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To Eden (7/?)

Title: To Eden (7/?)
Pairing: Kangteuk, Hanchul, Yewook, Eunhae, Sibum, Kyumin, Zhoury
Summary: In a society where males and females live together only if in love (true love), the rest (the singles) wage a secret war on each other through the use of spies. Their goal: obtain the master list of soulmates

Chapter 7

“Mmm, that was good. Raccoon should treat us more. But if he did, it wouldn’t taste as good.” Turtle wiped his mouth and looked over at Wookie. “Oh, you’re awake? I thougt you were asleep. You were so quiet.”
“Turtle –“
Turtle held up a hand. “Nuh uh uh. I told you no codenames.”
Wookie huffed and pouted. “Fine. Yesung, when are you going to let me go?”
“In a bit.” Turtle got up and walked over to stand directly in front of Wookie. “You know your punishment isn’t over yet?”
“What?!? But I’ve been chained to this walk for an hour.”
“Actually 45 minutes. It just seems longer.” Turtle lifted a hand and gently ran the back of it against Wookie’s cheek.
“What are you doing?”
Turtle smiled. “Giving you what you want.”
“What do you mean?”
“Just what I mean.” Turtle took both of his hands and ran it through Wookie’s hair, gently holding her head in place. He tilted her head up to his and lowered his head to gently kiss her.
Wookie stiffened, resolved not to show a reaction, but as Turtle’s lips moved over hers, coaxing a response, she couldn’t help but melt under his attention. Her mouth parted and Turtle’s tongue slipped inside.
Turtle wrapped his arms around Wookie’s waist and pulled her close to him as the kiss deepened.
The chains cut into Wookie’s wrist as she tried to wrap her arms around Turtle’s neck. She cried out and pulled away.
Turtle looked down at Wookie then up at her wrists. He reached up and unchained her wrists, which she instantly wrapped around Turtle’s neck. She pulled him close and captured his lips in a heated kiss. Turtle moved closer, pinning her against the wall. He slipped a hand under her skirt and touched her.
Wookie cried out in ecstasy as Turtle teasingly rubbed his fingers over her clit. He slipped two fingers inside and began to slowly thrust them in and out. His other hand tugged her shirt up and he bent his head to flick a tongue over her hardened nipple. Wookie gripped Turtle’s hair as he played with her breasts.
Turtle moved down her body and lifted her skirt. Wookie cried out when she felt Turtle’s tongue tease he clit.
Turtle smiled as he worked his mouth, pleased with all the noises coming from Wookie.
Wookie let out a whimper when Turtle pulled away. He leaned down and unchained Wookie’s ankles. He stood up and kissed Wookie, pinning her against the wall again. Wookie wrapped her arms and legs around Turtle and rubbed her hips against Turtle’s.
Keeping an arm around Wookie to support her, he reached between them to undo his pants. Wookie reached down and slapped Turtle’s hand away. She quickly opened them and pulled out his hard cock.
Turtle couldn’t hold back the moan as Wookie teasingly ran her finger over the top. Wookie looked up at Turtle and smiled brightly as she shifted her hips and brought it down on Turtle’s cock.
“Ryeowook…” Wookie smiled and gently nipped Turtle’s neck as she moved her hips. Turtle moaned and gripped her hips. He held her up against the wall to stop her movements. Wookie pouted but soon gasped in pleasure when Turtle pull out and thrust back in. Wookie wrapped her legs tighter around Turtle as he began to set a rough, fast pace. She buried her head in his neck as Turtle picked up the pace. She bit and sucked his neck to keep silent. Turtle leaned his head to nip and lick Wookie’s ear.
“I want to hear you. I want to know how much I pleasure you. I want to know how you feel.”
Wookie leaned her head back and all the moans and pants spilled out.
“Yesung, Yesung, Yesung, Yesung…please, please, please…” Wookie clung to Turtle as he pounded her into the wall. He leaned down and gently kissed her.
“Come for me, my love…” Wookie stared directly at Turtle as her orgasm hit her. Turtle came a few seconds later, watching the pleasure wash over Wookie’s face and feeling her tighten around him.
Wookie felt something she had never felt before. She felt complete, whole, like she’d found her other half…her soulmate.


Minnie smiled as she slipped onto Wolf’s lap.
“Hi.” Wolf grinned as he placed his hands on Minnie’s hips.
“So…did you want –“ Wolf attacked Minnie, ferociously kissing her. He roughly grabbed her, making her squeak in surprise. Wolf grinned at her before kissing her again, gently this time. He lightly ran his hands down her body before slipping it under her shirt. Minnie shivered as he teasingly grazed his hands over her breasts.
“K-K-Kyuhyun…” Wolf stopped what he was doing and stared at Minnie. She opened her eyes and looked at him.
“Oh come on. Did you really think I wouldn’t know your real name?” She leaned down and gently pecked his lips. She took both his hands out of her shirt and placed them behind the chair. Wolf smiled until he heard the click of handcuffs. He looked up at Minnie who innocently smiled at him.
“Now be a good boy and I’ll see you later. I’ll reward you if you’re still a good boy but punish you if you’ve been bad, very very bad.” Minnie smiled as she stood up from his lap. She looked behind Wolf at Snow White. “You got it?” Show White nodded.
“Well thanks for all the info, Wolf.” Minnie gave him one last kiss before leaving the room with Snow White.


Cinderella kissed the breath out of Dragon, literally. She pulled away and smiled as Dragon gasped for breath.
“Sorry but I can’t help it. I like to suck things.” She winked at Dragon.
He just looked at Cinderella, waiting for his breath to come back. He accepted the glass of water and quickly drank it.
Dragon stared at the glass then at Cinderella. He fainted, quickly caught by Cinderella and Hae. The glass dropped harmlessly to the floor as the two carried Dragon out of the room, Horse watching helplessly.


Raccoon sat opposite Angel. “Alright, what did you want to talk about?”
“How long is this going to last?”
Raccoon smiled. “However long you want but it looks like you want to end this soon. You let your girls break in here to steal our ‘list’. You know what’s going to happen when they look at that list.”
Angel frowned. “I know but don’t worry. They won’t read it. I’m not ready to end this yet. They’re not ready.” She stood up. “Well I need to get going. I suggest you make up your men after we go.” She gave him a kiss before leaving, taking the blindfold and earmuffs off Monkey.


All the girls were waiting outside.
“Why do you guys have Dragon?” Cinderella opened her mouth to answer but Angel held up a hand to silence her.
“Never mind. I don’t even want to know.” Angel looked at the girls, silently counting them. “Hey where’s –“
“Hey, sorry I’m late but look what I found.” Mochi opened the bag she was carrying to reveal a big mess of paper, books, and what looked like new technology.
“Good job Mochi but where is Wookie? Did anyone –“
“Here I am.” Wookie smiled as she stepped out from behind Minnie.
“Whoa, when did you –“
“Enough chitchat. Let’s go. They should be waking up now. We don’t want to get caught.” The girls quickly scattered under the watch of the 7 men.


The week after the big confrontation had been quiet. Both sides were busy working.
Snow White was having difficulty hacking the data they’d collected. Wolf was busy trying to hack their database.
Many of the guys were busy working on recovering their lost technology and notes. Wookie, Minnie and Mochi were busy reading and playing with all the things Mochi had stolen.
Plans were being drawn by both sides. Everyone was waiting to see who would attack first.

A/N: so i updated again in honor of Super Junior's comeback and for all my lovely readers :D
sidenote: have you seen their comeback on Music Bank? OMG THEY ARE SO FREAKIN' HOT!!!! That's like the first thing that popped into my head. And seriously that MV did not do justice, Live is so much better, especially in those clothes and all the skin showing...AHHHHH :D total fangirling...OMG they were all so hot!!! and OMG I love Wookie's look (sorry but I'm a Ryeowook fan and by association, Yesung and Kyuhyun XD)
okay, okay, okay...enough spazzing...will let you enjoy the next chapter :D (and it's longer than the previous ones...)
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