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Title: Shindong’s Birthday (yes a really bad title but idk what to say XD)
Pairing: Shindong/Ryeowook
Word Count: 522
Theme: 098. Soothing WC*Shindong/Ryeowook
Summary: Shindong’s birthday…what will the members of Super Junior do?

Shindong woke up the next morning to some unknown noise. It took him some time to fully wake up and register what that noise was. He smiled as he listened to the soothing melody. He recognized the song and grinned to himself. So they remembered…
After putting some clothes on, he went out into the dorm and saw the other members gathered around the TV. He walked over and saw them watching a video of one of their old performances. He decided to go over and sit down but as soon as he took a seat, most of the other members left, except for Ryeowook.
Shindong looked confused and a little sad as he watched the other members leave. He turned to look at Ryeowook who was just paying attention to the screen.
Ryeowook turned his head to find Shindong sitting next to him. “Oh, hello hyung, what are you doing here?”
“I uh woke up and heard some noise coming from the living room and went out to check.”
“Oh okay.” Ryeowook smiled before turning back to the television.
Shindong awkwardly sat there, wondering if he should say or do something. “So uh…Ryeowook-ah?”
“Yes, hyung?”
“Why did everyone leave?”
“Oh they had things to do.”
“Oh…” Shindong kept quiet as his thoughts wandered.
“Hey, hyung?”
“Happy birthday.”
“Thanks Ryeowook-ah.” Shindong smiled but Ryeowook didn’t even turn to look at him. He sighed and got up.
“Where are you going, hyung?”
“Back to my room.”
“Oh, alright.”
Shindong walked down the hall and went to his door. He tried to turn the knob but found it locked. He stood there confused for a moment before he tried again; it didn’t budge.
“Why don’t you try knocking?” Shindong jumped about a mile. He turned to see Ryeowook standing directly behind him.
“Ryeowook-ah, did you have to do that?”
Ryeowook just looked at him like he didn’t hear what he said. “Try knocking, hyung.”
Shindong thought it was strange, having to knock just to get into his own room, but did as Ryeowook said.
The door opened slowly and Shindong peered into the dark room. Suddenly the lights turned on and confetti was falling on him as shouts of “Happy Birthday” sounded throughout the room.
Shindong saw all the members crowded into his room, smiling and holding little gifts or confetti crackers. He couldn’t say anything, just stood in the doorway.
“Happy birthday Shindong. Now can you please move so we can all move into the kitchen where we can all be more comfortable and enjoy your birthday cake?”
“Oh…uh sure…” Shindong moved out of the doorway, heading towards the kitchen. The rest of the members followed, laughing and talking loudly.
Ryeowook already had the cake out and the candles lit. Everyone gathered around and began to sing. As they sang, Shindong smiled to himself, happy to be surrounded by his friends who were essentially his family. They cared for him and loved him with almost no reservations.
Shindong gave everyone a bright smile as he blew out the candles. There was nothing he could wish for; he had it all already.

A/N: yes the ending is really kinda crappy but didn’t know a good way to end this so decided to just leave that line as the end…it’s also kinda late as I finish writing this and I’m a bit sleep-deprived as well (life of a college student)
And yes this is belated but better late than never :D
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, one shot, shindong/ryeowook

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