmin drove away.

Kyuhyun was able to make it to the beach just as his time limit was up. The crab was waiting in the same exact spot as last time but this time, he had an entourage of people.
“Cho Kyuhyun, do you have the proclamation detailing everything?”
“Yes, here it is.” Kyuhyun pulled it out of his bag and handed it to the crab.
The crab quickly read through the list and looked at Kyuhyun in between his reading. “Alright, he’s clear. Take him away.”
A group of men came around Kyuhyun and placed him in a giant bubble. Another man took his bag. The group set out for the underwater palace.
Kyuhyun was barely given a chance to look at the moon or say bye or thanks to Yunho and Changmin who had miraculously disappeared when he got onto the beach.
Kyuhyun watched as his guard took him further and further down into the water.
Soon he saw a bright light shining and was mesmerized by the gleaming palace in front of him.
He was first brought into a room where a bright light was flashed into his eyes and he was pricked by something. Then the bubble disappeared and he found he could breathe underwater and that he had grown a tail as well.
“Welcome to our home, Kyuhyun. I hope you’re well prepared for your new life.”
Kyuhyun looked up to see Hankyung swimming towards him, arms held out wide. He hesitated at first but decided to accept Hankyung’s hug. Hankyung was one of his more favored hyungs back above and he was now stuck down here with Hankyung and Donghae, best to make the best of his situation.
“Now come on, we only have an hour to get you ready for the wedding.”
“Wait what?!?!?! I’m being married in an hour.”
“Yeah, didn’t you read the proclamation? Oh wait, you probably didn’t since it’s so long and the print is so tiny. Did Changmin help you out?”
“Among the other people.”
“Oh right, Yunho and Eunhyuk right?” Hankyung turned to the fish beside him. “Remind me to promote or reward Yunho, Eunhyuk, and Changmin for helping Prince Donghae’s fiancée.”
“Yes sir.”
“Alright, here we are. Just go in and relax. The others will do the rest. They’ll take good care of you.” Hankyung smiled and pushed Kyuhyun into the room.
Kyuhyun turned around to see a group of fishes, crabs, and octopi waiting for him with a smile.
“Please sit, Prince Kyuhyun. We’ll make sure you’re ready and presentable for your wedding. Nothing less than perfect for our Prince Donghae’s bride.”
Kyuhyun submitted to the will of the group and let them pamper and do whatever else they needed to prepare him. He was use to it already from being an idol so this was nothing new.
After about half an hour, Kyuhyun was declared ready and someone was brought in to escort him to the wedding hall.
Kyuhyun couldn’t stop the bundle of nerves and the fluttering in his stomach as he got closer and closer to the wedding hall. Just outside the doors he could hear the music being played.
Kyuhyun shut his eyes and took a deep breath.
Then the doors opened and all Kyuhyun could see what how handsome Donghae looked. He had always been good-looking but being in the water, Donghae seemed even more handsome and beautiful. He looked breathtakingly beautiful, like the water added another glow to his already perfect skin.
Kyuhyun couldn’t stop the slight blush creeping across his face as he looked at Donghae’s magnificent body. He caught Donghae’s grin and realized Donghae could see his body as well (well his upper half but you know that’s always hidden under shirts) His blush deepened.
Donghae grinned as he watched his blushing bride make his way down the aisle to him.
“Hello love.”
“Hi Hae.”
“You look lovely and handsome tonight.”
“Th-th-thank you. You-you look handsome tonight as well.”
“Thank you, sweetie. Shall we proceed?”
Kyuhyun shyly nodded as Donghae took his hand.
The two looked towards the priest and quietly said their vows. When they were declared husband and wife, Donghae pulled Kyuhyun to him and kissed him to the pleasure and joy of everyone present.
The wedding party afterwards was a grand festival and feast since the king’s only son had finally gotten married. The couple was carried to the marriage chamber with much smiles, laughter, and champagne.
“Finally we’re alone.”
“Ye-yeah…now what?”
Donghae grinned as how cute and shy Kyuhyun was being now. What happened to the snarky genius back above? He crossed the room and wrapped his arms around Kyuhyun.
“Now we have sex and produce many, many guppies for my father and sisters to spoil.”
“Uh…how? Aren’t we both guys?”
“Yes but we can still mate and have guppies. Look, let me show you how it’s done.”
Donghae grinned and smiled at Kyuhyun before pulling him in for a kiss. Kyuhyun wrapped his arms around Donghae’s neck and responded. At that moment, he felt something poke him but Donghae’s grip kept him from looking.
As the kissing got more intense, the poking became more insistent until Kyuhyun let out a moan as something was put into him.
Donghae kissed the breath out of Kyuhyun as he began thrusting into the boy. After a few moments, he came and pulled out, keeping Kyuhyun close to him.
“And that, Kyuhyun my love, is how you have sex and produce guppies.”
“Wait, I have a – “
“Now that you’re a merman as well, you have the necessary parts to make guppies.”
“So if I have the parts,” Kyuhyun looked at Donghae and grinned,” that means you have the parts as well?”
“Well yes, I mean – “ Donghae’s eyes widened as he caught Kyuhyun’s meaning. Before he could make a move, Kyuhyun had pounced on him and kissed him, thrusting into him to Donghae’s horror/pleasure.
“Now we both can produce guppies.” Kyuhyun grinned down at Donghae as he thrust into him and release his seed.
Donghae glared up at Kyuhyun with heavy-lidded eyes. “I’ll get you back for that, just wait and see.”
“Try your best. Each time you get me pregnant, I’ll make you pregnant.” Donghae frowned. “Hey look on the bright side, now your father and sister will have many guppies to spoil and love. And from the many guppies, you’re bound to find one that will be able to rule after you.”
“That’s true,” Donghae wrapped his arms around Kyuhyun and nuzzled his neck, “but I forgot to mention one thing. Not all our guppies will become mermen or mermaids. We could have fishies, octopi, crabs, lobsters, sharks, dolphins, any kind of marine animal.”
“What?!?!?!” Kyuhyun looked at Donghae shocked and surprised. “You mean to tell me I could give birth to a freakin’ WHALE or SHARK?!?!?!”
“Yep, won’t that be fun? Enjoy our several months of pregnancy. Remember we could be pregnant for a while depending on which guppies we’ll produce first. We can have multiple guppies for years just from this one pregnancy. And don’t forget, when you’re pregnant, you have to deal with hormonal imbalances so get ready for many mood swings in addition to the ones I already have.”
“What the hell have I gotten myself into?!?!?!”
Donghae smiled. “I’d rather not answer that. But you know you wouldn’t leave or trade any of this because you love me oh so much.”
“Yeah, lucky for you I love you so much or else I’d be dead right now or worst.”
“What’s worst that you being dead?”
“I don’t know, I can’t think of anything worst right now. Why didn’t you tell me all this before?”
“Because I wanted to wait until I had you trapped forever to tell you. And to see your reaction.”
“What? Just shut up and kiss me. You can’t do anything about that now. So just shut up and kiss me or fuck me, whatever gets you to shut up and pay attention to only me.”
Kyuhyun grinned. “Fine but you owe me big time.”
“That’s fine. I have a lifetime to make it up to you. Starting now.” Donghae jumped on Kyuhyun, laughing and kissing the breath out of him again.

A/N: had another thought of making the ending be that Kyuhyun just had a dream but where’s the fun in that? XD (true it would’ve been fun and I would’ve kept my biases but eh it’s okay, just this one time or so XD)
Lol I have no idea what happened here but it’s about as pure of crack as the first part XD and hope you like the ending, I kept going and going and wasn’t sure when I’d end XD
Tags: dbsk, donghae/kyuhyun

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