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Title: Annual Christmas Party
Pairing: Heechul/Ryeowook
Word Count: 1737
Theme: 002. Christmas Heechul/Ryeowook
Summary: It’s Christmas time on SJ Animal World which means it’s time for the annual Christmas party. But who’s going to organize it this year?

It’s Christmas time on SJ Animal World which means it’s time for the annual Christmas party. But who’s going to organize it this year?

“Has everyone put their votes in?” Everyone nodded. “Alright, give me a few moments and I’ll go tally them up. Stay here, all of you. No wandering out of the yard, alright? Leeteuk, you’re in charge while I’m gone.”
“But it’s only for a few minutes, does he really need to be put in charge?”
Kibum looked at Heechul. “Yes he does. Everyone knows you only need a few seconds to cause some trouble.”
Heechul just grinned at him before turning his attention back to Han Geng. The rest of the animals talked amongst themselves, excited for the upcoming holiday celebration.
“Alright, everyone. The votes have been counted and this year Heechul and Ryeowook are in charge of planning the party.”
“What?!?!?” Heechul jumped in the air and looked around at everyone. “Why me?!?!”
“Why not?” Kyuhyun grinned at Heechul who just glared at him, making him grin even wider. “Besides, you have Ryeowook helping you so you don’t have to do this alone.”
Heechul glanced over at Ryeowook and grinned widely. “Oh Wookie…do I have some great ideas for this year’s Christmas party.”
“You do, Heechul?”
“Yeah…why don’t we go to my place and talk about it right now?”
“Sure Heechul.” Ryeowook quietly followed Heechul to his home, leaving the other animals and Kibum to watch them, worrying about the fate of their Christmas party.

“Alright, so where do we start? I haven’t had to plan a party in like what…forever…”
“Uh well Heechul…we need to think of food, decorations, entertainment…uh…Heechul, are you listening?”
Heechul looked away from his ball of string to see Ryeowook staring at him while holding a little notepad. “What? Yeah sure…”
“Heechul, are you even going to help with this at all?”
“Of course, the food needs to be the best quality food we can get. So the expensive stuff like champagne, the good meat, etc. Decorations should be pink but I guess since it’s Christmas we’ll have to have green and red and white but they’re going to clash with the pink.”
“Uh…why pink?”
“Because I love pink and since I’m planning this, we’re going to have pink stuff. Now about entertainment…I was thinking we could fly in this band to perform for us.” Heechul showed Ryeowook a picture.
“Super Junior?”
“Yeah, I heard they’re really popular right now. They’re the biggest stars from wherever they are. We should totally get them to come perform for us. Besides, they’re so cute and handsome and totally hot! I mean look at that Hankyung. Mmm yummy. I would just like to take a bite out of him…but he doesn’t compare to my Hannie. And that Heechul. There’s just something about him that I just love.”
“Uh…okay Heechul but uh…how are we going to pay for all of this?”
Heechul looked at Ryeowook like he’d grown an extra head. “Duh, we get Kibum to pay. He has all our money and he has the contacts to that other world where our food and performers will come from.”
“But-but we can’t do that. That’s just not right or fair. We would be abusing our power.”
“Hello? Are we not supposed to go all out on our Christmas party? It is the biggest event of the year, right after New Year’s of course. Why can’t we use some extra money for this?”
“It’ll just be way too much. And it won’t be worth it either. Maybe for a bit but it’s not going to last long.”
“Whatever. Let’s just ask Kibum and see what he says. Then we’ll go from there.”

“No! Absolutely not. That money is reserved for only buying the necessary things we need, not to waste on useless things we want. And that’s final. Okay, Heechul?” Kibum closed the door, leaving Heechul and Ryeowook on his doorstep staring at it.
“See? I told you. Now why don’t we do what I had in mind?”
“Which is-”
Ryeowook smiled. “You’ll see. Now come on, let’s go back to your place. We have a lot of things to prepare.”
Heechul sighed. “Fine, but I bet your ideas aren’t as great as mine were.”
The two trudged back to Heechul’s home.

For the next few weeks leading up to Christmas, neither Kibum nor the other animals saw Ryeowook or Heechul unless it was meal time. The two spent all their time holed up in either Heechul or Ryeowook’s home.

Soon it was the day before the Christmas party. A fence was erected around the party area and a sign put up warning everyone to stay away or Heechul will come after them. That threat worked pretty well though a few of the braver animals aka Kyuhyun and Han Geng (who was made to do it) tried to peek inside but was kindly but quickly dismissed by Ryeowook.
“Geez, why won’t they leave us alone? The party is tomorrow. I think they can wait a few more hours.”
“Eh, just ignore them. They’re just idiots. Now that it’s actually here, they’re curious to know what’s in store for them.” Heechul laughed. “Oh they’ll be surprised. I never knew you would plan something like this, Ryeowook. It’s kinda ingenious…almost like what I planned.”
“Well I did base it off your idea somewhat. I just made it cheaper.” Ryeowook beamed at Heechul before moving away to do something.
Heechul smiled as he watched Ryeowook. “Aww…that’s so sweet. He’s such a good kid. I’m curious how he’ll like my surprise tomorrow.” He chuckled quietly to himself before getting back to work.

Everyone waited impatiently in front of the gates, ready and excited for their annual Christmas party to start.
“Come on! Open the door, Heechul, Ryeowook!”
“Yeah, don’t leave us standing out here, waiting.”
“Hold on, hold on. Just a few more minutes, okay?”
Heechul smiled and sat back down on his chair.
Ryeowook glanced over at him a little worried. “Is it okay for us to make them wait like this?”
“Yeah, a few more minutes won’t hurt them.”
“But that’s so…they’ve been waiting for over half an hour now.”
“Oh fine, let them in.”
Ryeowook signaled to the helpers to open the door.
Everyone came tumbling in (since they were so anxious about getting in). They all stood up, brushing dust off themselves, and stared in awe and amazement at the scene in front of them.
Everything sparkled and shimmered in the winter wonderland Ryeowook and Heechul had created. There were several tables set up for people to sit at. A buffet stood to the side with lots of warm delicious dishes waiting to be eaten. There was a small dance floor and stage and a little section with small little games they loved to play. Everyone smiled before running off in different directions.
Shindong and Eunhyuk both attacked the buffet while Donghae, Sungmin, and Leeteuk rushed over to the games. The others just slowly meandered around before settling down in one area.
Ryeowook watched from the side, satisfied with how things had turned out. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. He turned to compliment his partner but found him missing.
At that moment, all the lights seemed to turn off and focus on the stage. In the center stood Heechul dressed in a very nice suit with a pink bow tie.
“Good evening, everyone. I hope you’re all enjoying yourselves tonight. Ryeowook and I worked so hard to plan the best Christmas party for you all. And now, before we start our evening entertainment, I would like to present something to my co-party planner, Ryeowook. Ryeowook! Come up on stage, please.”
Ryeowook could only stare at Heechul as he slowly made his way towards the stage. “Heechul…what’s going on?”
“Nothing. I just wanted to give you a present as thank you for planning all this. If it wasn’t for you, none of this would’ve happened.” Heechul smiled and clapped his hands, getting the others to join in. “Now, your gift.”
Two helpers wheeled out a giant present with a shiny red bow on it.
“Just open it. You can thank me later.”
He smiled as he watched Ryeowook slowly approach the box.
Ryeowook looked at it from all angles and deeming it safe, he lifted the lid. He let an undignified shriek as he looked at what was inside.
Yesung smiled sheepishly up at him with a nice little bow tied around his neck. “Uh…hi Wookie, how are you today?”
“Yesung!?!?! What are you doing in there? Get out of there now.” Ryeowook turned to look at Heechul, who was grinning brightly. “Heechul, what is the meaning of this?”
“It’s your gift. Don’t you like it?”
“Why in the world would you think it’s a good idea to put Yesung in a box and give him to me as a gift?”
“Hmm…I think I’ll let you figure it out for yourself.” Heechul winked. “You’re smart. This should be no problem, unless you’re too innocent.” He smiled and left the two on the stage to go over and join Han Geng.
Ryeowook turned to look at Yesung. He looked in his eyes and immediately turned away blushing. Seriously, what could Heechul be thinking?
“Yes, Yesung?”
“Uh, would you like to get off this stage and go get some food?”
Ryeowook smiled. “Sure Yesung.”
The two got off the stage and went over to the buffet.
Heechul watched them and just shook his head. Oh well, I tried to be helpful but they just don’t seem to get it. Wonder how long it’ll take them…but hey, at least no one can complain about me not being helpful. I was, they just didn’t like it or accept it. He shrugged and looked over at Yewook. He smiled seeing them interact with one another. He quietly sighed and snuggled even more into Han Geng’s embrace.
“You did a good job, Chullie. I’m proud of you.”
“Thank you, Hannie.” Heechul smiled and was getting comfortable when he remembered something. He jumped out of Han Geng’s embrace and went up on stage.
“Hey everyone. I forgot to say something. Merry Christmas!”
“Merry Christmas!”
“Alright and now for our entertainment.”
Everyone stared at the stage and when the performers came on stage, everyone started to yell and scream.
“Hello, we are Super Juni-OR!”

A/N: Merry Christmas everyone! Sorry about the ending but wasn’t sure where or how to end XD just kept writing and writing then was like okay gotta stop somewhere so yeah…
Hope you all have a good holiday! ♥
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, heechul/ryeowook, sj animal world

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