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Title: Welcome to SJ Animal World
Word Count: 919
Summary: Suju as animals…

A/N: based off their Chibi animals from Super Show 2

Character/Animal List:
Leeteuk: croc
Heechul: cat
Hangeng: dragon
Yesung: snail [Edit: turtle]
Kangin: bull
Shindong: pig
Sungmin: cow
Eunhyuk: silver fish/anchovy
Donghae: fish/whale?
Siwon: horse
Ryeowook: bunny
Kibum: flag
Kyuhyun: fox

Welcome to SJ Animal World where you can find Super Junior in animal form…almost

On SJ Animal World, there was a lone house in the middle of the planet that belonged to the caretaker and ruler Kibum. His house was situated under the blue flag with the letter SJ sewn onto it.
To the north was a range of mountains. To the south was a large forest. To the east was the sea. To the west was a small desert. The animals all lived in the north, south, and east. No one dare inhabit the west. The west was reserved for special occasions or circumstances.
All the animals got along well, for the most part. If there were any problems, they would seek the help of Kibum who would quickly solve the problem and go back to his little house to do whatever he did in there.
The animals had fun living together in peace and harmony or chaos and confusion depending on who it was.

Kibum was their caretaker, the person they went to with their unsolvable problems, the one who provided them with food and other necessities they needed to survive.

Eeteuk, the crocodile, was considered the umma of all the animals. Even though he was a crocodile, he was the most caring of them all. Everyone was his baby. He lived in the area between the sea and forest in the southeast of the planet.

Heechul, the cat, was the mischief-maker. He was usually the main cause of any trouble or problems the other animals had. He wasn’t concerned with anything unless it directly involved him. He was a vain creature and very possessive. Supposedly he lived in Kibum’s house (one of the few animals allowed inside) but all the animals knew he lived with Han Geng, the dragon, in the mountains (as much as he disliked the mountains, he was a very very possessive cat).

Han Geng, the dragon, was the quiet, observant animal of the group. He kept out of the way of most animals but was always there when someone needed help or support. He was considered the second umma when Eeteuk wasn’t around or too busy with some of the other animals. He lived in the mountains in the north.

Yesung, the snail, was the forgotten member of the group. He was so slow and failed at most anything he tried, mainly because he could barely move being a snail and all. He stayed around Kibum’s house, mainly in his backyard, but if he had the time and energy, he liked to wander into the forest in search of a certain pink bunny by the name of Ryeowook.
[Edit: just realized Yesung is actually a turtle in SS2, so from here on out, he will be Yesung the turtle, whoever drew the chibi of him that i found made him a snail but if you watch the DVD, you see he's clearly a turtle...description pretty much the same except instead of being in Kibum's house, he's near the water...preferably the stream in the forest so he's close to Ryeowook XD]

Kangin, the bull, was a very stubborn creature and very protective of his loved ones. He had a certain fondness for Eeteuk and Ryeowook. He lives between the forest and mountains but could be found watching Eeteuk and Ryeowook.

Shindong, the pig, was the lazy member of the bunch. He could usually be found stuffing his face with whatever food he could find. He lived in Kibum’s backyard in his own little pen. He only came out when prodded by his friends Sungmin the cow, Eunhyuk the anchovy, Donghae the fish, or Eeteuk the crocodile.

Sungmin, the cow, was the good, dependable member of the group. He did everything he could to make the rest of the animals happy. He lived in Kibum’s backyard but would roam between there and the forest.

Eunhyuk, the anchovy, was considered the dirtiest animal (which wasn’t true) and the most gullible. Heechul loved pulling pranks on him, same with Kyuhyun the fox. He could usually be found smoothly gliding through the water, dancing alongside Donghae the fish who seemed stuck to his side. He lived in the sea next to Donghae.

Donghae, the fish, was the most hyperactive animal even though he’s a fish. He loved to play and would go around trying to find someone to play with him. He usually hung around Eunhyuk all day though (which the anchovy pretended to dislike but secretly loved). He lived in the sea next to Eunhyuk (he refused to live together with him which Donghae disliked).

Siwon, the horse, was the most responsible, straitlaced animal. He tried his best to help keep the animals in line but most didn’t listen to him. He was one of the people Heechul didn’t mind/liked to bother the most. He spent most of his time in his stable in Kibum’s backyard but liked to roam between the mountains, forest, and sea.

Ryeowook, the bunny, was considered the baby of the bunch. He was the cutest and one of the smallest animals there. Kangin kept a protective eye on him. He liked staying in his home in the forest but could be convinced to come out and play by Yesung or Sungmin. He liked to follow Eeteuk around and act like the aunt, caring for all the animals even if he was the youngest.

Kyuhyun, the fox, was a sneaky, wily animal. He didn’t cause mischief like Heechul but liked to blackmail the other animals with secrets he’d discovered. Only Eeteuk or Sungmin could control him. He spent most of his time in his home between the mountains and forest but could be seen peeking outside whenever Sungmin wandered by.

The animals enjoyed living together in their own little world. They got into all sorts of little adventures that will be revealed to you in individual stories. So sit back and enjoy as you learn of all the adventures and tales that happen in SJ Animal World. :D

A/N: if you can’t tell, this will just be a collection of fics revolving around SJ Animal World :D hope you’ll enjoy lol
this will be another series i'll be writing along with my still incomplete cracky series "Halloween"
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