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Fic for lametortoise

Title: Unknown Secret
Pairing: Kibum/Kyuhyun
Word Count: 931
Summary: Kyuhyun and Kibum are the best of friends but they each have a secret the other doesn’t know. They’re afraid to confess for fear of ruining their relationship but due to their schedules it seems like their time together is falling apart, not to mention the fight they had. Can they patch up their relationship before it’s too late? (okay so the summary sucks “a little”)

For lametortoise :) Hope you enjoy…

The first person Kyuhyun got close to when he joined the agency was Kim Kibum. The two were similar in personality and tastes, not to mention age. Kyuhyun was happy but a little disappointed when Kibum debuted before him in a group called Super Junior 05. But imagine both of their surprises, when Kyuhyun got added to the same group, now called Super Junior. The two couldn’t be happier. Now they got to spend all their time together like when they were trainees except now they had more freedom to do as they wished except not really.
Whenever they had free time (since they debuted it was rare for this to happen due to endless schedules) but when they could find the time, the two were either having Starcraft battles or just hanging out, going to the movies, mall, or PC bang for more intense battles.
The two loved to stay up late talking to one another, about gossip they heard or inconsequential things. They had no secrets from each other after being together for years now.

But Kyuhyun had a secret. Something he was afraid to tell Kibum.
He loved Kibum. Has for years now. But he was afraid to tell Kibum. He didn’t want to ruin what they had.

But soon, Kyuhyun found that their time together was fading. They each had their own separate schedules to deal with. Kibum was finally getting into acting, something he’s loved since forever. He didn’t have much interest in singing but loved being part of the group. But now he was focusing more of his time and energy on acting. He wanted to be the best he could be.

But one night, when the two had planned to spend time together, Kyuhyun was made to wait hours for Kibum who finally showed up after 8 hours. Why Kyuhyun stayed this long needs no explanation but Kibum was furious with Kyuhyun. The two fought for an hour before parting ways.
After the incident, the two rarely saw each other as their schedules got busier. When they produced a new album, Kibum only showed up for the photoshoot and one day of MV filming before disappearing again. The next album they produced, Kibum didn’t show up at all.

Kyuhyun found himself missing Kibum more and more with each passing day. He was finding it difficult to get through his schedules.
After one particularly grueling day, Kyuhyun just wanted to go home and collapse in bed. He was exhausted and just wanted to cry from all the stress and work.
Imagine his surprise when he opened the door to see Kibum lying on the couch watching TV.

Kibum looked up when the door opened but wasn’t able to recognize who it was because all he could see now was a mop of hair. He was about to get up and get a good look at the person when he felt tears soaking his shirt.
Without thinking, he picked him up and carried him to his room where he was going to crash for the next week (thank gawd for the week off he had). He was surprised to see Kyuhyun sniffling up at him.
“Kyu, are you alright?”
“Y-y-yeah…I-I just…”
“You had a long day. But I’ve never known you to cry about it before.”
“Well today was particularly tiring and hard.”
“We’ve had days like that before and you never cried. Seriously, tell me what’s the matter.”
Kyuhyun shook his head.
“Tell me.”
Kyuhyun shook his head again.
“Cho Kyuhyun, if you don’t tell me now, I will get it out of you.”
Kyuhyun stared defiantly up at Kibum. “How?”
Kibum grinned. “Still ticklish?”
Kyuhyun’s eyes widened. He wasn’t given a chance to respond or run away when Kibum fell on him, tickling his sides and middles.
The next few minutes resorted in a tickle fight until exhausted, the two collapsed onto the bed, Kyuhyun on top of Kibum. The two stared at each other in amicable silence.
Before he could think clearly, Kyuhyun placed his lips over Kibum. He wasn’t sure what to do but when Kibum responded, Kyuhyun lost all reason.
Kibum wrapped his arms around Kyuhyun’s neck and lost himself in the kiss. He had been waiting for this for years.
The two broke apart as the need for air surfaced. “I love you, Kim Kibum.”
“I love you too, Cho Kyuhyun.”
Kyuhyun smiled. “I’ve missed you so much, I’ve been dying inside.”
“I’ve missed you so much, I’ve been dying inside.”
“Well since we both seem to be dying, I know a solution to make us feel alive again.”
Kibum wrapped his arms around Kyuhyun’s neck. “And what is that?”
Kyuhyun grinned. “Sex.”

Kyuhyun woke up the next morning and smiled, seeing Kibum sleeping peacefully next to him. He leaned down and gave him a kiss.
Kibum’s eyes fluttered open and he smiled, seeing Kyuhyun looking down at him.
“Good morning.”
“Morning. Mmm…I don’t think I’ve ever felt so relaxed in a long time.”
“Good because I plan to make you relax as long as you’re here which is?”
“A week. I got a week off thanks to manager hyung.”
“Great, now we can have sex every day until both of us feel completely alive.”
“What about your schedules?”
“I can call in sick.”
Kyuhyun laughed. “Don’t worry. I got the week off as well. Isn’t that convenient?”
“It is so now that we’re both up again,” Kibum caught the look in Kyuhyun’s eyes as he rubbed his lower half against his, “why don’t we start feeling alive again?”

A/N: WAHHHHHHHH T_T what kind of ending is that? I don’t even know what I wrote :( sorry this is so late and no smut scene but didn’t feel like writing it and wasn’t sure who would top XD not sure how I was writing this or anything but hope you enjoy…? Sorry if you don’t like it though…hopefully this is the happy ending you wanted?
Tags: kibum/kyuhyun

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