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Title: Degrading Birthday
Pairing: Kibum/Kibum
Word Count: 695
Theme: 068. Degradation Kibum/Kibum
Summary: It’s Kibum’s birthday and he’s all alone…

A/N: yes it’s a (really) belated birthday fic but I felt like I should still write one :D

Kibum woke up this morning and just happened to glance at the calendar. He groaned and placed his head in his hands. I can’t believe it. Today is the day. Great…

He climbed out of bed and proceeded to get ready. He climbed into the shower and turned on the water to medium warm. He quickly shampooed and rinsed before shutting off the water and stepping out of the shower. He grabbed a nearby towel and proceeded to dry himself very well.
He wrapped a towel around his waist and wandered into his bedroom, opening his closet. Clothes were hung up on two racks. He just randomly chose a shirt and jeans, making sure they somewhat matched before picking out a random pair of boxers and dressing himself.
He then went into the kitchen and turned on the coffee maker before taking a piece of fruit from the counter. He quietly munched on his apple while he waited for his coffee to brew.

Once it was finished, he took out a mug and after pouring himself a cup of coffee, sat down at the kitchen table with the newspaper he’d picked up outside his door.
He skimmed through the articles, not particularly interested in anything, especially today. He folded the newspaper and left in on the table as he grabbed his cup and went into the living room to sit on the couch.
He turned on the TV hoping for something entertaining to watch on his day off. Why his manager insisted he take a day off today of all days is beyond him.
He sat on his couch, lazily flipping channels. As different shows popped on the screen, Kibum got lost in his thoughts, especially when he caught an episode featuring the other members of Super Junior.
As he watched the other members of Super Junior happily talking to the MCs and joking with each other, his thoughts started to take a downward spiral.

They look like they’re all having fun, like they don’t miss me at all. Life’s not the same since I decided to concentrate on my acting more than the group. But acting is my passion but sometimes I get so lonely. It was fun living in the dorms together. There was always noise and something going on. There’s nothing in this house. I hate it, I hate my job, and I hate myself.

Kibum sighed.

This is what I get for living alone and becoming a better actor. I spend my birthday all by myself. Wow…the degradation…

The doorbell rang bringing Kibum out of his thoughts. He switched off the TV before slowly making his way to the door. He didn’t bother looking out the peephole; he just opened the door.
Imagine his surprise when he saw the other members of Super Junior standing on the other side. Leeteuk stood in front holding a lit birthday cake while the other members surrounded him. Kibum noticed gifts in some of their hands.
“Happy Birthday Kibum-ah. Make a wish.”
Tears immediately sprang into his eyes so he couldn’t even see the cake as he blew out the candles.
“Yay! Happy Birthday Kibum-ah.”
“Oh, oh, oh what is this? Do my eyes deceive me? Is Mr. Kim Kibum, the guy who rarely shows emotions, actually crying?”
Kibum raised a hand to his cheek and felt something wet. “Aww, my baby.”
Leeteuk had a tissue out and was already wiping Kibum’s face. Before he could react to that, Leeteuk had pulled him into a giant hug. The other members joined it, creating one giant group hug.
Kibum couldn’t help smiling to himself at all the love he was getting. This had to be one of his better birthdays.
The members pulled away and smiled. “Come on, let’s go in and properly celebrate your birthday.”
Kibum smiled as he watched the members make themselves comfortable in his home, bringing warmth and happiness to such a cold and boring house. He could probably last another year living like he does as long as on his birthday or just one day, all the other members come to see him and hang out with him, just like today.
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, kibum/kibum, one shot

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