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Birthday Fic for minti_panda93

Title: Taemin’s Best Christmas Ever
Pairing: 2Min, a little Onkey
Word Count: 2801
Summary: Christmas time at the Shinee dorm and there’s a special surprise in store for our dear little maknae.

For minti_panda93's birthday... Happy Birthday dongsaeng!

“Taemin, do you know what this is?”
Taemin looked at the plant Minho held in his hand. “No.”
“It’s mistletoe.”
“Do you know what mistletoe is?”
Taemin shook his head.
“Well you see, if two people are standing under it like this,” Minho held the mistletoe above their heads, “the people underneath are supposed to kiss.”
Minho smiled down at him.
Taemin just stared wide-eyed in shock as he saw Minho’s face getting closer and closer to his.
“Ah hyung…” Taemin backed away, blushing a bright red. “I-I forgot…I-uh…had to go finish some homework…Uh…I’ll see you later.” Taemin turned around and quickly ran into his room, closing the door behind him, forgetting the fact they all shared the same room and right now it was occupied by their proclaimed umma and appa.

Minho smiled and chuckled to himself when he heard the muffled screams from the bedroom. He wandered into the kitchen to get a glass of milk and just wait for everyone to calm down.
Jonghyun wandered into the kitchen and saw Minho smiling to himself. He decided not to say anything and just went back out to sit in front of the TV again, thirst forgotten.


Taemin hid under his sheets, trembling from a double shock, Minho almost kissing him and walking in on his parents having sex. Taemin blushed bright red and buried deeper in his covers as thoughts of what just happened popped into his head. There was no way he could look at his hyungs the same way again. So he was just going to stay in his bed the whole time unless he had schedules or school.
“How embarrassing…”
“Minnie-ah, come out from under there.” Key gently shook the bundle called Taemin.
Taemin clutched his blankets harder. “No! I don’t wanna.”
“Come on, Taemin, you have to come out. You can’t hide forever.”
“Yes I can.” He moved on the bed, curling into an even tighter ball.
Key sighed. “Come on, Taemin. You need to come out and eat.”
Key looked over at Onew exasperated. “Yeobo, can you get him out? I don’t want my baby to starve to death.”
“Sure, honey, but how am I supposed to do that as his appa if he won’t listen to his umma?”
Key sighed. “Fine, then go get Keroro. If he won’t listen to his parents, he’ll listen to his -”
Taemin sat up in shock. “NOOOO! Don’t get Minho. Please! I’ll-I’ll-” He caught sight of Key and Onew looking at him and blushed a bright red as images of the two intimately intwined together popped in his head. He ducked under his covers again, bringing the blanket securely around him.
“Oh Minnie…please come out.” Key grabbed at the blanket and tugged.
“No, no, no. I’m not coming out. I don’t want to see you or Onew hyung or Minho hyung.”
Key sighed and let go of the blanket. “Fine. If you want to be that way, no dinner for you.” He stalked out of the room with a huff, leaving Onew to observe his wife and son. He shook his head and sighed before following Key out of the room.

Once he heard the door close, Taemin peeked his head out from under the covers. He saw no one else in the room so he sat up and sighed in relief.
“Glad to see you’re out of those blankets. Must’ve been getting hot. Your face is all flushed.” Minho smiled as he reached out a hand to touch Taemin’s red cheek.
Taemin blushed even more. He quickly ducked back under the blankets.
Minho quietly sighed as he looked at the little ball of blankets. “Come out when you’re hungry, alright? Key’ll be worried if you don’t eat something. You’re skinny enough as is. Don’t want you fading away now, do we?”
Taemin waited until he heard the door shut before chancing a peek out of the blankets. He quickly looked around and saw he really was alone this time. He sat up and sighed.
“Geez…when will things go back to normal? I don’t know how much longer I can deal with this.” He placed a hand over his beating heart, waiting for it to finally calm down.
Just as it was going back to normal, the bedroom door burst open and Jonghyun came in, tackling Taemin on his bed.
“Taeminnie!!! Come on, get out. It’s time to eat.”
“Hyung…” Taemin whined and tried to get out from underneath Jonghyun but he wouldn’t have it. He grabbed a hold of the younger’s wrist and pulled him from the bed. He dragged him out of the room and to the table where the rest of the members were gathered.
“See Key? Told you I could get Taeminnie out of there. Now we can eat.” Jonghyun smiled as he grabbed his chopsticks and dug into the dinner Key had prepared for them all.
Taemin glanced down at his food, not wishing to make eye contact with anyone, except for maybe Jonghyun but he was too absorbed in eating his food. He quietly picked up his chopsticks and started eating.
He reached for a piece of food but found another pair of chopsticks grabbing the same piece. He looked up to see Minho smiling at him. “Here you can have it.”
Taemin blushed red and returned to looking at his food, quietly eating the piece of food Minho had given him. When his bowl was gone, Taemin quickly excused himself and went back to his room and burrowing under the covers. It didn’t take long for him to fall asleep (the week’s activities and the events from earlier really drained him out).


The sun was shining brightly into the room when Taemin decided to get up. He looked around and noticed he was all alone. A note was stuck on the wall next to his bed.

Hi Minnie dear. Hope you had a good sleep. Sorry about yesterday but hopefully you’re feeling better. You know you can always talk to me if something’s bothering you. Anyway, we hyungs decided to go out to do some last minute Christmas shopping/preparations, so take the day to rest. We’ll be back in time for dinner. There’s food for you in the fridge, just heat it up whenever you’re ready. Love ya. ~Key umma

Taemin smiled to himself, glad to have the day off. He hopped out of bed and into the shower. After a nice warm shower, he wandered into the kitchen to make some food. He found a covered bowl of food with a note attached. He quickly heated it up before going in to the living room to watch some TV while enjoying his meal. He happily watched cartoons while munching on food. Soon he felt his eyelids grow heavy and before he knew it, he was out like a light.


Minho opened the door to the dorm and quickly went inside, carefully balancing his packages. He went into the kitchen and quickly put the packages down. He glanced into the living room and smiled.
Taemin was sleeping peacefully on the couch, TV left on to some random channel.
Minho went into their bedroom and brought out a blanket to drape over Taemin. He sat on the floor watching him sleep, stroking his soft hair.
Taemin unconsciously leaned more into Minho’s touch.
Minho stared down at Taemin’s beautiful lips, eyes resting on his lips. He felt himself being drawn down towards him. He was just an inch from kissing him when the door to the dorm opened and in came Key, Onew, and Jonghyun, arms full of bags.
“Yah, Minho! Come help your hyungs.”
Minho got up and walked over to his hyungs. “Quiet, hyung. Taemin’s asleep on the couch.”
Key let out a silent squeal and dropped all his bags. “Aww my little baby’s sleeping?!? You boys better be quiet while you put those things away. And be careful! Don’t break anything.” Key sat down next to Taemin gently stroking his hair.
“Hey Key, aren’t you going to help put stuff away?”
“Later. You guys should do the work for a change. Just let me watch my little sleeping angel. He’s so cute!”
Jonghyun just frowned as he watched Key coo over the sleeping Taemin. He sighed and turned back to look at Onew and Minho. “Well I guess it’s our job to decorate the dorm for the holidays.”
“But isn’t Christmas like tomorrow? Why decorate it so late?”
“Because we’ve been busy with other things and didn’t have time. Now don’t argue and get decorating. At least presents are already wrapped so they just need to go under the tree.”

For the next few hours, the boys got to work decorating the dorm while Key finally stopped Taemin watching to prepare dinner for everyone.
Taemin woke up to the smell of delicious food and joyous talking. He opened his eyes and blinked a few times, amazed at the sight before him. His hyungs had transformed their dorm in a winter wonderland. There were so many festive decorations around the house. He gasped when he caught sight of their little Christmas tree. It may have been small but it was decorated beautifully with lots of twinkly lights and shiny ornaments.
He looked over into the kitchen and saw the table set for a delicious Christmas feast.
“Oh Taeminnie, you’re awake, just in time for dinner. Come join us.” Jonghyun smiled as he motioned Taemin over to the spot next to him.
“No, you sit here, Minnie ah. I will not have you next to that dino. You sit right next to me where I can watch over you from those dirty boys.” Key glared at Jonghyun, Minho, and Onew, forgetting he was technically considered a dirty boy for the things he did with Onew in private. “Now eat up. There’s lots of delicious food for you.” He smiled as he began putting food in Taemin’s bowl.
Taemin just stared at his hyungs, watching them laugh and eat. He noticed Minho staring at him and quickly looked away blushing.
“Come on, Taemin. Try some. It’s good.” Taemin turned back around to find something gently shoved into his mouth. He could only stare at Minho’s smiling face as he slowly chewed whatever was put in his mouth.
“Mmm…this is delicious. What is it?”
“Spiders.” Taemin’s eyes widened as he began to choke. Key looked alarm and started hitting his back. Onew handed him a glass of water.
Taemin quickly downed it.
“Jonghyun! How could you make such a joke?” Key glared at the dino boy laughing his ass off.
“I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist. It was just a joke though, Key. No harm done.”
“No harm done? No harm done?!? You almost killed poor Minnie ah and you say no harm done?!?!? You know what because of your inappropriate joke, no dessert for you and off to bed with you.”
“What?!?!? You can’t do that.”
“Yes I can as your umma. Now go. I don’t want to see you until tomorrow when it’s Christmas day.” Jonghyun pouted but listened to Key. He slowly trudged towards their bedroom and closed the door after him.

Key turned back with a smile to only freeze and frown when he didn’t see Taemin next to him. “Minnie ah?”
“Shh…be quiet.” Key looked over to see Minho gently placing a sleeping Taemin on the couch. “Taemin’s sleeping. He’s worn out by what happened.”
“Oh alright.” Key huffed. “Can I trust you to watch my baby while I do the dishes?”
“Of course.” Minho smiled at Key as he sat down by Taemin’s head and began to slowly stroke his hair.
“Alright. You better not try to rape my little baby. I know how much you love him but I will not allow his innocence to be stolen.”
Minho chuckled. “Of course not. Now go clean before Onew tries to and breaks all your dishes.”
Key turned around just in time to see Onew balancing a huge wobbly stack of dishes. “No, Yeobo, don’t do that. Be careful. Give it to me. Yeobo!!!”
Minho smiled and looked down at Taemin. He gently placed a kiss on his forehead before getting up to go to their bedroom.


Taemin smiled as he wandered through paradise. Everything was so pretty. The sun was shining brightly and he got to spend the whole time with the one he loved. Taemin turned and smiled at that one beautiful person he was lucky enough to hold hands with.
“Taemin…you know I love you right?”
Taemin nodded. “I love you too, Minho.”
Minho smiled. He reached down and tilted Taemin’s chin up and gently placed his lips over his.
Taemin smiled in his sleep as he gently, sweetly kissed Minho. His arms came around his neck to pull him closer and deepen the kiss.
Taemin froze as he realized the kiss was beginning to feel too real. Was there actually another tongue in his mouth?

Taemin opened his eyes to find Minho’s eyes staring straight into his. He blushed a bright red and tried to pull away but Minho wrapped his arms around his waist and pulled him closer into his embrace. Taemin tried to struggle out of his embrace but Minho’s mouth was too sinfully good Taemin felt himself melting. He clung onto Minho, letting him dominate the kiss.
Minho smiled as he pulled away. Taemin was a melted little glob in his arms. He chuckled and nuzzled his nose against his. “Taemin…get up. I have something for you.”
Taemin blushed and sat up, trying to scoot away.
“Uh-uh…you’re not getting away from me. You’ve been running from me for too long. I’m tired of it so now you’re going to stay put right here.” Minho pulled him over and Taemin found himself sitting in Minho’s lap. He blushed an even brighter red and looked down at his hands.
“Taemin~! Look at me.” Taemin slowly turned his head and looked up at Minho from beneath his lashes. Minho felt his heart melt at the cuteness of Taemin. “Taemin~I have a present for you.”
“What?!?! A present for me? What is it?” All embarrassment forgotten as the joy of getting a present occupied his mind. “Where is it?”
“Right here.” Taemin’s eyes popped as Minho leaned down for another kiss.
“Minho!” Taemin pushed a laughing Minho away. He covered his mouth and looked at the older boy. Minho caught sight of the blushing boy and smiled. “I’m just joking…kinda. Here’s your gift.” He pulled out a small box from his pocket.
Taemin looked at it curiously before opening it. His eyes widened as he stared at the simple gold ring sitting in a velvet bed. He stared up at Minho a mix of emotions running across his face.
Minho smiled as he took the box from the frozen boy, took out the ring, and placed it on his finger.
“Lee Taemin, will you do me the honor of being my one and only love, my…boyfriend?”
Taemin stared at Minho in amazement, not sure how to take this moment. Never in his wildest dreams would he think this would happen…
“Yes, yes I will, Choi Minho.”
Minho smiled as he stood up and picked Taemin up bridal style and spun him around. “I love you, Lee Taemin.”
Taemin smiled. “I love you too, Choi Minho.”
He reached up and pulled Minho’s head down to his for a kiss.

“Aww…isn’t that so sweet?” The two pulled apart to see their hyungs watching them.
“That was just so-so romantic…Minho really is a prince.” Jonghyun blew his nose in the tissue and looked on with watery eyes. He was such a sap for romantic moments.
Key was smiling and quietly sniffling while leaning on Onew. “Look at my baby. All grown up now with his own…boyfriend… Choi Minho!!!! How dare you propose to my little baby. Do you have no common decency? What do you think you’re doing? You’re going to corrupt him.”
“Like you haven’t done that already Key with what you and Onew do when we’re not around.” Key had the decency to blush as Minho’s remark hit the spot. “Don’t worry, Key. I’ll take good care of your baby. I love him. No way will he be hurt ever.”
“And I love him. Besides, if he hurts me, I give you permission to hurt him Key umma.” Taemin smiled brightly at his hyungs’ surprised faces. He giggled to himself and snuggled closer to Minho. “This is the best Christmas ever.”
“Technically it’s-”
Key placed a finger over Onew’s mouth. “Shh…don’t ruin the moment.” Onew blushed a little but kept his mouth shut. He just pulled Key closer into his embrace, nuzzling his neck, placing a little kiss there.

A/N: my first ever Shinee fic...hope it's okay...and sorry about the ending...but i think it's okay, right?
Happy Birthday dongsaeng! Have a good day! ♥
Tags: 2min, one shot, shinee

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