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To Eden (18/?)

Title: To Eden (18/?)
Pairing: Kangteuk, Hanchul, Yewook, Eunhae, Sibum, Kyumin, Zhoury
Summary: In a society where males and females live together only if in love (true love), the rest (the singles) wage a secret war on each other through the use of spies. Their goal: obtain the master list of soulmates

Chapter 18

Raccoon smiled at all his boys assembled together.
“Terrific job today boys. You were able to get two more members and this time, they can’t escape as easily.” He walked around the table, patting everyone on the back.
“You guys really deserve this this time.” He pointed to the bountiful buffet on the side. “Now enough chitchat. Dig in.”
Everyone attacked the buffet. This was the first time they were able to eat such delicious food like this.
Monkey smiled as he piled food on his plate. “This is amazing. If we get to eat like this every time we beat the girls, we should never lose again.”
“You know that’s not going to happen.”
Everyone looked towards the door to see Minnie and Hae leaning in the doorway. They straightened up and walked into the room. All eyes followed them as they walked to the head of the table.
Wolf felt a wave of jealousy and possessiveness run through him as he saw some of the guys staring at Minnie in her little maid uniform.
Monkey tugged the rope and had Hae falling into his lap. He clasped his arms around her waist and kept her on his lap. Hae tried to struggle but Monkey only held her tighter.
“Monkey, let me go.”
“You’re my little girl. No one else’s. I don’t want anything happening to you. Did you see the looks they gave you when you came in with your little outfit?”
“No because I saw only you.”
Monkey couldn’t help smiling at that. He tilted her head and gently kissed her. He smiled at her and looked at the table. His expression froze as everyone was staring at them in disbelief.
“What was that?”
“What was what?”
“That, that kiss. It-it was-was-was all sweet and loving…like-like you care about her. Dude, that’s not right.”
“So what? Is there something wrong with the way I kissed her?”
“Yeah, she’s your enemy! You don’t treat them like that.”
Monkey was about to retaliate but Hae stopped him with a look and a subtle pinch. He glared at Wolf.
“Fine, I’ll leave and go treat her the way she should be.” Hae got off Monkey’s lap and straightened her schoolgirl outfit then she followed Monkey back to his room. Everyone looked at the empty doorway then at Wolf.
“Nothing, nothing. Just eat.” Everyone turned back to their plate, forgetting about Minnie still standing at the head of the table.
Minnie was about to say something but Wolf tugged on the rope and Minnie tumbled into his lap. She pouted as he smiled at her.
“Here, eat.” He put food into her mouth. She crossed her arms and frowned as she chewed. “How is it?”
Minnie kept her mouth shut.
“How is it?”
She still kept silent but this time she turned her head away.
“Look at me.” She made no move.
“Look at me and answer.” Minnie stubbornly kept herself turned away from him.
“Answer me, woman.” Wolf grabbed Minnie’s chin, turned her to face him, and crushed their lips together. Minnie kept still but Wolf wouldn’t have that.
He nipped her bottom lip, making her open her mouth for his tongue to slip inside.
“So this is how I should treat her?” Wolf pulled away and looked at Monkey grinning in the doorway.
“What are you doing here?”
“Well if you’ve forgotten, and it looks like you have, this is the dining/conference room, where all the food is. I was hungry so I came back for more.”
Monkey grabbed a plate of food before going back to the door.
“I suggest you go back to your room if you plan on doing anything else to your prisoner. I don’t think the others want to see what you do to her.”
Wolf blushed as he saw the other guys watching him. He grabbed Minnie and ran to his room. The guys just looked at the doorway before turning back to their food.
Dragon looked at everyone and nodded before leaving with a plate of food.
“So…what do we do now?”
“Finish eating and then leave I guess. We have nothing to do for a while.”
“Alright.” The boys went back to silently eating, oblivious to the prying eyes.


“I’m so sorry about that, Hae. I didn’t want this to happen.”
“Well you know you have the power to change that.” Hae smiled as she stroked the chain around her neck.
“I know but I can’t.”
“Yes, you can. It’s very simple.” Hae got off the bed and walked towards Monkey.
“All you have to do is just take it off.” She took Monkey’s hands and placed them around her neck.
“I don’t know…”
“Yes, you do.” Hae looked pleadingly at Monkey. “You don’t want to keep your lover chained up, do you?”
“Good, then take it off.” Hae smiled sweetly at him.
“I-I don’t-don’t know…”
“Please Hyukkie…” Hae pouted.
Monkey looked at her and felt himself melt. Before he knew it, he had unclasped the chain. It fell from his hands to the floor.
Hae smiled as she wrapped her arms around Monkey’s neck. “Thank you, love.” She leaned in and gently kissed him.


Minnie turned away from the loving couple in front of her. She couldn’t help the wave of sadness and jealousy running through her. She slowly made her way back to Wolf’s room.
Thoughts ran rapid through her head.
After Wolf had dragged her from the room to his room, he just left her alone while he locked himself away in his bathroom. Since he didn’t plan on doing anything to her, she decided to wander around in hopes of finding something. That’s when she stumbled upon Monkey and Hae.
Minnie rubbed the ache in her heart. There was no reason for her to be upset about Hae. The boys were their enemies. But it would be nice to have someone who loved her like Monkey obviously loved Hae.
Minnie was walking down the hall, slowly making her way back to Wolf’s room when she lost the ground beneath her. Next thing she knew, she was seated on Wolf’s lap.
“So where did you wander off to, my little maid?”
Minnie crossed her arms and pouted. “None of your business.”
Kyuhyun narrowed his eyes as he glared at her. “Don’t take that tone with me, young lady. Remember what I said?”
“Whatever.” Minnie tried to get off his lap but he had a death grip on her.
“I asked you, where did you wander off to?”
Minnie glared at him but kept her mouth shut this time.
Wolf looked at her and frowned. He had been expecting a response. He leaned forward and nuzzled her neck, placing a light kiss.
“Minnie, answer me.” Minnie stayed silent.
Minnie turned her head slightly to look at Wolf before closing her eyes and moving her head away.
Anger and rage filled Wolf’s vision as he stared at the silent, indifferent, disobedient Minnie. “Lee Sungmin!”
Minnie turned her head, shocked at hearing her full name come out of Wolf’s lips. He grinned when he saw he had her attention. Wolf was going to make her answer his question but she looked too cute, looking all shocked and surprised, that he couldn’t resist. He leaned down and captured those lips in a sweet and loving kiss.
Minnie did nothing to stop him and actually responded. By the time she got her senses back, she was so lost in the kiss she didn’t care to stop it. Her arms wrapped around Wolf’s neck as she deepened the kiss.
Wolf was temporarily shocked but didn’t let that stop him. He removed Minnie’s hands around his neck and threaded their fingers together. He smiled at her, loving the way she looked, her face flushed and lips red from his kiss. He ran a hand through her hair, cupping her head, holding her in place, as he leaned in and gently kissed her. He pulled back and smiled.
“I love you.”
Minnie was smiling but felt it freeze as Wolf’s statement penetrated her ears. Both wore an expression of shock and disbelief.
Wolf was at a loss for words. He never expected this to happen, falling for his enemy and confessing at once. But what was said was said. No going back (not that he wanted to take the words back. He found he liked the fact that he loves Minnie. She was everything he ever wanted) He looked down at Minnie, waiting for a response. He ran his hand through her hair, brushing it out of her face. He gently smiled at her. “I love you, Minnie.”
Minnie looked at Wolf letting all that happened process in her head.
Her head was spinning from too many thoughts and mixed emotions. But one emotion stood out from all the rest. Someone loved her and she was happy that it was Wolf and no on else.
She smiled brightly at Wolf. “I love you too.”
She threw her arms around him, hugging him tight. Wolf smiled and held her close to him. The two were too wrapped up into each other to notice the light taking them away.


Dragon smiled as he walked into the room, carrying the plate of food. Cinderella glared from her place on the chair.
“Hungry?” He picked up a piece of food and placed it by her mouth. She just glared at him, refusing to open her mouth. He pushed it against her lips. She still refused.
“Cinderella, eat it.” She glared at him, silently telling him no.
“Cinderella…” She smiled at him before turning her head away.
Dragon growled and forced Cinderella to look at him, claiming her lips. Cinderella refused to show any reaction. Dragon growled and nipped her bottom lip before plunging his tongue into her mouth. Cinderella unknowingly moaned and opened her mouth a little wider.
At that moment, Dragon shoved some food into her mouth. She gasped and choked, spitting out the piece of food. She glared at Dragon wishing looks could kill.
“Sorry about that. Here have a drink.” Cinderella grabbed the glass of water and quickly downed it all. She stopped and stared at Dragon when she recognized the smell drifting from the cup.
Dragon smiled. “Now be a good girl and just sit there with your mouth shut while I do some things. I don’t want to hear a peep out of you. And you better not move either.”
Cinderella pouted but complied with Dragon’s wishes. She figured it was easier to just listen to him than fight him. Why waste so much energy trying to get what she wants when she gets the same result with half the effort?
Cinderella said nothing when Dragon came back empty-handed. Dragon stood in front of Cinderella, heart beating fast. Hopefully it works this time…
“Heechul, I have something to tell you. You’re the most crazy, infuriating bitch I know but I’m completely and totally in love with you. You’re my other half, the one person that completes me. You’re the perfect woman for me. I love you so much, Heechul. Do you love me too?”
Cinderella sat there shocked, mouth hung open, as everything Dragon said slowly sunk in. At first, she felt angry at Dragon for calling her a bitch until the last part of the sentence sunk in.
“W-w-w-w-w-what? Did-did you-you just say you love me? Is that true?”
“Yes, I love you, Heechul. Do you love me too?” Dragon got on his knees in front of Cinderella, looking expectantly at her. She could only stare at him as the words got stuck in her throat.
A loud explosion sounded somewhere down the hall. Voices and footsteps could be heard. Dragon panicked, knowing his time could run out any minute. “Tell me, Heechul, tell me.”
Cinderella didn’t know what to do. She knew time was ticking but she couldn’t bring herself to say it. Not yet.
Dragon looked at Cinderella, panic and anxiety mixed on his face. He stood up and, placing a hand on the back of her neck, kissed her like there was no tomorrow. He pulled away and uttered that last desperate word. “Please…”
“Yes, yes I do love you. Hankyung, I love you so much.”
Dragon smiled brightly and kissed Cinderella again. She smiled into the kiss. She felt so happy. Finally, this is what I’ve been waiting for.
The two disappeared in a flash of light.
Only Wookie was witness to this event and she smiled before walking away, whistling.


The girls quickly bust open all the doors they passed, only grabbing a few items here and there that caught their eye.
Snow White opened a door and found Hae with Monkey. “Hae, come on. Let’s go.” Snow White left to keep going down the hall.
Hae gave Monkey a quick peck before racing after Snow White.
Mochi was the first one to hit the dead end. “Girls, hurry. I think I see the boys coming.”
“Move.” Mochi ducked as Wookie threw something at the wall.
A small explosion sounded before a whole just big enough for only the girls to squeeze through appeared. One by one they slipped through. They turned around to see all the guys looking at them. They blew them a kiss before disappearing into the dawn.
The girls were all smiling and laughing when they got back to their headquarters. They all headed into the conference room and collapsed in the chairs.
“Welcome ladies. I take it the mission was a success.” Angel smiled at all of them.
“For the most part. We just had fun roaming around, causing havoc. It was a good way to get rid of our anger and stress.”
“Good, good. Say hello to Cinderella and Minnie who’ve just returned.” Everyone said their hellos. “I see Hae’s with you. That’s good, that’s good. Well I have one last job for you girls. Listen closely.” The girls gathered around Angel, excited to hear their last job.


“Well, well, well…what happened here? No, don’t answer, just get in the conference room.”
Raccoon walked down the hall, surveying the damage. He sighed to himself before going into the conference room. He took a seat and looked at the boys.
“Well…I’m not going to make a comment about what just happened. You already know what I’m to say. Instead, I’m just going to give you your last assignment. And you cannot fail.”
Raccoon went around the table, dropping an envelope in front of each member.
“Alright, I’ll leave you guys for now. I’ll see you later.”
Raccoon left the room, leaving the guys to look at one another in confusion.
“I guess we should open the envelope.” Monkey opened the envelope and pulled out a piece of paper. He could only stare as he read what it said. The other guys looked over his shoulder and stared as well.
“What the hell?!?!?!”

A/N: only two more chapters left and then i'm done with this so many other fics/ideas to work on XD
Tags: multi-chaptered, to eden

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