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What The Hell Just Happened? (2/4)

Title: What the Hell Just Happened? (2/4)
Pairing: Kyumin
Summary: After a series of headaches, Kyuhyun now has Eunhyuk’s abilities but how is he going to deal with it? He’s more oblivious than Eunhyuk…

Chapter 2

Kyuhyun woke up the next morning, hoping yesterday had been a dream. There was no possible way he could’ve been hearing the other members’ thoughts. That was Eunhyuk’s thing.
Speaking of which, that boy hasn’t done anything else weird or strange to the members. He knew all their secrets, why wasn’t he blackmailing the other members or something like that?
If he had that power, he would do things like that. Make everyone listen to him for once. Kyuhyun smiled to himself dreaming of all the power he could have if he knew everyone’s secret.
“Kyuhyun, what are you doing?”
Kyuhyun turned his head to see Sungmin looking at him, adorably confused. “Wha-what?”
“Why are you smiling like that so early in the morning, Kyu? You’re not a morning person. Did you have a good dream or something?”
“Uh…yeah…yeah…I-I had a really good dream.”
“Oo…what was it?” Sungmin smiled as he sat down on his bed, anticipating.
Kyuhyun thought to himself, trying to think of something to say. “Well…uh…it-it involved me and…and you…”
“Oh?” Sungmin’s eyes lit up. He dreamed about me. I hope it was good. Maybe we were – no, no, he wouldn’t think that. He doesn’t like me like that…
Kyuhyun frowned to himself as he listened to Sungmin’s thoughts. What did he mean by that? Of course I like him, I love him for crying out loud.
Kyuhyun’s eyes widened in surprise. Never had he admitted to himself that he loved his roommate. It was such a revelation to him.
He was so lost in his thoughts he forgot about Sungmin.
“Uh…Kyu? Kyuhyun? You alright?” Kyuhyun looked around and saw Sungmin staring at him, concerned.
“Uh…yeah…yeah…I’m alright, Sungmin hyung. I-I just need a moment. Excuse me.” Kyuhyun quickly left the room. He went past the kitchen out onto the balcony, ignoring the other members seated in the kitchen and living room.
He grabbed the ledge and looked out over the city, taking deep breaths to calm himself.
What is going on with me? Why am I like this?
Wonder what’s going on with Kyuhyun. He’s acting weird.
What’s Kyuhyun doing on the balcony? He usually doesn’t go out there, usually in his room playing Starcraft or dreaming about Sungmin.
“Hey! I do not dream about Sungmin!” Kyuhyun turned around to glare at the person but froze when he noticed several of the members staring at him, including Sungmin.
Sungmin just looked at him for a moment before bolting out the door. He looked so shock and heartbroken. Kyuhyun felt so guilty he moved to go after him but a hand on his chest stopped him. He looked up to see Eunhyuk looking directly at him.
“Hyung? Let me go. I need to go talk to Sungmin.”
“Not right now. You can talk to him later. Right now I need to speak to you.”
Kyuhyun looked at Eunhyuk. He saw the determination blazing in his eyes. “Fine, let’s go to your room.”
Tags: kyumin, multi-chaptered, what the hell just happened?

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