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Title: Ryeowook: Harry Potter
Pairing: Sungmin/Ryeowook
Word Count: 1053
Theme: 077. Pass Sungmin/Ryeowook
Summary: Sungmin’s wondering what’s going on. He’s getting no answers and is filled with frustration. But his searching leads to nowhere or somewhere? It’s Ryeowook’s turn to change and now he’s become Harry Potter. What will happen now?

Sungmin stared at the screen as he replayed DVD after DVD, looking for a clue as to what was going on. He knew Kibum was working his hardest on figuring this out and he already figured some things out but still, he wasn’t working fast enough. They needed answers now, preferably before all this ends. There had to be a reason for all of this.
Ryeowook walked into the room, humming while stirring a pot of who knows what. “Still watching them?”
“Come take a look at this. Don’t you think this seems weird?” Sungmin pointed to a spot on the screen. “And have you noticed that the video seems to take great care in not showing some of the more important moments like who attacked Heechul with the tranquilizer?”
“Has he woken up?”
“Not yet and it’s been days, maybe weeks now. When did he get poked?”
“Uh…I think it was a few weeks ago.”
“Right, so this mystery person is still playing games with us or something. I don’t know…”
“Isn’t Kibum supposed to be figuring this stuff out?”
“Yeah but he hasn’t given us any new information. He stays cooped up in his room with all those random objects doing who knows what. Why doesn’t he tell us anything?!?!?!?” Sungmin stood up and began pacing back and forth in agitation.
“I don’t know. Why don’t you go ask him? I bet he’ll tell you if you do. I think he’s in Siwon’s room right now. Poor guy. Just fainted right on the spot.”
“Yeah and how would you know? You were passed out on the couch.”
“Duh, the video.” Ryeowook rolled his eyes and walked back into the kitchen, leaving Sungmin to go find Kibum.
Sungmin walked to Siwon’s room and knocked but found no answer. He tried the doorknob and found it locked. “Kibum? Siwon? Anyone in there?” No response.
Sungmin shrugged and went back into the living room. He gave a passing glance to the kitchen and paused. Standing at the stove in an apron was someone who looked like Ryeowook but wasn’t dressed like Ryeowook. He had on black robes and instead of a cooking utensil in his hands, he had a stick or what might be termed a wand.
Sungmin walked closer to get a better look. The person turned around and Sungmin gasped.
“Hi, I’m Harry Potter. You wouldn’t happen to know the way back to Hogwarts? I can’t Disapparate yet and you don’t seem to have a broom or fireplace for me to use.”
“Uh Harry Potter, can you wait there for a moment? I need to go check something first then I’ll try to help you get back home, okay?”
Sungmin rushed down the hall and knocked on every door but found them either locked or empty. “Where is everyone?”
He went back into the kitchen and stared. Ryeowook, or Harry Potter, was waving his wand around and performing tricks, transfiguring objects left and right. There was a cauldron on the stove, bubbling with who knows what.
“Uh Harry Potter?”
“Sorry but shall we go try and find a way home for you?”
“Sure. Lead the way. I have no clue where I am. I need to get back soon though. I have a test coming up I need to practice for. I hope I can pass.”
“I’m sure you’ll do fine. Now come on.”
Sungmin grabbed his coat and another one for Ryeowook before walking out the door. What the hell have I gotten myself into?


Sungmin wandered around the city, trying to figure out what to do when Ryeowook suddenly stopped and started running in the opposite direction. Sungmin tried chasing him but the boy moved too fast. He noticed Ryeowook heading for a familiar tower and raced after him.
He caught him at the fence looking at the rows and rows of locks. He heard Ryeowook mumbling to himself saying “Where is it? Which lock was it? I know it’s here somewhere. Where was it again?”
“Ryeowook?” No response.
“Harry Potter?”
Ryeowook turned around and smiled. “Oh hello. Would you mind helping me? I’m trying to find this lock but there’s so many I don’t know if I’ll be able to find it.”
“Can’t you just use magic?”
“Not to find it, only to remove it. Now help me. I believe this is what it looks like.” Ryeowook drew a picture in the air with his wand for Sungmin.
Sungmin noted the shape and size and began searching. After what seemed like hours of searching, Sungmin finally noticed a lock that seemed out of place.
“Hey Harry Potter, is this it?” Ryeowook came over and looked at what Sungmin was pointing at.
“That’s it. Now to get it.” Ryeowook rolled up his sleeves and began chanting a spell. Sungmin watched as Ryeowook tried spell after spell but failed to get the lock.
Sungmin looked around and noticed a pair of wire cutters. He grabbed them and walked over to the lock, cutting it off the fence. “Here.”
“What did you do?” Ryeowook stared at Sungmin shocked.
“What do you mean? I got you the lock.” Sungmin held out the lock to Ryeowook who just backed away.
“No, I can’t touch that. It’s cursed.”
“Right sure like this lock is cursed. It’s harmless. Here just take it so we can go. Don’t we have to get you – “ Sungmin paused and gripped his throat. The lock fell from his hands and he fell to the floor.
Ryeowook glanced down at Sungmin and panicked. “OMG!!! What-what do I do?”
Suddenly he felt a weird vibration coming from his right arm. He looked down to see his wand glowing. He let go and watched the wand float in the air for a second before moving towards Sungmin. It made a weird shape that burst into sparks, falling all over Sungmin. Next it went to the lock and made a different shape and created a little bubble around the cursed lock.
The wand flew back into his arm, followed by the lock. Ryeowook looked down to see Sungmin passed out on the floor but seemingly normal. He reached down and felt his pulse to find it beating strongly. A shadow fell over the two, making Ryeowook look up.

A/N: so another part to my cracky series...seriously i don't know what's going on XD a little weird and confused but eh lol only 2-3 more fics left to this series and then i'm done ^^ and sorry if i totally ruined the harry potter character/ryeowook...or messed up with spelling...
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, halloween, sungmin/ryeowook

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