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Title: The Same Old Thing
Pairing: Leeteuk/Yesung
Word Count: 480
Theme: 079. The Same Old Thing Eeteuk/Yesung
Summary: It’s Leeteuk’s birthday and you know what that means? The boys of Super Junior have something special planned for their old lovable leader.

Leeteuk felt the bed dip. He opened his eyes to see Yesung smiling at him.
“Wha - ”
“Sorry, hyung.” A gag was placed in his mouth and a blindfold covered his eyes. He tried to struggle but his arms and legs were bound. He felt himself being lifted up and carried away.
Leeteuk couldn’t help getting scared even though he knew his members wouldn’t do anything to him. He tried to listen to his surroundings but discovered earmuffs had been placed over his head.
To pass the time, he decided to go through the choreo for their new song. After what seems like forever, Leeteuk felt himself being lifted and carried again. He was gently placed on a bed. He felt his earmuffs being removed. He could hear the sounds of feet shuffling and fabrics being rustled. Then someone was tugging on his gag.
Leeteuk gasped and spit; the gag tasted horrible in his mouth. “Do you guys always have to do the same old thing every year for our birthday?”
“Yes, it’s a tradition, hyung. Now be a good boy and stay quiet until everything’s set.”
“Alright, alright, as long as you don’t cake me.”
“Alright, hyung. I, Kim Jongwoon also known as Yesung, will not cake you this year. Now if I untie you will you stand still for me to do my job.”
“Fine.” Leeteuk stood as still as possible as he felt Yesung untie his arms and legs. Then he sighed as he felt Yesung take off his pants and shirts and dress him in their customary birthday suit.
“Are you guys ready?”
“Almost, just wait a little longer.”
Leeteuk huffed. “Fine.” He heard more noises before all was quiet. He felt the blindfold being taken off and opened his eyes. He had to blink a few times to adjust to the lighting. Once he got a good look at everything, he could only stare wide-eyed. He was dressed in childish looking clothing with a bib on. The other members looked normal except Shindong was wearing a wig and looked like a mother figure.
Yesung smiled as he stepped aside and let Eunhyuk and Donghae bring the cake towards Leeteuk, singing happy birthday. Leeteuk smiled at everyone then looked directly at Eunhyuk.
“If you plan to cake me, do it after taking the candles off, okay?”
Eunhyuk just smiled and waited for Leeteuk to blow out the candles. Once the flames were snuffed, Eunhyuk quickly removed the candles before smushing it in Leeteuk’s face with the help of Donghae and Shindong. Everyone laughed good-naturedly, including Leeteuk while wiping cake off his face.
Yesung came over and handed him a napkin. “See hyung? I told you I wouldn’t cake you this year.” Yesung smiled at Leeteuk before joining the others in cutting the second cake for everyone to enjoy.

A/N: okay so I love having them be kidnapped for their birthday and have some kind of surprised plan but I can’t help it XD it’s just more fun that way, it seems to me they’d like to joke around and stuff when it’s someone’s birthday as proven with the whole caking the member and yes since I wrote this late, I could base it off the actual event with a twist…
yes i know this is like a few months late but better late than never. remember i was on hiatus? XD kinda not an excuse but o well...
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, leeteuk/yesung, one shot

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