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To Eden (11/?)

Title: To Eden (11/?)
Pairing: Kangteuk, Hanchul, Yewook, Eunhae, Sibum, Kyumin, Zhoury
Summary: In a society where males and females live together only if in love (true love), the rest (the singles) wage a secret war on each other through the use of spies. Their goal: obtain the master list of soulmates

Chapter 11

“Zhoumi, what’s going on? Why did you blindfold me?”
“Hold on a moment, Henli. Patience, patience.”
Mochi pouted and sat still. She tried to listen for any sign of movement but nothing. She felt the blindfold being pulled off and she blinked at the change in lights. She gasped seeing the sight before her.
“Is-is that for me?”
Fox smiled. “Put it on.”
Mochi hesitantly touched the dress. “But Zhoumi, shouldn’t this be save for a special occasion?”
“Just put it on.” He smiled gently at Mochi. She felt reassured and decided to listen to him. She took the dress, went into the room, and changed.
The dress fit like a glove. Mochi loved it, loved everything about it. She couldn’t wait to show Fox. She went back out to the living room and stood frozen.
Fox smiled at her and held out his hand. Mochi let Fox lead her to a small table set for two.
“Shh…” Fox turned on some soft classical music and brought over two plates of food. He set one in front of Mochi and his seat before sitting down.
The two ate in comfortable silence. When they were finished, Fox cleared their plates and put the dessert in front of them. Mochi took one look and froze.
Fox looked at Mochi’s expression and smiled.
“Yes, Henli?”
“What –“ Mochi swallowed the lump in her throat. “What do you mean by that?”
“Just what it says.”
“But Zhoumi –“
“Shh…look at me, Henli. I don’t want you to doubt this when I tell you.” Fox stared deeply into Mochi’s eyes. “I love you.”
Tears filled Mochi’s eyes as she saw the emotion in his eyes. “I love you too, Zhoumi.”
Zhoumi smiled and pulled Mochi to him for a kiss.
The two were so caught up in their kiss, they missed the light surround them and taking them away.


Cinderella woke up to the smell of freshly cooked food. She opened her eyes to see Dragon looking at her, a tray of food in his hands.
“Good morning, sleep well?”
Cinderella stretched. “Best I’ve ever had.” Her eye caught the tray in his hands. “What’s that?”
“Breakfast. Thought you’d be hungry when you woke up.” Dragon placed the tray down and gave Cinderella a kiss. “You slept for a long time.”
“How long?”
Dragon glanced at the clock. “I think 12 hours.”
Cinderella’s eyes widened. “What? That’s too short. I need more beauty sleep.”
She was about to sleep again when Dragon stopped her.
“I think you’ve had enough. You’re beautiful as is. Now come eat breakfast with me.”
Dragon placed the tray in front of Cinderella and sat on the bed. He picked up a spoon and began to eat.
Cinderella looked skeptically at Dragon. No one ever tried to stop her from getting beauty sleep and complimenting her at the same time. The girls usually teased her about getting too much beauty sleep while guys complimented her all the time. For some reason, she liked it better when Dragon complimented her, even if he did stop her from sleeping again.
“Here, open your mouth.”
Cinderella didn’t think as she took a bite. Then she couldn’t think at all. The food was too delicious.
“Mmm…what is this? This is amazing.” Cinderella began gobbling up all the food.
“Why thank you. It’s my own secret recipe.”
“What?” Cinderella paused for a moment and stared at Dragon.
Dragon smiled as Cinderella’s eyes rolled back and she dropped onto the bed. He quickly wrapped her up and snuck out of the building.

Cinderella woke up to find her arms and legs bound to the wall. She looked down and found herself dressed in an outfit she knows wasn’t hers. She looked up to see Dragon sitting in a chair across from her.
“Hankyung? What’s going on?”
Dragon smiled. “Just a little revenge.”


Horse watched Snow White, waiting for the right opportunity. As soon as she left the room, he quickly unchained himself and snuck out of his ‘stall’. He made his way to the computer and quickly entered the password.
Horse smiled as the file popped up but it changed as the screen changed.
The file opened and a cartoon horse popped out. It roamed free, going a few meters away from the stall, before being locked back up in it’s stable.
Horse felt a pull on his collar and found himself thrown back into the stall and securely locked. He looked up and saw Snow White smiling at him.
“Tsk tsk tsk, what a bad horsey, roaming free with no one to watch him. And here I was thinking you were such a good horsey.” Snow White pouted. “I was going to ride you as a reward but oh well…”
She went back to her chair and looked at Horse. “Now be a good horsey or else I’m going to have to punish you.”
Horse frowned as Snow White smiled. She turned back around and began to work, humming a little tune.


Angel dropped Hae and Wookie back at headquarters.
“Sorry but I have to go. Duty calls. Remember what I said. Have fun.” She waved before disappearing again.
Hae and Wookie looked at each other. They looked around and sighed.
“Well guess we should get started and clean this place up.”
“Can we do it manually? I need time to think.”
“Alright, let’s go get the supplies.” The two left in search of the supply closet.


After dropping off Turtle and Monkey, Raccoon had quickly disappeared without an explanation.
“So what do we do now?”
“Well I have work to do so I’ll see you later.” Turtle waved before leaving.
Monkey frowned at the empty hallway. “Now what am I supposed to do?”
So much had happened Monkey was having trouble keeping everything straight. He was so absorbed in his thoughts he wasn’t paying attention to where his feet were taking him. He looked up with surprise when he found himself in front of the dance studio. He smiled to himself as he walked inside. He turned the music on and let it carry him away.


Wolf woke up, more rested than he’d ever been, and looked down at Minnie sleeping peacefully next to him. He leaned down and gently kissed her. She opened her eyes and smiled.
“Good morning.”
Wolf smiled. “Good morning, how are you?”
“Good.” Minnie snuggled into Wolf’s embrace.
“So what do you want to do?” Wolf grabbed Minnie’s handcuffed wrists and released her. She stretched her arms and yawned.
“I don’t know, relax in bed with you?”
“I would like that but –“
“But you’ll be in trouble if discovered here. You should probably leave.”
“Alright.” Wolf quickly dressed in his remaining clothes. He smiled and leaned down to kiss Minnie. “I’ll see you later, ok?”
“You can count on it.” Minnie smiled and waved as Wolf left. The smile left her face as soon as the door shut.
She quickly got out of bed and began searching the room. When she realized it was missing, she quickly dressed and slipped into the hall. She was glad to see he hadn’t gotten far. Minnie quickly caught up and followed him.
Wolf stopped in front of a door. He was about to open it when he was whirled around and shoved against the wall.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”
“Just what it looks like.” Wolf reversed their positions and crushed their lips together.


“Ahem…” Fox and Mochi pulled apart in embarrassment and stared at Angel and Raccoon.
“Wha-what’s going on? Where are we? Why are you here?”
“Hello Zhoumi, Henli. Why don’t you take a seat?”

A/N: so i finally updated again :D let's see when I update next...I have finals starting tomorrow until next week...will be partially busy trying to study...but once i'm on break hopefully i can update/write more :D
Tags: multi-chaptered, to eden

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