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trying to fix what's damaged
Title: Birthday Love (sorry about the bad title XD couldn’t think of… 
21st-Jun-2010 12:53 am
Title: Birthday Love (sorry about the bad title XD couldn’t think of anything better)
Pairing: Yewook
Word Count: 1895
Theme: 016. Quiet Places, Yesung/Ryeowook
Summary: It’s Ryeowook’s birthday and guess who he spends the whole day with? Yesung hyung. You know that that means? Lots and lots of romantic fluff :D

Ryeowook opened his eyes and smiled. Today was his birthday. He was so excited to see what his hyungs had planned for today. He put his slippers on, wrapped a bathrobe around himself (it was a little chilly, he only wore a tank and shorts).
He wandered out into the living room to find it deserted. For once, the dorm was actually a quiet place. It was normally quiet but now it was absolutely quiet.
Ryeowook looked around, feeling a little scared. He wasn’t used to such absolute quiet. It was unsettling.
Ryeowook jumped when he heard a noise. He turned around to see Yesung walking into the dorm with bags of groceries.
Yesung smiled when he spotted Ryeowook standing in the middle of the dorm wearing only his fluffy white rabbit slippers and fluffy white bathrobe. “Hi, Wookie. Happy birthday.”
“Thank you hyung. You need any help?”
“Oh no, I’m fine.” He smiled as he started putting things away.
“Oh alright.” Ryeowook frowned before taking a seat on the couch. “Where did everyone go?”
“I don’t know. Everyone had gone when I woke up.” Yesung didn’t think he should mention the fact that he asked the other members to leave him alone with Ryeowook on his birthday.
“Oh alright.” Ryeowook looked down at his hands and feet. “So did you have something planned for today, hyung?”
“Well after breakfast, I was thinking we could go to the park and have a picnic for lunch before going to a show before dinner.”
“Oh that sounds nice. Do you need help with breakfast?”
“No, just go get ready. Breakfast should be done by the time you’re finished showering and changing.”
“Oh alright then.” Ryeowook smiled and walked to their room and into their shared bathroom.
Yesung smiled as he started to pull ingredients out to begin making breakfast.

Ryeowook came out half an hour later, feeling nice and refreshed. He walked into the living room and gasped when he looked at the table.
Yesung smiled and pulled Ryeowook towards the table. “Have a seat.”
“Yesung hyung…this is beautiful.”
Yesung smiled as he pushed Ryeowook’s chair in and sat across from him. “Thank you. Try the food.”
Ryeowook smiled as he picked up his chopsticks and took a bite of food. “Wow…this is amazing, hyung. I didn’t know you could cook so well.”
“Thank you, Wookie-ah.”
Ryeowook unconsciously blushed and smiled, hearing Yesung call him by his nickname.
The two quietly ate their food in peace, occasionally talking about things that had happened, the other members, and other little chitchat.
Yesung smiled as he began clearing the dishes away. Ryeowook picked up some of the dishes and began to clear them away as well.
“No, no, no, you don’t have to do that, Wookie. You should relax. Today’s your birthday.”
“No, it’s fine. I want to help you.” Ryeowook smiled as he took the plate out of Yesung’s hands and began washing it himself.
Yesung looked at Ryeowook and decided it was okay if they worked together to wash the dishes.
Ryeowook smiled as he stood side by side next to Yesung. He looked at him, concentrating on washing the dishes. He looked down and smiled.
Yesung jolted when he felt bubbles being blown onto his face. He turned to see Ryeowook grinning at him, bubbles still on his hand. Yesung smiled and grabbed some bubbles, throwing them back at Ryeowook.
Ryeowook squealed as some landed on him. He grabbed some more and threw them at Yesung. It slowly escalated into a little bubble water war.
The two of them collapsed on the floor, soaking wet. Ryeowook turned his head to see Yesung staring at him. He blushed as Yesung’s gaze never wavered from him.
“Uh…we…we should probably shower and change. Didn’t you say you had a picnic, dinner, and show planned for later?”
“Yeah, why don’t you go shower first?”
“No you should hyung. You take longer than me to get ready since you have to do your hair.” Ryeowook giggled into his hand. Yesung felt his heart melt at the sight.
“No but you should. You’re the birthday boy.”
“But you’re the hyung. You should go first.”
“Ryeowook…” Yesung looked at Ryeowook, trying to show his authority.
“Yesung…” Ryeowook stared right back. After a few seconds, Yesung crumbled. He couldn’t resist Ryeowook when he looked at him like that. Hell he could never resist anything Ryeowook did; he was just too cute and innocent for his own good.
“Fine, I’ll go shower first.” Ryeowook smiled in victory as Yesung got up and went to the bathroom.

After an hour and a half later, the two left the dorms, Yesung holding a picnic basket. Yesung looked at Ryeowook’s hand as the two walked down the streets together. He kept glancing at it, wondering if he should hold his hand or not.
He looked up in surprise when Ryeowook took his hand in his. Ryeowook smiled brightly up at him and continued walking down the street. He began to gently swing their hands as they wandered through the park towards their destination.
Yesung stopped them when they arrived at the spot. The area was surrounded by trees, isolated from everyone.
Ryeowook helped Yesung lay out the picnic blanket before lying down. Yesung set the picnic basket down before opening it and slowly pulling out item after item of food.
Ryeowook stared in amazement at all the food Yesung pulled out. “Are we really going to eat all that?”
Yesung looked at all the food spread out around them. “Oh, probably not. Didn’t realize how much I actually packed.”
Ryeowook laughed. “You’re so silly hyung. Let’s just choose the things we want to eat and put everything else away. We can save it for the other members.”
“Alright.” The two smiled as they talked and picked which foods they wanted to eat. Once they chose everything, Ryeowook sat next to Yesung and began to eat.
Yesung grabbed a bowl and began eating as well. He stiffened when he felt Ryeowook snuggled up next to him. He looked down to see Ryeowook grinning up at him before turning back to his food.
Yesung just looked at him, sitting comfortably next to him eating his food. He smiled to himself as he slowly ate his food.
“So…what are your deep and dark secrets? We’ve been living together for so long now and I feel like I still don’t know you that well.”
“What? Don’t we talk all the time? You know practically everything about me?”
“I do?” Ryeowook looked adorably confused.
“Then do you have a crush, hyung?”
“A crush?”
“Yeah.” Ryeowook smiled. “Is there someone you like?”
“Uh…” Yesung looked at Ryeowook staring up at him expectantly. He nervously swallowed. “Well…there-there is someone…”
“Oh, who is it?”
“I-I can’t tell you.”
Ryeowook pouted. “Why not?”
“It’s a secret.”
“Don’t you trust me, hyung?”
“Yes, I do, Wookie-ah, but-but-”
“But you’re embarrassed about your crush, is that it? Do you like a guy? ‘cause if you do, that’s alright with me. I won’t judge you.”
Yesung just stared at Ryeowook in shock. He had no idea how to deal with this. “Uh…um…I-I think we should get going. We don’t want to miss the show.”
“Oh, alright hyung.” Ryeowook smiled before packing up all the plates and bowls and leftover food.
Once everything was packed and the blanket folded, Ryeowook smiled at Yesung and held out his hand. “Shall we get going?”
Yesung looked at Ryeowook’s hand then his face before placing his hand in his. “Sure, let’s go.” Yesung smiled as he led Ryeowook out of the park.

Ryeowook just looked around in awe at the classy theater Yesung had taken him to. “Yesung hyung, what are we watching?”
Yesung just handed Ryeowook the program before turning to look at the stage. Ryeowook glanced down at the program before looking at Yesung. He turned to look at the stage waiting for the show to start.

Yesung was quietly watching the show when he felt a hand cover his. He looked over and saw Ryeowook clutching his hand in fright. He smiled before wrapping an arm around Ryeowook and pulling him closer into his embrace.
Ryeowook buried his face in Yesung’s chest and breathed in his scent. It had such a calming effect on him. He smiled before turning back towards the stage and watching the rest of the show.

After it was over, Yesung took Ryeowook’s hand and led him to a secluded restaurant. The two got a table in the back, away from the other customers.
They quickly ordered something before smiling at each other. The two sat in comfortable silence, waiting for the food to arrive.
When it arrived, the two began talking animatedly and sharing their food with one another.
To anyone watching, it would seem like they were on a date, being all lovey-dovey together. In everyone’s eyes, they were the perfect couple. They got along perfectly but sadly they weren’t together in that way.
Once their plates were taken away, dessert was served to them. A beautiful cake with fruit on top was placed in front of Ryeowook.
Ryeowook smiled brightly at his hyung. “You didn’t have to do this, hyung. Aren’t we going to have cake later with all the other members?”
“But I wanted to do something special for you. It’s your birthday today. You deserve to be treated with extra love and care today.”
Ryeowook blushed and looked down at his cake. He noticed something sparkling on the top and looked more carefully. He gasped when he realized it was. He looked up at Yesung in shock and amazement.
Yesung smiled lovingly at Ryeowook. He reached over and plucked the ring off the top of the cake. He wiped it clean and took Ryeowook’s hand in his.
“Ryeowook-ah, would you do me the honor and be my boyfriend?”
“Yesung…” Tears filled Ryeowook’s eyes as he covered his mouth in surprise with one hand and held out his other hand to Yesung to put the ring on. “Yes, yes I will.”
Yesung smiled as he slipped the ring on Ryeowook’s finger. He brought the hand up to his and kissed it.
“Yesung hyung,…”
“I love you, Ryeowook-ah. I have for such a long time.”
“I love you too, Yesung hyung.” He smiled brightly up at Yesung. “This is the best birthday present I could ever ask for.”
“I think I have something even better for you.”
“A kiss.” Yesung smiled as he leaned over and gently captured Ryeowook’s lips in a loving, romantic kiss.
Ryeowook was smiling brightly when Yesung pulled away. “I think I liked that even better.”
Yesung smiled. “Come on, let’s go tell the others.”
Ryeowook pouted as Yesung dragged him out of the restaurant. “Yesungie hyung…”
“What, Wookie-ah?”
“I want my other present from you.”
Yesung looked at Ryeowook confused. “What other present?”
Ryeowook smiled brightly and innocently up at Yesung. “You naked in bed.”
Yesung just gaped at Ryeowook. Ryeowook giggled and kissed Yesung on the cheek.
“I’m just joking. That’s for later. Come on, let’s go hang out with the rest of members and finish celebrating my birthday together.” The two smiled and laughed as they ran hand in hand to their car, waiting to take them to the other members and Ryeowook’s birthday party.

A/N: Happy Birthday Ryeowook oppa! ^^ Saranghae ♥
(Deleted comment)
21st-Jun-2010 07:51 pm (UTC)
yep :D

love ♥
(Deleted comment)
21st-Jun-2010 08:01 pm (UTC)
yep :D lol XD

love ♥
21st-Jun-2010 12:34 pm (UTC)
so CUTE~!! XD

I like how Yesung proposed to Wookie and his gift especially that kiss! XD
Wookie may look innocent but can be DARING :D
“You naked in bed.”

21st-Jun-2010 08:01 pm (UTC)
uh huh XD :D

love ♥
21st-Jun-2010 02:44 pm (UTC)
Oh Ryeowook~ I didn't know you have a corrupted mind. And on the first date too? Tsk tsk. No patience. But I am sure Yesung would satisfy you. XD

I love that they are so married~
21st-Jun-2010 08:02 pm (UTC)
of course he would XD
i know :D

love ♥
21st-Jun-2010 06:07 pm (UTC)
I love how awkward turtle Sungie got every time Wookie got all cuddly and stuff~
But the last part was really too cute~The ring on the cake, aww♥

I totally laughed at the "you naked in bed" quote xD
Not so innocent now, are we?
Wook and his corrupted mind... I think We can blame Heechul for that...
because chul must be blamed for everyone's corrupted mind, yes~ XDD

La la la loved this, though!

also. random comment here but, i can't wait for you to update your series~
I've been a silent reader for a while but. i'll start commenting, keke (:
21st-Jun-2010 08:04 pm (UTC)
thanks :D
of course you do...you always blame heechul for that XD

o thanks :D i'll try to update but we'll see i guess :D

love ♥
21st-Jun-2010 11:00 pm (UTC)
I read this pretty early in the morning, and my morning dose of fluff requirements has already been fulfilled... Thanks to you!

Ryeowook smiled brightly and innocently up at Yesung. “You naked in bed.”

I know I'd love that. (but I think I want a naked Wookie on my bed more) ;)
22nd-Jun-2010 07:32 am (UTC)
lol XD you're welcome :D

i totally agree, think i might like the naked Wookie more XD

love ♥
22nd-Jun-2010 07:38 am (UTC)
“What other present?”
Ryeowook smiled brightly and innocently up at Yesung. “You naked in bed.”

THAT is a win ahahaha a very cute ^__^ but very o.0 random ahaha win xDDD
yewook is love~
22nd-Jun-2010 08:19 am (UTC)
lol XD thanks :D

love ♥
28th-Jun-2010 08:00 am (UTC)
haha, this so adorable ~~ I really love it, I love the part the wookie oppa saw the ring ! Haha, thanks for sharing ung fanfics^^
7th-Jul-2010 04:03 pm (UTC)
lol thanks :D

love ♥
8th-Jul-2010 04:57 am (UTC)
welcome ^^
1st-Jul-2010 10:46 am (UTC)
Kyaaa this is too sweet for words~
Oh my goodness..
Then the mood suddenly changed when Ryeowook said, “You naked in bed.”
Haha LOL I really loved that part^^
YeWook is my favourite pairing, and you write them so well!! :D
7th-Jul-2010 04:04 pm (UTC)
lol thanks :D
uh huh XD
i love yewook too :D (if you couldn't tell...XD)

love ♥
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