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Title: Blind
Pairing: Heechul/Siwon, Hanchul
Word Count: 676
Theme: 035. Blind Heechul/Siwon
Summary: Someone keeps leaving Heechul little notes and gifts and he’s blind to who it really is.

“Have you been blind this whole time, Heechul? Can’t you see that I’m the one that’s been leaving you the notes and gifts?”
Heechul could only stare at Siwon as he let his statement sink in.

For the past few weeks, someone had been leaving notes and little gifts in his locker and bag that it was beginning to creep him out a little. He would always tell Siwon about it, whining and complaining to him. Siwon would just hear him out before telling him to open it up which he did. And not going to lie, those notes and gifts made Heechul feel special and loved. They were exactly what he wanted. It was like this stalker person or admirer knew him well, maybe a little bit better than Heechul himself.

But today was the final straw when the note asked Heechul if he would be his boyfriend. He had to give him an answer by the end of the day. They were to meet on the rooftop so he could shout to the world that Kim Heechul was his or throw himself off the roof in despair at being rejected (no offense to whoever sent the note but that was a bit dramatic even for the Great Kim Heechul).

But as of right now, Heechul was having trouble believing that it’s Siwon who’s been leaving him these things.
“No, no, there’s no way it’s you. You wouldn’t do this type of thing.”
“How do you know, hyung? How well do you really know me?”
“I think I know you well enough. We’ve been friends since we were kids.”
“Yeah so doesn’t it make some sense that I would be the one leaving you these things since I should know you best?”
“Yes but I know it’s not you. This isn’t your writing and if you truly did like me, you wouldn’t have waited this long to tell me. So sorry but I’m not going to believe your act. Besides, aren’t you dating Kim Kibum right now? There’s no way you would cheat on him. You like him too much to do that to him especially this soon in the relationship too. You don’t want to destroy such a precious relationship.”
“Alright, alright, you got me hyung I just wanted to see if you actually believe it but nope, you’re too smart for that.” Siwon laughed. “Thanks to you, I now won a bet with him. He owes me $20.”
“What bet? And who is this him you’re talking about?”
“Don’t worry about it. You’ll find out soon enough. Btw, when you go meet him, tell him gei ni kuai. He’ll understand.” Siwon winked and laughed before leaving Heechul standing in the middle of the hall, confused.
Heechul just huffed and sighed before making the trek up to the rooftop to meet his mysterious admirer/stalker.

Heechul opened the door and found someone standing with his back to the door. The figure looked familiar but he couldn’t place a name. Then he turned around and Heechul’s breath caught in his throat.
Hankyung smiled. “Hello, Heechul. So, do you have an answer?”
“Uh…uh…gei ni kuai.”
“What?” Hankyung looked at Heechul, confused.
“Oh sorry uh…I-I…uh Siwon wanted me to tell you that. Uh…gei ni kuai. I don’t know what it means but yeah…” Realization dawned on Hankyung and he chuckled quietly. “Uh…my-my answer…I-I…uh…yes…”
“What? Sorry, I didn’t understand that. Every thing was a little too jumbled.”
“Oh…” Heechul blushed. “Uh…my answer is yes, I’ll be your boyfriend.”
Hankyung smiled brightly. He walked straight towards Heechul and pulled him towards him, claiming his lips in a kiss.
Heechul clung to him, melting into the kiss. He sighed and pulled Hankyung closer to him. So my crush likes me too…This is nice…He’s such a great kisser…Can’t believe it…Siwon is so dead later. He knew about this but didn’t tell me…I’m so going to kill him, after I have my way with Hankyung.
Heechul pulled away and smiled at Hankyung. He smiled back and claimed Heechul’s lips for another kiss.

A/N: another fic written in a few minutes, inspiration just hit me :D so had to get it all out lol I kinda wanna apologize at the ending, seriously after all the fics I’ve written so far I thought I could improve on my endings but alas, they fail me XD
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, hanchul, heechul/siwon, one shot

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