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trying to fix what's damaged
Title: Donghae: Traditional Man (sorry I don’t know what he was… 
10th-Jan-2011 04:36 pm
Title: Donghae: Traditional Man (sorry I don’t know what he was dressed as)
Pairing: Leeteuk/Donghae
Word Count: 447
Theme: 066. Mice Eeteuk/Donghae
Summary: The curse strikes again and this time, the victim is Donghae. What crazy thing is he going to end up doing? And with whom?

Leeteuk was busy reading over their schedule when he heard a girlish scream. He just rolled his eyes and went back to reading. But he looked up in shock when he saw a little gray blur run across his paper followed by said paper being blown out of his hand. He stared wide-eyed at the scene in front of him.
Donghae, dressed in traditional hanbok, was standing over a little mouse. He had such a look of triumph and glee as he crept closer and closer to the mouse. Just as he almost had it in his grasp, the mouse raced away.
It ran across the room and out a little crack.
Donghae let out a hiss and ran after it. Leeteuk didn’t think, he just got up and ran after Donghae.


Leeteuk followed Donghae through the streets and down a dark alley. He stopped to catch his breath and when he looked up, he lost sight of Donghae. He looked around and noticed an open sewer grate. He looked around, hoping Donghae had gone in another direction but when he heard Donghae’s voice coming out of the sewer grate, he sighed to himself and went over to the sewer. He looked down but couldn’t see the bottom. He sighed, took a breath, and jumped.


Water splashed everywhere, soaking Leeteuk’s pants. It took him a moment to adjust to the lighting. He heard splashing on his left and instantly ran in that direction. He ran blindly through the sewer, letting the noise be his guide. He reached a dead end with a ladder leading to God knows where. Leeteuk was debating on going up when he heard Donghae’s voice from above.


Leeteuk quickly scrambled up the ladder and froze at the top. Mice filled his vision, everywhere he looked.
“Donghae?” He slowly got up and found Donghae in the corner.
Donghae turned around and smiled. “Hi hyung. I finally got it.” He showed his closed hands. “Let’s go home, okay?”
Leeteuk just stared and dumbly nodded. Donghae smiled and moved past Leeteuk, leading the way home. It took less time to get home than to chase Donghae all around Seoul.


Kibum was the one to greet them when they got home. “Here, I’ll take that from you. Leeteuk, put Donghae to bed.” He handed Leeteuk a glass of water and took the mouse from Donghae before hurrying away.
Leeteuk led Donghae to his room. Donghae got in bed and drank the water before passing out. Leeteuk tucked him in, kissed his forehead, and left for his room. He collapsed in bed, exhausted.
“I really hope this ends soon. I don’t know how much more I can take.”

A/N: Sorry Leeteuk, but there are 4 members left. Hopefully can finish this soon…been dragging it out for so long…

A/N 2: sorry this is taking me forever but i've been so busy with schoolwork. i have so much reading to do and other things too. i hope i can finish my requests in the next few months since i've kind of put them on hold (and i'm sorry for that) but i hope this series is finished soon, only a few more members left. this series has been dragged on for so long...over a year now
19th-Jan-2011 04:43 pm (UTC)
oh wow! i just finished what you wrote so far and im dying(!!!) to know what the hell is going on and for kibum to finally SAY something! ANYTHING! about it


i hope you can get around writing soon (schoolwork is such a pain isnt it? bleh)

30th-Jan-2011 12:14 am (UTC)
thanks XD

yes schoolwork is a pain. hopefully can write and post something soon...or maybe not depending on how my time is...

love ♥
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