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Title: Heechul’s Birthday Surprise
Pairing: Leeteuk/Heechul, Hanchul, Kangteuk, Yewook, Kyumin
Word Count: 1677
Theme: 053. Puppies Eeteuk/Heechul
Summary: It’s Heechul the cat’s birthday and everyone is helping to plan it. At the end, there’s a special little surprise just for Heechul (and Hankyung) (related to Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

“Heechul-ah, where are you?”
Heechul perked his eyes and smiled. He lazily sat up and stretched before quietly padding into the kitchen where Leeteuk was hovering over the stove. He caught a whiff of whatever Leeteuk was cooking and crinkled his nose. He made his way up onto the counter and looked at the pot Leeteuk was stirring. He looked at Leeteuk, waiting for the right moment.
As soon as Leeteuk turned away, Heechul swatted at the pot handle, causing the pot to tip over and spill its contents onto the stove, counter, and floor. He made sure to jump out of the way before lightly jumping off the counter and walking away.
“Heechul!” Heechul just smiled to himself as he settled back onto his bed, cuddling up next to Hankyung. He was about to fall asleep when he felt himself being lifted. He hissed and tried to scratch at whoever picked him up but he was gently restrained.
“No, no, no, we don’t do that to our friends, do we, Heechullie?”
Heechul looked up to see Ryeowook holding him. He smiled and purred, trying to snuggle into Ryeowook’s embrace. Ryeowook just smiled and carried Heechul into the kitchen. He placed him on the counter before moving around, pulling out various pots and pans and ingredients.
Heechul watched as Ryeowook began baking a small little cake.
“Oh today is going to be so much fun, don’t you think, Heechullie?” Ryeowook smiled brightly at Heechul. Heechul said nothing as he watched Ryeowook decorate his little cake with all his favorite food.
“Mmm…what’s going on in here?” Yesung smiled as he walked into the kitchen, carrying little Hankyung. He set Hankyung on the counter next to Heechul and walked over to Ryeowook. He wrapped his arms around his waist and kissed his cheek. “Is today’s Heechul’s birthday?”
“Yes, don’t tell me you forgot.” Ryeowook smiled. “Heechul’s not going to like that.”
“How would he know? Oww…” Yesung looked down at Heechul who was grinning at him.
Ryeowook laughed. “You always forget that Heechul’s a very smart cat. Have we not come over here enough for you to learn that?” He grabbed Yesung’s hand and put it under the sink, running the water over his little scratch.
“Heechul, don’t you dare touch that.”
Heechul pouted as he moved his paw away from touching the cake. Hankyung gave a little laugh, causing Heechul to glare at him. Hankyung just smiled and walked over, licking Heechul’s cheek.
“Hello, hello, hello? Anyone here?”
“Umma!” Ryeowook smiled as he moved away from Yesung towards Leeteuk. He gave Leeteuk a big hug before going back to Yesung to put the band-aid on Yesung’s hand.
“Hello, Leeteuk.”
“Yesung, haven’t I told you to call me umma? You’re a part of the family now.”
“Which I still refuse to accept.” Kangin came in scowling, holding bags of groceries.
“Oh Kangin, you’re just being cranky.” Leeteuk walked over, placed a kiss on his cheek, and grabbed the groceries, setting them on the counter.
“Hi Appa.”
“Hello, Kangin.”
“Hi, sweetie.” Kangin leaned over and gave Ryeowook a giant bear hug. He gave Yesung a look over the top of his head.
“Oh Kangin, stop it. Leave the two alone. They’re together now and nothing you do will change that. Besides, Yesung is good for him. You’re not going to find anyone better.”
“Yeah, Appa. Yesung’s perfect for me. We complete each other just like you and umma.” Ryeowook smiled brightly up at Kangin. Kangin couldn’t help melting at the sight of Ryeowook’s adorable smile.
“Alright, alright, fine. You guys win, like always. Now come on, you two. We have work to do.”
“Alright.” Ryeowook kissed Kangin on the cheek before turning around to grab the cake. Yesung picked up Hankyung and the three went into the living room, leaving Heechul and Leeteuk alone with each other.

Heechul sat on the counter, quietly observing Leeteuk move around the kitchen, putting groceries away. He spotted a can of anchovies.
Heechul quietly got up and made his way towards the bag but just as he was about to paw inside, he was picked up. Heechul tried to swipe at the hand but Leeteuk smiled as he gently restrained him.
“Now, now, now Heechul-ah. No scratching and no digging into the groceries until after I put them away.” Leeteuk gently scratched Heechul behind the ears as he took a seat at the kitchen table.
“Today’s your birthday, isn’t it, Heechullie-ah? You’re turning how old now?”
Why are you trying to remember how old I’m going to be? Is it that important? It’s just another birthday. I don’t want to remember my age. I don’t need to be reminded of that. Besides, it’s rude to ask someone their age. How would you feel if I asked you that? You wouldn’t tell me, would you?
“Well I can’t remember but it doesn’t matter. Age is just a number. But it feels like yesterday when you used to be such a little baby kitten. I remember when I first got you. You were so small and scrawny I thought they never fed you until I found out you were just a picky eater, which you still are.”
Heechul glared at Leeteuk and teasingly swiped at him. I am not that picky. I just have good taste.
“I took you home and you instantly made yourself feel right at home. You were such a little princess. You had your favorite spot in every room of the house. You’d get upset if someone was in your spot.”
Heechul sniffed the air with distain. With every right. It’s my spot. No one else is allowed to be there. And I am not a princess. I am a queen.
“I was surprised when I brought Hankyung home. I didn’t think you’d get along so well with him, with you being such a spoiled princess and everything. But you really took to him. You like him so much he’s allowed to be in your favorite spots while you still hiss each time I so much as get near them. I don’t get it. I’m the one that takes care of you while Hankyung is just your playmate and yet you love him more than me.” Leeteuk frowned a little at this.
Heechul saw this and decided to try and cheer him up. He walked over to Leeteuk and gently petted his cheek without scratching him. Leeteuk looked at him, surprised. He smiled and picked Heechul up, scratching him behind the ears.
“You’re so sweet when you want to be, Heechul. I love you, my spoiled princess.”
I love you too, Leeteuk. When you’re not trying to kill us with your cooking.

Leeteuk walked into the living room where everyone else was.
“Happy birthday, Heechullie!” Heechul smiled as he saw both Hankyung and Sungmin, Ryeowook’s cat, smiling at him.
Leeteuk placed Heechul on his mini throne. Hankyung and Sungmin were seated next to him with Yesung, Ryeowook, Kangin, and Leeteuk around him. Heechul smiled when he saw the cake placed in front of him. Everyone sang “Happy Birthday” before Heechul was able to stick a paw in the cake to reserve his piece.
He turned to look at Leeteuk expectedly. Presents?
Leeteuk smiled knowingly. “Alright, princess, your absolute favorite part. Presents.” He bent down and picked up two bags filled with gifts.
Heechul pounced on them and began tearing the packaging. He smiled once every present had been massacred. He had gotten brand new toys and accessories.
“And that’s not all, Heechullie.” Leeteuk brought out a big box and placed it on the table. Heechul sat on his throne, anticipating what could be in the box. Leeteuk opened the lid and pulled out a little puppy.
“This is Kyuhyun, a new playmate for you and Hankyung.” He placed the little puppy on the table.
Heechul stared in horror as the puppy began sniffing around, creeping closer to him. The puppy stopped a few feet away from him and sat down, looking at him.
“Hi, my name is Kyuhyun. Who are you?”
Heechul didn’t even want to respond. He just turned his head away with his nose in the air. Hankyung took one look at Heechul before moving to sit in front of the puppy.
“Hi, my name is Hankyung. That over there is Heechul, the prin-queen of the place. Over there is Sungmin.” Kyuhyun looked towards where Hankyung indicated. He felt his jaw drop as he stared at the kitten. He closed his mouth and slowly made his way towards Sungmin. “H-h-h-hi. My name is Kyuhyun and you are?”
Sungmin took one glance at Kyuhyun and shrieked. He quickly ran over to Ryeowook and jumped into his waiting arms. He stayed there shivering, glancing over Ryeowook’s arm at Kyuhyun. He stared in horror when he realized he was staring straight into Kyuhyun’s eyes. He shrieked again and fell from Ryeowook’s arms onto the floor.
Kyuhyun watched with disappointment as he watched Sungmin flee into the kitchen.
Hankyung watched the two and smiled. He walked over to Kyuhyun. “It’s alright. Don’t give up.”
“H-h-h-he hates me doesn’t he?”
“Just give him time. Just like Heechul. They’ll both grow to like you. Just don’t give up. Now come on, let’s see if we can thaw that ice princess first. Sungmin can wait.”
“Okay.” Kyuhyun smiled and trailed after Hankyung.

It took a couple weeks and lots of begging from Hankyung before Heechul would even look at Kyuhyun. It was only a few more weeks after that when Heechul began to actually open up to Kyuhyun. Now after three months, the three of them were able to get along and play (almost) nicely with each other.
Leeteuk smiled as he watched the three of them together. “Hmm…I wonder if I should get another puppy?”
Heechul heard this and came over to Leeteuk to give him a little swipe on his leg. He smiled when he saw the red scratch and ran back to Hankyung and Kyuhyun, ignoring Leeteuk’s cries of “Heechul!”

A/N: written for Heechul's B-day, sorry it's late but still wanted to post it :D better late than never (which means more belated b-day fics to be posted XD)
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, hanchul, kangteuk, kyumin, leeteuk/heechul, one shot, yewook

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